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Montana’s Horse “Butcher” invents new definition for “Red” State

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

Where is the "Horse Sense", here?!?!?

Where is the "Horse Sense", here?!?!?

Montana’s “honorable(?)” Ed Butcher is not content with simply being dipped in horse blood and dubbed the Ringleader of one of the most ornery gangs of GOP thugs in the entire United States.  Heck no, he attempts to carry it a step further and show the good people of Montana just how much he really loves the All-American color of RED by actively soliciting and inviting the communist Chinese to build illegal businesses in  Montana.

The voters of Montana are still seeing the angry color after the self-proclaimed equine expert and politically incorrect politician rammed an impotent and useless bill down their throats opening up the door for the construction of outlawed horse slaughter plants in their fair state.  And he was not content with just throwing open the barn door for every type of sleazy foreign businessman in the world to waltz into Montana, and try to make a fast buck by killing American horses for human consumption in foreign countries, no, that was not enough.  He virtually took away the rights of any sensible Montana resident to protest such construction by requiring the protester to front a bond that would have to represent a sizable chunk of the entire protested project.  Gosh, how sweet is that in our wonderful land of the free?

But now, with all of Ed’s magical shades of red dancing before our eyes, he throws in another hue that really just knocks our boots off; he wants to invite Communist China to move on into Montana and start killing off horses for food, which is against Federal law.  Gosh, Montana has gone from being the land of beautiful mountains and wide open skies to becoming a pocket of perverted politics and a hot bed for Communist expansion; you gotta love this guy.

We published an article about this atrocity several weeks ago in hopes that it would help in muzzling this buffoon, but no, he continues to push the local newspapers into publishing his tripe under the guise that it is news when in all actuality it is simply public documentation pointing straight for his ouster; he has GOT to go.

How can any state, in this Union, allow an elected official to pass laws that attempt to usurp standing federal law, laugh in the face of his constituents and then actively solicit foreign companies to build in his state under false pretenses?  Let alone invite the Reds in, isn’t anyone paying attention?  It’s bad enough that Republicans are leaderless and devoid of a platform but this untethered bulldog has ruined and will forever tarnish their name if they don’t cut their losses and let this dog go.

And “Red Ed”, do you read the newspaper?  This little tidbit hit the wires yesterday…yes, it has multi-syllable words in it and it might take you a while to digest but give it a shot.

On Oct. 8, 2009, the United States Senate passed the final version of the Agriculture, Rural Development, Food and Drug Administration, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 (H.R.2997). The House of Representatives approved the bill the previous day. This bill provides funding for the USDA for fiscal year 2010 and contains a provision that might be of interest to both you and the voters of Montana who will probably be calling for your removal, soon.

The bill contains a provision prohibiting any funds, again, from being used by the USDA to inspect horse meat for human consumption. While there are currently no plants operating in the United States that process horses for human consumption, this bill effectively bars any such plant from operating in the U.S. for fiscal year 2010.

This bill will now proceed to the President for his approval, which is expected.”

Guess what, “Red Ed”, you wasted all that time and all that taxpayer money to pass a dead bill that is not only against the law but laughs at and mocks the very Federal laws that you vowed and swore to uphold.  Kind of makes your actions and conduct appear to be somewhat, ahhh…errr…mmmm….suspect, illegal, criminal?  Help me; I am searching for the right word, here.

But don’t fret “Reddy Eddie”, word on the street has it (in fact you quoted it) that the Reds have several eating establishments in the Northern Provinces where they serve up your favorite dish “Fillet ‘O Filly” every night and for you they are prepared to grant a discount.

So enjoy your Flicka Fillet, hope it gives you heartburn (oh, that would mean that you would have to have a heart, sorry, my mistake).  We know that you will be ordering it “rare” as red is your favorite color…and with any luck, you will be seeing a lot of it, very soon.

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  1. R.T. excellent as always.

