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Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis: Slicing and Dicing a Wild Horse near You

An Opinionated Update on the Woman that every Horse Loves to Hate

by R.T. Fitch – Equine Advocate and author of  “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Wyoming Rep. "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis - A wild horse in every pot

Over the past several weeks the bulk of the world celebrated the birth of new beginnings and entertained nostalgic visions of festive celebration, peace on earth and goodwill towards men.

But out in a remote area of beautiful Wyoming a small time, local politician continued to plot against and spread a web of deception about one of the last, true icons of the American West; our Wild Horse.  Well known for her twisted visions of Mustang Burgers garnished with large sums of Greenbacks to horrific scenes of bloody horse butchering, Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis couldn’t leave well enough alone and live out her remaining years underneath the rock of lies she has created.  No, she had to launch another impotent and misguided attack on the horses of the United States.

A self-proclaimed poet and, again, self-appointed CEO of an alleged 501(c)(3) organization that is  potentially an illegal “front” for the likewise alleged 501(c)(3) of the United Horseman’s Front who actively lobby, against IRS rules, to bring back bloody horse slaughter to the US and wipe indigenous mustangs from our public lands, (take a breath here) Wallis has sent an email to Congress in an open attempt to further her cause of killing off every free standing horse in the United States.

Wallis has a long history of tempting both law and fate with her efforts to personally promote her beef business while forming alliances with everything from pig farmers to Quarter Horse breeders.  Her common call to battle is that the ban on horse slaughter, in the US, is the cause of all the country’s fiscal woes and her tool for spreading her lies resides in everything from her ridicules “cowgirl poetry” to her illegal raffles to obtain funds to press for the return of bloody horse slaughter to the United States.

Just a little insight into this mind filled with spiders and cockroaches; an excerpt from one of her poems which is linked from her government web site:

know my place in the food chain.

Whether worms or cougars
get me first
depends on time and chance.

Don’t like to kill,
know how to butcher,
how to hunt,
think flesh is good,
and pure and food
for souls
and kids.

And, how can I possibly explain
that racing horseback,
loose and wild through
treacherous enchanting terrain,
sailing loops from
rope swung, weary shoulders
to catch wily mustang mares
is the most exciting,
and addicting occupation
known to

“Mmmmmm, finger licken good, I am warm and tingly all over.  Is Freddy Kruger in the audience?”

That one ought to have Child Services knocking on someone’s door…and chasing down publicly owned Mustangs; isn’t that against Federal law?  But then again, flesh is good…bet those ole Wild Horse Hamburgers tasted good on the campfire.

Add to that her recent illegal “Raffle” fiasco.  Her original, flawed plan did not get off the ground so now she is hyping the across state lines gambling operation on her own website, in violation of her own state’s gaming laws…here’s just a little taste of the dialogue under the Dodge Truck that you might be able to win so that you, too, can drag your horse to slaughter.

We are excited to be proposing proactive legislation in 2010 at both the state and federal level that will actually improve conditions for horses, not advance some subversive agenda. We are better positioned than we ever have been before, but we need the full engagement of our grassroots to succeed.

We need your financial support, and we need you to spread the word to everyone that you know who understands why it is so important to address the two big issues that negatively impact the welfare of horses, and the equine industry today:

1) reinstituting horse processing the the U.S.; and

2) controlling the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands.

If you care about the ranching and rodeoing way of life, if you want to protect our private property rights and do what is right for horses and horse people-contribute $100 (or more…you’ll receive a chance for every $100) and receive your ticket TODAY!

Ain’t it great, kill the horses on all fronts…and remember, she is an ELECTED official in the state of Wyoming.  “Hello IRS, hello Attorney General, is anybody out there listening?”

And now for her latest, mindless attempt to destroy the equines of the US; a petition and letter to the Federal government, certainly there are an abundant number of Feds that want to be aligned with her philosophy…oh wait, there’s the Department of Interior and the BLM that would find this to be a tasty morsel:

Sue W. | Recluse, WY

To my colleagues in the US Congress, to the Obama Administration, and to the leaders of the various federal agencies who deal with the horse problem: Beware of, and do not allow radical animal rights activists and extreme environmental organizations the ability to determine the fate of the horses, the land, or the people. Those groups have no real connection, and only seek to line their own pockets by emotionally manipulating those who have no way of knowing any better.
Rep. Sue Wallis, Wyoming

Oh, Sue honey, I bet you wasted your entire holiday season thinking that nonsense up and only God knows how many pencil erasers sacrificed their lives while you attempted to construct those two, measly little sentences, what a pity.

Sadly, in the 48 hours that your little note has been posted only one other person joined your cause and that was probably either your self-admitted mustang murdering pal, Conrad Burns or Montana’s other buffoon, Rep. “Red” Ed Butcher.  What wonderful company you do keep.

Darling, listen closely, the major “horse problem” that our country has is you, only you are the one who does not get it.  And the pro-horse activists, preferred reference is “advocate”, that I know all own horses, most live on their own farms, eat normal diets and finance their own advocacy.  After many years in the horse rescue and advocacy circles, trust me, it ain’t about money coming in, it’s all about money going out.  Check our legitimate tax returns and you would see.  (Unlike yourself, we adhere to Federal IRS law)

So, sweetheart, crawl back into that dank corner that you slithered out of and lick your wounds while you await election day; as your judgment is coming.  That pin prick of white light that you see on the horizon is the blazing headlight of a freight train full of Karma headed right in your direction and it has the souls of thousands of equines onboard who have your name branded onto their tortured souls…and it ain’t gonna be pretty, but then again, neither is your public facade.

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    • I reblog most of them too. ;o) And this one is a must! Has anyone seen Wild Horse Warriors latest? She suggests we sign the petition and then “personalize” it with our REAL opinions. Maybe we could induce cardiac arrest in ole Slaughterhouse S.

      And yeah, I get sick of being labeled an “animal rights” activist. Even the press routinely labels us as such. Someone really NEEDS to teach these people that animal RIGHTS and animal WELFARE are two entirely different, er, animals.


      • Sue, RT should cut and paste this article into Sues petition! I see many wild horse “terrorists” have signed on also counteracting her POV. If it keeps up, I predict that it wont be long before she “poofs” the thing. What a poor excuse for a woman, or a human being also.


      • Suzanne, CJ, I hav enot actually mt a one of you – but I see the peopole at teh advisory boards, some of the interviews, the recent protests –

        What a scary bunch of terrorists! NOT!

        Good point about “animal rights” vs “animal welfare” I need to add that to my vocaulary, along with conservation vs preservation, and what is that term Craig Downer uses? I’ll find it again – but thanks!

        What is the link to her petiion – I don’t want to get left out? We should be copying that everyday, so if it does go poof we will have proof that she did not get the support she thought she would.


      • Let me try again – don’t kow why I’ve gotten especially bad, even for me —

        Suzanne, CJ, I have not actually met a one of you – but I see the people at the advisory boards, some of the interviews, the recent protests –
        What a scary bunch of terrorists! NOT!

        Good point about “animal rights” vs. “animal welfare” I need to add that to my vocabulary, along with conservation vs preservation, and what is that term Craig Downer uses? I’ll find it again – but thanks!

        What is the link to her petition – I don’t want to get left out? We should be copying that every day, so if it does go poof we will have proof that she did not get the support she thought she would.


  1. Fantastic piece! Ridicule is the way to do with this idiot. She doesn’t even ride, doesn’t even know about horses. Wallis is a sham along with her 501(c)(3) that doesn’t comply with IRS tax-exempt rules.

    Slaughterhouse Sue needs to be voted out of office so her constituents don’t have to pay the price of her poor character values. Luckily, most American people are smart enough to smell gas when they get downwind of it.


