Men, Horses, Sex and a Thing Called Love

(In My Humble Opinion) R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Rebecca Williams, VP of Habitat for Horses, with a couple of the Fitch boys ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

Recently I was engaged in an email conversation, with a group of colleagues, on the issue of the extensive cruelty exhibited by Federal agencies and our government, overall.  The discussion was centered on the unimaginable suffering that our native wild horses are subjected to at the hands of the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) headed up by Bob Abbey under the direction of 5th generation rancher, Ken Salazar the Secretary of the Department of Interior (DOI).  As the conversation progressed it became apparent that the bulk of the mindless cruelty, shown to our federally protected mustangs, is administered by and distributed through men.  Hence, the question arose,

Why is it that men consider equines to be such a threat?

I found the question to be of great interest as both myself and my good friend Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses, have been pondering this same issue for many years.  Jerry and I have been in the horse rescue business for over a decade and we often wondered, as we looked around our ranks, where are all the guys?

Now my intent is not to insult nor do I wish to stereotype but if you will indulge me I would like to offer my observations from well over a half a century of living with and around my own gender.  If there are any gentlemen out there who might recognize themselves in these words take heart as you may be able to make a significant shift that could reap you ample rewards in your current and future relationships be they equine in nature or with human females, they all subscribe to the same forms of acknowledgment.

Overall, and this is huge, the bulk of all men are insecure…full stop.  That’s why we speak loud, push things around, believe that size matters, play with balls and call it a sport, start wars and subjugate women and animals.  Ya can’t deny that boys.

Men like things that they can control such as cars (just point it to where you want it to go and it goes), boats, aircraft, guns, tools, dogs and all things that bend quickly and directly to the male whim.  Men cannot nor ever will be able to adequately command or control cats, horses and/or women…ain’t gonna happen so the result is, often times, abuse and neglect.  Even though I claim no formal education in psychiatry it doesn’t take more than a high school education and an in tune heart to figure that one out.

Terry Fitch with her Pele ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch

Female induced abuse and neglect upon an equine is very rare and is usually associated with some form of mental disorder and when was the last time you heard of a husband having the living crap beat out of him by his wife?  Hard to conjure that image up isn’t it? (IMHO)  Have you ever read about an innocent adolescent boy being raped by an older woman?  That was the stuff that dreams were made of when I was a teenager but much to my chagrin I was never abused in such a manner.

The male insecurity is amplified when the woman in his life falls in love with a horse and here is where real sparks can begin to fly.  Being inherently insecure the male is jealous of the fact that the human female he desires is sharing and spending love, time and attention on the horse that should be spent on him.  He feels that she must not really have the care and concern for him that he wants or needs if she can show so much affection to another creature while he only stands in the wings.  This insecurity is what has driven many equine related relationships into divorce court, we have all seen it a dozen times over.

There is also the Freudian sexual thing all wrapped up into that mess but that is more than we can go into, here.  Again, it goes back to the bigger is better syndrome and the size thing.

Now men who love women who love horses have a couple of things in their saddle bags that their brothers do not; they are comfortable in their own skins and secure with their sexuality, hands down.  If the woman of a horsemen loves a horse the man sees that women with an expanded heart and a depth of feeling that warms his insides.  Looking out across the pasture and seeing my wife hugging on her horse lights me up because she cares so much about something so special and has room in her heart for not only me but other sentient creatures it just plain turns me on, it’s that simple.

Women who love animals are special spirits as they have the unique ability to carry their compassion outside the realm of human circles and can spread sunshine to all the other travelers on this spaceship we call Earth.  And women who love horses are truly exceptional in the breadth, depth and conviction of their love as they not only have taken the leap from human ties but have bonded and partnered with a creature that is many times larger than her physical being.

Artist Leslie Anne Webb with one of the Loves of her life ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch

Horsewomen have changed the face of the Equestrian world over the last 40 or so years.  The days of using manly terms like “broke” have been replaced with gentled, partnered or bonded.  There are a few guys out there working with horses but they have become smart enough to develop and promote like techniques knowing that their largest audience is the compassionate side of the human race.