    I was having a back and forth on “Wild Hores/Cattle and how…” with a commenter Jeri Dobrowski (and in part, she did reply that her writing was not about “wild horses” at all – that is usually the way it ends). And I was truggling with how can BLM just brak the law this way? Today I was left with this thought, after it found itself out of my brain through my fingers and into my reply to Jeri:

    Put everything else aside. Isn’t this action of managing wild horses to extinction like selecting a book or selecting several books, and because you don’t like them, or they don’t feed your need for greed/power, or they stand in the way of your ideology, just burning them all? (waite a minute – didn’t some guy in Germany do this once already?)

    And, as I watch “Americas Best Idea” and the image of the wild lands being a true representation of our democracy and see the politics of this all from day one with John Muir – how do we get the message accross that these are OUR WILD HORSES, AMERICAS WILD HORSES – THEY BELONG TO US AND ARE BEING STOLEN RIGHT OFF OUR PUBLIC LANDS BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Thesse wild horses are as precious to us as anyones favorite book on their shelf. And in the grander scheme of things, its such a small thing we are asking for.

    I know we keep repeating this, but why can’t this get through? As usual I’m hopeful to the end that BLM, DOI or President Obama will wake up to what is going on – I’ve not yet been able to see the horses in person, I really want to. Future generations will want to see them also.

    By the way that Cameron guy in “Americas Best Idea”, 3rd episode I think – miner turned Representative, voted out -looks just like “W” to me.


    • Roxy, Good words there. We all have come a long way and we keep learning and and SEEING and Connecting. It is like we are waiting for millions to catch up and we are Still isolated by our knowledge. Got to keep connecting… mar


    • I just don’t know Roxy…you ask very valid questions and make some extremely sobering comparisons. Why is not the American public up in arms over the theft of not only THEIR public land but of their horses?

      One of your comparisons struck a nerve and brought me back to some thoughts that I had while painfully witnessing the Pryor gather:

      There once was a foreign country’s government that decided to purify their bloodline by ripping a group from their legal land and property, splitting up families and putting them in compounds, some were slaughtered and other’s were sent off to work never again being allowed to return to the land that was rightfully theirs. Does this not all sound familiar, does this not remind you of what is happening to our native, American wild horses? Is this not EXACTLY what we are doing to our equine brethren? I wouldn’t have to go to far out on a limb by saying, YES!

      The United States of America recognized this past atrocity and sent young men and women across the Atlantic to die in battle and right this wrong. The country that we battled against was Nazi Germany and now it appears that our own U.S. Government is in a similar business of stealing the land that has been mandated, by law, to belong to the horses and the public, removing the wild horses from the land, splitting them up, corralling them in permanent prisons and in the past shipping them off to slaughter. Where have we gone wrong?

      The BLM is totally, 100% out of control and feels that it is better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission and is zeroing out our national heritage without so much as a whimper from the public. It is unconscionable.

      And then to add Bloody Butcher to the mix along with his pal from the Montana AQHA Stan Weaver, who actively supports killing off horses for food, and you have a real mess. We need to shine the biggest spotlight that we have on these twisted individuals and get them out of office be it public or private…they have got to go.

      So keep the faith, don’t let the morons get to you as they are truly out-numbered, and stay on course. United we can win this battle and with time we may even be able to win the war…it’s just a matter of one step at a time.

      Be safe.



      • RT, In the mean time,

        we need to provide info and video and photos and documentation of every roundup.

        McCullough Peaks needs to be covered just the way the Pryors were. We must draw people in again in REAL TIME. And again and again.

        Then, if we must stop the roundups. By civil disobedience or a moratorium.
        They must end.

        There are people in Nevada going to Garfield Flats Roundup. We need them to share info and photos. If our horses are being STOLEN, make the world believe it and SEE it. Mar


      • You’re absolutely right – as usual – R.T. I think the public at large either doesn’t know what’s going on, or all they know is BLM BS.

