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Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis is Wielding Wild Horse Butcher’s Cleaver, AGAIN

More from the Woman that Nightmares are Made Of !

(WARNING: Not for Younguns or Horses)

written under great duress by R.T. Fitch – author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Rod (his last name is different) and "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis with their "Slaughtermobile"

HOUSTON – (SFHH) Awww shucks, folks.  I was almost (just almost) feeling a tad bad for speaking the truth about ole “Slaughterhouse” Sue, the other day.  Dang it.

There was an ittsy-bittsy little part of me that tried to see the other side’s point of view and attempt to determine what they are so afraid of.  If they raise cattle or breed Quarter Horses they are by no means our enemies.  As I have said many times over, most of us “advocates” are Ag people ourselves.  Many have cattle besides just horses and then there are folks like us that take great pride in growing the best crop of grass that we can for our herd.  There’s nothing wrong with being a “grass” farmer as it’s color matches that of my tractor and my John Deere cap.  We are all brothers and sisters with ties to the land and all that is nature.  So what’s the rub?

Another little tiny section of my soul felt bad as I hold women, particularly mothers, in the highest regard.  The veryest mostleous important individual in my life is my wife and I would be one pissed off grass farmer and horse rescuer if someone would make her cry or hurt her feelings.  She might not be a mamma to any two legged critters but there is to a passel of four legged ones that think she is their mother and have no problem showing it.  So I felt a little bit of remorse, for about a nanosecond, a flash in time that was so short that even Einstein could not calibrate it.

Right out in the open, “Slaughterhouse” and her silly henchmen not only announce to the world their incompetence but they blatantly offer up documentation to prove that they have the intelligence of Paramecium.  (No Sue, that is not the type of cheese that you put on a Pizza but instead it is a microscopic, brainless, hairy, single celled blob-like creature that thinks “pond scum” is a gourmet meal…sound familiar?)

Inserted, below, is the latest and greatest “News Release” that these dolts could collectively manage to put together.  Again, I must warn you that the “GAG ALERT” is still in effect and that you better not have a mouth full of coffee when you read this or ole Sue is going to cause you to replace your keyboard and perhaps refinish your computer desk.  Buckle up that seat belt, again, because here we go, right down into the bowels of Hates itself:

Press Release
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a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation registered in Wyoming – IRS 501(c)(6) status pending
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an IRS 501(c)(3) educational & charitable organization
Contact Us

1902 Thomes, Suite 202B
Cheyenne, WY 82001

Sue Wallis
United Orgs of the Horse (UOH)
Executive Director
307 680 8515 cell
307 685 8248 ranch

Dave Duquette
United Horsemen’s Front (UHF)
Executive Director
541 571 7588

Krissa Thom
Operations Manager
307 689 8536

Error! Filename not specified.

If you own horses, and especially if you make any part of your living in relationship with horses, please take the time to complete this SURVEY. It will take 30-45 minutes of your time.

The information that we gather will be included in a Governmental Accountability Office study on the effects of the horse processing plants being closed on the welfare of horses themselves, and on farm economy. The study is scheduled to be complete on March 1st.

We hope to reach as broad a spectrum of the horse industry as possible by the end of January. Please help us spread the word by forwarding this information to every horse owner you know.

Check out all of our Membership promotions on our WEBSITE, and while you are there take the time to review and SIGN PETITIONS that will automatically send your personal message to your U.S. Senators and Representative.

Please JOIN and help us protect the rights of horse owners, and protect the culture, lifestyle, and way of being that includes enjoying, living and working with horses in our lives.

$25 is all it takes to participate in meaningful, positive action. Find out how you could win a new Dodge truck, a John Deere Gator, or a Stetson/Resistol Hat, AND make a big difference in your own future!


$25 – BASIC


$1,000 – LIFETIME

Group and business sponsorships negotiated individually

We just sent this press release to major news outlets across the Nation…

Radical animal rights groups, environmental extremists, and misguided horse advocates have been trying to flood the airwaves with blatant propaganda and alarmist rhetoric. We seek to provide some common sense and balance.



Contact: Sue Wallis: Executive Director, United Organizations of the Horse 307-685-8248

Dave Duquette: Executive Director, United Horsemen’s Front 541-571-7588

America‘s Pro-Horse Coalition Supports BLM, Salazar Efforts To Rein In Feral Horse Population

CHEYENNE, WY–The United Organizations of the Horse (UOH) applauds the efforts of federal officials to control the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands, and urges the enactment of responsible policies for the management and disposition of excess horses. The UOH, a nationwide coalition working in the best interests of horses and horse owners, and for the rejuvenation of the equine industry, is the largest organization of its kind in the U.S. Its members and supporters are petitioning Congress to support the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in its mission to manage public lands, not supervise a “welfare state” for excess feral horses held captive and warehoused in private feedlots and holding facilities off of public lands at enormous taxpayer expense.

