Thirty Horses Burned Alive in Slaughter Tractor Trailer Fire

Source: Equine Welfare Alliance

The horses were reportedly destined for the Viande Richelieu Meat, Inc.

EWA (Chicago) – An estimated 30 horses died in a truck fire on I-81 in Lisle, NY, Monday night. According to police the truck was driven by Clarence Phelps of Watertown, but the owner of the horses was kill buyer Bruce Rotz. When contacted about the accident by Equine Welfare Alliance, Rotz indicated he would have no comment, saying only “if it burned it burned.”

Local reports say the truck caught fire and the driver stopped but neither he nor first responders were able to extinguish the flames. No reason was given for keeping the horses trapped in the trailer as it burned. The truck was pulled over in New York on March 13, 2013 and ordered out of service until repairs and maintenance could be performed. Nine violations were noted in 2011, one of which was a discharged or unsecured fire extinguisher.

The horses were reportedly destined for the Viande Richelieu Meat, Inc. slaughterhouse in Massueville, Quebec.  Local reports misidentified the destination as a “rendering plant”, an operation that recycles dead animals and animal products into protein based compounds. Richelieu is not a renderer but a plant that slaughters horses for their meat.

Rotz routinely buys horses from the weekly New Holland, PA horse auction and other sources and delivers them to Canada for slaughter for human consumption. For its part, the Richelieu plant has been involved in multiple scandals.

In February of 2010, the Richelieu plant was embroiled in controversy when an undercover video was released showing horses being shot multiple times with a 22 caliber, bolt action rifle. The images of the horses struggling after improperly placed shots, while the shooter casually walked back and forth to a table to reload his rifle, were seen around the world.

More recently, Canadian slaughter houses, which depend on the US for an estimated 60% of the horses they slaughter, came under scrutiny when testing showed horses carcasses contained the banned substance phenylbutazone.

The meat from Canadian horse slaughter houses is sold mostly in the EU, where horse meat has been found in a wide variety of products marked as “beef” since January.

Over 59,000 US horses were slaughtered in Canada in 2012 according to the USDA. Federal legislation is pending that would ensure our food supply and exports to foreign countries remain safe by banning the “sale or transport of equines or equine parts” in interstate or foreign commerce for human consumption.

USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack has stated on several occasions the need for Congress to find an alternative to slaughtering horses.

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  1. The scum of the earth is involved with horse slaughter at every level. I recently was told by a blogger that people who hurt animals are possessed by demons. It was hard to argue. Rotz seems an appropriate name for a kill buyer.

    • Now that Europe has banned American horse meat, and that Quebec slaughter factory’s market is Europe, mostly, it’s entirely possible that this load of horses were burned intentionally for the insurance money on the truck and the horses. The plant might have cancelled the delivery.

      • Kathleen, your conspiracy theory makes sense. They burned the horses for insurance money. This is so sick and these pro slaughter people are heartlness as ruthless. They just don’t give a shit. On the New Haven area news I did not hear a word of this tragedy. We have just been hearing about the 3 young women found in Cleveland, Ohio after 10 years.

      • Everything these sociopaths & degenerates engage in is felonious & malignantly narcissistic – by act or omission, they are responsible for everything that happens in their quest to be rich on the suffering of horses & other animals. With that said: You’re probably right about the Insurance Fraud –

        Also at issue is their blatant disregard for the TRANSPORTATION SAFETY LAWS (state & federal) & EVERY ONE OF THEIR VEHICLES SHOULD BE Inspected (& “QUARANTINED”) to the nth degree before they’re allowed to be on the road – community safety is at risk every time they get on the road – it could be anybody’s family they endanger

      • Kathleen, I never thought of the insurance deal about these horses and trailer…maybe the insurance company should decline ANY payment as the owner was letting them go to a slaughter house which makes insurance on such animas void. South Carolina loves horses.

      • Yes, the Koreans and Chinese and Phillipinos do eat dogs and cats. It is disgusting. And yes, people are such idiots, some people who care about their gourmet designer meals for their fat stomachs than about living creatures that were never meant to be food. There are those of us who care about the animals and hopefully we can make a difference. It is just like the seals slaughtered in Canada for hats and purses and seal fur toys. We all need to do some heavy duty boycotting of countries, even our own. Don’t attend horse races, dog races, anything with gambling as its core. Boycott sponsors of these awful events. Get the legislators to pass bills against indiscriminate horse breeding.

      • I agree that it is all countries that can improve on animal rights, not just China and Korea. We all do a piss poor job of animal treatment. Forums like these, speaking out, writing letters to officials, protesting, etc are all ways to help. Being a vegan does too (I am not one).