  2. As a horse activist (whatever THAT means), I can’t see any $$$ coming in from my many rescued equines. What am I missing? Aren’t horse activist supposed to be rich????? LOL She is such a joke. And a fake as well as flake. I still think her 501 is illegalling raffling off that truck, or is it for real???????


  3. Kudos to R.T. Fitch again.

    This is the best description I have read regarding Sue Wallis whom I call “a cerebral midget.”

    “Intelligence is like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes.”


  4. I can think of no one more radical or extreme than Wallis herself! How in the world are the horse advocates who don’t want to see the wild or domestic horses wind up being butchered for their meat, lining their pockets? Wallis is the one who claims there’s plenty of money to be made by slaughtering these animals and selling their meat to foreign cultures here in America who accept eating horse meat as part of their culture!
    Then to top it off, her mind is so overcome with evil, she fantasizes over harassing and chasing mustangs, then writes about it in her “cowboy poetry”. How sick is that?
    But I love her new chin job….she looks much better.


    • Probably, Valerie, she has some mental disorder and uses that as a vehicle to express her wish to become a man or to feel powerful or something like that…


  5. BRAVO RT!!!!!! You said what we all think! She should be brought up on ethics charges!!!!!!
    Disgusting human being or sorry excuse for one that she is….some people will do anything for $$$$$$$ and attention.
    I am sending comment to CREW to look into her wheelings and dealings while an elected official!
    Next thing you know she’ll get hired by the same D.C. pro slaughter lobbyist law firm that her buddy conrad did.


  6. Welcome to America. “Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free” And the very symbol of our freedom our wild horses are nothing more then caged refugees. What is it about us?


  7. Hey, where’s all this money I’m supposed to be getting as a “radical animal rights activist” and extreme environmentalist?! I’m feeling cheated!

    And I love the part about the karma freight train full of thousands of equine souls – beautiful.

    Rather than worrying about the alleged “overpopulation” of horses, what about the problem we seem to have with an overpopulation of greedy, ignorant, short-sighted human beings?


  8. Horses are Sacred, they come from the stars to bring down to earth the heavens,why would any woman, want to kill her children for these sacred animals are our children and we are there protectors until the day that last forever,Nitak Fallaya
    This woman has forgotten her heart, she lives blind, she lives unkind,it is told in Native Prophecy,when women heal there hearts”A thousand years of Peace shall Come”These sacred horses,cry,bleed and breed, they luv, they play and they adore there own children,they lift our planets vibration here, and what are we doing in return for this devine gift?Killing our sacredness of all the animal kingdom,Slaughter houses and blood baths, should be left in the days of Roamn Empire, has not man evolved at all?It is 2010,a New Aeon is birthing,of Peace


  9. OH! Where is Angle?

    Talk about romanticising something?

    This needs to go directly to Angle. I for one can not critisize anyone for romanticising anything they want to (well several obviouse exceptions of course), its ok with me for Sue (typing her name is even spin chilling) to write poetry even though I oppose what she says in it (who said Eddie Kruger?). But it is not ok for pro slaughter or anti wild horse camps then to turn around and think its ok to use that against us. Angle needs to know this!

    And the “linig the pockets” thing – I got that idea from a YouTuibe, and I and at least 2 other blogers have been spreading “tax dollars unneessarily lining pockets of roundup crews, hellicopter pilots, land leases, etc.” ALL OVER THE SLAUGHTER PAGES for I think about 2 months, 3 months. So of oourse they would put that in – but big difference – they really are lining their pockets with tax dollars (rightly or not).

    Maybe shes referrig to the few “RARE” breed horse businesses out there that are profiting from these wild horse roundups, or the tour groups that take people out to see them (tourists I might add that stay in motels, eat in restaurants, buy toursity things), or maybe she is talking about the Ken McNabb types making money on trianing?

    Or maybe, do you all sell your wild horses poop for a secret $1000 a lb. for some monetary gain that you are sending to an off shore account? I bet thats it – YOU RASCALS YOU!

    Someone else care to continue the list of ways to line ones pockets from keeping wild horses…


  10. Can’t fix stupid. Email by the harebrained epitome of greed and chin alien – Sue Wallis:


    I have not personally witnessed the slaughter of horses, but I have witnessed all sorts of other kinds of processing plants, I know what happens there, and I have butchered almost all of the meat our family eats myself. I also have visited with a number of the veterinarians who went on the American Association of Equine Practitioner’s (AAEP) trip to inspect the Mexican horse processing plants. They were very impressed by the professionalism and the handling of the animals in both an European Union inspected plant, and in a Mexican government inspected plant. One fact that you should know is that currently ALL US horses that go to Mexico for processing, go to an EU inspected plant, without exception. That is the only way they get over the border. They are transported in specially designed trucks with all rounded corners, and the truck is sealed as it crosses the border and the horses have been inspected, and then a government/EU inspector breaks that seal at the processing plant. The horses are handled gently, and are only moved with flags, no hotshots, no abuse of any kind. At the plant, they are humanely killed—quickly, painlessly, and with an absolute minimum of stress to the animal—the AAEP vets were able to watch everything, go anywhere they wanted in the plant, and take pictures. The horses are not terrified. They are not abused. They do not witness the procedure happening to other horses. There is no screaming. There is no “coming back to consciousness while they are being cut up.” All sensation ends in less than 30 seconds. The veterinarians watched a good number of horses be killed, and reported that it was all done very well. Here is a link to the report in the Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association from March, 2009, Horse slaughter conditions in Mexico explored by American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) group.

    Even at the Mexican government inspected plant, which of course, only processed Mexican horses, the veterinarians reported that the facilities were not quite as good, but that they did use a capture bolt mechanism, and that all of the horses they watched be killed there were killed humanely.

    Because of these professional reports, and my own experience, I have concluded that the horrific videos of horse slaughter that are being smeared around the internet are either a:) a completely fabricated hoax designed to emotionally manipulate people like yourself who truly love and care for horses; or b:) filmed at some back yard “mom and pop” butcher shop that is completely unregulated, even by the Mexican government.

    For most of us involved in agriculture, we believe that it is our moral and ethical responsibility to care for the animals we own. To us, a very humane death in a processing plant is far, far preferable to a miserable, and prolonged, and painful death of starvation and neglect. We would never allow this to happen to our horses. So, if we have a horse that we cannot use, or cannot sell, then the only honorable option is to put that horse down…to humanely kill it. We know that once a horse has been humanely killed, for whatever reason, for mercy or for processing, that once the horse is dead all legal, moral, and ethical obligations to the welfare of that live animal ceases. We believe that whatever happens to the carcass is entirely the right, responsibility, and prerogative of the owner. Period. For animals that have been trusted companions, loyal partners, and pets, this will generally mean a respectful burial or cremation depending on the owner’s philosophy and resources. For others the most appropriate option might be delivery to a rendering plant or a landfill. Rendering plants reduce animal carcasses to oils and useful by-products such as soap, glycerin, lubricants, inks, cleansing creams, shampoo, glue, antifreeze, explosives, and paints. Most small animal shelters utilize rendering plants for carcass disposal, as do livestock producers who occasionally have carcasses unsuitable for processing. Because horses are traditional food animals in most of the world, there is a viable export market for horse meat. Many horse owners either need, or wish to recoup the monetary value of their unusable horse, or a horse they can no longer support, and are comfortable with this solution; especially if they can be assured that their animals are humanely killed.

