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BLM Contractors and Things that go “Bump” in the Night

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

I have had to take a deep breath and look around in an effort to make some sort of sense out of all the nonsense and garbage that is flying not only around us but at us; if not managed correctly it could quickly become overwhelming.  Here are just a few examples:

A California Judge just gave the BLM the thumbs up to strip 2,000 horses from Twin Peaks

To date, Judge Hicks has not said whether or not he would hear Laura Leigh’s contempt of court case over the Tuscarora fiasco

The BLM is frantically attempting to get their numbers on their web site straight full knowing that we are watching and reporting their documented errors and sloppy accounting

The BLM and Cattoors have colluded and are landing on 34 (not counting the shot mare and her foal) dead wild horses from their mess at Tuscarora

The captured survivors of the Calico massacre now have over 150 herd members dead

54 Congressmen signed a letter to Salazar calling for a moratorium on murdering wild horses and no one has heard squat

BLM helicopter stampede contractor, Sue Cattoor, wants more of the lime-light (as usual) and writes a rebuttal to Horseback Magazine

I, personally, get close to the truth and BLM’s marketing specialist calls me “rude”

…and the cattle poop just keeps on mounting up.  (I used cattle poop as a stinky example as horse poop actually smells rather pleasant, if you like horses)

Looking over the above list I believe that we will leave the roundup/court cases to the AP and the big boys as that is news on a much grander scale but down here in the trenches I feel obligated to drive a “Why Tree” all the way down to its roots and those roots are embedded firmly in the truth where the hearts and souls of the good American taxpayers reside.

So I will leave ‘s comments for another commentary as I feel addressing Mrs. Cattoor’s statement to be of a much higher priority.  It’s time for those who do not have the best interest of the American equine in mind to learn that we will respond to their rhetoric quickly, effectively and with full disclosure.  The days of the American public sitting back and watching the train wreck only to comment after the fact are over; we are proactive not reactive.

First, Sue, what can I say; you gave it your best shot, you had several weeks to think about it, massage it, rationalize it and sadly your statement fell flat on its face in front of God and your fellow countryman.  I actually believe that I heard a wet, squishy “splat”, or was it a “plop”, when reading the last line of your letter in Horseback Magazine.  In retrospect, it was sort of a nasty sound from a visceral point of view.

I won’t beleaguer your “point/counter-point” with Steven Long on the details of your “justification” and rebuttal, folks can click on the link above to read that in full, but instead I would like jump to the “statement”  (inserted <unedited> below) to which you beseeched Steven to include in his magazine.  Now that is worthy of comment.

You need to understand why I think the wild horses have to be managed and why they should not just be left alone and let nature take charge and overpopulate until they run out of food or water and die. My family and all of our wranglers really love horses and that includes wild horses and we have seen horses dying of starvation and dying of thirst and we get really upset .

Ginger Kathrens filming Sue Cattoor at Cloud's Roundup ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch

Dying of thirst is the worst – horses that starve to death have an easier time. We know we are doing the right thing by gathering wild horses and we know using the helicopter is the most humane way to do it. We know after we finish an area that some of the wild horses we have caught will maybe be adopted and some will go to pastures where there is plenty of food and water. And the ones left on the range will have enough water and feed also. Steve you just told me you were not by your computer but out feeding your horses. So you love horses too, right. What would you do if you could no longer feed your horses or if you no longer had water for them and they were slowly dying of thirst or starvation? You would feel really sad and you would do all you could to see that they did not die of thirst or did not starve to death. I know Ginger Kathrens has said just like you that she would rather let nature just take charge. But I bet if Cloud and his family were dying of thirst or starvation she would want to do all she could to save them. That is exactly what we – meaning all of us and our wranglers and the BLM are trying to do when we do roundups.”