      • I agree. I wish I could be a vegan, but I am not either. I never eat beef anymore because of the horrible things I have seen about the way the factory farms treat cattle. In fact I only eat Chicken and fish, but am trying to stop that too. But I am a ranchers daughter, and was raised around cattle and horses. My dad and grandad treated all their animals with care and love. My granddad had a horse named Indian and he loved that horse and Indian lived to be 40 years old.All the animals were well taken care of and free grazing. There needs to be some kind of law to make people treat their animals well. People are always going to eat animals, but the animals should be allowed to live their lives in peace and safety and be fed and able to run around and play and get medical treatment if they need it, and they should have a humane death when the time comes for that. People have got to realize that these animals have souls and feelings and reasoning and they feel pain and need to be loved and can sense when they are not loved. I don’t understand the Koreans especially putting dogs in those tiny cages and dropping them off the trucks. Some of them think if a dog is tortured before it is killed, it will release adrenalin which makes the meat tastier and will give a man more stuff in the bedroom. I can’t imagine that anybody would actually believe that, but they do. People who do things like they do are really monsters who have lost all humanity and good for nothing.

      • Just want to comment (but not obsess) over the terrible tragedy-these men were perhaps demonic or if not for sure evil but many people are-even if they love & treat animals well-often then not other people! The fact that Christ used animals in parables, rode on a donkey, talked about “beasts of the field” and “birds of the air” and is coming again on a white horse-this is NOT coincidence if you’re a Christian-you will treat ALL animals & people better-since he’s the Creator of US all!

      • What a dreadful thought that (a) human being/s could do such a thing deliberately, I just cannot conceive such evil, I am sorry but I am crying!

    • I have no words for so much ignorance, violence, misuse of live and absence of simple humanity.
      Yes, “ROTZ” – a German term – seems definetely the appropriate name for the company and te person.

    • I agree with what you said 100%, bring back capital punishment and fry the bastards with a dry sponge. Only idiots would eat horses…

    • To diogenes11…you are absolutely right. I have said that many times. The people who do this are demons. It’s the only explanation.

    • Well for starters we can’t call them people..they are individuals.. that have no feelings what so ever for innocent living creatures on earth.. they think what they are doing is ok, but God see ‘s what they are doing, and what come’s around goes around>>>> * J * W *

      • I just can’t imagine the sounds of those horses right before their death ….
        Something is seriously wrong with SCUM like Bruce Rotz….Let’s add SCUM Tom Davis and others who continue in our Society like they’ve done nothing wrong….We need a revolution against them…………There is no ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

      • We need to find a huge, strong oak tree and a noose….I can only imagine the horror those horses went through…would not have paid for ME to be there because I would have done everything I could to let them out….those people were so STUPID…

    • I think it would be nice if that fellers ugly face was well known so that people could recognize him and treat him like the evil rat he is. He has no humanity , cruel and pure evil.

      • I think you are right David. I think people who are mean to animals are possessed by demons as all animals are Gods creatures that He created and He told us to be stewards over them, to protect them and care for them. Demons follow Satan and Satan hates everything that God created, so it is very reasonable that demons would make people be mean to animals. Maybe Rotz (who has a very appropriate name I might add) needs to be exorcised.

    • nobody tried to let them out..piece of s..t..!! the owner should have that done to him..and there would be many whowouldnt respond to his screams just as those horses would have cried in pain. it breaks my heart and inside i cry for all the cruelty animals have to suffer at the hands of man..however for all those cruel beings there are those of us who will continue to fight for a better life for all animals. RIP beautiful horses…happy in Gods garden now..xx

  2. Maybe it was insurance fraud because they couldn’t afford to make repairs on the truck. Diogenes11, No doubt in my mind that demons inspire hatred and cruelty towards horses. I hope he Rotz in hell.

    • I agree. It also explains why they let the horses burn alive and didn’t take them out of the truck. That would have incurred vet bills and would have cut into the insurance proceeds.

      • Dear Mar, i cannot believe that under those circumstances that any Insurance company would give them One dollar of insurance…………. I hope the man that stood there and watch these Innocent Horses burn ROTZ in Hell………………..

    • I agree Ana. In cases like this I hope that what goes around comes around. These monsters called people should suffer the same fate as those poor horses. To save my life, I can’t figure out why God put scum like these on earth. This is one of the cruelest things I’ve ever heard of.

      • The thought it could have been staged insurance faud really makes ME CRAZY MAD!!!! This guy needs to pay!!!!! What a Slime Bag!!!

  3. guys, idk if this is any consolation, but look at it this way. They have gone on to a better place. They won’t have to experience any more fear nor doubt anymore. They are in heaven now with Christ and other horses. That is how I look at it. Yes, this was a very sad and tragic event that should never had happened, but it did and maybe it was for the best that they went to heaven. At least they didn’t have to go through all the horrors of the slaughter house. At least they were spared that much, I suppose. But still, burning up alive in a fire is still torment enough. I am sure the Lord welcomed them greatly into His kingdom for sure! :)

    • Serenity – Thank you. I know you are right. But ya know the degree of callousness and disconnect displayed by not only the driver but the first responders by not letting those horses out is atrocious and unforgiveable! I don’t know if burning alive is easier than being tortured to death in a horse slaughter plant. The whole thing is horrific, all of it! This has to end!

    • Hi… I commented and it said my comment was a duplicate. You said much what I did.
      As a former burn nurse I hope that within seconds the smoke inhalation rendered these sweet horses unconscious and unaware of the physical pain and most of the mental terror. Maybe divine intervention for the animals instead of slaughter AND BRINGING ATTENTION TO MR NEEDS TO ROTZ IN HELL!!

