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Opinion: Montana’s Horse “Butcher” courts the Communists

by R.T. Fitch

Rep. Ed Butcher, Republican: Montana's proud father of the Horse Slaughter Bill - HB 418

Rep. Ed Butcher, Republican: Montana's proud father of the Horse Slaughter Bill - HB 418

Earlier this year, Montana’s Rep. Ed Butcher, Republican (yes; that is really his name) shoved down the collective throats of the state’s public and Legislature a bill, HB 418, that would not only open the door for the construction of horse slaughter plants but also defensive and divisive wording that virtually strips the good people of Montana of their rights to protest said construction.

Montana’s Governor, Brian Schweitzer, displayed a momentary spark of common sense when he sent the bill back to Butcher over concerns of violating the public’s rights through the verbiage of restrictions over protest (not over the construction of horse slaughter plants) and when “Bloody” Butcher threw it back in his face, with no changes, the Governor then took the coward’s way out and let it sit on his desk, unattended, until it automatically became law. On the very last day that he could have defended the rights of his state’s people and his own views, he flew off to the Kentucky Derby on a horsey holiday and allowed one of the most outlandish and repulsive bills in recent U.S. history to become law. (Ain’t that special?)

Well folks, last week, it did indeed become law and it fell flat on its face. As it

Montana's Governor, Brian Schweitzer, played at the Kentucky Derby while Horse Killing bill became law

Montana's Governor, Brian Schweitzer, played at the Kentucky Derby while Horse Killing bill became law

stands it is an embarrassment to the current Montana Legislature, the good people of the State and the entire United States. Why, you ask? Because it is totally, undeniably, 100% illegal and in violation of Federal Law.

In 2007 the three remaining, controversial and foreign owned horse slaughter plants were shuttered. For years they had been blights on their local communities due to environmental issues, failure to pay taxes and the employment of illegals, not to mention the horrid image of eating pets and companion animals that were conjured up. The final stake in the heart of this predatory industry was the USDA pulling all of it’s inspectors from the plants as the USDA does “not” recognize horses as “food animals” or livestock.


And by USDA regulations you cannot ship or export un-inspected meat; case closed, the plants are shut down. But this did not stop the anti-horse people from killing horses for consumption by wealthy foreigners. Since 2007 horse killers have been actively shipping our American horses across both our northern and southern borders to be slaughtered for human consumption abroad. 130,000+ last year alone, that’s the second highest annual amount of slaughtered horses since records have been kept. (A whole bunch of your national icon, publicly owned, wild mustangs went this way along with our domestic horses)

So here comes our buddy, “Bloody” Butcher with his grand scheme to pass state legislation, in direct violation of federal law, to open a slaughter plant in Montana.


Think about it and then check the public records on Butcher’s past public service and you will find that he lost his morale compass many years ago and likes to hang close to those who might/maybe/could send a little “lagniappe” his way. (Ya think?)

But he made a career ending mistake with this smelly legislation and on the week that it became law, he tried to launch a smoke screen to hide his ill-conceived blunder. (We tried to warn him)

The face of those who suffer the cruelty of the predatory business of horse slaughter

The face of those who suffer the cruelty of the predatory business of horse slaughter

The EU is in the process of establishing regulations on imported meat that will require lifelong medical records, of the animal, or verification that the animal has been in quarantine for at least 180 days without any non-regulated meat animal medications. Ladies and gentlemen, we pump our horses full of needed medication that have a clear warning on the label, “Not for use on Food Animals”. Many of these drugs are known to cause cancer and many other serious aliments in humans. So, ole Butcher just lost his big time European market as most of the horse meat would have been sent to Belgium, IF it could have ever been shipped/exported out of the country in the first place, which wasn’t going to happen.

So knowing that he is backed into a corner and fully aware that he has made himself and his Republican party look like a bunch of uneducated imbeciles he tries another approach, Communist China.  (Ya’ all could soon be seeing “RED” in Montana  and we don’t mean Republicans!)

In a recent article in the “Missoulian”, written by Mike Dennison, Butcher makes another PC flub by stating;

“You have to work on their time frame, and they’re very cautious. These people are good businessmen. (gotta love “those people”, those Chinese) You have to be able to present a very logical business proposal.”

Well guess what Ed, you shot yourself in the foot by opening you mouth yet another time as there is “NO” business case when you have a product that you cannot ship and is illegal for sale in the country that it is processed. Who in the heck do you think you are kidding!?!?

It is shocking that in the United States of America such lunacy, nonsense and

Compassion for our equine companions

Compassion for our equine companions

unpatriotic drivel is given a podium on which to speak let alone possessing the power to affect the laws of this great land and the magnificent state of Montana.

We are all diminished by the likes of “Bloody” Butcher and his misguided gang of horse eating thugs. They are totally out of touch with the will of the people and have no problem turning their backs on the voters that they represent. In their closed, shuttered, narrow minds they believe that they know what is best for the public and of course, they are well aware of what is best for them. Yet they forget the power of the ballot box and innate intelligence of those who first put them in office; the public is the customer and the politicians are the service providers so when the public no longer receives the service that is required it is time to change the provider. And that time is NOW!