My thoughts (Remember the First Amendment?):

1.)    With all due respect, I don’t “need” to understand what you think, we all have a pretty good idea as to what energizes your motives and it is obvious to all that the primary driver is money and money alone.  It does not have one single thing to do with love, care or consideration; it is all about the bank account and the spotlight.  If you really “cared” about the horses you might consider donating some of your millions of tax payer’s dollars to a wild horse sanctuary and put your money where you is, just like the rest of us.  In this economy there are huge numbers of Americans who are taxed without representation to pay your inflated and unwanted day rates, with one hand, while they donate to rescues, foundations, sanctuaries and are now giving additional funds to legal services trying to fight the likes of the BLM and you as their contractors with the other.  Caring Americans get screwed from all sides but then, you don’t see that do you?  Your tunnel vision is limited to your fiscal needs today and the concept of the “big picture” has yet to permeate your consciousness.  Are you not aware of the fact that you are working yourself out of a job; that your business is not sustainable as you wipe out entire herds and what horses remain, elsewhere, are no longer considered to be viable herds?  You are rapidly destroying your own sordid business and it does not appear that you have a clue.  Are you cognizant of any of that?

2.)    “horses have to be managed and why they should not just be left alone and let nature take charge and overpopulate until they run out of food or water and die” Good grief, dear lady, I pity you for the burden that you feel you are forced shoulder.  You actually believe that you hold the power of God and Mother Nature over these wild horses and it is you who decides who lives or dies.  What did those poor horses do for the hundreds and hundreds of years prior to Sue Cattoor?  How egotistical is it that you believe your intervention into the balance of nature actually helps and promotes the future for these horses?  What a load you must carry.  The American public has yet to see “proof” that the wild horses are over populated, in fact visual observations point to the contrary.  Even if there was an ounce of truth, in your statement, it would only point to the fact that the BLM has whittled away at the land that was rightfully given to the wild horses and burros and they are now encroaching and crowding them into much smaller areas.  But even then, swooping in and stampeding them into holding pens where they will never again know freedom is not the answer.  Your arrogance is stunning.

3.)    “My family and all of our wranglers really love horses”  That is all relative, Sue.  A wife abuser “loves” his wife as he beats her to death so your comment is out of scope and therefore invalid in this discussion.  But I will give you this; on the last day of the Pryor debacle, when the survivors were released from their imprisoning pens, your wranglers on horseback were very kind and gentle while guiding the horses out of what had been the trap chute.  Maybe it was because on the bluff, overlooking the operation and within ear-shot, were some of the world’s best known wild horse photographers and videotagraphers but none the less, the guys did a fine job and we waved and thanked them. (Being the cold and heartless tree-huggers that we are)  But if you really loved wild horses then why did your husband sell them to slaughter; you can’t escape that.  Why do you aid and abet an agency that wanted to sell ALL of the horses to slaughter just two short years ago.  Leopards don’t change their spots that quickly and we have memories like the horses; we don’t forget.  And how do you sleep at night knowing that the BLM accelerates the adoption process so that they can get the 3-Strikers out the door, quick and easy, and into the hands of killer buyers so they can hustle them down the road to Mexico for butchering, how do you manage Sue?  If you really loved those horses wouldn’t you do something to aide and assist their condition instead of acting as the leech that sucks the blood out of the horses until they are dead and then takes the very bread out of the mouth of American children, huh Sue?  Don’t BS us; we can see right through it.

4.)    You asked Steve, “What would you do if you could no longer feed your horses or if you no longer had water for them and they were slowly dying of thirst or starvation?”  Well, I can tell you that my good friend Steven Long would not sell his horse to slaughter like your family members have been known to do, that is for sure.  Steven would do whatever it took to ensure that his horses would be cared for, anything, you name it as no job would be too small for him to take in an effort to take care of his family because he is a man of honor with an impeccable record and because he is honest to a fault; he does not have to make excuses.  Can you say that?  Steve has something else that you may not know or understand; he has friends, a very deep and sincere following of friends that would help him and his family to ensure that no one went without sustenance. In this part of the world we call that caring, compassion and the American way.