But bullies be forewarned; all of the love and compassion that a woman shows a horse can quickly be turned into the hottest and most tenacious fire that you ever hope to see if you should be guilty of harming any equines within her realm of influence.  This is something that abusers have known for a long time as you just do not want to cross a woman over being abusive to a horse and this is also a lesson that the BLM is learning at the very time of this writing.  The most honest, sincere, committed and knowledgeable equine advocates on this planet are women; we accompanying males pale in comparison.  There is something almost magical and supernatural about the ambiance of the women who are dedicated to the cause and commitment to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our American horse be they wild or domestic.  For an enlightened male this is a tremendous blessing but for the slow to learn, it could spell their demise.

Maybe it’s genetically driven guilt for the sins that my brothers have rained down upon woman and horse alike or perhaps it’s a misplaced chromosome that bends me to their way of thinking but regardless of  the subliminal driver there is one thing for certain; if there is ever any hope of putting ourselves back in touch with the planet around us, and the other inhabitants of this world, it will not be the males of our species but the female who will save us from our own eminent self-destruction.  For within the spirit of the woman resides not only the hope for our future but the heart and the soul of the entire human race.

I am beyond pleased and proud to stand amongst the thousands of women who have made the commitment to protect the most benevolent of all animals on this planet.

I respectfully take off my hat and thank you for allowing me to share your grace; all of you special souls are my most heartfelt hero’s.

63 comments on “Men, Horses, Sex and a Thing Called Love

  1. thank you, thank you, thank you R.T. …. this is one of the absolutely best articles I have read in a very long time… I am proud to stand next to you and the other men who have also made the commitment to our wonderful horses….

  2. Because there are so few of you guys we have not wanted to throw this in anyone’s face. But now I know you get it and I won’t have to be concerned because we are fighting a very masculine, old boy, socio-economic group. Economic as in these old boys like to profit off our wild horses. This bad habit may be their “demise”. May the ladies prevail. Very nice RT. mar

    • Since many of us have been here about one year I had been wondering what we could do to celebrate who we are. I think this has done that nicely. This is an unusual campaign and I am ever aware of who we are, ladies. Because of who we are we will not back down. mar

  3. I always say the real men of the world are women. I huddle in the comfort of my warm truck while watching the girls thaw frozen buckets, trug through 3 foot high snow carrying hay, changing blankets, and sleeping in stalls with the sick ones all for their love of horses. If I were the BLM I’d have second thoughts about tempting the power of women scorned. They have lit the fuse to a keg of dynamite. Politicians beware.

  4. Wow R.T., very moving ending :). Great article, got a chuckle & a tear. Thank you for standing with us, & for realizing how it is ;). I haven’t met you yet, but will hug you when I do. I should have my husband read this LOL. We need more like you!

  5. Wow RT. You hit the nail right on it’s head. Nothing more compassionate than a woman. I’m sending this to my hubby. I’m lucky as he shares my passion for horses which led to a passion for donkeys, lol. Thank you for being an understanding male. The BLM better watch out.

  6. R.T. This piece is the best reading I have had the pleasure of in ions. My compliment to you is not based on men and women as independent factions, nor the plight of our mustangs and burros. Rather, your creative writing, your grasp and depth of knowledge (formal or otherwise) of we humans and animals, and your willingness to share your belief with the world. What an incredible compliment you have bestowed on us all. For that I applaud you on a personal level. I also regret not having had the honor of meeting you – yet. God has gifted you and you honor Him and the rest of the world by sharing that gift. Thank you;o)

  7. Women are more patient, and horses respond best to patience. You can’t use force on a horse, and when many men discover that, they’re out of there.

    In disposition the horse is much like a child. Both are governed by kindness combined iwith firmness; both meet indifference with indifference, but return tenfold in love and obedience any care or affection that is bestowed upon them. The horse also resembles the child in the keenness with which he detects hyposcrisy; no pretense of love or interest will impose on either.

  8. In antiquity, the origins of misunderstanding/misinterpretation between women and men began with a broken relationship between Gaia (Earth, feminine) and Uranus (Sky, masculine). Ever since there has been an effort to mend the relationship and reunite the two as nature intended.

    The Chinese Yin (Light, feminine)/Yang (Dark, masculine) describes the ultimate unity within a circle. The dots indicate Light as a component of Dark and vice versa. One without the other is incomplete.

    In the wild, the mare leads the band. The stallion trusts her wisdom. The stallion protects the band. The mare trusts his strength. They both possess courage and an instinctive commitment to future generations. Mares and stallions are no threat to each other, but part of a loving and nurturing whole.

    In seeking to subjugate nature, humankind has lost its way. We have much to learn from wild horses.

    • Yes Linda!