      • I havent worked in Emergency dept for years. And when we got burn patients in
        the fireman have most times commented that thank god this person fell unconscious
        before being burned. So yes I totally agree with you scientific studies have been done
        and anyone in a sever fire of anykind will fall unconscious before the flames get to them
        but unfortunetly before the unconscious state these POOR horses would of felt fear and
        terror for a short time…could you imagine the screaming from those poor horses at the
        beginning..OMG…ROTZ in hell.
        I think as well that the driver should be charged with animal abused for not even trying
        to let them out. This needs to end.

    • I agree with you Serenity. They are Gods creatures that He has made, just like He made us and they have souls just like we have souls and they at the judgement day will be there to witness against the cruelty of the slaughterhouse and that awful killer buyer. Burning up was a terrible torment, but it only lasted a short time and then they were gone to glory which is not where that killer buyer is going. His hellish torment will last longer. God will not be mocked and He loves His creatures.

      • i have always said that when reaching the Pearly Gates , there will stand a magnificent Equine as your Judge !!!!!

      • Yes-I believe all mammals at least (especially pets) have souls or spirits & they surely are in Heaven-you can’t discount what Christ rides back on HIS return to earth again someday-not a plane!

      • You know whats so upsetting is how these KILLERS have no feelings, no morals, and no heart and thinking that these sick men need to make blood money off the expense of torturing our horses. We in this country DO NOT EAT HORSE MEAT!!!! Horses are not raised primarily as food-producing
        Animals. Horses are ordinarily kept and treated as sport and companion animals, as well as
        They are used for treating conditions in humans, physical and mentally. Which there are a
        Very low number of animals that can be used for theraputic reasons.
        Horses DO make decisions on there own and it is not instinct. Horses have emotions for
        Other beings, they bond with humans and other animals, they love companionship which
        Indicates interest on a emotional level. They have emotional attachment to living things
        As humans and other horses. And with the horse they have socialization which makes
        Them have high anxiety of separation from humans and horses they are accustom to being

  4. This makes me Ill,that any so called Human being could do this, I am completely appalled…….saddened that the horses suffered like this !!!!!!! I cant even comment any further………

  5. Well, where was the driver’s fire extinguisher?!?!? Citations show, past performance….probably none!

    Wanna bet the brakes on the trailer caught fire?!?!

    What scum!!!!! And DOT and state DOT’s let these purveyors of dirty meat and cruelty roll along.

    IF, and I mean IF it is shown that the vehicle maintenance and safety procedures were not followed, I’m fairly certain the insurance company (if there really is one) doesn’t have to pay.

    The scum may be able to write it off their taxes as a loss, including the equines.

    Is NY conducting an investigation even though this was a single vehicle incident? The heat must have destroyed the road and clean up (God help us) will be expensive.

    • I think 30 horses running lose on a public road would only have the potential to cause more injury and damage. The whole of the United States food processes from rice to cotton, almonds to chickens, horses to corn. Is so far from anything close to humane that a trailer of horses burning to death is the last of your countries worries. Ohhh and if that photo is of a horses eye while on fire then none of you know a thing about horses….

  6. Read this article last night on another link. There were pro-slaughter advocates trolling and commenting there saying that the fire started on the passenger side of the truck, and then according to the driver, exploded out of control. People who were familiar with tractor-trailers and diesel fuel stated that it doesn’t just explode and that just the right circumstance had to be present for that kind of situation to have happened. There was also mention of the horses going to a rendering plant as well. Then they tried to tell us any number of things that pro-slaughter advocates want you to believe but that the majority of people commenting there would have none of. It is really more of the same-ole-same-ole; just another day dialogue. It just seems that now more than ever before, issues and incidences are coming to the fore front in a seemingly more desperate tone of events working against pro-slaughter. People are becoming educated and are on-to their tactics and propaganda and starting to connect the dots. And I must say that the majority of people simply don’t understand and agree with their philosophy and are intelligent and compassionate in nature. As I am a true believer in karma, it appears that some may be going around as each of theses types of stories and events draw attention to the cruel truth of horse slaughter and serves to put-the-foot-in-the-mouth of those who conduct and support it. Not only are we at a crossroads with this issue, the dirty and corrupt plot is unraveling and people who are against horse slaughter are uniting and speaking out like never before. It really is an unbelievable campaign centered around our horses but more importantly, the power of standing up for what is right and demanding that we abide by that law.

  7. This trail of tears ripples with an unforgivable sin

    From the breeders who breed without repercussion to the irresponsible owners who dump horses into the slaughter auction pipeline and to the killers who’s hearts are only stone, their goal only money. News stations who can’t even bare to say “horse slaughter”, the commenters who support this horror, and to any individual who is pro horse slaughter – shame, only shame

    RIP dearest 30, Francis will lead you home

  8. If the fire started in the cab wouldn’t the horses have suffocated before the flames actually got to them? I know that isn’t much consolation. And those poor horses were probably so frightened.

    Maybe in a weird way this is good it happened. DOT can keep their eyes on this company and force him out of business.

    I’ve heard the reason most horses go to Mexico is because they don’t test for Bute. I don’t know if this accurate. Anyone?

    Rots came off as a very unfeeling man.