    The American Veterinary Medical Association has approved three methods of humane euthanasia of horses: 1. Bullet; 2. Capture Bolt; and 3. Overdose of barbiturates. Of the three the captured bolt mechanism is the most reliable and certain. Our old vet who takes care of our horses will give a horse a lethal cocktail, wait until they start to go unconscious, and then puts a bullet in their brain because he has seen far too many of them not go down with just the drugs, and they flail around and suffer, so he makes it certain. But, you really have to know what you are doing to kill a horse with a bullet. It has to be very, very precise and in exactly the right spot—many, many people trying to do the “right thing” for their horses have been dismayed and emotionally traumatized because they were trying to honorably shoot their horse that they are emotionally attached to, and have to shoot them over and over and over, and they still don’t die.

    So, for me, personally, providing that the horse that I have sold is not suffering (in which case I would put them down immediately here on the ranch), but if they are dangerous, untrainable, or otherwise unusable my myself or others, I would much prefer that they go to a US processing plant where I know it would be regulated by both the US government and the EU food safety systems, and would be humanely handled. It does not bother me, in fact, it suits my ethical view point that the carcass would be utilized very thoroughly to feed people, to feed other animals, and to produce many, many useful by-products. Other options just result in 1200 pounds of toxic waste and a disposal problem, and for people who make part or all of their living from horses, a complete and total financial loss. A humane processing option does provide some residual, salvage value that can be reinvested into productive, useful livestock. As it is, there is simply no market at all for unusable horses. Consequently the value of all horses, 98% to 99% of them that would never see the inside of a processing plant, and yet the value of all horses has plummeted by 30% to 80% nation-wide.

    Basically what we have done by closing the US plants is take what used to be a valuable asset—something that you could take to the sale and get much needed cash for if you lost your job, or lost your home—and turned it into a very expensive liability with no options.

    Another point that I would like to make is that no jurisdiction in this, or any other country, can let one specie reproduce to the point that they are destroying their resource base for themselves, and every other living creature, and are starving and dying—not feral dogs and cats, not deer, or elk, or bears, or wolves. And yet, this is sadly, exactly what is happening with the wild horses and burros on our public lands.

    I really appreciate that you took the time to write and ask. I don’t think many people outside of the rural, agriculture world have heard, or understand our view point, or that we absolutely, unequivocally have the well-being of all horses in our hearts. Because I suspect that many people have exactly the same questions and beliefs that you do, I am going to post your question, and my response on our “frequently asked questions” page on our website.


    Sue Wallis
    Founding Leadership Team
    United Organizations of the Horse
    307 680 8515 cell
    307 685 8248 ranch


    • Monika, you most certainly have her ear and attention. Congratulations to you on that. I hope you can keep the dialoged going. Seeing as you have her attention I would pose this debate, if you also see any validity to my perspective here or you can just cut and paste and send it to her. I doubt she would even recognize me as a person enough to bother reading it from me, as I don’t live in her state, never plan to, and I am not remotely invested in her interests:

      Tell her many of her audience are from Missouri – SHOW ME. A picture tells a thousand words – and all we have seen, except from the UK, and are horrendous sights. Most of us are “thinking people” (unlike her constituents). It is becoming more and more unfortunate for many officials whether elected or appointed to make the mistake in thinking the populous is stupid, and I know they do, because I’ve been standing next to many when they actually said that.

      Allow, no, require, HSUS and a variety of other such independent agencies, unannounced undercover recordings, by investigate crews that are knowledgeable about not interfering with the process or frightening the animals. Post THOSE on YouTube as her evidence and to contradict what is already on there.

      However, and I don’t know why I have to repeat this over and over again to her side of the camp, and I don’t want to see a report bought and paid for by her interests, I would need to see a 100 such reports, with pictures or video, from many different sources, including reference to other recognized peer groups to support any claims, and would need to know who paid for them, their credentials, and history before I will believe their conclusions. And this would need to occur over a period of years as well.

      Tell her our wild horses do not have years however, and in spite of published warnings and evidence, even from BLM paid ecologists (some of whose reports have been noted to have been tampered with in the past), and other respected wild ecologists who have and continue to provide already numerous reports and pictures of both the horses and the rangeland, covering decades, that disprove beyond any normal thinking person’s doubt that she is either lying or is misguided herself about the Wild Horse and Burro situation. And that any support for her proposal, if validated, would only occur with her support of a completely different Wild Horse and Burro Management scheme and team which supports the intentions of the 1971 Act and the recent ROAM proposal, and that all land taken from the wild horses since the 1971 Act will be returned to the wild horses.

      Ask her, what could 1 year of further investigation of the Wild Horse and Burro situation possibly harm? In light that the horses being removed are being replaced by cattle – so someone is knowingly placing cattle on inadequately foraged and damaged ranges? This is the only possible conclusion at this time based on the erroneous description given by BLM themselves, contradicting themselves at any given point in time to suite a particular agenda for a particular select few. Tell her that many people have seen the destruction of cattle first hand over huge ranges of land that damage remains after decades of time. That the sheer evidence of the bounty of our country while millions of horses, buffalo and elk up until cattle pushed them out is undeniable. If after 1 year of real group investigation, if further roundups or birth control methods are needed, and only after natural predation is reinstated, then so be it – but that we would demand in all cases that a full team of peer group of veterinarians personally knowledgeable about wild horse, not just a BLM paid veterinarian (whose past time is, while on pay, sticking fouls butts with a wire through the holding fence), and same for wild ecologist and biologists, again with persona knowledge and experience with wild horses be tagged to instruct on the correct method of birth control, varying dart methods with roundups. That we demand that horse number projections include other natural events such as extreme weather, freezing and lightning events, which we have seen whole bands succumb to lighting storms and whole seasons worth of foul vanish to some event.

      I can watch numerous HSUS videos and others all over the place of good humane euthanasia practices at Animal Controls around the country and also see the not humane ones for comparison – why can’t the pro slaughter camp do the same – if there is in fact any truth in her reply. I have personally experienced veterinary euthanasia of my animals, and guess what, that does not always go that well either, and I have seen the shooting of animals, and agree that cannot go so well, but if done by experienced hands, in rare occasion an extra bullet or two may be needed – any method will have a built in fallibility, including captive bolts, so that argument is not valid. I would under all conditions have to remain skeptical of anything about a Mexican slaughter operation, knowing the very publically exposed corruption in that country at this time.
      In any event there is no humane way whatsoever to send wild horses to slaughter. If, in the wild, they succumb to the need to be put down, they need that right there on the spot. If they need to be put down, then they are far beyond enduring the rigors of the transport to a slaughter house, whether that is 10 minutes or 10 hours. Even if they are deemed fit for transport, the whole event of roundup and transport and the experience of even the most humane methods slaughter is out of the question for a wild horse – it is simply not acceptable to this writer.

      Regarding slaughter of horses in general, even if I gave her the benefit of the doubt today it would be figurative, and I will continue to promote exposure to the evidence that is readily at hand until the Wild Horse and Burro program is corrected to my peer groups satisfaction and the slaughter of any Wild Horse for any reason is completely banned. So if she wants to get that proof out to the public, she better snap to it!

      My position on this is mine only, and should not be considered any future endorsement of the slaughter of any horse. In fact any one persons position on any matter should never be trivialized as her camp continues to insult with assumptions of “tree hugger” “animals rights vs. animals welfare activist” or “environment hippies”, even as far as “terrorists”, or any other of their implied perceptions. Our very diverse group of concerned citizens has even been accused of “romanticizing” wild horses, well, her poem says all that needs to be said on that matter. And I dare say it should be further expected that the slaughter of any horse is more than likely not acceptable to a great many people.

      Thank you for your consideration.

