Wild Horse Babies Killed by BLM at Triple B Roundup

Report from Laura Leigh ~ VP of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

The Injured Babies in this Report were later Killed by the BLM

At the roundup we had runners go off with no explanation. We had a baby come in that I could see was injured.

So I added an extra two hours of driving to my day and headed to holding.

There I saw three youngsters treated for injury. I do not know how many were treated prior to my arrival. (note: it is interesting that I asked about the injuries and am only given information on the treatment I actually saw, with no other information offered. It always seems like “If they don’t see it, it didn’t happen”).

A big bay stud and his band have really hit me hard. He was in the last group (or at least the last group I knew of). One of his foals (the only one that came in with his band) was injured. They put his mare and injured foal in the pen next to him. He kept all the other horses from the fence line. He called to them non-stop while I was there. He was there at the fence line when I arrived in the morning. I was pretty upset by some comments Alan Shepherd made so I got a few quick takes and did not get one of his calls as they began to load that am.

I quickly headed to the roundup site instead as the day before they had already captured 40 horses before my arrival. Leaving holding early didn’t change anything, they still had about 40 prior to my arrival on Day 4. Keep in mind we leave our “meeting” spot at 4:30 am, that’s how much driving is involved.

The comments from Shepherd that were so distressing go like this:  ”The palomino foal had weak tendons. The little chestnut has a bad mom. The other foal that was treated has a laceration to a leg, but it’s pre-existing. The animals drain the water and it needs to be refilled a couple times.”

Did that hit you like it hit me from the State Lead for Nevada’s Wild Horse and Burro program, Alan Shepherd? Did that hit you like it hit me from the man that constantly blames the animal for it’s situation? (Old Mare at Antelope) Did that hit you like it hit me from the man that took part in several “Final solution” conversations for our wild horses? (2009 Article animal Law Coalition) Did that hit you like it hit me from the man that answered in Federal Court that there were “no fences, no cows, no water” in the Owyhee HMA? (Gorey’s explanation to Horseback)

At the Antelope Complex Roundup this past winter there was the exact same situation with this contractor, Sun-J (it is a pattern). When I pointed out the deficiency Ben Noyes, the WH&B specialist in Ely, simply grabbed more tubs for water and placed them in the pens. He directed the contractor to appropriately distribute feed. He made no excuse.

Perhaps a man like Ben Noyes, that is able to admit a deficit and comprehends that the equation for the amount of horses translates into water consumption, should be the state lead and Mr. Shepherd should go muck at the Burns Corral until he comprehends what horses are?

I was told the runners went out to get the two injured foals. We already know that is also not the truth.

This IS foaling season. ALL foals have weak legs, that is why you don’t run a foal. It IS over 90 degrees during the day and horses need water. The fact that this conversation has to occur at all with an agency tasked for the last 40 YEARS with the humane treatment and management of our wild herds is OBSCENE.

note: and the more I review my tapes the more I believe that the roan is NOT that little chestnuts mom. The chestnut mare at the trap is most likely his mom. They even look alike. A bay dad and a roan mom will most likely not produce a chestnut baby. That baby was leaning against ANY family member he could because he could NOT stand. I’ll bet that’s why she was so agitated. I wonder where her baby is? I wonder so much about the ability to actually OBSERVE and not just process inventory in this agency. I need to see that chestnut foal.

62 comments on “Wild Horse Babies Killed by BLM at Triple B Roundup

  1. Heartbreaking and DISGUSTING! I hope those 3 judges who allowed this to go on are HAUNTED by the DEAD HORSES – it’s on them just as it is on BLM. I am heartsick :(

  2. I’d like to make an intelligent heart felt comment but there are no more adjectives in the English language to describe what occurs on these illegal round ups of these strong, but at the same time delicate, national treasures. Those that live and breathe and love and feel loss. I too am at a loss.

