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3 Strikes Wild Horse Killer’s Sentence Coming Up For Review

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

Too Many Dead Horses, Too Little Time

One of Dozens of Wild Horses Starved to Death by Meduna

HOUSTON -(SFTHH)  Nebraska’s Parole Board has informed sources that convicted wild horse killer, Jason Meduna, will come up for review during the month of August with no disclosed date.  The review is not public although public comment is welcomed.

Meduna becomes eligible for parole on October 20th, 2011.  The public is welcome to submit written comment to the Parole Board as all comments are kept on file and utilized in the board’s final decision.  Meduna, nor his attorney, are privy to the comments.

If you would like to comment on the man who was convicted on 145 counts of cruel neglect of an animal resulting in death or injury please write to:

Board of Parole
Correctional Service Building
P.O. Box 94754
Lincoln, NE 68509-4754

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  1. Thank you RT, I will make good use of that address and encourage my friends to do the same. No, no,no Meduna should not be walking around while so many souls died horrible deaths.


  2. I hope he stays the full time, but I feel that the correction and parole system constantly lets the public and crime victims down. We just had an ICE released drunk driver that is also illegal severely injure some nuns and killed one while awaiting trail and deportation for previous crimes. SURPRISE!!!!!

    I’m not saying, “don’t register compalaints and letters”; I’m saying he will probably get out.


  3. R.T.

    I was at Jason’s for a period of time before things got really bad. He was told that the land was not substainable by a wild life biologist. He did not listen to anything anyone told him. I helped him create a board of directors and he wouldn’t listen to anything I said, then he kicked me off the ranch.


  4. I hope to goodness he is put in jail for life. He is vile and evil and he should be put there in jail with the keys thrown away. How can he live with himself????? Sorry for being emotional he needs a valid lesson of humanity. Please, please do not let him come out of jail to hurt more animals.


  5. This guy has no business getting out of jail on parole. Not only did he kill 145 souls he stole a lot of money from nice people sending in donations to feed these horses. We need justice for the horses that died and for the people that were taken advantage of. I am so tired of animal abusers getting a slap on the wrist and walking out of jail free. Please make a example out of this situation and don’t let these horses die for no reason at all. Starvation is the worst thing a horse can to suffer through. It takes months and is very slow and painful. Jason watched as 145 horses died slow eating anything they could find to try to stay alive. I bet Jason has never missed a meal. PLEASE make a example out of Jason Meduna and keep him in jail where he belongs.


  6. Jason Meduna is a vile and evil person who should stay in jail as long as it takes to starve and die!!! He is another one of the heartless people out there….fits right in with the kill buyers, people sending horses to slaughter etc. the list goes on and on… What a pathetic bunch of people that actually consider themselves as human they are nothing but a bunch of heartless savages…I hate each and every one of them


  7. you must have pushed someones button with this timly article (you got the one star bandit lol, pretty cool you can check the ip and see who got the grudge)

    Guess thats the reason I wish they would throw away the keys and never let this guy out into the world.

    Thank you for the parol boards address, hope all make good use of this.


  8. I would like to see him spend the rest of his live in prison. He should not be allowed parole. I agree with Avalon Mist Equine Rescue- make a example out of Jason Meduna. Really I believe someone as cruel as this should of gone thru the same thing as he did to these innocent horses. These horses trusted him along with the people who donated money to him to feed and take care of theses horses.


  9. From the moment I first stood face to face with Meduna until the day we took all his horses away, he denied any involvement in the death of all those horses. He tried to convince me that the neighbors did it, then radiation, then the BLM sent sick horses. When that didn’t work, when I flew over and found the piles of dead horses, he turned to threats and curses. Once the seizure was underway, he stood inside his house, yelling through the windows, never once admitting to any personal responsibility.

    There is no punishment severe enough to repay the debt of starving horses to death. He will do it again and again if released, and he will continue to claim his innocence, just as will those who stood beside him.

    Just as will the BLM, who took the horses away from their freedom and placed them in the hands of this killer, there to die of starvation.


    • Ray Fields defended him and smeared slanderous drivel across his website for months right up until Meduna was convicted. It was also curious that no one, including Fields, came to Meduna’s defense at the trial.

      Cowards, vermin, each and everyone of them.


    • Jerry…I was waiting for someone to bring up the DOI-BLM in this tragedy. Thank you for remembering that if not for the range massacres, the 3 strikes crap and the government conspiracy to exterminate wild equines…Meduna would have never had those animals in the first place. Meduna is a narcissistic sociopath that had tons of help from BLM and others.

      I hope those that were involved in the rescue and documenting the cruel deaths send comments to the parle board….especially the sheriff of that county. I understand that the sheriff’s offce and the neighbors were instrumental (albeit not soon enough) in the legal action. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong.