5.)    And in closing you have to take yet another swipe at one of America’s last true pioneer women, the much respected and loved Ginger Kathrens.  Her success really gets to you doesn’t it, just eats at your core so much that you seethe with envy and anger.  It shows in public and you can’t keep it out of your comments.  Don’t worry, honey, you’ll never get there so you really need to give it up.  Ginger’s pinky finger contains more knowledge about wild horses than you will ever hope to perceive.  She has spent over a decade and half roughing it in the Pryor Mountains doing one thing and one thing only, observing the behavior of wild horses.  Her documentaries are a testament to a patient and kind soul that only exists to share the wisdom and insight into the magical life and relationships of the wild horse.  Ginger gladly imparts her knowledge to friends and foes, she does not care.  I watched her spend time with Ken McNabb’s children, at the Pryor’s, even though McNabb did his best to publicly embarrass her.  I watched her tolerate you, Sue, and your friends who made comments and continually sniped at her and the rest of our advocate contingent for over a week.  But you just can’t leave it alone, can you?  You even tried to steal our one and only happy moment with Cloud last September.  That was his release.  We were in awe watching him “snake” the tattered remnants of his herd as he wanted to stay and find his other family members; the ones the BLM had ripped from him only minutes before.  We commented on his strength and commitment to family and how it was a valid lesson to humans while you stood behind us and picked, pooh-poohed and laughed at us like an adolescent school girl.  You wanted to steal the spirit of Cloud as it once again soared and when you could not succeed, even with the help of the BLM guards, you slipped back into the shadows from whence you came as you had lost and we had won.   You will never, ever steal the spirit of the wild horse from our souls; never.

So give it all a rest, Sue, we don’t care.  No animosity on that point but its just that you are a government contractor (that we don’t want) hired by a federal agency (that is out of control) so your point of view, personal issues and business justifications mean nothing to us.  It’s bad enough that we are paying you so it only adds injury to insult when we are forced to hear you.

We would, respectfully, like to see you go away and for the care and management of our national icons to be overseen by a scientific and knowledgeable body of professional individuals who use science, experience and facts to govern their actions/decisions versus “shoot from the hip” junk science and conjecture.  Simply go home, leave our wild horses at peace and retire your shrill rhetoric to the ancient archives of “How Things Used To Be” so that the rest of us can get back to living life in the “now” versus being dragged back to the 1800’s.  Sue Cattoor, please, just go home.

Thank you.

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  1. A lot of garbage flying around. Almost as if they are trying to keep people seperate and busy with crap discussions.

    I think the Cattoor’s should explain to the large wildlife groups, hunters and fishermen why they feel they can smash up miles and miles of public lands in their horse running and hunting. AND get paid for it!! Let Carttoor explain why its ok to smash-up even one large Sagebrush OR make crushing dust paths over rare quail and small desert birds with a helicopter a few feet from the land! to The National Bird society, when it will take 20 years to grow one that large again!

    I want to keep focus on the Wild Horses and the harm done to them.


    • and I answer to myself too. I want to see the contractors property and their horses. They should have

      inspection on their personal property and horses to assure the public that our contractors are NOT another deathcamp for wild horses hidden from public view.

      And by the way the BLM needs these inspections and certify too. Just like our National Zoos have!

      They should NOT be self Gov.ed on what is humane and decent care. Get inspected by a independent professional group BLM and Cartoor ranch ASAP.


  2. Thank you RT. I know I speak for many when I say I am sick of Sue’s sniveling and drama queening for the cameras. Horse killer one moment, media whore the next. Yup Sue just go home and stay there.


  3. R.T. thank you for saying what we all feel, you are so good at it ;). Sue, even for the money I would not have your job of rounding up & penning OUR wild horses, unless I was running them right into my own protective sanctuary to keep them away from the government & people like you who tend to ruin everything beautiful in our country. One day there will be nothing left for humans to enjoy, except each other’s company & I for one am glad that I have good enough friends that it will help with the lonliness from being without the beauty & wildlife we’ve been entrusted with.


  4. Clap ! Clap !! Way to tell her off , R.T.
    As for Ginger, she is one of the kindest people I have ever met.
    I hate to say this but people like her don’t understand kindness and can even take it as a sign of weakness instead of the great strength it is. I am not that strong.


  5. I would only object to one bit of your article. Ken Mcnabb has been unfailingly generous to Ginger Katherines. He admits they do have some differences but states he has only respect and admiration for her. Aside from that, I agree with everything you said.