        Get this – in an article put out by this United Organizations of the Horse (that Jeri helps sponsor) was in the newsletter of the Indiana Horse Council of all places! It was an anti-ROAM propaganda piece and it said, among other things, that an “informal” count of the wild horses with Google Earth put the current number at 100,000. I kid you not! The idiots must have been counting the COWS!

        The Indiana Horse Council will hear about THIS.


  2. I just love it when subversive groups take on the name of the thing they want to do away with. I checked out United Organizations of the Horse and found out that it included the PA Equine Council–my state. Also found out that this group (PA) is “helping” 4-Hers micro chip their horses and I am on a county 4-H Board of Directors. Whoa–Gonna hear from me. And of course the list also includes all of the ag departments including poultry producers as well as the cattlemen. Looks like the USDA is behind this whole smoke screen.
    REAL horse advocates need to get together to form a more powerful lobby.
    Oh on the United Horse site The Humane Society is equated with PETA and their “slick lawyers”. Looks like the United Horse group is playing dirty and just got organized this past spring.


    • This group has no business setting up within state agencies. It needs to be ousted for political bias and conflict of interest which misleads many into believing their mandate is official when it is not. They need to be ousted NOW. This gets me angry all over again. Mar


  3. Well Done, RT. We also shouldn’t let Montana Governor Shweitzer off the hook either. His failure to veto Butcher’s bill by just ignoring it and letting it proceed by default allowed Butcher to pursue his pathetic agenda.


  4. New strategy. PLESE READ YOU TUBE CAREFULLY – especially the 3rd, 4TH & 5TH lines! This should cause a twitch in Slaughter Sue! I’m going after a European and Japan ban/boycott on American Horses form a different angle.

    But, I’m kind of hesitant that I might wake up with a horse head in my bed! If lots of us tell this story to Europe and Japan, though…there are already several comments on You Tube telling this story in one way or another.

    Thanks to Suzanne and others helping me get to this. I have been visiting the PRO horse slaughter YouTubes for months, prowling for opportunities to at LEAST get support for our Wild Horses, with little success, so I’ve decided to go this route for a while.

    Just put this cut and paste together today – obviously over the limit, so I will be selective depending on the coomment I’m responding to, and what other comments are already there. Rebuttals & critiques welcome:


    Everyone should watch the UK horse slaughter and compare to the American way-

    America the Beautiful – NOT so much!

    Then tell Europeans and Japan to demand to know where their horse meat was slaughtered and BAN American (meaning Mexico, Canada and USA) slaughtered horse meat entirely.

    Europe and Japan – you are eating the evil of their last minutes and hours!

    Pet owners you are feeding your pet the evil of their last minutes and hours of Americaan horse slaughter practices!

    We, Americans, don’t even waist a bullet, they just get stunned, many slaughtered still alive, after dirty crowded horrifying conditions, prodded in the anus down a long narrow chute, and they can see the already slaughtered horses, see and smell all the blood- the top of the kill chute is open! They are terrified and tortured from beginning to end!

    Horses are not like cattle, horses have a real sense of what is occurring around them.

    There is no reason this can’t be done compassionately and humanly, a shot is so much better, whether gun or needle, in a clean, uncrowded, peaceful environment, with a person who is looking right into their eyes, with calm compassion, completely separated from the butcher floor – UK seems to have it right, or as right as can be, if it has to be.

    Sure, it would cost a little more. Or would it? Look how long it takes to be able to stun those American horse who are dodging their heads around for longer than the UK guy holding the rifle, none to miniscule head dodging – quick! Look how many people there are to keep the horses going down the chute in chaos and into the kill box in American, vs, one guy, halter and lead, calmly, right into a clean bloodless kill room.

    But, for sure, DO NOT EAT American Wild Horses!



    • roxy, how about “just don’t effiin’ eat ANY horses?” horse slaughter, whether by captive bolt, knife in the jugular, or by rifle to the back of the head just doesn’t “have to be” at ALL. let’s just tell the world, “stop effin’ eating the horses!” no horse slaughter of ANY kind ANYWHERE.


