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Wild Horses and Advocacy – It sure isn’t about making Money

An Irreverent Open Letter to the “Dark Side” by SFHH Editor and Author, R.T. Fitch

Sooner or later I knew it was going to happen; one day or another the snakes would rear their ugly heads and attempt to strike at us; and last night was the night.

We have been openly discussing the issue of money driving the BLM to do the dastardly deed that they are doing of removing all our indigenous wild horses from our public lands.  We have exposed how “adaptors” of these horses pay their $125 adoption fee and then run them across the border to have them slaughtered for a cool $500 bucks worth of blood money.  We have talked about it and it is all public, transparent and honest; just as we are.  We use our real names, our real email addresses and some of us even have websites and publications that tell a whole bunch about who and what we are.  We fear nothing as the truth is freedom and our spirits run with horses.

But the snakes came a calling last night.  While we slept they slithered and crawled through our posts and comments leaving poisoned lies, urine stained replies and rebuttals dripping with poison…until, our traps snatched the vermin up.

This morning when I opened up the spam bin I had to slam the lid back down as all I could see was a writhing, dark, feces covered squirming ball of evil.  Comment after comment, reply after reply assaulting individuals and screaming with capitol letters that we are all doing this so that we can steal money and make ourselves rich from all of the donations that people are giving us to do the work that we are lying about.  It was ugly.

I stood there looking at the “spam can” for a few moments and tried to clear the stench of dishonesty out of my nostrils, then I picked up the can, took it out to the burn pile in the back pasture, dumped about 5 gallons of diesel fuel on it and lit it on fire.  “Burn you evil bastards, burn.”  I then asked forgiveness for the pollution but felt it was still an environmentally sound move as all the stench and foul air was being cleared and the few minutes of smoke would be nothing compared to the alternative.

"Ya bunch of Horse Huggin Commies"

“Equine Advocates, you bunch of money grabbing liars; how dare you steal from the good people of the United States you coven of tree hugging, city dwelling vegans.  Not a one of you milk toast heathens has even laid eyes upon a real horse let alone rode one.  And YOU, R.T. Fitch, you are the worser of the hole lot of um.  You are maken money hand over fist telling lies about horses and stealen from people.  You need to open up yer books and show how you an all the rest of them are stealen; you stupid, commie, pinko.”

Ok, I can take a joke and here are my books.  I don’t know a single, blinking, caring equine advocate that does ANYTHING for the horses that makes them money.  If you all had a brain that was larger than a pea you would figure that out.  Horses are very large, loving critters into which you pour vast amounts of cash and only poop comes out the other end…unless they are wild and then they take care of themselves, duh.  Guess what, BLM, you don’t even have to feed them.

Every American citizen that drives to a roundup to act as a witness for the horses or goes to a meeting or conference, press excluded, pays for their expenses out of their own pocket and donates their time out of caring and compassion.  There are horse rescues across this great land that are completely staffed by volunteers and funded, obviously, by donations.  And right now, during these times, the donations are few and far between you dolts.  But the people who care struggle on and do what is right for the horses.

R.T. and Friends

I will open my books.  My wife and I have been fully engaged and involved with the overall welfare of the American Horse since the late 90’s.  We have been officers and board members for one of the most outstanding equine protection organizations in the free world, Habitat for Horses where I still sit on the BoD.  It is all about donations and if you understood the federal IRS code you would know that the Board members of a 501(c)(3) cannot accept compensation.  (That means that we work for free and, uh, follow the law?)

Across this great land there are tens of thousands of like minded souls who donate their money and their time for the safety and well being of our companion animals.  (No, they are not livestock or food animals.  Never have been and never will be, check with the USDA if you have any doubts…besides, we don’t eat our friends!)

So to all of the snakes who thought that they could tear us apart in the dark of the night and derail our momentum I have just one thing to say to you…WRONG!

We carry the light; we know the facts and the truth; all of which terrifies you right down to the marrow of your bones.  So run, slither and crawl back into your holes as we are here to stay, here to fight and here to win.  We will never succumb to your lies and I, for one, will never go quietly into the night.