      We need good men, like stallions, to protect our bands, from the marauding, immature horde of bureaucrats and contractors who are trying to steal them. But we surely need the women, the mares, so we can do it with wisdom. (And we need the bureaucrats and contractors to grow up and be real men.) What happens when the bands can do this, what does this wisdom lead to? Coexistence.

      Any man reading this: Either you are a stallion or you are not. It takes a wise stallion to preserve a band, and alongside others to coexist and protect the whole herd.

      If you are not, then what are you?

    • To me, the wild horses symbolize the feminine. We have swung so far to the masculine side on this planet & everything is so far out of balance and way off kilter. That is why we must save the wild horses and why I think so many women respond so viscerally to saving them. And why so many BLM men types say it is an emotional issue and mean it as an insult. Next time someone says it is an emotional issue, say damn right it is!

  9. Very nice! Well said and I believe you are right!My hubby and I would be alot closer if he would see horses from my point of view and not a hay burner. Life would be great for him.LOL!!!

  10. Many women love mares. That shouldn’t bother the men. Mares are so very alert and responsive. Women love the protectiveness of the Stallions. That is the masculine trait that a woman loves and that draws a woman to a man. A man has his mustang car for speed and strengh–women have their Mustangs. It is a feeling beyond compare to be part of that motion and speed when on a horse–no describing it.

  11. I just want to say what an absolutely beautiful and wonderful article this is. We are very lucky to have someone like you standing beside us in support of equine rights and welfare. :)

  12. RT, you’ve always got great insights, but I’ve got to pick a bone with you on a couple of points: men CAN BE and are abused in their relationships, mentally, emotionally and physically, and that women can rape men. It happens. Of course, those cases are rarely prosecuted and the victims are often shamed into silence by attitudes like the ones you’re professing… that women are incapable of abusing their husbands and that men could only be so lucky as to be raped by women. The idea that men are somehow too physically powerful to be victimized in these ways is complete fabrication… by that logic, horses as the more physically powerful species can’t be abused by humans, either, and I’m sure THAT concept would make you think twice.

    Please don’t help to perpetuate these ideas. Men who are victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence are already completely dehumanized by our society. Obviously the incidence of these crimes are much less prevalent than crimes against women, but they do happen, and in cases of reciprocal domestic violence, it’s often only the man who is arrested… because of the same attitudes you’re citing.

    I’d also argue that female abuse/neglect of equines is very rare. Probably a good 75% of the abuse and neglect cases I’ve seen this year have been women. Take a look through Fugly’s blog and you’ll probably find most of the people she calls out are women. Much of that can be explained by the simple fact that women seem to now be more likely to own horses than men are, but to make the assumption that women are simply the gentler gender and don’t have it in them to harm living things is laughable. You’re just making a lot of assumptions here based on very simple stereotypes that I don’t think reflect the true situation. My 2 cents. :) I love reading your blog, but this one seems like it’s not terribly well-based in fact.

    • Mac, I will gracefully accept your comments and you may be completely correct, I speak from only what I know and my intention was not to inflict harm.

      But I do stick to my convictions, as men we have a lot to learn about love and compassion from women.

      • RT, I wouldn’t disagree with you there (though it may sound like I just like to disagree with everything! :D). I think all people have a lot to learn from each other… and unfortunately our societies do a lot to determine how we should behave, and not always in a good way. It’s fascinating to me how differently men and women tend to think on a basic level, and how difficult it can be to bridge that gap.

  13. Thank you RT for your very eloquent and perceptive article—–like–YOU GET IT !
    You should give a course to BLM on respect for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as it applies to wild equines and the women (and men) who love them.
    It takes a strong, secure man to write such an article.

  14. RT. “You are the MAN” what can I say? Would love to “clone” you!!! Because man like you are so far and few I am single……married to my Mustangs! My favorite saying is in my “golden years”; if I have to support someone, it better have four legs and whinny!! God Bless you!

  15. I also meant to say, unfortunately there are some women horse abusers; fat ass “Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis”, a BLM woman called “Lilly” and of course, the other Sue, married to Wild Horse Hit Man Catoor! What’s up with “Sues”?!

    • Well, business is business right? That’s what the killers say out of one side of their mouths and nothing about responsibility or humanity out of the other side of their self proclaimed Christiam lips, save to say current slaughter is human.