      • jo bunny, yes that would be excellent from our perspective.

        You did understand that this You Tube commentary is being written to someone who thinks horse slaughter is ok, even good for the horse? I may not have made that clear.

        I’m personally not going about telling other cultures in other countries what they should or should not eat, nor am I against anyone else trying that route – best wishes from me to you.

        I am about telling anyone anywhere anytime that animal cruelty is wrong – starting with, for example, breeding dogs and buying dogs – it is criminal in my opinion not to go to the shelters, check out the rescue orgs. But that is not eveyones opinion.

        What is going on in American horse slaughter is already too big for me, much less taking on the world, is really part of “horse business” to which I am not a party to, and just I think, fro You Tube anyway, a lot of the horse eating world does not know what American horse slaughter is like -making the comparison to UK does not offend any meat eaters, but sure does give doubt to the ways Americans do it and the lies about the ways we do it is harmless and humane – in comparison. A beige painted wall is just a beige painted wall until you add white molding, then all of a sudden it is taupe!

        I think making suggestions such as goats would be better for underdeveloped countries to raise their own – for example, is a good rebuttal to someone that thinks our horses can feed starving people around the world. Once you have told that person they are stupid, you have lost them forever.

        Or, stop slaughter – stop breeding! Is a very good suggestion.

        And in the UK they don’t shoot the rifle at the back of the head anyway, it’s from face on – the man is standing on his feet right in front of the horses face, his hand on the nose, a very familiar feeling to the horse, and a face no different than a vet – the horse is in varying degress very settled, even calm,looking at a calm human face, that they trust – they don’t have any reason not to trust this person. You should watch the UK slaughter YouTube’s, not to convert you to slaughter, but to see the differences and see the comments – there are lots of potential wild horse advocates there. Then you can work to convert them against slaughter.

        Anyway, my purpose with this YouTube comment is twofold, first turn Europeans against eating “American” horse meat – thus no market for Canadian, Mexican or, heaven forbid, USA slaughter houses at all, thus no wild horses going to slaughter. Second bringing attention to the plight of the American Wild Horse and the plunder of BLM – but I need to get a conversation going first.

        I’ll take wild horse advocates anywhere I can get them – all the way around the world, and put my personal differences aside. There are certain “wrong doers” I will not dance with, when one must just tell them they are outrageous (or maybe better to just ignor them altogether), but the best way to help educate a wrong doer is to walk in step in the same direction, find something in common first – rather than against them, they may not even know they are a wrong doer.

        Too many full moon little analogies today and I’m so tired!


  5. I do not have as an intelegent answer as I have read. I just want to apologize for Montana and it’s elected leaders. I do not understand their reasoning for this onslot against all horses, not just Mustangs. Breeders need to be accountable for their programs. Slaughter is not the answer for overbreeding, quit using that as an excuss to slaughter. No one is under stress to eliminate their horses. If you can’t feed them, ask for assistance or donate them. Thanks for my time.


    • Thank you Christine. How can they claim horses pull the forage up roots and all? I see in the videos that they eat the tops and I read that from wild horse bioligists and ecologists all over the place. How can they lie like this? They are at least looking at all other options to slaughter, I will give them cudos for that.

      Having said that, what is ruining their foraige tehy need for their livestock? What is ruining their mountain slopes and thus ruining their salmon spawning? Could it instead be over grazing by cattle, sheep and goats? Could it be cutting down timber? Could it be cutting roads to oil rigs, etc?

      We all need to go and post on the ynwildlife site against this article with every FACT that we have – respectfully. We have seen the results here from direspectfull posts – I really stooped to a new low in answering one of those and I am ashamed and it does no good.

      Last, what is this about getting “wild horse chasing permits” from the Indians? Ugh? Are we as a society all really that bored with our lives and so unimaginative that we need to chase wild animals around for the misguided fun it? And just cause the wild horses more fear of humans.


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