Filmaker and Rock Group U2 Team Up to Save Wild Horses

Ground Swell to Stop the Wild Horse Roundups Grows

Wild horse advocate and Producer of ” Wild Horses and RenegadesJames Kleinert and renowned rock band U2 have combined forces to produce a “call to action” public service announcement highlighting the horrendous eradication program waged against America’s native wild horses by the Obama Administration’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  Straight from the Horse’s Heart is proud to be one of the exclusive websites that have been given the right to post this most moving and stirring piece of video art and music. 

U2 Whos Going to Ride Your Wild Horses


Courtesy of Saving the American Wild Horse


47 comments on “Filmaker and Rock Group U2 Team Up to Save Wild Horses

  1. I can’t get the videos to play more than a second or two at a time… (any suggestions?)

    From the little I can see, this looks super and will make great impact!

    I am so pleased that a group as well known as U2 is making a statement for these poor horses.

    I hope this will spread far and be heard by multitudes!

    We have got to continue fighting for freedom and protection for our horses and burros!!!

    • Jill – let it load by pushing the play button once and go get a cuppa whatever. Once it’s all loaded it will play through (and it’s AWESOME! LOL). Worth the wait – get the Kleenex!

  2. There is a God !!!!!! Hooray !!!! Yes !!! LET FREEDOM RING LOUD AND CLEAR FOR OUR WILD MUSTANGS !!!! There is a Light for Our Wild Mustangs !!!!!

  3. AWESOME Video!

    Thank you, R.T., for posting!

    I feel the ‘tides are changing’.. Freedom.. Such a huge price to pay for it. Our Wild Ones have paid, It’s their time now!

    Time for them to be turned loose to roam THEIR ranges once more. Time to let the ones still lucky enough to not be captured to never be harassed again…

    It’s TIME!

  4. This is a huge endorsement to get mainstream names like U2 on board for this cause. KUDOS to James Kleinert on his great work and kudos to one of the most issues oriented bands on the planet for standing up for America’s Wild Horses & Burros! PLEASE COME TO PHOENIX, U2 !

  5. Huge Thank You for RT , U2 and James !!!!!!!!!!!!! Please help set our Mustangs Free again !!!! They belong FREE to ROAM>>>>>

  6. I think it’s brilliant that U2 are helping this cause. There is alot of cruelty around this planet with horses and all gods creatures, however, in Australia QLD, UK and im sure this happens in the USA we have alot of horse road ragers and its getting realy bad in QLD I was wondering if you could help Robbo Da Yobbo with his cause: HELP STOP HORSE ROAD RAGE QLD AUSTRALIA…. its getting realy bad over there and no one is taking any notice if you watch Robbo’s video you will understand….

  7. Thank you…in the name of freedom, that is our wild horse..and passion, with the spirit and force of the wind, the great sound of thunder, may hearts crack open here and now and safely set our wild horses, burros into freedom and survival, upon their own federally protected land.

    We are so grateful for this beautiful collaborative.

    We r rising up in Mill Valley, Ca, 3/10/11 mirroring AZ vigil..
    Calling 1,800,000 people to rise up one love, one voice for wild horse and burro freedom to manifest now.

    Pls c Wild Horse Protection Act FB for details.

      • Silly me I shouldda read the post better. I know where you guys will be and I’ll be there. Most definitely. It’ll be so great to have others who will be protesting with me and not just me at home–so silent.

        Whoever arranged this thank you. Looking forward to meeting you.

  8. Thank you for doing this film and thank you to U2 for their wonderful song showing the plight of our beloved wild horses. But I must tell you all that I have attempted to call the White House and President Obama and the young lady that answered the phone wouldn’t even give me the “time of day!” She “hung up” on me as soon as I began to ask her to ask the President to “stop the Dept. of the Interior and the BLM from rounding up any more of our wild horses.” I’m not saying to not call, but please be fore warned that they may give you the same “silent treatment” that they gave to me. It seems that this is one “dirty” secret that they don’t want “comments” ON!!

    • Dear Tracielynn, I am sorry that the Presidents Commentline was so rude to you, I have been calling everyday for 2 years, I have never been rude to from them, they are all volunteers who answer , in fact they are always interested in anything about the Wild mustangs and sympathize always and promise to get the message to the Pres. and always add Please call back and let us know whats going on.. I call from Ohio, maybe they have a different answering team………………..

      • They have never been rude anytime I have called either. I’d say that employee won’t last long.

  9. Wild Horses & Burros must be protected from BLM who are CORRUPT, CRUEL, COWARDLY LIARS who do everything they can to wipe out wild horses & burros.
    And to serve Rolex Welfare Cattle ranchers and to help them stuff MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS of their privately owned Welfare Cattle and Sheep on our public lands. These MILLIONS & MILLIONS of WELFARE CATTLE DESTROY our land, water, wildlife & cost TAXPAYERS BILLION per year. The board members BLM appoints serve Welfare Cattle ranchers interests only & BLM also illegally ignores the massive public opposition to their illegal and cruel wipe out of wild horses and burros. Having BLM in charge of wild horses is like putting Michael Vic in charge of the nations dogs ! In the last illegal stampede BLM ran down pregnant horses and many horses died and over 20 aborted their foals from BLM’s HORRIFIC CRUELTY.