      Last I checked from my elementary school book on Christianity and values…wackin’ equines for a buck or a quick dump is anything but cruel, cheap, greed ridden, irresponsible behavior. But I’m sure SS will find a way to quote the Bible to justify her behavior….just like Muslims and Christians do to this day. BTW The Hindi’s and Muslims in Asia have a fairly good documented history of butchering for culture, way of life and god.

      • I think you’ll find every culture, regardless of religious affiliation or lack thereof, is fairly well soaked in blood. In the grander span of time, the idea that animals *aren’t* here just for our use is really a fairly new one. On the plus side, at least that means we can change as a people… it just takes awhile. And IMO, before you can improve conditions for animals you have to improve them for people; it’s hard to care about animal rights when you have a hard enough time imagining your family surviving into next year.

  16. For centuries horses have always gravitated towards women because we have a unique innate intuitiveness with these magnificent creatures.statistically most equine rescuers are woman very few males. Horses do not like men because they are generally to aggressive with our beloved equine friends. men have a big ego and the horses is much larger in size then the average man, men try to dominate our horses where women are more loving,caring and just know inside what the horse truly needs and feels..Dont get me wrong there are some equines that do like men.In my personal experience of rescuing close to 4800 horses,I can honestly say that horses will accept a female giving thier utmost trust and unconditional love way before they will even allow a male to come near them.Most trainers of racehorses are males, Tb’s have a tendency to not like the rough,cowboy mentality of the male trainers.this I can also attest to.Women just have a more available openness and kind compassion about them that every equine loves and gravitates to.Yet there are also some very mean cold hearted women that horses do not like and will certainly show them thier personal disdain for them.Some of us lucky females have an uncanny ability to communicate with the regal majestic horse on a level most humans will never comprehend,Ti called the 6th sense,kat

    • horses and dogs can pick out a bad person every time. so if your hourse or dog don’t like someone, pay heed, they are never wrong. It’s exactly what youv’e said, true word for word. we got an abused appy, abused by a man, mostly verbal stuff and left tied for hours. This guy came to us very reluctantly at first, to me in the box pen, far end of the yard if he’s loose. bonded to the wife like glue first day. we have had him now for 9 wks slowly getting used to me but still moves away when loose litterly hids behind the wife if we are together. It’s not me, it’s all men, he was tuaght well.. my bay burns a thousand calories coming to me no matter where I am in the pasture. hoping the appy will be the same real soon

  17. It goes against maternal programing for a women, without “mental disorders” to inflict harm on a horse or child. (As in all stereotyping there are exceptions.) Government “guys” beware – mistreat and threaten those we love and care for … and look out. Thanks for your words.

  18. R. T., You are amazing, reading your article gave me goosebumps! Too bad all men don’t feel the same as you, or, have the guts to admit all the facts you’ve stated. Your wife is a very lucky woman, & we’re very lucky to have you as a friend! The ones who are truly lucky, AND, blessed to have you on their side, are the equines of America & the world, & all those that love them! Thank you for friendship, your kind words & your thoughtfulness, you are one of a kind! Even though we all know of some women who truly don’t like horses, or they’re afraid of them, or they abuse them, I think the vast majority of women love horses, & other animals as well, perhaps our inner nurturing insinct? Have a great day!

  19. Both sexes are capable of cruelty…history of mankind is littered with them.

    For the most part men lead the killer pack for a variety of reasons, mostly controlling the playing field if you will. Part of that dynamic is emotion (and haven’t we here seen that used repeatedly by the killers?) and the so called necessary lack of it to do what “needs to be done”.

  20. Thank you for this article: your wife is a lucky woman! My experience is one of those that you described, and I find your insights fascinating.

  21. That saying that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world is very true. Women have tremendous power. How they raise their sons–how they influence the men that love them. History shows us both kinds of women.
    The women that come to this battle have chosen to use their power for all that is right and good.

  22. RT I think the word “bully” could be interposed on “insecure”

    But I do think you hit the nail on the head on this. I do wish more men would listen to you because they could really learn something. And if there poor ego can’t abide learning it from a woman then it might be more impacting coming from you.

    Thanks RT.

  23. I remember reflecting on the question with you more than once R.T., “where are the men who would stand up for the horses?” And as you write today, where are the men who are not against them. Here are a few of what I’m sure will be more thoughts:

    1. Men have an easier time facing down or hurting a horse than they might another man. This is deep, and only partly conscious. A horse is a prey animal. A man is another predator animal. They also see a mirror in the other man: they see behind those eyes another man who can lash out to hurt or kill, because they see it in themselves. So confronting a man instead of a horse takes more bravery.