You have finally met your match.

We are all about the horses!

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  1. And Amen to that R T, you are a superb individual and a great role model, thank you freom the bottom of my heart and I am sure a lot of others will agree! If I could hug you I would so a virtual one will have to do (((((HUG))))


  2. Last night in the wee hours, I noticed the same type of creeps invading the Cloud Foundation facebook comments. There must be a conspiracy. Unfortunately, their comments were posted and a lot of time was wasted by people trying to reason with them, which is impossible and wastes valuable time that is needed to plan the next move to save our wild horses and burros. Freedom of speech may be a nice idea but in this case it is best to delete distracting comments or at least ignore them, otherwise these losers will accomplish what they set out to do — dampening our spirit. I, personally, will not let them to that.


  3. RT, yep, it was a real slime attack. But we have to accept and move on. It is better to be the arrow than the target. We have become many arrows and we have big targets that are hard to miss. mar


  4. When we finally open the corrals and let all 37,000 have back their rightful lands, what a magnificent sight that will be. Now to make it happen!!!!


  5. I’ll take them on for one or two rounds at the end of other of my duties, if you just want to leave them for me. Its good practice for me, and you all catch my errors that I don’t want to make on YouTube or elsewhere.

    Circumstances have me stuck here at my computer anyway, sending all my Obama et.al e-mails first,then its here and TCF, then YouTubes, and any news article we get links to, I go check – but you all usually have beat me to those comment sections. I’ll just change to YouTubes before I come here and TCF.

    I’ll stop though if they don’t reply with any references that back up thier stunts –

    so pertty much they will only get two strikes from me, why, BECASUE THEY DON’T HAVE ANY REFERNCES TO SEND ME. One did once, had a kind of nice back and forth, and she finally gave in the domestic horse business taught at the Univeristies might not be applicable to wild horses – Yea! At least that!

    R,T., Good article and come back as always.


    • I first tangled with the BLM in 1992, over the Wild Horses on the Pryor Mountain Range….Clouds home. What an epic battle THAT WAS!! We won that battle, but clearly not the war and that’s what this is my friends. I am so thankful there are thousands, millions (?) of you around the globe who can carry on when us ‘old timers’ are all gone. Bless each and every one of you.


  6. A few of us are always being accused of being on HSUSs payroll. I don’t understand why the concept of volunteering (meaning the individual’s own time and money) is such a foregin concept to the anti-horse folks.

    I guess they don’t understand what it’s like to do something because it’s the right thing to do and not because you are being compensated.


  7. WOW … Equine Advocates = money grubbin liars, making money hand over fist … and I just thought I had seen it all. Over the past 13 years I’ve taken in 2 past horses that could no longer be cared for by their owners and 2 years ago I was fortunate enough to come across a tall dark and hansome TB gelding that too could not longer be cared for by his owner and was turned over to HFH to find him a forever home. I’d like to know where they think all the money comes from for me each month when its time to buy the hay, buy the feed, buy the bedding for theirs and his stall, pay the farrier because he needs shoes on the front and pay the vet when they and he needed vet treatments? Obviously not from any of those “ANTI-HORSE LOVERS”, but right out of my bank account! In my opinion, when “they” start paying my bills, I will might put a little stock in what they have to say, and even “a little is too much”, but, until then, I’m with R.T. their garbage talk and actions belong in the burn pile!!!


  8. I’m not finished here! Those dolts in 1992 didn’t know a damn thing then about wild horses, and very little about domestic for that matter. I suppose one of the first and only questions asked of them when applying for a job at the BLM’s Wild horse and Burro Program, “Do you know which end of the horse does what”? End of interview, your hired.Those boys that came to the Pryors to round them up, were ignorant and cocky, what a combination….just like today. My Dad always said, “you can’t improve on stupid”.


  9. A few years ago I started taking care of somebody else s horse at a barn I use to board. Nobody paid me and nobody thanked me. I did it because the little mare was hungry and lonely and just plain ole neglected. I cleaned herr stall and brushed her hair. I paid for her vacs, I paid for her hay and grain, I paid for her (humongous) vet bills when she became VERY ill. I did all this with money out of my own pocket. That little mare said “thank you” every time I came to the barn, and that made it all worth it. Later I took her home with me and kept her safe until the day she died, she was a very good girl.