  3. What a disgrace to our nation! So, the BLM just scooped up all those horses along with their genetics, colors, dispositions. Scooped them up and now they are gone. We may see one or two come up for adoption, but where will the rest go?

  4. BLM IS WRONG! There were no “pre-existing” injuries/problems. These babies were tortured and tormented by the roundup crew who is under the instruction of the BLM … no ifs, ands or buts about it! The United Sates of America Congressional LAW says these animals SHALL NOT be “harassed” … how much more harassment is there than what is being done to them this very day and again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day? If I did this to horses I would be arrested and jailed …so should Alan Shepherd and his killing crew. No ifs, ands or buts about it!

    • Does anyone know what is required and the steps to take to file charges against anyone who has broken a federal law?

      • Dear Grandma Greg , I have called the FBI on this and several other things the BLM has done, to no avail, it breaks my heart to hear they have harm more horses with this unnecessary round up ………………….The FBI assured me with 5 return phone calls from them, but I never saw anything corrected with the BLM , they have everyone bought and paid for was my conclusion, I really hope they all rot in Hell for their heinous assaults on the peaceful , loving Mustangs…………………

      • Silly me … when I wrote that question I was still under the impression that our governemnt officials were required to follow the law … same as you and me. Since then, I have received official word that the laws (specifically the 1971 WH&B act) were not for the BLM and that the BLM is above the law! When recently reminded that the BLM policy to capture and remove wild horses is contrary to the Act which requires protection from capture, branding, harassment or death, the BLM’s official and published response was that they believe THEY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO FOLLOW THE LAW… and I quote. “The portion of the Act cited [capture, branding, harassment or death] … is NOT pertinent to the overall management of the wild horse and burro populations by the BLM”
        End quote.

        We have all seen this attitude in their actions … and now they have said it out loud for all to hear.
        I wonder how a judge would feel about this BLM arrogance toward the law?


  5. Distressing to the 10th power. Can you believe the wild horses are in the hands of a man like Alan Shepherd? What a disgusting pig he is. Sorry, but it’s true. Is this man anywhere near retirement age?

    That foal had BRAND NEW tendons, not weak ones. Mr Shepherd you have a weak character and a poor heart. I truly feel for you. It must be awful to be you.

      • Yes , Denise even Pigs have more smarts then him………..I am all torn up inside over these 3 little innocent foals… What can we do???? I have tired all kinds of things nothing stops them…………………………………

    • Right on, swh! Young tendons aren’t ready for this brutal over-driving. The bone growth plates in the horses’ legs don’t close until they’re about 4 years old. This is why so many young racehorses pull up lame, never mind break bones … and they’re only raced over short distances, with days of rest and care in between. This is why HUMAN youngsters suffer permanent sports injuries. OVER-DRIVING!!!

      These babies (and many more to come!) never had a chance. And who know how many more have been shot, suffered and died on the range, or are wandering … frightened and alone … as we speak?

  6. Psychopaths… Liars….Alan Shepherd how do you sleep at night? Don’t you envision the horror, the pain the families freely vocalize at being separated? ~ don’t you relive it in your dreams? How can you watch a foal frantrically running with its dam, then tragically injured, dying ~ and my guess is that they’re not put down humanely when injured beyond help~ do you SEE them in your dreams? May all of you rot in hell for the pain and suffering you’ve brought to our mustangs and wild burros! As for President Obama ~ SHAME ON YOU!!!

  7. This pilot is undoubtedly losing countless foals out there. And the ones that make it are so needlessly damaged. How long is he running these foals?

  8. I think I have almost given up on the human race. I just don’t understand how this could keep happening when we call, email and do everything within our power to control this. This is absolutely WORSE THAN ANY CANCER that anyone could have. I almost cannot stand to read the blogs any more. I am sickened, saddened and everything in between. RT, I feel for those who are there and cannot step in and STOP THE MADNESS. I can’t fathom how you feel when you see this. I hope the RATH OF GOD comes down on these people and they truly get what they have coming…I feel like throwing up…
    Unfortunately, I think this will be a long time in coming…

    • Gail I feel the same. I think I would go crazy sitting there watching them abuse the horses. I do not think I would be able to control myself. Even the Security Guard with a gun wouldn’t be able to hold me back. I go nuts when I call them over the phone. So I need to work from a distance.