    • Thanks for your thoughts, Betty, but on the first morning of Cloud’s roundup he pounced on her with cameras rolling.  You see, he was working for the BLM and under contract with them trying to put a good spin on running these horses into the ground. 

      From that point forward, I have nothing for the man as his heart is not with the horses but all about his wallet, that fact he proved.


      • Thank you RT for stating what many here following the ongoing massacres know to be true re: Mr. Ken McNabb…thought I’d leave the correction up to those who have had contact, experience and footage of good ol’ kind hearted, horse whackin’, suck the last dollar out of ’em Kenny!


  6. Laura is going to court today……….PLEASE contribute to her legal fund THIS MORNING ASAP>>>>>> There is a need. Thank you all for the donations given and about to be given. We love you! mar


  7. Well, RT, I can take the day off, LOL, congrats that was a speech worthy of Daniel Webster, or better yet Mark Twian! My tounge was dang near wore out from lashing her, the sad part is- I think she thrives on “any” kind of attention, and I find that to be the case with most people who have no inner self esteem..In some cases its laying down with dogs with her case she lays down with leeches and gets up with oozing sores..match made in Hell…BLM and Sue Catoor…it is unfortunate that they have taken our wild horses into their own private Hell.


    • someone who knows her told me “she really believes what she says” my response, “that is a clinical sign of a psycopath” and someone issuing a cry for help, simular to that cry that mare made in her last momments going over that cliff, her cry to her foal,” follow me”, trapped with broken legs in the rocks..As stated on your believe ALL excess wild horses should be destroyed…I call the palamoino mare “the Dance” and “flee” for short and her foal,” follow me”..she reminds me of garth brooks song and it touches my heart and she deserves a name as does her foal, and we will always remember the sacrifice she made on those cliffs..she is not a “thing”


  8. I contacted the Lassen County Sherriff Dept. via email requesting that they view the video by Sherriff Tony DeMeo of Nye County, and that they follow his example to defend the U.S. Constitution on behalf of the wildlife in their jurisdiction. If others wish to contact the department, here is the link to their office:

    and a link to the video by Sheriff DeMeo:

    RT, thank you so much for keeping us all updated here.


  9. WHAT is going on with these Federal judges? We had better start taking a hard look at each of them. HOW are they put on the bench in the first place?


  10. This was posted here on June 24. We need to bring this up and send it to all of the legislators and press, especially in California–ASAP.

    June 24,
    The BLM’s Snow Job About Water on the Twin Peaks Herd Management Area


  11. Woo Hoo !

    Surely there is karma for the Cattoors, and judgement….and they could even change their ways as soon as tomorrow, towards redemption if they are so moved….

    I just don’t want them to take innocent horses and burros with them. Nuff said.


  12. Thank you once again RT for your comments about Sue taking a swipe at Ginger. I met her at Expo. What an incredibly smart kind woman. When she spoke in her daily talks it was about Cloud and how she met Raven. How Raven came to accept her. The lessons that Raven and then Cloud taught her. And she willingly imparts that info to all who want to listen and ask questions.

    For me, I first saw a picture of Cloud about a year ago. I fell in love in secs. And because of Ginger and Cloud–next week I’ll be in the Pryors seeing this magnificient horse for myself. I can hardly wait. Like Ginger I’ll give a wave to let him know I mean no harm. And then sit back and watch. Perhaps I’ll even get a notebook to take notes on what I see.

    Sue you had no right to take a swing at Ginger. She has done nothing to you. She and humane observers have reported what they have seen. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. Go buy your own stallion and get him a bunch of mares. Then you can round them up and manage them on YOUR OWN PROPERTY to your little hearts desire.


  13. AMEN ! Thank God for wonderful American heros like R T Fitch who will never stop fighting for horses and the truth .


  14. A bigger picture:

    The only sane way that I foresee the future of the wild horses is to humanely remove them from public land usage and subjection to this barbaric treatment.

    We have enough evidence to convict the perpetrators for hundreds of counts of felony animal cruelty, and common sense action mandates removal of the victims from the abusive environment, does it not?