    2. Some men are taken by this. When they can’t get close enough, they kill with weapons. For wild horses and burros, this includes helicopters, roundups, and herd numbers that aren’t viable.

    3. Horses out of their nature will attempt closeness and relationship. They are not unlike the female species in this regard. Men who hurt will take advantage of this, and hurt horses or women with anything handy. .
    Some men have learned to hurt the ones they love. This means some horses and some women who come close need to be very careful.

    4. In many cultures, especially the older ones, women were at the center and are among the wisdom-holding elders. They share it around the fires, in private consultation with their men, and along the paths their people travelled. Western culture knows little of this. But horses do. It’s why horses listen to them, and why men ought to. It’s why a tiny grandmother can tell a big man what is really what and get him to do something about it.

    5. We have to get the wisdom back. Right now I respect my horses by telling them they never have to carry me or anyone else on their back again if they don’t want to. That’s where I’m starting with them from now on.
    Men can change. Iknow this. I’ve had to do it myself. We need to call them to this.

    And we need to call them on their cowardice. We need to say to each one:
    Stand and talk to me, don’t run away to hurt a horse.

    • This is very true and I have seen this all my life. I was once told by a man who claimed to be a horse trainer; Horses are stupid animals and they learn by repetition.
      When he said this he towered over me and acted like I had better agree or I was ‘soft’ on horses and that was just not kosher in his tiny mind. Beware is right, RT. Thanks Rob- for getting it. In this campaign we are reaching out from the heart and a sense of fairness which have been violated in the expression of so called ‘law’ and in humanities’ crippled treatment of revered animals. It represents where the world has been and where we would like it to go…. mar

      • Mar – Interesting that you should say this about a trainer. Truthfully, I find quite a lot of horse training is overly aggressive, or based primarily on dominance theory. Even many so-called “natural horsemanship” styles are based on pressure and more pressure until horses finally submit… which is the reason I turned to clicker training/positive reinforcement.
        Before I went to clicker training, I had a girl come out to the barn to demonstrate her “natural horsemanship” training skills, as she had gone through some famous person’s clinics. She proceeded to smack my gelding with greater and greater force along the face and neck until he finally caught on and backed away from her. She never looked into his eyes or noticed that his body language read FEAR.
        I never asked her to come back — and my gelding forgave me for bad experience.
        Sadly, she isn’t the only person I’ve seen “train” in this manner.

      • This is kind of OT, but I thought I’d share this link.

        This is a formerly abused rodeo mule, being patiently guided through his fears using clicker training. This kind of training seems slow to a lot of people who want to see progress NOW, but look at the results. Blows me away!
        I know people who have used this with mustangs — could definitely be a powerful way to move them past their fear of those plastic bag whips that the rustlers use!! :)

  24. R.T.!

    Just.. WOW! Thank you for such a thoughtful, honest insight. It’s so nice and honestly reassuring to know that there ARE men like you, (and now; reading Rob’s comment too!) who aren’t afraid of a little thing called perspective and the ‘dreaded emotion’! :O)

    Men as yourself, as almost all the Gals here have said, are truly hard to run across. The few of you that there are must be ‘tucked’ away possibly with their own Mustangs that they can feel those close ties with? To those Fellas, I’d like to say.. Come on out! Us single Gals who are in love with our horses have room in our hearts and won’t bite! .. Much? haha! Sorry…

    I had smiles and a few goosebumps too. Probably because I haven’t heard that much honesty ever! Seriously!

    We are forever grateful to have you on ‘our side’, R.T.. Terry is one heckuva lucky Gal and I know she knows it!

    You are the voice of calm reason we all look to when things get crazy. The source of information when news and sources get ‘confused’. The fire in our bellies when we need to stand and fight for what is right and good for our Mustangs & Burros.

    Thank you for being here for us. Thank you for being you! :O)
    This one was Straight from YOUR heart!


  25. I would add that there are probably more men in this than shown on the blogs–women just express their thoughts way more than do men. There are probably men who are working, as we speak, in the field. Wild Horse Annie’s husband, Charlie was beside her every step of the way. The most recent book about Annie (Velma Johnston) is a love story as well as a story of her battle to save our Mustangs. The book tells of their devotion to one another. Charlie was in the background, but it was Annie who went into the public arena to battle.