    • Gail..this is why Cloud Foundation was going to the Reno courts to plea with them to stop the Roundup.And it was over turned by a judge who said that they did not have enough proof that any Wild Horses are injured in the “PROCESS” I do not know how much more proof that we can give them…and not one,not one of those Court appointed personnel would ever get off their ass”s to go and witness for themselves,it is all about big Cattle buisness out here and they are running Wild Horses and Burros off of the only land that they have left to survive…cattle belong in fenced in ranches not out on Wild Ranges!!BLM is corrupt and so is Salazaar!This has to be stopped,where is the Human in Humanity!We live out here in the West and we need everyone back East to please help “US” before they are all killed!

  9. BLM =BRUTAL LYING MURDERERS. BLM steals American wildlife’s lives & homes to stuff MILLIONS & MILLIONS & MILLIONS of privately owned WELFARE CATTLE cattle on OUR PUBLIC LANDS. In violation of the law, Obama/ Salazars lying corrupt cruel BLM is wiping out Americas wild horses to steal our public lands & stuff millions of privately owned welfare cattle on our public lands, these cattle destroy water, plants, wildlife & cost taxpayers 1 billion per year.

    http://www.youtube.com/wat​ch?v=oTho-Si5w9Y&feature=p​layer_embedded#! & http://www.handmadenews.or​g/article/index.php?id=995 & http://www.animallawcoalit​ion.com/
    & http://www.wildhorsepreservation.​org/ & http://www.bigwildlife.org​/threats2.php
    & http://www.adventure-journ​al.com/2009/05/grazing-is-​razing-the-big-bad-impact-​of-livestock-on-public-lan​ds/
    & http://www.publiclandsranc​hing.org/book.htm

  10. If anyone in the Chicago area would be interested in meeting with both Senator Mark Kirk, Senator Durbin and Represetative Biggert. I would love to have your company. As soon as I read this blog, I called and am setting up a meeting. If anyone is interested in attending with me, I will leave my email address. I didn’t get your name, but who ever planned the protest for the Wild Horses and Burros, lets try and contact each other if you are interested and possibly get together. My email address is: bearhorse6@yahoo.com

    Thanks to all the caring souls trying to save our horses..

  11. Well there is the Proof”that the Judge in Reno said there was not any evidence of running and rounding up by helicopter was causing injuries to any of the Wild horses!Watch this Reno Courts….The Cloud Foundation was right about what they were trying to tell you and there is plenty of “Proof”are we the only ones who care enough to actually get out there and witness what really happens first hand on a ROUNDUP!You lazy ass bastards!!!

  12. Also, be certain to send this story on to any and all News Media. The public needs to know HOW their hard-earned tax dollars are being squandered on government sponsored animal cruelty.

  13. This roundup is so horrible and disgusting. How much longer can it keep up this way. There should be some emergency rule that would protect the foals from running and the awful heat.
    Who was it that blogged that she was pleased to see that the BLM had changed. There were pictures of the padded pipes of the horses’ heads. She said Sun J was doing a much better job and not running the horses. It sure didn’t look like that to me. Does anyone remember that post. I’m sure it was a photographer. Unfortunately my computer eats things. My new one will arrive today!
    I just do not understand these differences of opinoins. Does the BLM set up special “gather” places?

    • Shirley, that was Arla Ruggles, representing GrassRoots Horse.


      As I understand it, Arla was only there on the first day. One of many “special days”, when contactors are told to be on their best behavior … players in the “BLM Mustang Theater”.