  9. when have you known any kill buyer to have a semi with only 30 horses. Why didn’t they open the back of the trailer and let the animals out. The fire dept. in that small area should be contacted and the trailer viewed where ever they towed it to.

  10. What is this country coming too? Its hard to enjoy life or have respect for your country when all of this horror is going on behind our backs. That includes all of the secret and covered up things that have and are going on. I can’t believe how these horse kill buyers can be so heartless. That goes from the bottom to the top of everyone involved.

  11. I wonder if that f—– Rotz knows Davis in Colorado. Those types of guys need to be hung up and castrated. Then after that they need to make dog food out of them. I can’t believe how the male species (some) are so evil. Just watching on tv about the 3 teenagers were abducted and kept prisoner for almost ten years by three more that need to be castrated. I am being crude, but those men are crude too. I wonder if ex Congressman Salazar is enjoying is retirement on Blood Money. Bastards, bastards, bastards to all of them.

    • Hi. I agree with all of your post however…… I would not feed my dear dogs any part of ground up ROTZ!!!! Juz saying
      I know that’s part of a lot of old sayings.
      Like going to the dogs
      Sick as a dog ect
      But I love my lab and the thought of the scum of him makes me PUKE!!!!! So My Dog would PUKE TOO!!!!

      • Yes, thats true Julie. I shouldn’t have said to make dog food out of them. Dog food is to good for people that don’t have any feeling towards horses. They used to make dog food out of horse meat. I don’t know if they still do or not. People are starting to wake up to alot of the evil and coverups that are going on in this country. Alot of things are going to take the American people to find out alot of things going on. I am glad that the European horsemeat scandal came up. Otherwise, we probably wouldn’t have ever been told.

  12. This scumbag Rotz… I dealt with him in keeping a TB mare off a truck to Canada once. Wish he was stuck on that trailer instead of all those horses. May they rest in peace.

  13. Please let us know if you hear any more about this tragic event, whether charges are being filed or what ever?? Yeah I just got done reading all the post’s and the tears are there, I can’t even imagine burning alive, oh my god. How could that whole truck go so fast that they could not stop and get them out>>>.??? Just horrible I am so saddened and sick by this…. I right now HATE this world we live in, everything humans touch they kill and destroy, unbelievable, this country is doomed to fail if we as a nation don’t get back on the right track……………

  14. Keep in mind folks this is the NORM for kill buyers, I am in Illinois-I preach this! This is the foul nature and odor and callous nature, these people are sadistic, hate-filled, and spread lies and steal to kill. If that doesn’t make them demonic nothing does! This is a self serving man who I will tell you has a reputation that spreads past Illinois! This is the comfortable company they keep with law enforcement, the good ole’ boys way! He could have opened the trailer doors, but these killers know they have scared and beat these horses, and if the law enforcement saw the injuries this man would go to jail! So they always find a way to talk themselves out of the handcuffs. If you didn’t know what we are fighting this is just a tiny drip in the hat compared to the flood of hate and violence these people have had for horses, there are NO concerns, no Compassion, and I will tell you they ban together in times of trouble to talk their way out of any legal actions! They think what they do is alright! At this point we need to tell the people in the middle of the road on what they think of horse slaughter to pi## or get off the pot! We are now on one side or the other. All horses, all breeds, all disciplines, all walks of life, all events, all ages, all sexes, all people, all horses, we are no longer divided by domestic or wild, or anything else, WE ARE either IN this together or your on the “other side”! This is something tragic, but we saw many things like this in Illinois and trust me there were so many threats to keep it all private and papers were sued to suppress the stories, strings pulled to hide it, we cannot go through this again! Our nation is NOT like this! This is pure violence. Where are the animal investigators, HSUS, and other’s, why isn’t anyone tearing these two to shreds. He’s a previous violator of animal abuse in a serious way! His trucks are never up to date and current ready to run! These people do the bare minimum to nothing for the animals that they haul. WE are together now-or anyone on the fence needs to jump on one side of it or the other. Any pro-slaughter who want out, they can climb over and get on the right side! But we NOW forever more area Nation divided! WE have to push this out before it gets out of control!

    • I’m sorry I don’t believe there are sides. At least not the way your way your describing. Not everyone has funds or on the ground know how to fight this. Others give what they can to different organizations.

      Please don’t refer to me as part of the problem. I hate horse slaughter. I believe it has serious flaws. There is no humane way to slaughter an animal. Just because I don’t have the skills to help fight this does not make me a part of the problem.

      I do speak out on the drug issues. I actually speak about frog juice because people know about the Bute issue. There are other MANY banned drugs. Frog juice scares the daylights outta me. I’ve been on big pain relievers post surgery. I save the big drugs specifically for those moments. Frog juice is 40 times as morphine. I don’t want that getting into me at any level and certainly NOT BY ANY ACCIDENT that USDA could come up with.

      For me it is hard to know where to give my limited funds to. There is another advocate that does work I believe in. Please don’t think that because I don’t fund RT it has anything to do with anything. I also give precious few dollars TCF and to OF.