  10. They’re just trying to dampen our spirits so we’ll let up. But we will NEVER let up, not now, not ever. Thanks for kickin’ em to the curb, RT! Very well said!


  11. go to Humanity Through Education:

    1. More on orphaned colt – pictures of orphaned foul and detail history from capture through 1/2/10 – warning – tissues needed. Is that really a yearling?

    2. On this morning 1-6-10 Howling Ridge interview with Ginger Kathrens, Craig Downer, Elyse, and others – some time recently BLM told humanitarian protesteers that the reason they could not put up shelter is that the horses will get hurt on the poles – the picture is posted by Willis Lamm 1/2/10 – is that Fallon or whrre? But, point is, not only are thier poles it is obviouse they are there to hold a tarp for shelter – no tarp however. This radio interview IS A MUST! – as they all are.

    3. Ginger announced that an article will be posted tonight – Some Really Big corruption stuff.

    4. Also posted there is YouTube by Humanity Through Education titled, “Calico, Nevada – Where Wild Horses Roam”, or go straight to You Tube to locate – A MUST SEE!


  12. PS There are still “conversations” with BLM employees indicated on Humanity Through Education (I think, I’ve been all over the place in the last hour) stating that the Calico horses are starving as of today. Yet on the BLM website in the daily update to the Calico roundup, it states everyday so far “horses are in good health”. What!?!?!?!?!

    One end of this particular snake known as BLM does not know its head from its —- tail (gotcha!)


  13. From American Herds Crunching Calico:
    “Editors Note 1/05/09: A lot of articles are now stating that BLM increased livestock authorizations for the Calico Complex by 300%. This is incorrect. There are several livestock allotments that affect the Herd Management Areas that comprise the Calico Complex. The analysis given in this article was for one grazing allotment only, the Soldier Meadows Allotment. Furthermore, the 300% increase applied to the Idaho Canyon pasture as described by the fence that was needed to increase livestock from 300 to 800, as well as to other pastures used in the allotment throughout the year, but did not apply throughout the entire allotment at all times of the year due to BLMs grazing rotation systems. Hope this clears up any confusion that has resulted.”


    Then the story goes on from there – visit their webite.


    • Well the beauty of the lack of transparency with the BLM/USFS/USDA/etc is that it is a nightmare trying to get specifics on all the grazing permits for one HMA.

      Question (no dis or attack), where did you get that it is only one grazing permit? For that permit, how many acres are involved? Since livestockers turnout for the winter with little moving (oh, the beauty guise of we manage and can move mindset), why were any livestock allowed to increase allotments in the first place? And I’m not sure your post clears anything up…only begs more questions. But I look forward to your data and sources.


      • D., no dis or attack on me, never applogies needed – I’m here to learn an support as much as possible –

        But, I didn’t “get anything, I am not providing any data…”, this is a cut and past from American Herds – go to their webstie, find Crunching Calico report and ask the Editor.

        Notice my question mark – I don’t know if this is true or not, nor do I have ths kill level yet to ask them any questions as I’m still strugling with HMA, AUH, PTA (I no there is no PTA – trying to provide a laugh).

        However, IF it is true – then this is what we should be reporting instead of the blanket statement of 300% increase – so if we made a mistake, so what, its happens, correct course and move on.

        If it is NOT true, then we (meaning someone like yourself perhaps with more knowledge than myself) need to get on them to remove this and post a retraction, like yesterday, if not sooner! How many people have read this since it was posted and will go on for weeks, months, forever, thinking it is true?

        Yes, I am begging for more questions and ANSWERS.


      • D. Masters,
        The HMA’s and Allotments do not cover the same ground. For example, the “A” HMA would have parts of “B” and “C” allotments that overlapped it. I hope that makes sense. The HMA’s and Allotments have different boundries even though they might encompass some of the same land. I got a better understanding of it by going to this link off teh BLM website: http://www.geocommunicator.gov/GeoComm/index.shtm

        On the left, click on interactive maps, then try rangelands. Once you get the map up, you can zoom in to a state. On the right, click on hma’s and allottments. That should show you the outlines.