      I had a number of reactions when I first read the GrassRoots post, primarily hoping the BLM had finally decided to threat our Mustangs humanely. That hope was certainly short-lived! And my reaction to the 22 pictures? Quantity DOES NOT equal quality! All but a few were totally useless. I can get shots of helicopters and people hanging out around corrals almost anywhere!

      But I guess if you’re nice, the BLM gives you a lollipop: “At the end of the day’s gather operations, we were invited to approach the holding pens.”

      So, who do we believe? Who do we support with our praise, our prayers, and, more importantly … our DOLLARS? The people who said: “This page will be continually updated. And we are waiting for video and photographs from Day 2.” (I certainly haven’t seen any more updates or video!) … or Laura Leigh, who works to exhaustion ALL DAY, EVERY DAY to bring us reports and images after the performance is over?!?

      Everyone’s free to make their own choice. Any questions on mine?

  14. I know for sure that any and everyone involved with the abuse, horrible planning and treatment or lack there of, of God’s beautiful creatures, will answer to God. They have and probably will always get away with breaking the laws of this country, but one does not get away with breaking God’s laws.

    • AMEN, that is my only consolation here on this part of the journey of life…This is only Part ONE, all will reap what they sow and all those horses will once again BE but this time with wing’s!!!!! OH and ofcourse those Burro’s ~0~

  15. That little foal that Terry took the picture of IS SO CUTE! Sorry for the caps– it was meant as emphasis. He doesn’t deserve the boatload of manure he’s currently being enforced to endure. And even if it isn’t the same foal (I haven’t seen Laura’s video yet) he represents thousands more who are just as cute and adorable.

  16. Not sure what day this was on but I can tell you that from the moment I drove into NV at 10 AM on Sunday it was in the mid 80’s. From about Elko on possibly even before I got to Elko it was mid 90’s to 99 degrees ALL THEWAY to Reno. I know cause I drove from Rock Springs WY to Reno all in one day.

  17. This is now a matter of Court Record, that BLM was strongly advised to NOT go ahead with this round-up due to the fact that VERY YOUNG FOALS would be put a great risk. Is that correct?

  18. This needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    To the people of BLM you calm you do this for the horses own good, welfare and protection!!!!!! Who do you think you are kidding?????????? That is just what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing more harm than good!!!!!!!!!!!! If the horses need to be moved find a humane way to do it!!!!!!! You should be charged with animal cruelty and neglect!!!!!!
    I have worked with animal rescue groups all my life and this would be unacceptable…………………..

  19. The most bizarre thing here is the water and the weak legs. Every living thing needs water, most need it more in hot weather. And babies of most species have weak legs even if they are up and moving before us slow growing humans. They aren’t just making excuses. They are making excuses that a ten year old should see through.

  20. Thank you for your excellent reporting. I know it’s really hard. The footage of the stallion by the fence will be helpful in the long range.

  21. \Only sick demented murders would do this, I am heartbroken over this, these greedy liars, were told not to go ahead with this round up, They are saturated with Greed, This is animal cruelty, OMG !!! They are Monsters , i think Im going to be sick !!!!! Is there no end to this cruelty, little babies with everything to live for ,who on the range where they belong this would not have happened, is there no Judge who will see this is outrageous, and unnecessary, this is Barbaric, and thoroughly disgusting !!!!!

  22. I am not disagreeing with posters’ pain about this information. It is a disgusting story that has been playing out for decades in this great Nation.

    Why is anyone surprised?

    Did you help crash the call boards in Congress and say…”Oh, btw here is a tip on saving money after you raise the debt ceiling…stop roundups of US wild equines.”

    Keep calling.

  23. TO EMAIL JANE VALDEZ- MITCHELL @CNN ( jane@cnn,com ) is the email address.. again I cannot emphasize how important the Media is ……………..We need action now , start with the Media TV…………… Jane has covered this BLM Crap, lets keep her showing the American Public the MONSTERS at the BLM>>>>>>>>>>>>….PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !

  24. The heat is supposed to be worse going into this weekend. Laura is carrying extra water. I don’t know how she can stand it; heat, overrun wild horses and injured foals who haven’t a chance once the helicopter chases them for miles.

    We are in a heat wave. I suggest we all choose a variety of BLM phone numbers from DC to Reno to Ely and we call and tell them to shut down and reschedule in the fall.

    We are losing horses and foals. We will never be told the real results of a roundup in the heat; what goes on before the helicopter and the horses are finally visible. The wild horses are frightened and exhausted, many injured and all are thirsty from the long forced run to the capture pens. Foals are fatally injured, repeatedly. This is trauma number 1.

    Now our exhausted and thirsty wild ones are standing in alkali dust with inadequate water and separated from their families who are all calling to one another and agitated. That is trauma number 2.

    Trauma number 3 is getting loaded on a truck to be driven over the heat of the highway for 7 hours without water and unloaded at PVC.

    I know I could not live through that!!!!

    Please call the BLM and tell them to stop the roundup because of the heat and to stop playing God with the lives of our wild horses!

  25. And one more thing, Arla has a family, a gallery, a ranch & a life, & is doing what she can, when she can on her own dime. Nobody’s paying for her gas to go strolling thru Nevada, yes she lives there, but Nevada is a big place & alot are not easy to get to, which Laura will confirm. Did you ever stop to think that maybe they can’t release the video, as it is going for the court case & maybe just maybe there are some things that they have given to Cloud, Craig & Laura Allen that maybe they thought they could post & can’t because of the court case. Think before you bash somebody publicly. I am friends with all of them, Laura Leigh, Maureen & Arla, & not just on fb or R.T’s page, & they all have different circumstances. Laura can be out there much more than any of us as she has no ties!

  26. Thank You Thank You…As one who has not attended a round up or visited LTH or any other holding facility I have no words that could possibly give enough credit to LL for her work…I am deeply indebted to her for being the eyes and ears on the front line…Without her we would be blind to what our government has chosen to do …I am a 100% supporter of LL …Sending strength to her everyday ….Peace to our Wild Ones…Shame on our Government…

  27. There is only one way to help The Wild Mustangs and that is all of us working in the capacity that we can, some can do more then others, but each one is more important then they ever will realize, so please everyone , we must keep our focus on the National Treasures, their very lives and their future depends on what each and everyone gets accomplished, this is so serious….. So lets all keep our EYE on the PRIZE The Wild Mustangs…………….I am from Ohio, so for me its calls emails faxes , It is precisely why we are all here………………..to do all we can from where we are……………………

  28. Ya know what, I do not think I have ever seen the PRo-Slaughter or the Pro-Roundups get into it with each other? Have any of you? Could it be they do it privately, behind closed doors? Just asking?

    Divided~WE FALL

  29. The majority of posters here do not “get into it” with one another. Sometimes there is a misunderstanding or poor choice of words, but as to proslaughter/whack wild ones…NOPE! Never saw it with them. You know why? They don’t allow free speech.

    What’s with the eggshell walking going on here?

  30. Thanks to those who are speaking up for appreciation of ALL who contribute in whatever way they can. I don’t know a single one of you persoanlly, but have learned so much and been given so much information to pass on to others and to include in letters and calls to legislators. Every little thing that each of us does is important, but equally important is that we appreciate the efforts of others and not make this some sort of competition for best advocate. R.T., Laura, Arla, Ginger, Maureen–I hate to list any names because there is no way I will manage to put you all in this post.

    I think it was extremely brave and ethical of Arla to post exactly what she saw, knowing that there would be those who would choose not to believe her or to belittle. If things were improved for just one day, you should all be proud for the work you do. If we want to be taken seriously, we have to be accurate and report things as they really are. I know that there are BLM employees who aren’t monsters and recognizing their efforts as Arla and Laura both did is important.