      Roxanne Hale


    • This isn’t the first time I’ve seen one of Wallis’s letters explaining a “capture bolt”. How can this woman explain a capture bolt when she doesn’t even know the right name for it? Someone should tell her it’s a “captive bolt”. Geez!


  11. Hey Monika,
    Send ole’ Sue the video link I have seen posted so that she can see her idea of humane slaughter in Mexico, so heinous in desscription that I have not ever been able to watch it. That line she gave you about having the well-being of the horses in her heart…gag.

    R.T., you are on your best cutting-edge with this one. Touche’ You even made me laugh. Remind me never to get on your bad side…haha.

    And to Daniel C., you made me laugh too. I think that someone needs to sue ole’ Sue Wallis for all the reasons cited. She is getting away with murder…literally. And it sounds as though we have good, solid ground to stand upon. Any Wyoming folks here who would want to be a thorn in ole Sue’s side?

    R.T. I hope you have a way to moniter who is reading your blog. Is that possible?


  12. What I find humorous is that she accuses us of being emotional and then writes an emotional plea and turns it into a petition telling Congress how to think. We state facts and we’re being emotional. I’m still trying to figure out how facts are emotional. They can evoke emotion but they are merely statements of truth. I have had several email exchanges with Sue and we can’t reach a common ground on anything. The answer is always slaughter. I often feel that with the anti-horse folks it’s like negotiating with a terrorist. When there is no regard for life, what is there to reason with or to try to reach a compromise?

    Where on earth does she get that we are well funded? We are grass roots and pay for everything out of our own empty pockets. Well funded is the AQHA and the beef industry that runs the country. They may as well take down the dome on the capitol building and replace it with a cow. So much for Obama’s…. the lobbyists are not going to run this country.


    • vicki – EXCELELNT!

      Is there an artist out there to do a cartoon of the white house with a cow head and caractures of Sue and Salazar, Abbey, Glenn standing in front smiling, saying something like “we sure buffalod them”, etc.

      I’d like to see that in the editorial pages of all newspapers!


  13. R.T.:

    “….So, sweetheart, crawl back into that dank corner that you slithered out of and lick your wounds while you await election day; as your judgment is coming.”…. I really think you are insulting snakes here, R.T. and it not fair to the snakes; at least they contribute to sound ecologies.

    And I want to remind everyone that horse slaughter still exsists in the US. Difference? You have TO PAY, NOT GET PAID for it. Why does that little pearl continually get dropped down the “facts drain”????? Important to remember that in this debate about what to do with the proverbial “unwanted” horse. And of course there is always the humane, vet/knacker euthanasia route with legal disposal option that the Nicker Burger crowd continually ignores.


    • You’re right, D. I forgot to add that one to my post below. If a person is so sleazy they can’t think of anything to help poor old Dobbin except slaughter him, well, it’s still right there.


    • D. Masters and Suzanne, please do go on. No, I was not aware of this before “And I want to remind everyone that horse slaughter still exsists in the US. Difference? You have TO PAY, NOT GET PAID for it”.

      This is the first I have heard this.

      What is vet/knacker?

      Who, where, and by what methods? Can the carcus go to rendering? Or can it go for human consumption? What would I Google to dig into this?

      Nicker Burger? – please expand. I’ll try Google, but would appreciate your point of view.


      • The processing of live and dead horses goes on every day in the US meat and rendering business. The difference is that those animals, in the US can only be processed for “by-products”. The bitch from the likes of Wallis is they don’t get paid for it because it cannot go for human cosumption; albeit they go to human consumed products like fertilizer, cosmetics, etc.

        Nicker Burger is certified national inspection consumption on a mass scale for humans of horsemeat.

        Vet is euth’d via chems; knacker is a qualified butcher that gunshots the horse and butchers it on spot…no disposal worries. But all of the above require the owner of said horse to provide payment for services…selling to human consumption horse slaughter skirts payout with some payback….all the while skirting federal standards of meat purity for human consumption. They get around it by saying it is exported…not to US humans, so it’s Okee-dokee.

        And we all still don’t know this?


  14. Forgot to add, Slaughter Sue will probably be re-elected unless something external applies pressure to her whacko, insular bubbled fiefdom and explodes it…trust me. It will happen. She will probably ride on the anti-Dem/Obama hate train next election, unless her party decides she is too much a liability

    Nice pic, R.T.


    • Though right now I’m on a fence regarding political affiliations, not even sure there really is a two party selection anyway – but if I were a D, I would hope she runs as VP running mate to Sarah Palin!

      The public cannot possibly swallow this bunk if we keep educating them.


    • D. Masters, No I did not know this – “And we all still don’t know this?” Thanks for the info.

      I am only here by way of The Cloud Foundation and efforts to save wild horses.
      I am not, nor even remotely involved in any manner to any animal “business”, nor am I a “horse person” since probably the 2nd grade. (Unless you count my birth place on my fathers ranch and my great uncles ranches, and those “frontier family” cattle & horse businesses and extensions of those businesses – including roundups, slaughter, rodeo, all the stuff we abhor here – that I am not in contact with for probably 50 – 55 years; or counting my childhood days on a farm with grandparents and our 2 rescued horses, one circus pony, one mustang).

      And I think there may be others here as well, digging to know as much as possible, and hopefully new folks every day. I am working everyday to recruit new Wild Horse Advocates. That is the limitation of my current circumstances that I can do. I’m looking for any potential advocate, who may not really give a hoot about horses at all, at least not at first, but they should care deeply about the robbery of their Tax Dollars and the theft of their Public Lands – the rest can come later, or never – thats ok as long as they pass the word.

      I’ll take advocates anywhere I can find them! I’ll take converts from “the other side” anywhere I can find them too! In my own adult business and career experience, which is lengthy and diverse – converted opponents make the fiercest advocates?


  15. Roxy ~ Excellent post, but old Sue is a slippery one. I come to this discussion from the viewpoint of a domestic horse owner who learned early waaay more about slaughter than I thought I’d ever want to know. That knowledge does come in handy however, after reading the junk Sue sends out.

    I’ve already read reports about how the slaughterhouses in Mexico revamp the areas they show someone who’s stupid enough to let them know they’re coming. Good Grief! Right, Monika, you can’t fix stupid. I have lost all respect for the AAEP on their pro-slaughter stance. However, they do NOT speak for all their members. These members for instance:

    It’s true – sort of – that The American Veterinary Medical Association stated that captive bolt CAN be – not IS – a humane method of putting horses down PROVIDED there is PROPER HEAD RESTRAINT and KNOWLEDGEABLE operators. Do you see these things in slaughterhouses? Not hardly. So much for THAT endorsement.

    As for the rest of her crap, well… To me owner responsibility does NOT include slaughter. I’m NOT telling the rest of the world what to eat. But they can darn well eat their own horses and leave ours alone. They raise horses specifically for that purpose. We do not. So, not only are US horses often obtained by nefarious means, they’re not even SAFE to eat.

    Because horses are NOT classified as food animals here, the USDA has no rules or oversight as to what chemicals they are exposed to. We routinely expose out horses to chemicals that are expressly forbidden in food animals. Wormers, fly spray, NSAIDS like PBZ – ‘bute – some antibiotics, many topicals, the list goes on and on. These products are clearly marked on the label: NOT FOR USE ON ANIMALS INTENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. In light of this, it’s not only inhumane, it’s extremely irresponsible to sell American horsemeat as food for anyone. That includes the Wild Ones too – the drug the BLM is pumping into all the mares to sterilize them is definitely a no no. If the BLM gives them certain vaccinations, wormers or even pain relievers, well even geldings/stallions can’t be food either. And that’s FOREVER. Not just after 6 months quarantine. NOT EVER. Permanently out of the food chain.