  14. Anyone who has cared for a foster horse or owned a horse knows how much it costs to care for a horse in captivity. Anyone who can balance a checkbook can figure out that donations, membership fees and adoption fees can’t possibly exceed the cost of caring for foster horses, training volunteers, working hand in hand with law enforcement and other horse protection and rescue organizations and the overhead of maintaining a small office, a website, follow up with foster and adoptive homes, education, working with FEMA, . . . It’s easy to sling mud when you’re mired in it. Those who want their activities hidden and naturally going to try to slander those that expose the truth. Habitat for Horses, R. T Fitch and friends really have nothing to hide, so the liars can throw all the mud they want, but it’ll all come out in the wash. They may sway a few folks but in the end God will extract justice on behalf of the animals and it won’t be pretty. We will do what we can to make a difference while we are here.


  15. Boy now I know where that foul stench came from when I went out to the barn to feed the horses… It was a smell so bad … glad the wind picked up – keep on burning the ones living in the Twilight zone R.T. – all that shall be left of them is ashes.


  16. Oh, good grief! These people really do need to get a life!!! I was the Treasurer for a non-profit horse rescue for many years. Let me tell you, I could not sleep many nights wondering where the next dollar was going to come from. Obviously, these people have never been involved or volunteered for a non-profit or they would know that there is no money to be made; as a matter of fact, it’s just the opposite. I can’t speak for large non-profits such as the ASPCA or HSUS, but the smaller non-profits, which we have always been a part of, fight tooth and nail for that next buck. It saddens me that there is so much stupidity in this world and that we have to waste our time trying to defend ourselves, when in reality, there is nothing to defend. Anyway, everyone keep your chins up, your hearts open and we will prevail!

    Oh, and for those of you out there lurking that do not know, the proceeds from RT’s book go to Habitat for Horses in Texas; and, if you don’t believe me, just contact them yourselves. I’m sure they would be happy to let you know how much time and money we have donated over the years.


    • Terry, I think you have hit this nail quarely on its head.

      Though we are above “assuming” to know anyone from a post or lump all of our opposition into one pile like they so like to approach us –

      And having the same experieince with non-profits of various sizes and purposes, I can tell you the scene is the same for the big ones too – worked on local MDA with ERA Real Estate for many years, though we were not in the same food to mouth daily stuggle you face, we fought very hard to meet our local goals, all on our own time -which in real estate is “time is money!”, so we were taking away from our livelihoods, sacrificing income for MDA.

      Now to be frankly honest and upfront, we are all in non-proits for some personal gain – whether that be a personal calling that just makes us feel gratified, or a peronsal calling to right an injustice just because that makes us feel good, or because we have a hole in our hearts to fill, or hoping our work for a charity or non-profit will help our business – its all good work in the end!

      I suspect we should be very sorry for some of these people that this article addresses. Not to lump them all together – but I suspect some to many HAVE not, as you indicate, ever given of themselves just to give of themelves. I will be the last to judge or critisize anyone for giving no matter thier motives, but so sad not to at least somewhere along the line appreciate the opporutnity to the greatest rewards – not money, not status, not party line, not rhetoric, not peer approval – but “just because you can” – puts that statement in a whole differnt context!

      Sue W, et al, are you listining? What part of your campaing does NOT revolve soley for “self service” for business profits? If any of it does I will give you kudos for that at least – but sadly you can not replace bad with good and make it all come out in the end – they are both still there forever. Why not fill up on good as much as possible – at least the balance CAN be changed!

      Sue W. et al – I write this from my own experiences, my backgorund is not too far off from yours – so don’t come back with telling me I don’t know anything, you have NO IDEA!


  17. Yeah, I was sick to my stomach all day yesterday. Must have been all that BAD karma. UGH!

    As for making a profit from owing/advocating for horses – as my husband loves to quote, “How to make a small fortune with horses? Start with a large one.”


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