    Multi-usage and abuse of the lands by those who are mismanaging them will continue to plague these herds without mercy.

    We must see to the safety of the horses first, and put any of our projections, pride and even their birthrights to the land on the back-burner for the time being if we wish to protect them now and in the future.

    If at some future point public lands become a safe haven for the horses, they can be released again into their natural home. But that is doubtful given what we have seen over decades.

    Yes, sadly this is the only logical and sane approach, in my opinion. Their birthright indeed is to live free, and yet as reasonable and as right as it is – it is costing these wild herds their lives and their futures. Are we helping by demanding what may never be possible, when instead we can be planning for their rescue and providing them with a future?

    Can we as compassionate and forward-thinking humans see the situation in this light on their behalf?

    Private sanctuaries and private stewardship by those who cherish these horses will preserve and protect them. Nothing else will. In other animal cruelty cases, the animals are removed to safety. This is and can be possible, and may be the only humane resolution, at least for the time being.

    And time is running out. Horse first.


    • Roy Agard at Blue Sky Rescue in Oregon has room for 1,000 head of wild horses – safe fencing, hay, training, medical care, adoptions – best of all, love and protection and a future.

      It is not an impossible undertaking, and the feds in my opinion would be wise to pay attention and save some of its face which is so smeared with blood and lies it is unrecognizable to us all…

      As an example, look at what Rep. Walter Jones in North Carolina has accomplished for their native wild horses – their tourism business is bustling with their Corolla wild horse programs, thanks to Rep. Jones and compassionate citizens and groups. Everybody wins this way:


  15. More thoughts, if I may:

    Who owns the horses?

    No one. They belong to life. But…we are their ultimate “owners” because we are paying for their “management” which we all know has been a neverending nightmare.

    So we take the horses out of BLM’s “day care center from Hell.”

    They are our horses, so let’s first take responsibility for them as their true stewards and remove them from their abusers.

    I will be the first to donate toward this effort. Just tell me where to go and I’ll be there.


    • Altho I understand and sympathise with what you are suggesting…This is BLMs same their secret document “alternative managements plan” this is what they had planned for americans to relieve them of their responsabilitys as they removed all these horses from the land..I have taken a firm stand on this issue, and no caving in..The horses belong on their allow this to happen and as you well know..then the land will be gone as well, there is much to lose here and it is all tied together in one neat package…besides all the warm hearted well intention people..the disaster stories and economic pressures of a bad economy as well as the unscrupulous people such as 3 strikes, who will find a way to use the horses to dupe the…I cannot have that burden to carry as well, We give away too much..


      • You’re right. We have millions of acres of public lands the horses can use FREE.

        There are only a PITYFULL 30k on the range and 30ish K in holding. many of those are GELDINGS. Get those wild horses back on the public land! and make sure they have water unblocked..

        Keep the wild fire hazards off the grass, the BLM and their ATVs could be the cause of the massive wild fire problems. Anyone check the start date of wild fires with round-up dates? (and count a week in advance to cover the recon and cherry-picking of the contractors)

        Also seems like any place the BLM have zeroed out herds have had massive wildfires about 10 years later. Like the hollywood sign wildfire. Its all weeds there now around that sign. I even read the BLM runs goats on the wild horses old land!


      • There are 33-38,000 in long term holding. Some of these horses COULD go to sanctuaries now. BLM would have to allow it – that’s a primary problem because BLM doesn’t really want to let go of their meal tickets. Look how they refuse to release foals and injured horses to citizens who request a chance to rehab them – that is not the action of an agency out for the best interest of the horses or one who is desperately trying to adopt them out. At least the horses would have some security in a sanctuary, not be at the whims of whatever evil plan BLM comes up with next time to exterminate our horses in holding.