    They are very strict about this in the UK and, come April, 2010, they are going to start – finally! – enforcing those rules for “3rd country imports” – including us.

    Sue knows all this, she just doesn’t care to mention it.


    • Suzanne, Thank you for the reply – I have come to ask for proof from “the other” side only to make a point –

      as I know it will not be forthcoming – because if there were any truths, after 8 months of hounding them, someting would have “slipped out” accidntially if nothing else – why would a group of people keep such a secret of such a good thing that would promote their cause?


      But I would love to hear SS response to my requests, if Monika sees a way to get it to her. And I wish I hadknown about the “you pay to have your horse alsughterin USA form D. Master before – I would have included NOT to prsent those as part of her evidence. Actually I did know about that for cattle – mentioned before I had a boyfriend once upon a time that raised one a year, and he took his to a place like that I guess and pulled the trigger, or whatever the method was, himself. He wanted the animal comfortable and seeig his face.

      I find it interesting that in Sues response, though I don’t know when it was written, she has almost quoted me word for word in my proposed YouTube cut and paste – hum? All I did was write a description of what is all over the YouTube in pictures, and plaguerized some other YouTubers comments – she can try all she wants to say she does not know about those, or whatever.

      Oh – is anyone else getting cold chills just typing her name? I am – very bizare! Down right CREEPY!


      • Well, I am embarrassed about my continuing typos – I must do cut and paste and spell check, you all deserve that respect!

        No absolute promises though, I’m still basking in the glory of retirement, and don’t want this to feel too much like work, not just yet anyway.


  16. Why don’t we all bombard the IRS with calls, emails, letters about old Sue’s questionable 501(C3) practices which are illegal? Just might open up a can of worms for her and her organization and hinder her re-election. RT, you are so articulate and right on…you should be lobbying for us in DC!


    • Deanna;

      I have written to the Federal Attorney General and reported her to the IRS but I am one small voice, if a whole lot of people would get involved they might have a look see.

      I would also recommend to respectfully write to the Governor of Wyoming and let him know what sort of publicity one of his Representatives is generating.


  17. “I have not personally witnessed the slaughter of horses” quote from Sue Wallis.

    How can she pontificate about horse slaughter honestly if she has not witnessed the horrific death?

    Please read the following article,

    It takes forty acres to feed a cow and her calf for one month time that by a 1,000 for let see the cows are out on pasture for several months. Do the math! No wonder the ranchers want our land!

    I think we should buy this cerebral midget a NASCAR uniform so we could identify her corporate sponsors.


  18. May 2009, conservationists in Nevada were saying livestock grazing poses a threat to a wide variety of species. Fast forward to December 2009, suddenly they are siding with the federal government saying wild horses must be removed because they are causing the irreparable damage. It notes that then-Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt said in 2005 that livestock grazing “is the most damaging use of public land.” What has changed? Has someone been paid off? Maybe some big donations to the Sierra Club, The Nevada Department of Wildlife?


  19. Roxy et al,
    I’m following this issue very closely. There are, however, certain things that I’m not positive about and am looking for facts.
    This is my understanding (short version):
    * These wild horses/burros live on public land…yes?
    * Cattle ranchers are using our public lands for their cattle…yes?
    * Cattle ranchers, as their businesses expand (more animals), want to use MORE of our PUBLIC lands..yes?
    * Do they pay the gov’t money to use these lands?
    * Is it correct to assume that they feel the wild horses are *in their way*? Grazing land that the ranchers’ cattle could be using?
    Is this the problem, or, what am I missing. I need a bit of education here.
    * I read Sue Wallis’s info…apparently she’s trying real hard to convince the public that she is humane in her outlook. From my perspective, anyone even remotely “humane” would never condone the “gatherings” (what a b.s. term). I read her post rather quickly but don’t recall seeing anything about the round-up. Is she a supporter of the gatherings, or did she conveniently avoid using “wild horses” in her post?
    I’m wondering if we have two different issues here: 1) the taking of wild horses from public lands or 2)Only reopening the horse slaughterhouses.
    In other words, what is her connection to the wild horse fiasco?


    • From the front end, it is two separate issues. Wild horses off public lands used to be sold to slaughter houses by the adopters, until some rules changed. The got the horses for $125, then sold them for $500. It was a money-making scheme. It does still happen, just not in the open.
      The horse slaugher issue also includes every other horse in the United States. I have read that some groups (quarter horses? thoroughbreds?) breed incessantly trying to find the one horse that will make them money. They need a way to make money off all the horses they created but can’t use. Calling the vet to euthanize them costs money, plus the disposal costs money. Selling the excess horses to slaughter makes them money. They are being irresponsible and wanting to profit from it.


    • Blacksnake on Rep. “Slaughter…

      My responses based on my level of understanding at this time, certainly I am no expert, and still learning myself.

      * These wild horses/burros live on public land…Answer = YES, though some lived on what is now US Forest Service Land at the time of th 1971 Act. USFS appears to be little brother to BLM, follows their evil footprints. And other non-BLM non USFS land as well, there are some small groups trying to get their wils horse herds included in this cause to save them – anyone, can share who they are?.
      * Cattle ranchers are using our public lands for their cattle…Answer = Answer = YES, mostly now huge well known corporations using those acres referred to as “welfare ranching”. There are still a few family ranchers out there – two at least are already being pushed out by energy – they have YouTubes, but I did not save the names – probably easy to find. And several web reports as well. Some place to start is YouTube “Robert Redford BLM”. PLUS using more and more of our Wild Horses legislated land, legislated to be the primary user – see 1971 Wild Horse and Burro Act.
      * Cattle ranchers, as their businesses expand (more animals), want to use MORE of our PUBLIC lands..Answer = YES. I have a real issue with this beyond the obvious. Right now so many Americans are suffering from loss of jobs, really hard times, so I’m even finding it hard to support the family “welfare ranchers” on our public lands, much less the big corporations. Obama said we would all have to share in these hard times – I don’t see any sharing going on!
      * Do they pay the gov’t money to use these lands? Answer = YES, (cannot remember exact figures off hand) $1.40 +/- cow calf pair, market price would be about $500 – I think – can someone please confirm? Plus, I’m told they get another $125 Million, that’s $125,000,000 in subsidies from our tax dollars – I do not have a reference for you. I think we are anticipating a complete report on this soon.
      * Is it correct to assume that they feel the wild horses are *in their way*? Grazing land that the ranchers’ cattle could be using? Answer = YES. The cattle ranchers that have been “leasing” public lands, have developed some sort of “right to it” forever mentality, and they want more, and more, and more, just to add a few thousand more cattle (not sure of figures here) to their already MILLIONS of cattle, that on public lands represents JUST 3% of all USA cattle. They just have to get rid of what should be 60,000 or so wild horses to add a few paltry number of cattle to add their already MILLIONS. Personal view point here – I don’t see how this battle even makes sense to most of cattle people, I think the wild horses are going first because cattle supports that. The real issue is energy and mining, and the cattle are next to go. Anything that is a “nuisance” to more roads, more fences, more security, will be gone, including hunters coveted game, timber gone to make way, mountain tops gone to dig pits, land and water polluted from the processes – in other words we are headed for NO MORE WILD PUBLIC LANDS if this is not stopped. And it could all coexist with a little effort, they (and possibly us too) just don’t want to pay a few extra penneys.
      Is this the problem, or, what am I missing. I need a bit of education here. Answer = You have the problem pegged!
      * I read Sue Wallis’s info…apparently she’s trying real hard to convince the public that she is humane in her outlook. From my perspective, anyone even remotely “humane” would never condone the “gatherings” (what a b.s. term). I read her post rather quickly but don’t recall seeing anything about the round-up. Is she a supporter of the gatherings, or did she conveniently avoid using “wild horses” in her post? Answer = Her campaign is for the slaughter of domestically bred horses to squeeze the last penny out of them as part of “horse business” any way they can, in whatever way they want – that is a quote from her – these are our “personal property” to do with any way we want!. I don’t know her position on wild horses – anyone?
      I’m wondering if we have two different issues here: 1) the taking of wild horses from public lands or 2)Only reopening the horse slaughterhouses. Answer = 2 issues, covered on several different pages through out R.T.s site. Except that wild horses end up in slaughter from killer buyers (and probably from rustlers/horse thieves, and I believe there has been evidence in the past of BLM participation in “looking the other way” for kickbakcs – see investigative report “Stampeded to Oblivion” by George Knapp – it is on-line in sections.
      In other words, what is her connection to the wild horse fiasco? Answer = Unknown by me. Anyone else know?