“The BLM’s primary directive is to manage the land, to establish and maintain a sustainable balance of resources on public lands, including wild horses, native wildlife, grazing, fisheries, forests, energy development, and recreation,” said Sue Wallis, UOH Executive Director. “It should not be using its taxpayer resources to support excess animals of any species.”

The BLM currently pays for the care of some 32,000 wild horses in short- and long-term holding facilities, at a taxpayer cost of $29 million in fiscal 2009-more than 70 percent of the agency’s total budget for the Wild Horse and Burro Program. Although the agency strives to place horses in the hands of qualified owners, the demand for adoptions has plummeted in the current economic downturn, and has never come close to the annual natural increase of the herds.

Left unchecked, feral horse herds will roughly double their population every four years. Although the BLM estimates the current free-roaming horse population at 37,000, recent evidence from the General Accounting Office proves that the herds have been under-counted. In addition, the BLM routinely gathers significantly more horses than expected during scheduled roundups at any of its 108 Herd Management Areas.

The UOH unwaveringly supports the presence of properly-managed wild horses on public lands. However, the unchecked growth of feral herds has severely upset the environmental balance on public, private and tribal lands. Paired with the mounting numbers of unwanted domestic horses, many turned out to fend for themselves and dying of starvation on public and tribal lands, equine overpopulation has reached crisis proportions in the U.S..

Besides removing the excess horses to reassert a proper balance on the ranges, the UOH advocates the BLM adhere to responsible management practices such as:

  • Holding wild horses in captivity for a maximum of 90 days. If they cannot be sold, adopted or otherwise permanently disposed of within that time they should be sold without restriction to the highest bidder. All revenue should be rolled back into the Wild Horse and Burro Program to better manage the wild herds and the resource base.
  • Restore humane and regulated equine processing facilities, to provide federal, state, and local agencies; tribal groups and the general public an option for humane disposal of unwanted excess horses, without needless taxpayer expense or needless suffering for horses otherwise likely to face starvation or abandonment.

The United Organizations of the Horse, a mutual benefit organization, is committed to the well-being and humane treatment of horses, and the viability of the equine industry in the United States of America. Its companion non-profit group, the United Horsemen’s Front, is a charitable and educational non-profit 501c3 organization.

For more information, visit and


Hic, urp, cough, sputter…ya’all still with me?  See anything a tad off center with that?  (besides the formatting?)

First off there is NO overpopulation of wild horses on our public lands.  The BLM has seen to that as there are more in prison and dying in BLM pens, right now, than there are on our public land.  Also, what they don’t mention is that our wild horses are out numbered by privately owned cattle 400 to 1.  DOINK.  Don’t take no darn Scientific Rocket to figure out there’s a problem there, do it?

As you read this the BLM is taking 2,900 horses off from 500,000 acres designated to them by Congress and they are letting only a few hundred back with the females all chemically spayed.  It’s da end of those horses, folks.  And what the BLM did NOT tell you was that on that VERY same land they increased grazing permits for private cattle by 300% last year.  Gosh, who do you think is tearing up the lawn out der?.

Steph and Dave "Doinkette" with a live horse, a rare (no pun intended) sight indeed

Back to “Slaughterhouse” Sue and her buddy Dave “Doinkette”, besides breaking the IRS law with their illegal 501(c)(3)s (by the way, besides their little cross state lines raffle thingy, if you donate to “Slaughterhouse’s” group, in Wyoming, the money goes to “Doinkette’s” group in Oregon, do you really think she is legal?) they don’t have a clue as to what they are perpetuating by referring to our indigenous, native, wild horses as “feral”.  If they are truly feral there is the distinct possibility that they were at one time domestic and if that is the case they could not be sold directly to the EU for slaughter as they could contain all those carcinogenic drugs that we give our horses to keep them healthy.  (They shoot themselves in the right foot) and the only Wild Equis that the EU will except is Zebra meat (DOINK again, that’s where Dave’s name comes from…I think that bullet lodged in theirleft foot)