        But mar is right: our wild horses and burros belong INTACT on our wild public lands, all the 30 million acres where they are now AND the other 22 million acres that were stolen from them by the BLM since 1971. These protected horses protect our public lands from being sold to the highest bidder (usually foreign) for gas, oil, water, exploration, mining, energy uses that will destroy the open lands we have left. This protection status is one reason they are so hated – they are in the way! Who wants to go recreate in the middle of cattle pastures, oil wells, pipelines and open pit mines where the wild animals are mostly gone due to the disruption? Is that the new idea of America the Beautiful? I think not. We must keep them on THEIR land, OUR land, so it remains open, wild and free as they are. The horses are like the canary in a coal mine, an indicator of what is to come… as they go, so do our wild spaces….

        An overriding problem is that BLM LIKES this “mustang problem” they have, it justifies their very existence. Oh, they’ll never admit it but look at all the million$$ they are given, the extras tens of million$$ they keep asking for and getting to “solve their management problem” each year. Yet they do nothing to change or resolve their problem and instead keep accumulating more horses. They are like the stereotypical single welfare mothers who figure out if they keep having babies, the govt will keep paying them for it and they never have to go out and get a job – on the dole. (I realize this is not all single moms, this is the stereotype and does reflect SOME.) This agency is fighting for every single one of its employee positions to remain in place — this is how they are powerful, by being a big govt agency with lots of presence.

        The general economy has seen people jobless, layoffs in every sector, record unemployment. What happened to employee counts in BLM between 2007 and today? I haven’t heard of any cost cutting involving layoffs – have you? Just sayin’ — it’s called justifying your own existence… Dumb dumb SusieQ Cattoor doesn’t even have enough common sense to see Cattoors are working themselves out of a job when there are no more horses to round up. But BLM, wily as they are, on the other hand, has got that covered: they’ll need to KEEP all their employees AND their big budgets in order to buy, build and maintain all those big Salazoos! By the time the sterilized horses in the zoos kick off, they’ll have had plenty of time to dream up other ways to divert those funds to other BLM projects. Think about it….


    • Debbie, I agree with you, the horses are suffering with no end in sight, better for them to be safe on a sanctuary until this mess can be sorted out than to be subjected to the unending inhumanity of Cattor and BLM.
      And, If the government wants the land they’re on, they’ll take it. They’ve done it before, and they WILL do it now, horses there or not,


      • I certainly do not see anything but more suffering ahead if the wild horses are to be considered pawns to prove a point or in a land use battle.


      • I think they need a new non-BLM land designation. Maybe National Heritage or similar that would recognize their uniqueness and also allow for public management of the lands by ENTHUSIASTIC horse people and professionals. This violence and old boy lifestyle patterns have no place with these amazing creatures. mar


      • Look even Karen Sussman with her valuable program was in trouble this winter and spring-not having enough funds to feed those horses, Karen said the horses would have to go to an auction..The economy is tight, who do you think is going to keep these going..many of our rescues have gone under because of a lack of donations..Who do you think is going to support it..we can’t even get herd watch funded, we are begging to get money to fund the legal case thru grass roots..when you talk about funding, you must be talking fairytale economic times are tough..I do not want these wild horses to be constantly facing a sale yard and especially from us-the people who should be thinking it thru.


      • There is no doubt the wild herds need to stay on their lands and show Their Standing. If they are removed BLM just steals that land out of their Congressional designation. The herds still need federal funding with the latitude to develop programs to give the wild ones visibility and public enhancement with viewing and naming of horses individually, in bands and herds. These are our range lands and contrary to the opinions of some- these range lands are absolutely beautiful. More so when you get the damned cattle off and let the horses seed and crop in peace. I wish you all could have seen Northern Nevada in May. These rugged hills and mountains are perfect for the horses. And there are few there. It is sad to see these ranges with the horses gone. mar


      • Right now what these horses are facing is pretty awful, sanctuaries are at least a temporary answer. Funding is always a problem, but I think at least an effort could be made to find out exactly what would be feasible. It’s pretty obvious that the powers that be do NOT want the horses on the land.

        As far as PZP, there is a study being conducted on the TRNP horses(wild) w/ the use of PZP to contol the population. Matt from the Pryor Mustang Center has quite a few posts about the use of PZP on wild horse herds. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out in the Pryors next spring, as those mares were treated before being released. Also, Return to Freedom uses PZP to control their horse population. So there is data re: wild horses/PZP out there.