  10. This video is incredible. Tears, goosebumps, awe, anger and passion to stop the carnage!
    Kudos to James.

  11. YES, ALL RIGHT !!! Thank you to James Kleinert & U2. WE have a lot of voices for our horses but now that we have some big guns to aid in the fight, I think people that are “unaware” of what is going on with/by the BLM, more will join to save the wild horses & burros.

    Thanks to R.T. too, for keeping us up to date with everything :)

  12. Anyone else’s heart stop and stomach drop when that helicopter makes its first entrance? ugh. We must stop the helicopter round ups for good.

    • Yes ! Savewildhorses. My heart stops, I cringe everytime I hear one………….and my knees go weak………and I start to sweat !!!! I am afraid of them ……………….. I used to view them as rescue, now I think of them as terror…………..

    • I know what you mean…I cannot tolerate any helicopter – for, whenever, and wherever I see one, distressing images of the roundups from videos, immediately flash in my mind.

  13. Thank You for this absolutely warm beautfiul video of our magnificent mustangs with the amazing land. I never ever get tired of watching these wonderful animals. I hope and pray that our country wakes up and realizes that when they are gone, there won’t be any bringing them back. That will be such a sad, sad day! The BLM is wrong in what they are doing & they know it! The oil companies & the cattle ranchers have deep, deep pockets and are in bed with our government!! The Mustangs & Burros are the ones that are paying the price with their life. The blood of these animals are on the BLM hands. I hope one day they have to answer for all these wrongs!

  14. What I really like about this video is how most of it shows wild horses in the wild: their beauty, their lands, their behaviors. It doesn’t show those damned helicopters taking their freedom away until towards the end. There’s the comparison of freedom vs monster helicopters, metal pens, and ugly men swinging plastic bags on poles. Really nicely done and the song is a perfect match.

  15. OK thank you RT and U2 and J. Kleinert. Just say “NO” to BLM! as in NO more round ups. NO more capture pens! NO hell-icopters! NO destruction of the herds! This is a beautiful and forceful video–and in the end it is just sad. All those magnificent animals–gone. What a tragedy.

  16. RT I would love to download this, burn it to dvd and show it at the rally/protest here in CA Thurs night since I can’t be there. Do you have anyway for us to contact Mr. Kleinert? I have a small portable dvd player that I can take with me to the rally.

    Anyone have any good ideas of the kinds of things I should print out to take with me? Things that show number of numbers of horses vs cattle. Bobby boo boo saying one thing and the truth being something else.

    People always want websites and that’s good. But I’m thinking if we can hook em with some powerful reading we might win them over even before they come here.

  17. Maybe we could get Vh1, a top 40 music video tv show that comes on EVERY MORNING, to start playing this video. Jim Shearer, the host of this show, is a pretty cool guy and EVERYBODY know and loves U2, and he would talk about “the making and behind the scenes” of this new video. Yes!!! I will shoot him off an email tomorrow! You guys could, too. It sure couldn’t hurt, right?

  18. BONO IS GOD!!!!!!! LOL!!!! Seriously, I have loved and adored U2 for many years now – and for good reason. It is not just that their music is beyond perfection, but the band itself is, too!
    *********U2 ARE TRUE HEROES!!!!!!!***********

  19. Yes! It all makes sense now: U2 have mentioned horses in many of their songs!!! Then I came here and this site reminded me of one of their most popular and best songs: Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses!! Of course, it makes sense that U2 would get involved in this!!!!!!!

  20. This is a powerful, AWESOME, video & song! It is heart-wrenching, but sends a message, loud & clear. Whoever could harm such a thing of beauty, as the wild horse is, is pure EVIL !! Where can you buy that song? U2, you ROCK, thanks for your support, along with everyone else!!

  21. This is some of the best news lately!
    I have been following Bono Vox (U2) work for 26 years now, and they are one of the best. True hearted Musicians I think, who are not afraid to say what they know and think!
    Great job! Now most of people will see and hear what they need to… and they will have a voice!

    “Mustangs are a living memory of what the promise of America used to be ….
    and could be again …”

    • Dear Krisz, I love the last line in your comment !!!!!! Mustangs are a living memory of the promise of what America used to be ….
      and will be again …” Because of the caring hearts of All America, who will without question will FREE The Wild Mustangs from a corrupt Agency that has no business interrupting the Ecological System, with the removal of Wild Mustangs,

  22. Finally, more music to our and everyone’s ears about our mustangs.. when we drove thru the wilderness of Pryor I was hoping some musician would do this – and suggested it to RT too – music is such a great tool to reach the masses – thanks U2.

  23. To me, like birds, wild horses represent freedom and independence, something for which America used to stand.

    What is the deal with America systematically removing freedoms? Whether it’s women, homosexuals, or horses.

    Why can’t we just let things be? Just let people and animals exist freely? Why must we corner, and cage, and oppress, and define, and label, and judge all the damn time?

    Save the wild horses, save America’s soul!

    (And the goal is soul, isn’t it?)

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