“Slaughterhouse” wants Flicka to be the “other red meat” on your plate so that she can make even more money by selling off our wild mustangs and “Doinkette” wants to open up slaughterhouses so that he can continue to breed irresponsibly and instead of putting a bullet in the brain of a healthy, yet not perfect Quarter Horse, he can earn a few hundred bucks from selling his meat off to wealthy foreigners.  (If any of the breeders who think this way had a lick of sense they would geld the “inferior” stallions and sell them for a lesser than retail, yet more than slaughter, price OR donate them to a non-profit and legally write of up to $5,000.00 without an appraisal.  Gosh, that would be GREAT business sense and what’s the other word…humane?  DOINK)

Folks, I know that we have paused for a moment from speaking about the horrible tragedy that is the BLM’s Calico roundup, but we really need to address these lies and misrepresentations, not to mention the illegal activities of the likes of these people.  Take into account that “Slaughterhouse” is an elected official, state official and the problem is multiplied.

Take a moment and write to the Governor of the good state of Wyoming and let him know how you feel about the twisted, public activities of one of his elected Representatives.  Write or call the State’s Attorney offices of both Wyoming and Oregon and shine the light on the gaming law violations of both of these cartoon characters and then step it up to the Federal level.

We do our very best to be law abiding, sensible citizens who attempt to speak the truth and bring clarity to the facts while the likes of “Slaughterhouse” and “Doinkette” make a career out of distorting the truth, propagating lies and advertising their inability to process facts and data.

Where we come from we don’t eat our friends so let’s shut them down and put them away…I am digging the first scoop with the shovel, who’s next?

Additional information:

Click (HERE) for a vision into what lights these folks up.

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28 replies »

  1. Well, I’m a horse owner and she certainly doesn’t represent MY equine interests! Nor do I support anything that her pseudo “horse-group” stands for. god help her 7 children!


  2. Oh heck I up and read that before I ate my lunch now my tummie’s upside down. It’s hard to know what to say or how to react when faced with full on beligerent ignorance. And RT my term for her is “scurvilous sewer scum” about the worst insult I can call someone.


  3. I have a spelling correction for horse enemy #1 Dave’s last name..not Doinkette but Puquette…translates from french to “one who expects horse to safely carry them then eats the horse & doesn’t have the conscience to puq…puke, though the rest of us are”


  4. R.T. I’m next in line w/the shovel, I read some of her “poetry” she is the worst; and they elected her! OMG, what are we doing here in AMerica! I think there is an agency that looks into Non-profits, she and her good buddy need to eb reported, anybody know if there is such an agency??


  5. R.T. and Terry,

    Your tireless efforts to keep us all updated is most impressive and much needed. We need more facts and insight to keep up with the never ending tricky wicked ways of the American equine enemies. I agree with the very first statement of this article. I today, too, tried to let go of my own notions for a nanosecond and check out the possibilities of an ever so slight good intention from Wallis and cohorts. Think hard Morgan. Search deep. Mmmmmmmm…grrrrrrr…. nope. Nary a one to be found. Everything they do or say is sickening and rage invoking.

    There isn’t anything further I could add at this time in a public comment that has not been said by others or by me.

    I wonder if the equine breeders will begin to withhold medical treatment on their ill or injured horses due to the EU restrictions so the possible meat for slaughter will not be tainted. I am starting to think ahead of these nasty folks and their animal cruelty tendencies. Yuk. What a train of thought to start up in my head.

    Yep. Terry is a VERY good Mom!!!!!


  6. “The BLM’s primary directive is to manage the land, to establish and maintain a sustainable balance of resources on public lands, including wild horses, native wildlife, grazing, fisheries, forests, energy development, and recreation,” said Sue Wallis, UOH Executive Director. “It should not be using its taxpayer resources to support excess animals of any species.”

    If I may be so bold, the “excess” species on public lands are “grazing” cattle and sheep, which outnumber horses 400 to 1. I vote for getting rid of those excess grazers and make room for the mustangs.


  7. Yes, something must be done. The IRS looks after nonprofits, Jan, and the Governor needs to know that she is working on behalf of an organization and not the state of Wyoming. Very illegal. These are a good start. I do not want the likes of this person getting these sick ideas any where near any wild horses or the kids out there who dream of them. Mar


  8. Does anyone know just how many people are really supporting this organization? I signed up to get the email news letter so I could keep track of what these nuts are up to and to me they seem desperate for donations and followers. I doubt that many sent in the hundred dollar donation that was needed to get your name in the drawing for the new truck that was being offered at some rodeo a while back. This cow, I have no doubt, will be voted back in every few years until she drops dead.