      Whew! That ws along one, even for me! If everyone would please check my accuracy and comment as to any additional needed info?


  20. Check this out gang:

    Press Release

    Contact Us


    1902 Thomes, Suite 202B
    Cheyenne, WY 82001

    Sue Wallis
    United Orgs of the Horse (UOH)
    Executive Director
    307 680 8515 cell
    307 685 8248 ranch

    Dave Duquette
    United Horsemen’s Front (UHF)
    Executive Director
    541 571 7588

    Krissa Thom
    UOH & UHF
    Operations Manager
    307 689 8536


    If you own horses, and especially if you make any part of your living in relationship with horses, please take the time to complete this SURVEY. It will take 30-45 minutes of your time.


    The information that we gather will be included in a Governmental Accountability Office study on the effects of the horse processing plants being closed on the welfare of horses themselves, and on farm economy. The study is scheduled to be complete on March 1st.

    We hope to reach as broad a spectrum of the horse industry as possible by the end of January. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this information to every horse owner you know.

    Check out all of our Membership promotions on our WEBSITE, and while you are there take the time to review and SIGN PETITIONS that will automatically send your personal message to your U.S. Senators and Representative.

    Please JOIN and help us protect the rights of horse owners, and protect the culture, lifestyle, and way of being that includes enjoying, living and working with horses in our lives.

    $25 is all it takes to participate in meaningful, positive action. Find out how you could win a new Dodge truck, a John Deere Gator, or a Stetson/Resistol Hat, AND make a big difference in your own future!


    $25 – BASIC

    $100 – SUPPORTER

    $1,000 – LIFETIME

    Group and business sponsorships negotiated individually

    We just sent this press release to major news outlets across the Nation…

    Radical animal rights groups, environmental extremists, and misguided horse advocates have been trying to flood the airwaves with blatant propaganda and alarmist rhetoric. We seek to provide some common sense and balance.



    Contact: Sue Wallis: Executive Director, United Organizations of the Horse 307-685-8248

    Dave Duquette: Executive Director, United Horsemen’s Front 541-571-7588

    America’s Pro-Horse Coalition Supports BLM, Salazar Efforts To Rein In Feral Horse Population

    CHEYENNE, WY–The United Organizations of the Horse (UOH) applauds the efforts of federal officials to control the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands, and urges the enactment of responsible policies for the management and disposition of excess horses. The UOH, a nationwide coalition working in the best interests of horses and horse owners, and for the rejuvenation of the equine industry, is the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. Its members and supporters are petitioning Congress to support the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in its mission to manage public lands, not supervise a “welfare state” for excess feral horses held captive and warehoused in private feedlots and holding facilities off of public lands at enormous taxpayer expense.

    “The BLM’s primary directive is to manage the land, to establish and maintain a sustainable balance of resources on public lands, including wild horses, native wildlife, grazing, fisheries, forests, energy development, and recreation,” said Sue Wallis, UOH Executive Director. “It should not be using its taxpayer resources to support excess animals of any species.”

    The BLM currently pays for the care of some 32,000 wild horses in short- and long-term holding facilities, at a taxpayer cost of $29 million in fiscal 2009-more than 70 percent of the agency’s total budget for the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Although the agency strives to place horses in the hands of qualified owners, the demand for adoptions has plummeted in the current economic downturn, and has never come close to the annual natural increase of the herds.

    Left unchecked, feral horse herds will roughly double their population every four years. Although the BLM estimates the current free-roaming horse population at 37,000, recent evidence from the General Accounting Office proves that the herds have been under-counted. In addition, the BLM routinely gathers significantly more horses than expected during scheduled roundups at any of its 108 Herd Management Areas.

    The UOH unwaveringly supports the presence of properly-managed wild horses on public lands. However, the unchecked growth of feral herds has severely upset the environmental balance on public, private and tribal lands. Paired with the mounting numbers of unwanted domestic horses, many turned out to fend for themselves and dying of starvation on public and tribal lands, equine overpopulation has reached crisis proportions in the U.S..

    Besides removing the excess horses to reassert a proper balance on the ranges, the UOH advocates the BLM adhere to responsible management practices such as:

    · Holding wild horses in captivity for a maximum of 90 days. If they cannot be sold, adopted or otherwise permanently disposed of within that time they should be sold without restriction to the highest bidder. All revenue should be rolled back into the Wild Horse and Burro Program to better manage the wild herds and the resource base.

    · Restore humane and regulated equine processing facilities, to provide federal, state, and local agencies; tribal groups and the general public an option for humane disposal of unwanted excess horses, without needless taxpayer expense or needless suffering for horses otherwise likely to face starvation or abandonment.

    The United Organizations of the Horse, a mutual benefit organization, is committed to the well-being and humane treatment of horses, and the viability of the equine industry in the United States of America. Its companion non-profit group, the United Horsemen’s Front, is a charitable and educational non-profit 501c3 organization.

    For more information, visit and




  21. Was this published somewhere??

    Read this part again
    >>The UOH, a nationwide coalition working in the best interests of horses and horse owners, and for the rejuvenation of the equine industry, is the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. <<

    Isn't THAT really the discrepancy between both factions? This is not in the best interest of the horses, though I will concede it's in the best interest of the OWNERS. So, despite that there have been discussions here re "animal rights" and "animal welfare", the above is "welfare" to a T. See? There really is a big difference. Welfarists seek to use the animal any way you like, as long as it's basically fed, watered and sheltered. Welfare, for the most part is fought for by those who make a living from a particular type of animal.
    Then we have "….rejuvenation of the horse industry". Now what in the hell is that?? If there are so many unwanted horses, both wild and domestic,that require some type of action, i.e., reopening of slaughterhouses, why in the world does the "industry" need "rejuvenation"???
    I could spit every time I hear about someone having a foal. I know they're cute and all of that, but so at one time were the ones now in the corrals, feed lots and auctions.
    Guess you can see where my heart is at…maybe I don't belong here….but it just seems so shortsighted to allow the creation of more and more when there's already a glut of horses that no one knows what to do with…except to send to slaughter. Adoptive homes are far too few (if they're even legitimate at all).
    Yes, you can liken this to putting a cap on dog breeding. Both sides can argue till the cows come home (grrrrr), but facts are facts: There are just too many! They are obviously not appreciated enough by a sufficient number of people because they aren't rare. It's like a good crop of apples falling from the tree. Everyone is eager to pick the first few of the season…and we have great plans for the remaining apples…but ultimately they end up unused and unwanted on the ground…they just aren't special anymore because everyone has had their fill.


    • Blacksnake, I agree with you – STOP SLAUGHTER = STOP BREEDING. No rocket science needed. Also, no disrespect to anti slaughter – best wishes on getting that accomplished!