      Just another example of the Wild Horse and Burro program managed by multiple government agencies to add to our abuse and complaint files for the legislators and the courts.


  10. I sent a letter in the mail today. This man should be left in prison (without food preferrably) for the rest of his life that he has wasted by being such a horrible human being. He is an example of the worst of our species and what can be done at the hand and mind of such a un-conscienable person. Thank you to all you wonderful people who rescued these horses and brought them back to the world of the living! Thank you to the neighbors and others who spoke up and the sherriff of that county! I applaud and appreciate the humanity and heart of you all and the other side of human nature…




  12. No, no,no Meduna should not be walking around while so many souls died horrible deaths. Our Mustangs are precious to the American People and must be protected!


  13. What a terrible tragedy and he must pay for what he did to these poor innocent creatures. They lost their lives because of his irresponsibility and neglect, Now he must pay, period!


  14. R.T., thanks for all your support you’ve always given. What an amazing voice for the equine world! And you’re right, what a coward Ray Fields is. My husband wanted an interview with him on the radio station, he wouldn’t do it. Guess that makes the radio station owner a coward also? But they were die-hard Mudna fans. I’m glad to hear Pam, Rachael, and others will be sending photos and stuff, talk about voices for the horses! I hope the ones that STILL believe Mudna is innocent, realize some day just how wrong they were. And when they do, let it hit hard on the heart – so they’ll never forget. There was too much suffering there. Jerry, you’re a good man, I’m sure there were many times you wanted to punch a certain person’s lights out – but you and many others got the horses out of there. God Bless you all!!!!


  15. The photo of this horse and it’s apparent struggle is so disturbing to me that I simply cannot find the words. I am concerned, among a bazillion things, that we are feeding so much pain and suffering into our psyche that we will become immune. I don’t want to be one of those “hardened” people. We can’t hide though from the truth. Perhaps we are fortunate and possess the ability to process this information and use it for a higher purpose… I’m hoping. My heart literally hurts.


  16. Elizabeth – Each time I look upon a dead or dying horse, the pain is worse than anything one can imagine. From the very first time in what seems like a hundred years ago through as recently as yesterday, it gets harder and harder to witness what humans can do to animals. I gave up ages ago trying to understand why. I’m just grateful to those who help us clean up the mess and try to restore those horses that we can bring back to the land of the living. Over 200 horses made it out alive, countless of them with babies. Rescues from across the nation came to help – to feed, to love, to take back home. There was no immunity from the pain, but there was a commitment to do all they could to restore hope and faith in the goodness of the human race.


    • Thank you Jerry for all you and others have done..That is the America I know and love. The.America of the people not the government..This is why I was so angry that BLM had the audacity to call what they did on the Owyhee ” a rescue mission”..My comment was you defile “rescue” when those that do this on a regular basis do it from their heart, and not from a black hole in their chest..When you cause the catastrophe-you can not be called a rescuer. My greatest fear is that 3 strikes is going to be repeated amonst the 37,000 horse in LTH facilities..its a reoccuring nightmare of mine.


  17. I have talked at various times with the sheriff and the county attorney about the parole board hearings for meduna. It doesn’t sound good for him from what I can glean.
    There aren’t too many days that go by that i don’t remember the sights and sounds I witnessed for 24 days during this rescue attempt,

    Vicki You were the one who initiated the investigation, your book of 400+ pictures might ought to be submitted to that parole board to at least get a little better understanding of what this guy did.

    I think it stands to merit that this parole board remembers that this idiot was found guilty of those 145 counts out of 149 submitted. That in itself is pretty damnable evidence that this guy should serve his time to the full sentence.

    In visiting with the sheriff He explained to me that there probably isn’t a way for the State of Wyoming to force him to honor the rest of the sentence as far as not owning or caring for animals again.
    At the very least this fool deserves to serve his sentence.

    When I look at the bay mare with the huge colt at her side, I can’t imagine how she or he survived…it does prove to me how intelligent these horses are. These horses will notice things out of the ordinary and avoid them like the plague.

    Our garden lies adjacent to one of the corral gates, the other night I covered the tomatoes with a blue tarp, I grain the mare and foal everyday, they would not come into the corral until I moved the tarp…it wasn’t blowing around, they just knew it didn’t belong there.

    One of the easiest animals to take care of is a horse, in my opinion, all they require is food, space and water…a horse will eat an amazing variety of forage if it has it available…they get fat and shiny because they have this ability to survive. If things are right in their world they will flourish…
    The horses, almost 80% of what we removed were in severe , malnourished and in terrible condition… THAT says all there is to tell about the care these horses had.
    What Jason did was nothing short of murder, and an attempt at genocide of a bunch of horses…

    If this monster walks away, only God knows the next series of crimes this killer is capable of….
    as far as I am concerned Jason should rot in hell.
    James C.Weber


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