Elections are coming as well as a tsunami of disgust and anger over the past atrocities perpetuated by the likes of Butcher. Exercise your power, pull the lever, push the chad, fire the silver bullet and put these bottom feeders out to pasture, where they belong. Even if you don’t live in Montana, campaign, write letters, email, blog and support the opposition to the likes of Butcher and Schweitzer. We made a pledge prior to the passage of the horse killing legislation that we would spend our last penny and work or fingers to the bone to get these horse meat lovers out of office and that’s a pledge we intend to keep.

Don’t give up good people of Montana, a nation of disgusted Americans stands behind you and will help you clean house; we then hope that you will stand with us and assist in sweeping out the mess that we have in D.C., on Capital hill. There are a few good folks, out there, and it is our job to ensure that we remove all of the deadwood roadblocks that impede their way forward. Clean house in the States, first, and then on to D.C. where a good scrubbing is due. It’s time to put a shine back on this country and get our government back on track. Not only do we owe this to our children and future generations but to the world in general as our image, as of late, has been less than stellar.

It’s time to put the smile of humanity back on our collective faces.

Let’s show the world that we care, that we have a heart and that we embody compassion.

Let’s go and save some horses!

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…and the “Butcher” hits just roll on and on and on and on and on and on!

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  1. The Butcher,The Baker,and the Candlestick maker all have had their hands in the proverbial cookie jar. Not only were the cookies tainted with carcinogens,they had a distinct odor that resembled covetousness,greed and most of all.. fatuousness.

    Ed “Bloody” Butcher ought to be octracised from all political theaters indefinitely.

    Ed Butcher should be charged with the attempt to promote and sell horse meat for human consumption while Federal Law prohibits such sale.


  2. Thank you, R.T., for recognizing that not all of us in the state of Montana share the same ideals and values as lunatics like Butcher or Conrad Burns. How such a state of grandeur can produce such imbeciles is beyond me. Your last paragraph is so true. Trust me when I say that my election ballot is going to reflect my disgust for these so called political “representatives” of ours. They represent nothing that I stand for . . . nor do they listen to our voices. *Clean*Scrub*Eradicate*


    • There are a lot of great people in fine state of Montana and the state is very near and dear to our hearts.

      That is what saddens us about this entire political mess. Hopefully, the ballot box will fix these self-serving politicians as it did Conrad Burns.

      There is hope!


  3. All the things that need fixing in society and this guy chooses to ‘fix’ america’s ability to sell horses for food? Doesn’t he have any more worthy causes to champion? If the people vote it out, then who is he, alone, to vote it back in and refuse the right to protest? And what’s with the governor letting it pass? It’s kind of sacriligious to go to a horse race, cheering on the winner, when any loser could end up going for meat. Think Ferdinand! And he was a winner!
    The secret of politicians success with this is probably not that they think people approve. It’s that they hope we won’t wade thru the technical drivel to notice.


  4. Butcher’s cause is lining his pockets. He is a quarter horse breeder, so is Sue Wallis. They don’t care about their horses the way we do, they view them like a side of beef. They could care less that horses are over bred and butchered. They want to get money for thier so called unwanted horse. They view the wild as unwanted too. They are unwanted. When I watched Big Sky Montana, I not only cried for the horses, I cryed for the people. Their are stinkers in every state and eventually they are gome. I can’t wait for the day these people are out of office. Ferdinand will always be remembered.


  5. Shame Shame Shame on Butcher! Not only should he be ashamed but he really should know better. The reason horse slaughter plants were all closed down here in the US is simply because horse slaughter is cruel and not humane.

    The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act is clear that “no method of slaughtering or handling in connection with slaughtering shall be deemed to comply with the public policy of the United States unless it is humane. In the case of … horses, mules, …all animals are rendered insensible to pain by a single blow or gunshot or an electrical, chemical or other means that is rapid and effective, before being shackled, hoisted, thrown, cast, or cut”.

    As John Holland has explained, “In its 2000 report on methods of Euthanasia, the American Veterinary Medical Association stated that the captive bolt gun should not be used on equines unless head restraint could be assured. This is because of the relatively narrow forehead of equines, their head shyness and the fact that the brain is set back further than in cattle for which the gun is intended. It is difficult for an operator to assure proper placement of the gun.

    “No slaughter house ever found a practical way to restrain the heads of the horses, so by the AVMA’s very definition, the process was not acceptable. The result was a very large number of ineffective stuns. These misplaced blows undoubtedly caused severe pain until a stunning or fatal blow was delivered. ” Many horses are slaughtered while still conscious due to these problems.

    Americans will never stand for this. Trying to build a horse slaughter plant here in the US would only stir up trouble beyond imagination. Butcher obviously needs to be voted out so his rediculous ideas will be gone with him.


  6. Sick there both devils why the he’ll did you elect such trash please make it stop please our poor horses!help please someone beat the?!$& out of him!


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