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Part II: Plenty of Water at Nevada Roundup – and Dead Horses Too?

Breaking News by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of Horseback Magazine

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – Tucked away in court documents relating to a lawsuit filed by journalist and artist Laura Leigh is a telling photograph by Western Watershed Biodiversity Director, Katie Fite. The photo is of a peaceful desert scene.

Did BLM Lawyers Lie to Federal Judge About No Water? - Photo by Katie Fite

The photo shows a river about 60 feet wide with abundant still and white water. It also shows horses on a gently sloping trail advancing to the riparian banks for a drink. The horses clearly know where the life giving water is located as they walk single file to it. Other photos show more horses heading toward a trail leading to the river‘s flat beaches. It is a place where campers might spend the night and fish.

In a Horseback Magazine interview Tuesday, BLM chase contractor Sue Cattoor said the trail was one of several that lead to the river. The government contractor said this trail was the only one the horses use. Cattoor also said it is steep. The photos tell a different story.

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  1. It is hard to put into words the tremendous admiration and gratitude felt for these courageous and steadfast women who have literally put themselves at risk to get at the truth. Wild Horse Annie’s life was threatened. Are things any different now? There is even more at stake now. Way more. These gals have gone out in the middle of nowhere–miles from help if needed–way too far out for a cell phone to work–AND–they didn’t have a single, solitary armed gaurd with them.


  2. I am reposting this from last night so that everyone will chance to see this and discuss it:
    Sue Catoor has been making some wild accusations against people, mis quoting by a mile, accusing Katie of things i said, lol..and accusing katie of providing false and misleading testimony before the federal court..she in fact had her attorney send katie a letter to that effect, which is as I remember from law school- threatening or trying to intimidate a federal witness in an ongoing case-is a crime..what has our government agency come to when this kind of behavior is not only tolerated but encouraged..Do not allow yourselves to be lectured to by either the BLM or Catoors-there is no excuse for these two to violate, the freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or citizen rights..Americas mustangs are owned by the american citizens and held in trust for us..Never forget that..they are not BLMs Wild Horses nor are they Catoors wild horses!
    I am beginng to think we should ask that the national gaurd should be sent in to protect the american citizens, disarm BLM employees and the catoors and their employees, given their erratic behavior and now threateniing a witness-I will be attending a gather and quite longer will feel safe knowing they are armed and i am not..what if I were to fall off a cliff out there and be shot, how would anyone be able to prove who did it?? They are trying to use strong arm tactics and threats now to silence us-denying us our individual we really know where this will stop?
    contact your elected officials and ask for protection.


    • Reminds me of the book/film “The Pelican Brief,” John Grisham.
      Just saw the movie for the 1st time, starring Julia Roberts.
      And said, “Wow!” Reminded me of the DOI: BP Gulf oil mess, media blocked, major accountability to DOI/MMS/Salazar…

      I needed to know more details, so got the book out of the library. Supposedly a true story. ??

      Female law student sees things not right with wealthy man obtaining oil drilling rights, plowing through Louisiana protected marshes, destroying endangered species, the pelicans.
      She investigates, writes a paper, “The Pelican Brief.”.
      And hunt begins for her… She has discovered the truth.


  3. Laura hasn’t posted here, but when you read her blog, you will see that she was rear-ended and still has a swollen jaw.


    • I hope that this is not a result of speaking up. I applaud her courage and want to bring the front lines of fighting the injustice here. The BLM is the bureau of lies and misinformation. How they continue in their same barbaric actions unchecked baffles my brain. The more we can shed light on actual truth and dispel the lies the better. Kudos for her courage. May she be blessed in her recovery! May she continue to show courage and grace in making things right, and may we all do the same.


  4. The photos continue to tell us vividly that water and accessibility were there and the horses knew where to go. It is amazing how many versions of her story Sue Cattoor has released. Each step Laura and Katie have taken to provide the courts and public with eye witness reports has brought us a truer vision of the horrible manner these wild horses have been treated and how many died. It is not over and there will be more info and more photos for us to see they are pursuing a cover up. The safety of these women is paramount and we need to keep supporting the Legal Fund at GrassRootsHorse so the work they have done can continue. Keep Laura safe by making donations there. It will make all the difference to keep her mobile. The summer is still new. Many more miles need to be traveled. mar


  5. rear ended accidentally or accidentally-on-purpose? this is getting scarier,

    a picture is worth a thousand words, Sue and BLM,


    • …it was an accident several weeks ago.  Elyse’s vehicle took the hit and poor Laura got pretty banged up.  Not related but it was some bad luck that these two fine ladies didn’t need to suffer through.


  6. I don’t want anyone to go against their personal beliefs on the matter but isn’t Nevada one of the states in which it is relatively easy to get a concealed weapons permit? Will continue to donate thru Grassroots every payday. Can’t be on the ground but can investigate any ideas I can come up with, and as Laura stated she might already have the info, and I can hit a “donate” button. Be safe ladies.


  7. It is true that the accident was an accident, but we wll do worry about them. Just getting out on the road can be dangerous.



    The story of the Owyhee horses deaths are making their way to political blogs..THIS story is important..and it is only beginning to be told..the tip of the iceberg, is what we have heard so far…donate what you can to Grassroots so that evidence gets presented in a court of law and justice is served to the many uncounted deaths in the Owyhee!


    • yes those political blogs are active. Loved the ones that were very active due to the oil volcano.

      Helped a lot to get the word out about wild horses and public lands when everyone was punching Salazar over the oil disaster.

      Another good place to post facts is on the hunters blogs and news stories. And all kinds of wild life blogs, fishermen news.

      The round-ups harm all kinds of wildlife and crush the lands with activity. The BLM runs herds of paniced horses right over pristine creeks and rivers…and that silt and mud kills trout and other fish important to fishermen. Fishermen can understand and take note that horses in a panic should not be run over or around water.
      The herds running and the helicopters at LOW, to low to the ground must kill and displace thousands of small animals. Herds and animals for miles around also panic and run at times of the year it is harmfull to them and their health too.

      Like with sheldon they say we want the SAGE to come back. its not the horses that harm the sage. there are pictures of wild horses and big sage from many years ago. The sage was pristine 200 years ago with more wild horses.

      Its the helicopters and sage crushing trucks of the BLM that hurts that land. Its the cattle that hurt that land and the ATVs . If the BLM/or round-up horse killers got their trucks and land killing helicopters off that land. It would soon be pristine again.

      They can trap the outer edge curious horses with some kind of feed and gently remove the most adoptable without harming the land at all!


      • Yes and the Ruby pipeline which will run through the Sheldon had a finding of ‘no impact” can you just imagine, and the sierra club of nevada, the sage grouse people as well as Safari Club of Nev..signed onto this…600 workers Thousands of huge trucks- hauling materials, equipment and pie, a 40 foot ditch and they can issue a ‘no impact” finding


  9. Sandra ~ Love that “no impact” finding too. Remember one of the Ruby people talking about how impossible that would be. He said it was really “going to look like Hiroshima”


    • Yes and the route they have chosen will invove much blasting as opposed to excavation..we found the geological surveys did not adequately anticipate that on the windmills..won’t be a sage grouse for 100 miles.


  10. Sadly, as much s DOI got punched during the Gulf debacle…only one head rolled and that was a woman that had been in less than a year at MMS (now a new name that makes my own mouth gurfuffle). The press is STILL focusing on BP when in reality BP did what they did because of DOIs corruption and incompetence; like the BLM and wild equines.

    The Obama Admininstration is protecting that troll Slaughterczar and things are going to get real ugly before they get better….just a fact, not opinion.


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