      • honey there are either pro-slaughter who kill on one side, or anti-slaughter who don’t murder horses for financial gains. The people on the fence I am referring to are people who seem to still have some fairy tale of how the horses go to some little farm and they go in a door and come out a neat package, no harm done. We have to choose sides, because the more people standing up against this, the better the chances of making changes.

  15. It’s so simple to just open the back door and let them out! Nobody could do that..just save their own butt but do nothing. how can they just sit there and watch the poor horses burn…this is beyond outrageous. These animals did not deserve to die this way.

    • They need to do alot more than put Rotz out of business. They need to put him and any of his kind into a horse trailer, lock it and set it on fire. Thats how you deal with scum like that.

      • What about your countries production of chickens? Why does everyone in your country focus on small numbered isolated incidents wake up.

  16. This is a unforgivable horror for which there are NO excuses , the people responsible are the lowest form of human life , I am so saddened that the horses died this way !!!!!!at the hands of, these horrible people I pray that they , never sleep another nite of their life, haunted by the screams of these horses…………

  17. Is the horses eye in the Photo above actually a horse that was in that truck that was on fire >>>>???????????????????????

    • The fear factor that all animals must feel when headed to slaughter must be horrific. I imagine cows, pigs and sheep, on trucks, headed for slaughter all feel the same fear. It is all very sad to me. Almost makes me feel like becoming a vegetarian. Even if they were put on this planet for humans to eat, it is starting to not feel right to me. Then they do it to horses and go to other countries for people to eat. That is disgusting and barbaric to me. Is it going to come down to sending our cats and dogs to slaughter to feed the world ? I hope that I’m not around when that day comes.

      • Dear Judy I am really upset about this , just knowing i know all about their fear factor, those innocent Horses were Horrified , and why ??? Because some imbicil wouldnt open those damn doors and let them out, to me this is beyond cruelty, it is Murder ……….. I cant believe any insurance company would that man a cent !!!

      • Who said animals were.put on this planet for us to eat? That is untrue. All any being has is its life and all have the same needs and interests…to be housed fed loved and to raise offspring. So yes go veggie! We have no right to take the life of an innocent creature just because we we like the taste of their flesh. It is unnecessary to kill and eat others in order to stay alive…..unless youre perhaps an. Eskimo. Better still go vegan. the dairy/veal/egg industry is just as horrific. if you do some research you can easily get info on all of this. Good luck with it. The animals will love you for it!

      • Almost! Don’t rush in I mean you may as well wait until the taste reminds you of animals suffering….

  18. This is so upsetting??????? How horrible I am so sick of hearing about killer buyers and our horses
    being shipped to HELL and now dying in a truck FIRE????…This is a Tragedy!!..and has to STOP!!!

    • I wonder why this hasn’t been on the National News. Is this one of America’s Taboo things that doesn’t make the news? We heard about the girls who died in the limo, due to a fire, but not the horses. I don’t understand. People sure like to hear about horses on the racetrack, but don’t give a flip about when those unwanted horses are killed in an unecessary fire. Or, they pay attention when those horses put $$ in their greedy bank accounts, but don’t care when the $$ might go out of their pockets. Someday, what goes around will come around.

      • I can answer the question of why its not on National News or anything. Because horse slaughter has always covered its dirty work, I have told everyone, being in Illinois we saw roll overs of slaughter bound horses, not a peep, or a single blurb, the sheriffs were even bewildered when the paper would say single vehicle accident, livestock included. It’s been years of covering itself

  19. This industry is looking to win the fight to have permission to kill, this is a common occurrence, you realize if you look at things on the internet rescue’s and people trying to help horses often get chased with bats, cattle prod’s, window’s bashed out, and many threats, only those unafraid to come forward do, and often the newspapers are contacted to keep things out. Just like my pro-slaughter friend called bragging Sue Wallis used her connections to make the journalists balance their articles by stating the pro-slaughter people are actually worried about the welfare of these sad injured forgotten animals and if they don’t properly print such articles with a lop sided lolly pop version of the truth they would promptly be sued! After that these water-down versions of both sides appeared as pro-slaughter

  20. After my friend told me she and she laughed that anti-slaughter people just were in a battle they didn’t understand, I asked her if she joined any pro-slaughter groups, she said yeah, paid my dues in a couple, she was really proud of herself until I said well now they know where you are located, where you work, how many horses you have, so when they run out of sick, old, abandoned, crippled animals they have you address. She hung up the phone in tears! You know, people just have to think about the bigger picture! They don’t want bad press on the World News Tonight or whatever on tv, that works against them. So we need to give the link to the article to everyone who has no idea it happened

    • I have put on my Facebook Wall and email to my friends. If people want horses, either for work, pleasure or show, they need to be responsible for them and have some respect for them when they get old or are sick. Especially, racehorses. They don’t deserve to be killed just because they didn’t win the races and make their owners rich. That is so wrong. I can’t believe people can be so cold and heartless. That goes for the wild horses too. I live in Nevada and I know they are rounding up horses for their own greedy purposes. I know they need to be managed, but they don’t need to be sold for slaughter. There has to be a better way and horse kill buyers need to be prosecuted.