  16. The theme I get from the story and comments is about respect. Respect of self, for nature and wildlife, respect of profession and earned respect from others. Sue Catoor has none of these. She lives a life devoid of anything resembling respect. I am certain even the wranglers she employs have no respect for her person or profession. The BLM are fools if they respect her words or defend her actions. She is becoming a “scratchy cat” they will soon wish to get shed of. Reminds me of the old story of the horse-killers of the past whose ultimate reward was that they eventually went crazy. She’s at least half way there. She is not a renowned wildlife biologist and photographer with an adoring public; merely a horse hunter and killer. With all of the major humane associations, many congressmen, horse organizations too numerous to count and the general public also now awakening to the cruelty of the roundups, it should be “game over” before long. Good riddance.


  17. We need to have similar interviews with jthe federal judges that have made the decisions on the injunctions filed. They should have to answer some hard questions, as well. They might be appointed, but they do still work for US and they need to be reminded that it is their responsibility to see that JUSTICE is served, not circumvented.


  18. In reply to Laura about the wildfires. Wild horses will eat dry cheat grass and keep down the fires. If they hadn’t been removed goats and sheep wouldn’t have had to be brought in . THe horses did a much better job.


  19. Peo horse processing. U uninformed bleeding heart and good ole RT need to get the hell out of the USA. U are all socialist pigs


  20. I’d like to share portions of an email conversation with a woman who worked with the Nevada State Wild Horse Commission for over 20 years – she was kind enough to answer many questions I had about the wild horse issues, and her information I hope will offer valuable knowledge and insight to others as well:

    “We have filed and won many appeals over the years, but not by emotion, by hard data….”

    “Increased used of fertility control is what we have pushed to allow the growth rate to slow down and leave the horses on the range as free roaming horses not to be gathered. But, most groups oppose fertility control….”

    “Anybody we have tried to get involved in the land use planning aspect of this stops dead in their tracks, too boring. I think its extremely exciting the fact that one educated person on BLM regulations, policy, and procedures, NEPA, FLPMA, etc can actually stop government. But you have to know what you’re doing and hard data to be effective. And, that’s the key, being effective to keep them honest and stand up for the horses.”

    “There have been suggestions in the past to privatize the program, especially the adoption program, but money always seems to get in the way. The suggestion also was to allocate funds that BLM receives for a failed adoption program, basically shut theirs down, and give to private organizations that are getting horses adopted, such as the Mustang Heritage Foundation…BLM does a poor job at the adoption program and follow-up.”

    “You are right, these poor horses, there is a curse for their freedom.”

    Part II of email conversation to follow:


    • Don’t let a name of an organization fool you..look at the name sue wallis chose for her slaughter group…google and read a handfull of articles heres a sample:

      Monday, August 2, 2010
      Last Minutes & Monies of the Nevada “Commission for the Preservation of Nevadas Wild Horses”
      If you read the stated goals of the “Commission,” (formed with Leo Heils Will Money) Its main purpose was to “create sanctuaries” for Nevadas wild horses and to “preserve and protect them” and all I wanna know is what did the Commission ever do in furtherance of these goals? Moreover, the few remaining “pennies” they have left of Heils Trust (what was supposed to be a perpetual) trust,…..they plan on giving to the Mustang Prison Training Program, which does NOTHING to keep the wild horses free and “preserved ” and/or “protected” upon their lands; See minutes;

      If this is not cause to sue these pompous bitches and bastards for breach of trust I dont know what is. Go back to the court of original jurisdiction which is a California Surrogates Court. Follow this link and go to the “Leo Heil Will” page to learn more;


      • Sandra, there actually people who worked for the Commission who genuinely had the best interests of the wild horses in mind and did what they could given the inherent limitations.


      • The point being, they never did develope a sanctuary for those horses or preserve as his wishes were expressed in his will, for a safe haven for mustangs..They did not carry out his will in the manner he requested when he left his money for that purpose. Not the best folks for giving advice no matter their intentions.