      Horse slaughter is part of a business plan to reap every possible penny – period.

      Not familiar right off with HOU, but I’ll look that up. One must be careful of what sites say they are for and what they are REALLY for.

      You asked me another question earlier – I would need to look some stuff up – can’t promise I’ll get back to you – but in a nutshell – 2 separate issues, except, as Gardenbell, has indicated, wild horses can and do end up in “you get paid for it” slaughter too, so there is that connection. And there is apparently, I am still learning, slaughter going on in USA, but it is “paid for”, not “getting paid from”. Its the domestic “horse business” and other profiteers that want to “get paid” to have their thousands of overbred horses slaughtered to squeeze out that last Penney – and they don’t care how its carried out. I’ve asked them for evidence, for videos of their claim that it is humane, and if I get a reply, it’s that we don’t have pictures – well then snap to it and get some made! However I find it hard to believe that any industry does not have at least training videos on how something is supposed to be carried out – so I don’t buy their answer – they don’t have any because humane slaughter for profit does not exist.

      You can look for D. Masters comment on here about the “you pay for it” slaughter – can’t find it right now I – there are references there. Must be considered humane since it is the first I’ve heard of it. Yes? No?


      • Roxy ~ I never heard of it either. I thought it was illegal to slaughter horses for “human consumption” in the US period. The only slaughter I know about is killer buyers transporting horses to Mexico or Canada.


    • No, no, NO! That is NOT the difference between “rights” and “welfare”! “Rights” is PETA: Owning animals is slavery; wearing fur is murder; ANY use of animals – even riding your horse – even OWNING a horse or dog or any animal is enslavement. The ultimate goal of PETA is to exterminate domestic animals completely and then only have very slight to no interaction between animals and humans after that. They readily kill and cats/dogs that people are foolish enough to entrust them with, and none too humanely either. They are contemptuous of domestic animals.

      “Welfare” is still using and even eating animals, but humanely. We own animals but always are good to them and DO have their best interests at heart. We are against slaughter because it is inhumane and promotes horse theft and abuse. We want farm and ranch animals treated humanely – what used to be called good “animal husbandry”.

      PETA has gone on record as being AGAINST animal welfare because they don’t want the use of animals to ever look humane. They don’t give a rat’s ass about the welfare of domestic animals – they want them to go extinct. I don’t know how they feel about wild horses – you’d think they’d be protecting the wild ones, but I haven’t heard a peep from them. They DEFINITELY do not help the anti-slaughter people because they WANT domestic horses killed.

      I am against the PETA and their ilk for many reasons, but partly because they give the pro-slaughter people ammo to use against US. People like Sue Wallis use the term “welfare” to fool people who really do want the best for their animals. It is a LIE. They just want to make a profit off their animals and they don’t care how much suffering it causes. That includes over breeding and needing slaughter to dump the ones that don’t meet the standards.

      PLEASE get this straight! You will be helping the enemy if you say you are against animal welfare! They already try to brand all of us as crazy radicals who don’t want animals to even be touched by humans. Please don’t help them!


      • Yeah Suzanne!

        Stay away from Peta and HSUS!

        The EQUUS Foundation/USEF Youth Convention is scheduled to be held Saturday,
        January 16, 2010, at the Louisville Marriott Downtown in Louisville, KY and
        one of the co-sponsors for this event for young riders from all over the
        country is the HSUS.

        Not being one to go around yelling that the sky is falling without first
        checking things out to see if it really IS falling, I went to the USEF
        website and obtained the following press release:

        This press release from the USEF says: “The Humane Society of the United
        States will be the presenting sponsor of the 2010 EQUUS Foundation/USEF
        Youth Convention. Established in 1954, the Humane Society of the United
        States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization.”

        This is truly frightening as it seems the USEF doesn’t have a clue as to the
        REAL agenda of the HSUS and they are allowing them to sponsor part of this
        conference for young riders. I guess money really does talk! This is
        particularly insidious as it gets HSUS’ foot [and agenda] in the door of the
        next generation of riders.

        If you are as disturbed as I am about HSUS being allowed to participate in
        this program you can contact Jennifer Mellenkamp, Director, National
        Breed/Discipline Affiliates and Youth Programs, via e-mail at or call (859) 225-6955. Also David O’Connor at

        Below is what I sent them. Feel free to adapt for your own use (but don’t copy outright unless you can honestly say you *have* had the same classroom experience with HSUS). If you’re a USEF member, be sure to include that–as well as any other equine organization memberships. Be careful how you do word things–apparently one friend of mine used a phrase about “whoring out the USEF name” and her e-mail was rejected due to “suspected adult content”! You may also find that your e-mail gets bounced–if so, keep trying–we suspect that the mailboxes may be full this morning! (Mine hasn’t bounced so far, but I sent it yesterday.)

        Dear Mr. O’Connor:

        I am truly appalled to read the following:

        “The Humane Society of the United
        States will be the presenting sponsor of the 2010 EQUUS Foundation/USEF
        Youth Convention. Established in 1954, the Humane Society of the United
        States is the nation’s largest animal protection organization.”

        HSUS is the “public” face of PETA, promoting a petless, meatless (and presumably horseless) society. They have provided financial assistance to animal rights terrorists. They have promoted and lobbied for legislation which would make it difficult, if not impossible, for USEF members, among others, to enjoy riding their horses, compete, foxhunt, breed their animals, etc.–in fact, they lobby to the extent that their tax-exempt status is being questioned more and more loudly. Furthermore, their taking of donations without any great degree of disbursement to local humane societies (but large salaries to their officers), as well as their documented killing (and illegally tossing into dumpsters) of animals put into their “care,” makes a mockery of the phrase, “the nation’s largest animal protection organization.”

        Allowing HSUS to have *any* part (let alone a major one) in a youth program intended to support and promote horsemanship, is like asking the fox to guard the chickens. HSUS would be only too happy to poison our youth into thinking that “using” our horses and other animals is somehow wrong (I speak as a teacher who has had to keep constant watch to prevent their insidious animal-rights programs and newsletters from invading my classroom!) For USEF to include HSUS in any way in its programs is to grant legitimacy to the very groups that would love to see USEF and other animal organizations disappear, or themselves change into meatless, petless, animal-less shadows.

        Please reconsider this ill-advised partnership with HSUS. I will certainly warn any youth in my circle of contacts, NOT to participate in this or any convention in which HSUS has a part.

        Marge Mullen
        New England Saddlebred Association, Inc.


      • Suzanne and D, both – good points. Its all in the turn of a phrase and the context its used in. I’m learning a lot.

        This is a great back and forth – we’ll all be able to do better with these differing perspectives. Words used in defferent context can have completly opposite meanings. Todays youth term “thats bad” for example.

        I don’t know anything about PETA – didn’t even know you had to be vegan to be PETA, or is that even true? Or is PETA just about “wild” animals – all animals belong in the wild? No need to reply – I’ll check it out myself and respect that they have the right to thier point of view.

        And as many of us are, attempting anyway (I have erred myself), to put diferences aside and out of the specific issues at hand of saving our wild horses, and even separating the slaughter issue completely, its hard, it slips through and thats a good thing because it helps us identify how the enemy can use our individual understandings against the collecive.

        I hope PETA individuals can see thier way past this too. Let us as individuals, whether PETA or “godless”, I think someone used that term, put all that aside.

        Just send your letters, make the calls, sign the petitions, go to rallies, comment on the news blogs to fill in truths that are left out of the articles, whatever we can do for these 2 separate issues.

        I think if we keep them separate and agree to disagree perhaps on the nuances of slaughter or knakers, or personal beliefs, or whatever, keep sharing our thoughts though and challenging each other, we can and will save our wild horses and stop horse slaughter too.