  21. This is very disturbing and sad!!!! But I pray within seconds the smoke inhalation made them unconscious. Unaware of their pain. Surely horses felt the instinct that awful terror and danger was upon them. Let us pray now for their spiritual happiness and resting place. I hope this was a divine intervention much more humane than SLAUGHTER!!!!!! I hope people who profit or even those that neglect or kill or put to sleep animals at shelters who are homeless ALL ROT IN THE BOWELS OF HELL…..

  22. These people (horrible creatures)deserved severe punishment just like they are giving> what kind of imbecile minds do they have.. do then know what compassion or love is? they are the scum of the earth and deserve to go to jail or worse. this must stop!~ I will support this cause anyway that I can.

  23. I wish I’d have been there. No one nor nothing would/could have stopped me from freeing those poor, innocent horses. It sure does sound like an insurance fraud plan……..they could claim, not only the destroyed truck, but also the cargo for a considerably higher price then they would be getting for them considering what they planned to do.

    • Laura dear! We know you don’t really feel this way, about your comment. Let me ask you, do you eat hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks. pork chops, breakfast sausages, corn dogs or even turkey on Thanksgiving. also does your Dad ever go duck hunting, dear hunting, rabbit hunting or moose hunting. This is why God created animals, plants & herbs on earth, so man could survive. Look at the American Indians, and their main source of survival was the buffalo. They kill only what they needed, and not only the meat, but they used the hides for clothing, their tepees, shoes and many other uses. And also uses their horns & hooves, for making tools, jewelry and other things. Until, greedy white men had almost slaughtered the buffalo extinct, for their hides. The bottom line is this! There are millions of GREEDY people in this world who doesn’t care about anyone or anything except for money. “The sore of all evil.”

      • Johnny Johnson, what you wrote is true, however, I don’t think horses were put on this planet to eat. The day might come when we have to eat horses to survive, but that time hasn’t arrived. The truck fire was sad and it might have been an accident, but I don’t think its necessary to get rid of young racehorses in that way. I think the Government should outlaw the sell of horses to kill buyers, because their meat is toxic anyway due to their medications and shots. I wonder how many people in Europe and whereever, are getting sick from eating toxic horsemeat from the U.S. That is terrible, because our country doesn’t want toxic or diseased meat from other countries, but its ok for us to do that. I can’t believe how this country has an evil and dark side, but it does.

    • They like horse steaks in Europe. Sickos. I wonder if Rotz likes horsemeat? That horse killer in Colorado bragged that there is nothing better than a foal steak. Can you believe that? I wouldn’t be surprised if that fire was planned for the insurance money, like has been mentioned. Unless that truck driver didn’t have the common sense to go round the back and open the doors. The whole thing is appalling, sick and horrific.

  24. I completely agree, any animal abuser has something mentally wrong with them. I will never understand the “human race” and their violence towards these beautiful souls.

  25. I really hope the entire nation will finally ban horse slaughter. As this is just really sad. I hope these people suffer & burn in hell.

  26. where’s the petition to sign to stop Canada, Mexico, US, & anyone else from participating in any part of this activity?

    • Petition to Overturn the Legalization of the Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption Its a petition for the SAFE Act and its includes closing borders! Please I have been collecting signature like crazy! The lady who set up this petition, redid it for the Safe Act, the White House knows of the petition, I have updated them weekly on the fact that it exists and how many thousands of people are signing it each week! So please sign on!

  27. What a sick and morally bankrupt individual. I can only hope that one day he too will be caught in a fire and casually peopl (hopefully me) will slowly watch his burning demise. Our world is overpopulated and this is a great way to get Rid of some of the scum. Animal Cruelty is not acceptable.

  28. I am just sick, sick, sick! Those poor horses. What miserable sadistic bastards. How could you do this. I am at a loss for the right words to say what I think of this horrific death of such beautiful creatures.

  29. This is gruesome. These ill-fated horses were destined to die because of the selfish and cruel temptations of insensitive peices of flesh who call themselves HUMANS. Thats how humans repay the animals who they slogged for their own benefits. Thankless and selfish race called HUMAN. Animals portray true humanity than these bastards…:((

  30. What kind of ‘human being’ stand along side of his Burning Trailer KNOWING what is inside and DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but to WATCH???
    The sounds these horses made as they were BURNING ALIVE just may forever play over and over in your MIND! Never doubt as Karma has a way of evening the playing field one day-

  31. Please, please can we have a petition to stop horses from being slaughtered full stop! These poor, poor creatures, I just do not know what has happened to the human race it seems that evil is taking over, the good guys are all above in the comments, why aren’t they on the ground instead of the barbarians who are! It is time that animal cruelty commanded a much stronger penalty, why should it be any different from harming/murdering a human, life is life and the consequences of people’s actions should reap the same punishment!

    • Safe Act petition has been online available to sign-I have been pushing it for months, the White House is updated on the amount of signers as I remind them each week who all is signing and that we are growing in numbers. Please sign on Change.Org under animals Petition to Overturn the Legalization of the Slaughter of Horses for Human Consumption. Sign immediately! We need as

  32. As they say in the south….I hate to sound ugly. But I hope Karma gets that guy and he and his family burn ! So he can feel the pain!!!