    • I want to address a problem with PZP I have not heard addressed; and that is these mares run a heat cycle of 16 to 21 days, that means they are constantly being bred for 2 to 3 years, by many stallions, most of you are probably not involved in this process, but it is rough, and mother nature intended those mares to get pregnant on 1 or 2 cyles and not be bred for 11 months out of the year..The damage that can and will be done to those mares reproductive organs can be forever…those tests done in the university are not done under the same conditions those mares will face in the wild…so saying you are for fertility control should be a ..last resort…a mare has a more delicate reproductive system than a woman.


      • Thank you for posting this information Sandra. There are many concerns I have about PZP and now I can add this to it. The problems that mount up when man tries to mess with nature continue to add up. For every action there is a reaction in an attempt to rebalance. The problem is the reaction is not natural either so we are in a continual state of trying to balance a population that is in reaction mode to being unbalanced. Makes me unbalanced just thinking about it.


      • Yes, and if a mare is more resistant some stallion will become more aggressive. This is a very sensible concern for our wild mares. Thanks for bringing this up, Sandra. mar


  21. (cont’d):

    “Where would you find the amount of private land to sustain all the horses. The public lands belong to the public and the horses could be managed privately but on public lands. But this must be in conjunction with other users to satisfy all the public that pay for their lands. Horses are just a part of it.”.

    “The public has spoken out that they want tax dollors used for the benefit of the horses. Instead, look at all the other things that get funded…look at thwere all the stimulus money is going. The public doesn’t need to be taxed extra, Washington needs to spend the money as the public wants it spent, the public’s agenda, not theirs….”

    “I would truly wish, as you do, that the horses could live out their days in peace, and free on the rangelands….”


    • Here’s an interesting poll from concerning methods to deal with wild horses and it looks like birth control is number 1 on the poll. Jay Kirkpatrick has been administering PZP to the NPS Assateague ponies since 1994. I don’t think the BLM has shown that much interest in this method instead preferring to play deadly cowboy games with a helicopter. I think Kirkpatrick has been quoted as saying that the “cowboy culture” is keeping the birth control method from being used. One thing for sure is that the Assateague horses have not been subjected to deadly roundups and the family bands have not been disrupted. Old horses die on the island and the mares are now living to their late 20’s and even 30’s.


  22. ISPMB (International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros) is one of the oldest preservation groups going. It was founded in 1960. Wild Horse Annie was a member of this group. They have a wonderful sanctuary that is home to three herds of mustangs, the White Sands herd, the Gila herd and the Catnip herd. They have had a chance to study and compare the herd behavior of these herds for 11 year. What they have discovered is that the round-ups acturally cause the fertility rates to double. The herd that has been decimated by constant round-ups and removals has been made disfunctional. The young stallions take over and with no older horses to hold the balance, fillies become mothers before they are old enough. There are no elders to guide, mentor or kick, literally. By comparison, the other two herds that have been left intact, display healthy herd behavior. The same stallions have been running the show for 11 years. The birth rate has remained stable and peace reigns.


  23. Wow, after reading her comments I would only want to ask her: So exactly WHO IS RUNNING THE UNIVERSE THESE DAYS? What a crock! Keep up the good work, RT! I’m putting flyers and handouts at the local feed stores and still have people stopping and saying to me, “What’s this about?” – “What are they doing to the horses?” Seems the “news coverage” is being kept under a basket on this situation? Luckily, I can inform individuals and hand out flyers – and most are shocked and angry! Ah, the corporations really do run our government AND our news these days, don’t they?!


    • Jade, I do the same thing and I get the same reaction. Even people in the horse world that would read the horse mags and blogs just do not know. I have yet to have one person state that they are fully informed of the situation both with slaughter and the wh&b that are being “disappeared”. I use the term “disappeared” as I see a certain link between the horses and the government of a dictatorship who “disappear” anyone that is a threat or a political or economic liability. I think the powers that be see the horses and the advocates as all of the above.


      • I have not found that to be the case in my area; many horse and non-horse owners are well aware of the wild horse roundups and follow them faithfully, sending emails, calling lawmakers, and circulating the news as it happens. It may be a geographical issue then.


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