  26. R.T. … Thank you. Thank you that you get it. Thank you for hopefully helping others get it with your wonderful masculine articulation. Thank you so much for all you do and stand up for our magnificent horses. Wet eyes…

  27. R.T., here is a very big hug for you. Very well said. I will be ordering a copy of your book, and hope to deliver that hug in person some day.

  28. Horses are very much like women. Incredibly strong and able to bear seemingly unendurable loads. Yet the smallest thing, a pebble worked into the soft tissue of the foot, a seemingly innocuous bump on the skin, can be their downfall. Intuitive, wild, magical, freedom loving.

  29. I had thought that only women enjoyed the magical bond with horses until I read your book. You “get it.” I am grateful to be sharing the beauty of this planet with you again today.

  30. On the flip side, I rarely see a man responsible for the bad hoarder/rescue gone bad situations. My least favorite saying in the English language is “her heart is in the right place.” The location of your heart means nothing to me if your butt isn’t in the barn making sure your horses have clean stalls and fresh water.

    That said, dead on about the jealousy. I bet every woman on this thread has had a guy accuse them of loving the horses more than him. They may be right, as we tend to dump those guys and keep the horses!

  31. It is wise for a woman to choose a man who is kind, especially to animals. When a woman is impressed with brawn and bravado, she should try to imagine how she would feel with her newborn child in the care of that particular male. A man who is kind to something that is smaller or more vulnerable is the man that she should choose to be the father of her children.

  32. Thank You R.T….That Is Some ” Awesome Sharing”, That You Just Shared With Us : ) I Luv It & I Just Have To Share It On / WoW!!!! :>

  33. I have been thinking about this article quite a bit today. Thinking about the few men in recent past who have taken the time to understand horses. Tom and Bill Dorrance and Ray Hunt, who recently left us for horseman’s heaven, come to mind, and now we have their protege, Pat Parelli. Pat has taken what he learned from them and built on it, studied horses inside and out, and developed an international network to help horse owners better understand their horses and how to “play” with them and build a relationship. Pat has done more to further the horse-human relationship than anyone else that I know of, IMHO. He has several men (and women, too) that have learned from him and are considered Parelli Professionals, and are helping to spread the training around the globe.

    This is not intended to be a Pat Parelli ad. I know there are others out there who are doing their part to help people understand their horses, but I don’t feel like they come close to what Pat has been able to do for the horse world. He is literally changing it, one horse and owner at a time.

    I agree, there are many more women than men involved constructively with horses, but I would like to give credit to the few men who are involved and do care.


  35. Hope you don’t mind but shared bits and pieces of your article but did link back to you…Well God did make good Men after all..thanks and God Bless for caring for our Animals and Women !!!

  36. I asked this very thing on FB just a couple days ago.. WHERE are all the men or are all you ladies single. I’m gonna forward this to my wife and a few of HER sisters (other ladies) greater words were never spoken LOL size EH??

  37. Nora, I just did see the video that you posted. I enjoyed it immensely! A horse (or mule) remembers EVERYTHING. No elephant has a memory longer than a horse. If he is made to do something and he connects it with a bad memory, you might just a well save your time–you will have to force him every time and that just reinforces the negative memory. The words of one very wise trainer were “the trick is to make all a horse’s memories GOOD”.

  38. Thank You R T. It is so heart warming to have a man stand up for us. I am one of the lucky woman that have a man that stands behind all the love I have for my horses. He is right there next to me with every rescue and every attempt to save the mustangs. I am also blessed in the fact he is such a great writer and let the powers that be have it when it comes to trying to change the plight of our horses.

  39. I wonder if the men in the Calvary considered their equines to be a threat? My horse is not a tool. He is my best friend. I only needed to teach him right from wrong and to understand my requests. I do not need to control him to feel like a man. Gimme a break with this stuff please. Yes, I know you are not trying to stereo type and yes, I agree some men need to kick their horse to feel tough but I have also witnessed plenty of horsewomen with a Napoleonic complex trying to prove that they have power over a 1,100lb animal as well. I don’t agree with much written here. Maybe I am just the odd man out. Respect to RT always of course.

  40. Of all the wonderfully educational things RT Fitch has written, this is my hands down favorite. Because I am a woman who loves animals. It’s soothing to finally be validated, acknowledged an appreciated for the compassion factor that most women are wired with. Thanks RT for being with us.

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