  33. KB’s are heartless human beings with greed flowing through their veins! I would have liked to have seen Rotz legally punished when he bought the race horses in the auction parking lot from Heather Lefeve however, the PA auction laws haven’t been updated since 1991. Last time I ran into Lefeve in town she was pulling an empty horse trailer? Anyway, this is a clear case of animal abuse that these horses were NOT set free from the burning trailer and someone should be held accountable, preferably Bruce Rotz. At the least, fined significantly. In the future we need to take a closer look at the laws surrounding the slaughter business which riches the pockets of these ruthless KBs.

  34. Get this SOB to jail he is commiting a crime put his a.. in jail what is going on ? You have his name and know who he is hope he dies the same way I believe in Karma…………..

  35. Another sad part to this story, while the fire and tragic deaths break my heart ,… you KNOW some of the smaller weaker horses died due to the panic and scrambling that happened after the fire (heat) and smoke started to fill the trailer!! These horses did not just stand there then succumb to the smoke. The whole thing breaks my heart!!!! RIP to those horses, and ponies :(

  36. Dreadful acts of sheer and utter cruelty these poor Horses this was no accident this was Deliberate I hope the person or persons who committed this act gets their just deserts and ROTS IN HELL.

  37. They could of saved them and they were driving a truck that was ruled unsafe! They should catch felony charges and do time for this !!!!!!!

    • For me this is the straw that broke the camels back, I am sick and tired of these Moronic imbeciles getting away with all kinds of safety violations , and out and out murdering our Horses , it is high time that they get arrested and made to serve time in Jail, if you have a darn head light out out will be prosecuted on every level that exists, these murdering morons are getting away with murder !!!!!!!!!!!!! To stand there and do nothing is a crime of extreme cruelty and should be judged at that magnitude !!!! The horses are innocent loving representatives of Freedom, I have always regarded them as the Freedom ambassadors…… Simply because they are !!!! They reek Freedom …………. and should have their place on the American flag, they are that important , without them we are nothing !!!!!! Without them we are doomed !!!!!!

  38. Omg..this has 2 stop..cruelty 2 animals. Slaughtwr of or export of our animals is obserd. Quit this barbaric trade.. keep what we have in the USA..don’t export any animals..this must stop..other countrys are cruel & sick in how they treat animals
    ….Stop this bullship for profit..OMG i am sick of this…when will this stop

  39. The Good lLord has given us so much, to eat, drink and live life at its fullness and yet, we want
    to destroy all of these gifts for $$$ what does he say to his kids, Look how much money I made.
    Then his kids and their kids will wnt to do the same. I do not know how you take HATRED
    out of people. So I will pray that the Good Lord will be his JUDGE,

  40. The men that did this should be put in the back of a locked truck and subjected to the same fate as those poor horses!

  41. It makes sense that this was Insurance Fraud as they did nothing to help the horses. We need harsh penalties for animal abuse, torture, and neglect regardless of what type of animal it is!!!

  42. It might have not just been insurance, too. If the plant turned him down, what was he to do with 30 horses? Sounded like an easy way out for that P.O.S!

    But I can’t get my head around which is worse, burning those innocent horses, or them being tortured, the intense fear, and being slaughtered and whatever other nasty things they do there :'( Both are bad, but I just pray the other was a less painful death =\

  43. These poor horses suffered unspeakable pain because of inhumane lack of action on the parts of the driver and anyone else who could have helped get them out of that burning truck. So is there anything we can actually DO here instead of just voicing our disgust?? I see no action to take here and unfortunately our comments will not change ANYTHING. Is there a petition to sign? Where is the action to BAN FOREVER Horse slaughter in the USA and Prevent the transport of all USA horses across borders for slaughter? EQUINE WELFARE ALLIANCE what are you going to DO to address this horror for these poor DEAD horses? Please let us all know and THANK YOU for all you do!

  44. I always knew there were bad people amongst us on the earth, but I actually didn’t realize how extreme. People who can do this to horses without giving it a second thought are nothing but pure evil.

  45. This is horific what hey do to thse beautiful animals.Something needs to be done.Animal abuse is not tolerated nd these barbarians need to be punished. We ned a petition to stop this crueltyto all animals.

    • I have always thought that the Law was to lenient towards animal abusers of all kinds. You see all of that animal abuse on the Animal Planet show. People seem to just get their hands slapped and told not to do it again. There was just one horse in Utah that had his halter grown in across the top of his nose. That was heartbreaking. The horse got treated by a vet, but was still staying with its owner. That is totally wrong, because that person isn’t going to change. The laws need to be changed and enforced for any kind of animal abuse. The horse kill buyers need to go to prison. If the Federal Government isn’t going to stop these agencies (BLM) and Dept of the Interior from abiding by the law and do their jobs correctly, it probably won’t stop.

  46. I am so glad I don’t have to answer for what some people do. Hell is defendantly where he is headed.

  47. It is NO different for other animals, cows, pigs, sheep….. Just another reason to NOT eat meat of any kind. If no one ate meat this would end immedietly. Come on people!!! Put these hideous cretons out of business. STOP eating meat!!