  9. Hi, Renee. They haven’t been getting any press coverage so why call attention to them? Nobody wants to read about killing non-food animals for an elite foreign market. It will infuriate the public and backfire on them. They are a laughing stock and everything they say can be disputed. All they do is ask for money. Just look at what we have accomplished without one penny of funding. Pure grass roots.

    If you look at the wild horse issue and the slaughter issue, what is the common denominator? It all leads back to cattle ranchers. Wallis has a petition to open the plants and is complaining about the ecological balance. The welfare ranchers have turned the public lands into a private feedlot. They are running out of forage and want to take over all the lands. I would like her to produce an EA or an EIS for every livestock lease, read the GAO study and then come back and say the wild horses are over populated. What a farce. They outnumber the horses 400 to 1 and our tax payer subsidies are going for livestock that represents 3% of the beef supply and is all exported. You are paying for something you can’t eat. I eat meat but enough is enough. If they don’t back off the horses, I will not buy their products.

    Their material is just infuriating. “WHEREAS it has been documented that a ban on horse meat leads to an increase in the abandonment and neglect of unwanted horses.” How in the hell can you have documented proof for something that doesn’t exist? Don’t you have to wait until there is a ban on slaughter and it ends, to make that statement? Why do they keep producing excess horses year after year? I guess she is saying they are not intelligent enough to manage their business. You would think in this economy they could apply a little common sense supply and demand. You don’t need a Ph.D to know that you don’t produce more than there is a demand for.

    OH, I could go on for pages – LOL!


    • Vicki, i think you are right and that is why she makes such wild claims and is so hostile to us. She is narrowing it down to us if you notice. I would have to say that RT has stirred her up and put her on the defensive and she has stepped far out of bounds as a Wyoming representative in order to fight back. Actually that is a good move, RT. As long as she never gets to do any harm to the wild ones as she is suggesting. A very dangerous person. A bit out of control and Very Emotional!! mar


  10. 1-5-09

    USDA Economic Research Service


    The United States, although the largest producer of beef in the world, is a net beef importer. Most beef produced and exported from the United States is grain-finished, high-value cuts. Most beef that the United States imports is lower value, grass-fed beef destined for processing, primarily as ground beef.


  11. I would suggest if it could at all be done at the next BLM round up, several hundred protesters need to show up armed with video cameras, local reporters from the media.
    Call CNN. They went to Florida to investigate the illegal slaughter houses. They opened up to the public what was going on there. Now I think there will be something done about it. It will stop the horses from being killed and the meat sold on the black market. The same thing needs to be done here. The BLM thinks everyone is afraid of them simply because they are a government agency. They need to be shown they are not above the law. The dismissive attitude the BLM has shown to anyone that went to their meetings shows what they think of the public objecting to their illegal roundups. Someone in DC might notice it if enough protesters showed up.


  12. In the state of Kansas we have pending legislation to allow horse slaughtering. Many Kansans are saying there are just too many horses and we have to do something to control their population. They’re saying we’re putting all the unwanted horses on trucks to Mexico for slaughter and that’s a cruel ride. Therefore, we should just slaughter them here. Is that so? The pending legislation is so very absurd. I mean, a horse is a horse of course but for food? Nah. That just aint a part of cowboy or cowgirl philosophy.


  13. All of your rederic is giving me a headache! Not one of you have mentioned adopting a wild horse, Just that you seem to think the BLM and the Government are wrong. so get off your couch and adopt one. I know for a fact that I would much rather see such a majestic animal taken care of in a slaughter house in the United States than in Mexico. Have you personally witnessed the life of a horse on the Calico? Those of you who are horse owners own them because you can afford them and you love riding them. It’s great what Willie Nelson has done, Adopting Mustangs and owning 72 horses. But!! i’m telling you if he was to go broke again which he has done before!! he would sell off everyone of them he owned and wouldn’t care if they went to a good home or a slaughter house. There are wonderful people out there that love the wild Horse but honestly do not understand unless witnessed with your own eyes how overwhelming these herds are. I could make a video of fancy show horses running and kicking but if I put a sad song to it and mentioned they were hungry most of you would send me a buck to feed them.


    • Many of us have adopted everything from wild horses to rescued horses. There is not one single “bought” horse in our pasture. So careful with the generalizations.

      You have missed the entire point, we want to see the horses left alone in the wild where they have been for hundreds…well actually millions…of years. Nature takes care of itself and has managed quite well without man’s meddling. Just leave the horses be is our simple creed. We are not a bunch of screaming nutcases who want to feed, water or medicate the wild horses, just let them be wild horses.

      Pretty practical and inexpensive way to proceed.


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