        As an aside, I found Sue Wallis groups attack on PETA interesting that they accused PETA of euthanizaing (they said “killing” – again turn of a phrase) a few thousand animals, without giving any context. Then bashed PETA for only adopitng out 7 animals. Well, for an agency that is not even in the adoption business at all, that they adopted out 7 is 7 more than I would have expected! Little I do know about PETA is they turn all adoptable aniimals over to adoption groups. Since they rescue some of the worse of the worse conditions, it would make sense for them to end an animials suffering that cannot be saved otherswise. And 14,600 +/- is a drop in the bucket – Maricopa County alone euthanizes 500 dogs and cats every month, mostly healthy young animals – thats just one animal control. In effect PETA used thier donation money, not my tax dollars for those animals, that they could have rightly turned over to animal control in the first place. So there!


      • Suzanne, regarding your earlier reply = January 11, 2010 at 10:22 AM | #60 Quote “Roxy ~ I never heard of it either. I thought it was illegal to slaughter horses for “human consumption” in the US period. The only slaughter I know about is killer buyers transporting horses to Mexico or Canada.”

        I think this horse slaughter is for rendering, not for meat for human consumption. I have been web surfing and can’t really find anything about how the animals are treated or put down in the process of “rendering”.

        Still looking.


  22. Oh yes…one more thing from the petition intro:
    >> Holding wild horses in captivity for a maximum of 90 days. If they cannot be sold, adopted or otherwise permanently disposed of within that time they should be sold without restriction to the highest bidder. All revenue should be rolled back into the Wild Horse and Burro Program to better manage the wild herds and the resource base.<<

    THIS SPEAKS FOR ITSELF! "without restriction". Makes me sick. And very angry.


  23. Thank you so much for your time, Roxy…very much appreciated. I think we are aligned in our feelings on this topic.

    btw…what is the latest on Madeleine Pickens’s plan for the sanctuary she mentions on her website. As far as I can see, Salazar is insisting the sanctuary be located somewhere that Pickens does not approve of. Is that final yet?


  24. Maybe I’m the last one here to have heard this, but tonight for the first time I heard the song “All the Wild Horses” by Ray Lamontagne. I thought it beautiful. Here are the lyrics, just in case…..

    All the wild horses
    All the wild horses
    Tethered with tears in their eyes,

    May no man’s touch ever tame you.
    May no man’s reigns ever chain you,
    And may no man’s weight
    ever lay freight your soul…
    And as for the clouds
    Just let them roll…

    Roll away
    Roll away

    As for the clouds,
    Just let them roll

    Roll away
    Roll away…


  25. Sorry…forgot to mention the next “gather” (ha!) is scheduled for Jan.15th in UTAH.
    Apparently they are planning to make a clean sweep.


    • There has been info adjusted and BLM is said to be Gathering 200 and releasing 70 or 80? the different numbers come up again, but I would put no faith in what they say at all. Mar


  26. Roxy ~ About PETA. Yes, they are vegan – which does NOT mean all vegans are PETA! – and they don’t believe in animal use of ANY kind by humans. PETA does kill many of the animals people surrender to them in good faith. The think domesticated animals are better off dead. They truly are radicals, and can be dangerous. They are not quite the domestic terrorist org like SHARK. But they DO endorse SHARKS violent methods, and I do think they are capable of violence themselves.

    They – and other animal “rights” groups – are very quietly undermining OUR right to even own an animal. Many places have alredy adopted the term animal “guardian” instead of “owner.” So what, you may think. “Guardianship” is very different in the eyes of the law than “ownership.” PETA thinks you can’t own an animal any more than you can own a human. To them there is NO difference between the rights of animals and humans. This could have VERY far reaching consequences – which is what they’re working toward after all.

    Ole Sue would be much better off exploring the agenda of these groups – who really DO want to interfere with our ownership rights – than lumping ALL animal advocates as radical PETA-wannabes. But that’s part of her strategy – to make everyone think that all of us ARE radicals which will turn away many people who probably would support animal “welfare,” but not animal “rights.” I wouldn’t support PETA myself – neither their methods OR their real agenda. That’s why I keep harping on educating people on the difference between the two philosophies. PETA info:

    About rendering – Oh yes, I’m aware of that, but I’m not clear on slaughter specifically for rendering. I thought they took horses that were already dead, because that’s one recommended way of taking care of the problem of what to do with such a large body after death. They MAY kill horses too, but I just don’t know.


    • Suzanne, thanks for the info. I will go so far as saying that is why PETA did not sign the moretorium perhaps for 2 reasons – WE, being you and I, advocating the 1971 act and the intent of ROAM are not totally anti management, so this would fly in the face of the PETA doctrine and also perhaps realizing how they would negatively affect our success (I like to look for little silver linings – far to few to ignor any possiblities).

      But, I will seek, ask, beg, any PETA member who can see our true care for the wild horses and our heartbreak at thier potential doom, to send thier letters, make the calls, sign the petitions, attend protests, on their own behalf, not on behalf of PETA.

      Now, the ownership thing, I’m glad you brought that up – I may get dinged for this -and my opinion would be the same if I owned (have, guardian, whatever) a horse.

      I think the ideas of some animal owners, guardians, whatever you call them, of going too far to prolong a sick or old animal is wrong. They are not “part of anyones’ family” in the human sense. They do not percieve of a future, they are only “in the now”, so you are not taking anything away from them by putting them down (they can’t lose what they dan’t have). These new laws that are lately cropping up that fine people for chosing humane euthanazia instead of providing veterninary treatment is the worse thing (and makes the veterinary industry suspect in my mind). It will cause more people to not adopt animals (me for one, my two are my last) so in effect, they are causing more animals to be put down in animal control. Less on-going medical expenses for an animal with a dubius quality of life, is less money I could spend on saving more animals and providing them with a quality of life. This particular course, is, in my opinion radical in the wrong direction. This should be a choice, not a mandate. Fine people for real injustice = animal abuse, don’t fine for caring enough to end an animals poor quality of life. Dog world is not that much difernet than horse world. Most everyone that takes their dog to the pond, or takes their pet/companion horse to auction, hopes they will get a new forever home – NOT GOING TO HAPPEN FOR ALMOST ALL OF THEM. I’m fortunate that I have always been able to afford the veterenarian route, but new laws may prohibite that – force me to either expend huge amounts to extend an animals life that I know, and know the changes in the quality of thier lives or turn them in to the pound, which leaves me not knowing their fate (will they become food for someones snake, or bate for fighter dogs, or best scenario sit lonely and frighteneed in the noisy cage for 5 days and be euthanized anyway?). Big diference my tax dollars pay for animal control euthanasia and I can turn them in no questions asked. I continue to propose licencing of all breeders, and an elder care/end life bond for every animal. And then STOP the horrendouse current course of breeding in the first place. ADOPT FROM A RESCUE! I DON’T CARE IF ITS A HORSE, DOG, BUNNY, TURTLE, BIRD, IQUANA – THEY HAVE THEM ALL. And stop imposing misdirected laws on the care of animals.


    • Suzanne, went to the site – if I had time I’d dig into this. But, I am sure that I had read that ASPCA, Humane Societies and other animal rescues take the animals from PETA that are deemed adoptable. Seems I even remember a group of cats at one of the large pet food chains in thier animal rescue area, that on the little card said “rescued by PETA”. Maybe it said “rescued from PETA”. Maybe I drempt the whole thing. Needs more research, that I’ll spend on wild horses for now anyway. Once the wild horses are seeing better days ahead, I’ll be back to “anti over breeding” – May even move to Kanab and join Best Friends.





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