  48. many signatures on it as quickly as possible. The original drafted petition was only for 75,000 signatures I pushed it til it got to 54,000 then she redid the petition specifically for the Safe Act. We now require 100,000 signatures, We have OVER 54,000 so spread the word, this petition needs to gain quickly! Please post anywhere you can after you sign it! Important, like I said I keep it highly visible to the White House and make sure they understand they are NOT losing momemtum they are GAINING in it! So please help us get it signed~

  49. This sh*t just kills me. I agree with the comment that people that hurt animals are possessed by demons. Heartwrenching.

  50. This was horrible, no real words could try to describe it. But, as sick & sad as this was & is, the fate these horses were facing was much more grim, & much worse than what they went through. I can not believe, insurance money or not, who really knows, that no one, not even responders, even tried to get the horses out. I DO hope & pray, that if that driver even has a microscopic sized heart, that he will have nightmares EVERY night for the rest of his miserable life, hearing the screams of those poor animals!!!!

  51. This is one of the most despicable things I’ve ever heard. Anyone, ANYON involved in equine trafficking for slaughter should be held in the highest contempt and punished SEVERELY…no exceptions

  52. They should fine this guy bigtime & take away his driver’s license & should lose his job as either truck driver or whatever it takes-a real uncaring a-hole sounds like!

  53. This breaks my heart. They’re intelligent majestic and domesticated animals. What’s wrong with this world… Only God can save us. I wish we where a civilized. Smh…!

  54. Tragedy all the way around. Instead of slaughtering horses here or abroad, how about sterilizing them to lower their numbers. Or at the least have some kind of culling program done as humanely as possible.

    Horses are our pets. What’s next, eating our dogs and cats? Oh wait China and the Koreas already do it.

    People are such idiots

  55. They just don’t care. They did not even open the door to allow them out. He kept them locked up in the trailer. These are horrible men. There is a special place for these men in hell. I hope that is exactly where they will be heading for.

  56. Instead of always making the horses suffer, why not just celebrate the Majestic Beauty before us, the perfection that is undeniable, all the beautiful things they have and always will bring to us , spend precious time helping the horses spread all the joy they have within them. !!!!!!!………….. You help a horse you help yourself !!!!!!!

  57. To begin with knowing that a horse slaughter truck is a war zone , to my knowledge these Morons load stallions and mares together , can you imagine the horror in that truck ????????? dont think for one minute that the horses do not know whats about to happen !!!!!! The horse may not speak but are highly intuitive !!!!! There is panic the entire route………….. My heart breaks for them !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. How I would love to watch the people that were involved in this tragedy burn themselves as well while I’d be drinkin a cold glass of water.
    I wish them nothing but the worst in life

    • The devil always takes care of his own ! It seems the bad always wins in the end anymore ! I hope there is a better life for animals in the after life then living with cold humans,may humans that let things like this happen burn in hell ! So sad,but happens too often ! Right on !

  59. Well, just another example of people with absolutely NO heart when it comes to animals and what they can earn off of them – the almighty dollar; I don’t see how they can sleep at night. I hope one of them had to listen to the cries of those horses what were burned to death. Also everyone may benefit from reading: “Diet for a New America” by John Robbins. I won’t tell you what is in the book – just read it. It is an eye-opener if you don’t know what is happening….and right here in the USA. Rebecca Reeves

  60. No comment needed. Those people, what are they? I don´t agree to killing animals to eat, I´m a vegetarian, due to the extreme cruelty envolved when killing them. And these happenings, they are even more cruel, for, if you have the tip of a finger burned, you can imagine what kind of pain they went through… Unimaginable cruelty!!!!!!

  61. kill buyers:They are criminals at the lowest level of degradation. They and their partners in crime who are involved in these atrocities are threats to society and everything decent.

  62. Severe punishment and cruelty charges for this man. Sick and ruthless. Nothing for the protection of the horses. These driving rigs must be banned. So cruel and inhumane. So much of this is happening. We must stop horse slaughter now. Stop the trucks rolling. Stop the madness. Stop the brutal killing of our equines. Burned to death, oh the anguish and suffering for them. God Bless all the horses that perished. We must not forget this.Crush slaughter to the bones. Hit them hard in the pocket. Sick and tired of the exploitation of our horses. Stop the slaughter of horses now. We must stop criminals for allowing animals of any kind to ever experience this anguish, ever.

  63. To the horses that perished , I am so sorry !!!! I mourn for each and everyone !!!!! This will not be forgotten and swept under the rug, its to full now there, no more of this Horror can be !!!!!

  64. Everyday you hear where man kills helpless animals or let them die a horrible death. Next door they let 300,000 thousands chickens burn to death ! Our a leader brags about how good horse and dog meat is ! All animals deserve respect and not suffer but dogs and horses put man at the top and to turn our backs on them is wrong.They deserve respect . By this story you can tell the future of man is to kill each other and they will ! They were sold in New Holland,Pa to die ! Not right ! they deserve better !

  65. God please let me win the Lotto, for then not one horse will ever be sold to a kill buyer!……May all these horses run free now and may anyone who sat back and watched these horses burn may you all burn in hell, I for one would have done everything in my power to release these horses! and dare that driver to try to stop me!……..If you own or raise a animal all need to take responsibility to insure they have a life time home! Over 39,000 horses in one year to slaughter? There has to be another way?

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