    It’s hard to take much satisfaction in small steps when they are followed by more of the same, like these baby deaths, but we have to recognize each little bit of progress so we can build on it, instead of denying that we are making any. The letters, the calls, the meetings, are all important and those of you who have put your time and money into observing and into legal action–I stand in awe of you. Please don’t diminish that wonderful action by being as unkind and unfaiar to each other as the situation is to the wild ones. Please, let’s try to genuinely value each other and if we have differences of opinion, let’s try to take them private and be respectful instead of public bashing.

    I see so much good work and I am so thankful for all of you.

  31. Okay kids…I just took the weed-whacker to the comment section and removed a bunch of stuff, including my one flippant comment that I apologize for as I was trying to speed read and never got the crux of the comment. It’s time to get back to the horses and the brutality that is going on out to Triple-B…we need to stay on top of this.

  32. Dear Mr Fitch, Thank you for posting this information. I am so saddened by the loss of these foals. I have 30 years of experience with horses of all kinds. I live on a small farm in central MN, and my daughter and I are desperate for a horse. We would happily care for an injured foal rather than see them subjected to such cruel treatment and death. There are so many who would happily give these animals a home. How can I help?

  33. The people that do this, I wonder how can they live. And the ones that do this really there are blood thirsty Killers. And this how they get there fix. And someday it will haunt them, but maybe not. My big wish is that they come back as a horse.

  34. This has got to stop. Our government/president/congress does not care at all about the horses and burros. they only care about the money from Big Ag and Cattle barons. They do not listen to the people on anything, other than being re-elected! Whatever happened to ‘we the people’? Turn the ranges back to the Indians. They know how to manage the ranges and the horses, and the buffalo and the wolves. They care.

  35. The BLM must be getting their orders from the DEVIL. As any spiritual or true Christian human being would ever do such a barbaric and horrible act of cruelty. These guys are no worse than the Mexican men beating horses with pipes in slaughter plants.. These are not men, they are cowards showing off in front of their colleagues or taking out their aggressions toward all of women that do love horse because they know our voices will not quiet until we are heard!!!

  36. How do we get all together and stop all this in its tracks? Words,cries pleading aren’t working. I cannot believe that these selfish, greedy heartless cruel people are getting away will all the brutality breaking the law and the law isn’t doing anything about it. This is America, not the way things suppose to be! When did we totally lose our government? Can we get any of them back to be by our side?

    • Injurys should not be an acceptable condition for the young or older horses. WHEN the hell is this BLM going to be seen and looked at for the incompetants that they are. DOES ANYONE IN A POSTION TO DO SOMETHING GIVE A DAMN???? Enough is enough of this. Stop this now. NO MORE little baby horses or any horse should SUFFER because of the lack of professionalism in handleing these horses. THEY need to be fired and get some caring and well trained people into the BLM who will stop doing killing and injury excuses and just do a fantastic job with love and concern for the animals. This BLM the way it is and what is going on in an ongoing fashion to the abuse and injurys and deaths of horses……………..IS DISGUSTING. DISGUSTING. And Damn, they keep on getting away with the same old same old. WE NEED TO GET RID OF THESE FOOLS IN HELICOPTERS WHO GET OFF BY CHASING AND ENJOYING THE CHASE OF THESE HORSES, all in the NAME of …DAH>>>>THEY THINK They are doing a good job. NOT. Deaths and Injuries people of the BLM>>DO YA HEAR ME BLM…DEATHS AND INJURIES DO NOT SAY YOUR JOB IS BEING DONE RIGHT OR CORRECT> I would rid of over half of you if I had the chance to. FUNNY how I see this, a regulare person who respects the actions towards animals the way things are done…..and YET…BIG SHOTS don’t See Jack. I Can’t keep writing of this, BECAUSE THE SAME OLD CRAP KEEPS ON HAPPENING…and SHOULD NOT!

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