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Just Because Congress is Taking a Break Doesn’t Mean We Can!

Action Alert from the Animal Welfare Institute

Dear Humanitarian:

Members of the U.S. Congress return home for the month of August to meet with constituents and hold town hall meetings so they can better understand what is happening in their districts. This is a key time for you to take direct action on the important animal protection bills currently before Congress. AWI is constantly advocating for these issues in Washington, D.C., and you often ask us what you can do in addition to writing letters and calling your legislators.

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Well, this is it. Our elected officials need to hear in-person from their constituents – including you! They need to realize how important these issues are to you, your family and friends. AWI is asking you to take some time to set up a one-on-one meeting in your legislators’ district offices and attend town hall meetings to bring these concerns to the attention of your U.S. Senators and Representative while they are back home.

While there are many important animal protection bills pending before Congress, AWI is asking in particular that you address the tragic plight facing America’s wild horses, as well as the need to end horse slaughter through passage of the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503 and S. 727). There is broad bipartisan support for corrective action in support of the horses, but legislation has not yet been put before the full House and Senate. It is critical that Congress take action before the end of the year.


Please call the district offices of your U.S. Representative and both U.S. Senators and:

1) Request a face-to-face meeting with both Senators and your Representative to discuss these two important issues;

2) Ask them for specific dates of town hall meetings or open events that constituents can attend. To find their contact information, please visit AWI’s Compassion Index.

  • To help with your meetings, AWI has prepared a one-page fact sheet on wild horses that contains four important requests for Congress, as well as facts and myths about the wild horse program to share with your elected officials. For more information, please visit
  • Please ask them to help end horse slaughter by supporting the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act (H.R. 503/S. 727). This bipartisan bill is still pending in both the House and Senate. If your legislators are already co-sponsors, thank them and ask them to urge the Speaker (House) or Majority Leader (Senate) to bring this to the floor for a vote. If they have not co-sponsored, ask them to do so when they return to Washington, D.C. You can find your legislators’ positions on these bills at AWI’s Compassion Index. For more information, please visit

Once you have gathered details on any town hall meetings please email AWI ( with this information so we can compile a list for others who might be interested in attending.

Please share this “Dear Humanitarian” eAlert with friends, family and coworkers and encourage them to set up meetings and speak out for the horses.  As always, we are grateful for your help.


Cathy Liss

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  1. Just put your article on my Facebook Wall.

    “There’s no time like the present.” as they say.

    Contact those people you are paying to represent YOU.


  2. I would love to participate, however, here in St. Louis, MO., I already contacted “my” Congressman, Todd Akin, who wrote/e-mailed me back stating that he supports the BLM & their round-ups, as being “good” for the wild horses & for the range???? As much as I HATE to admit, I really think this issue is a losing battle, &, since I was very unhappy with his response, the e-mail I sent back was not so polite, but, I really don’t care, I’m tired of being polite!!


    • Valerie, I understand your frustration. However, they need to be confronted in public events about their position. Your a voter and a constituent. Ask them in front of a crowd to defend the killing of our horses or the gross waste of the BLM. You never know, a reporter could be attending and you could talk to them as well.

      I hear all of the time from staff in DC that farmers come up to their bosses directly and talk against the horse slaughter bill or wild horses. Nobody ever talks to them about the need for a ban. Their offices hear like crazy from supporters of the ban, but the legislators get very little of that directly and from the district. They often remember someone talking to them at a stop and that need to be one of us.

      He may not change, but you can make him defend it in the public eye and let everyone know this is an issue you will remember in November.


    • Valerie:
      This is a post from a blog — please read and sign up with Carla Bowers if you are interested in her goals. I signed up already. (This was from a comment after an article on Horseback Magazine recently.)

      “Carla Bowers on July 17, 2010 at 7:44 pm
      Sorry to change the subject slightly here, but all this makes me so darn mad that I have to channel my energy to try to do something helpful for our horses/burros.

      So, as an avid WH&B advocate in CA & I’m volunteering to put together a national/statewide database of WH advocates/supporters for better communications with one another, organization & to offer more take-action suggestions. The first goal is to connect advocates together by state to build statewide teams.

      Please email your first & last name, organization affiliation (if any), email address & city/state to:
      I’ll be back in touch with you after receiving your info. Feel free to pass this offer on to other advocates you know.

      For the wild ones on & off the range, Carla B”


    • Valerie, and others, the point is he did not get elected to put forward his own personal opinions in the first place – none of them did.

      Did he publish his support of wild horse roundups in his platform that people voted on?

      What exaclty was his platform that he can stretch to mean this?

      Has he recieved “lobby” money (lets face it that is what it is – “lobby” money – “campagn contributions” makes me choke) from anyone with a financial interest in getting rid of the wild horses.

      These are questions that make for good letters to the editor – be sure to publish his reply letter.

      Be sure and ask “Are there any politicians out there that have what it takes to stand up to DOI and BLM?”


      • Even if we had a dialogue and we try to get the horses and some of their land out of BLM hands they will not let go because it is their lands they want to utilize. That is the
        dirty lowdown. When Mary Landrieu comes back at the end of the year she gave BLM then we may hear some concrete steps to take towards saving our wild herds.

        Yes, Rox, I am sure these ‘lawmakers’ are getting money and favors and I have had it with these ‘politicians’ . The Greeks meant for Democracy to be shared by those who represented all people from the rich to the common man. This is not what we have here. We have a feast for special interests during times of great duress and when people have not got the security they grew up with. Government has run amuck and they are throwing our wild herds off their lands for money that will not even get back to the tax payers. mar


      • Mar, Dirty Lowdown, I like that phrase – it is accurate and approoriate – and at least they should be made to feal ashamed of what their kin put together and why – and that they are pertetrating it – it is not a pretty picture of “cowboy” land, home, home on the range….where seldom is heard a discouraging word – except about wild horses that is.

        Yes, Landrieus return will be interesting – here’s to her!


  3. Valerie, this battle is really just getting started. More troops are coming on all of the time. They are fresh and ready to go. There has been a tremendous amount of momentum gained in just a very short time. All that any of our congressmen need to see is which way the parade is going, and they will jump in front and lead it. We just have to keep the parade going.


  4. Go to the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign website and see the letter. Letters need to be out by FRIDAY.

    American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign
    Dear AWHPC Supporter,

    We have been sending you frequent emails asking you to take action to oppose the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) summer offensive against our wild horses. Please know that our letters are having an effect. Never before has the BLM been under such intense public pressure, and now Now is the time to keep it up! Please read below and take action. Thank you so much for caring!


    The AWHPC Team


  5. Let’s send them on a PERMANENT break, all but those who have been willing to take a stand. The rest can just stay home–for good.


  6. I love this poster. Our family is a ranch family, having a cow/calf operation. I don’t think there should be cattle taking up the grassland space that is meant for the horses. I was told by a BLM person (not ALL of the BLM people are bad) – that the money generated for the horses comes from the lease for land from cattle people. I say bull. I’ll bet BLM could get more $’s from donations, ONCE they remove the cattle. Moreso than what they make from the ranchers. My idea seems to be stupid. I’ll pay for horses to remain on BLM ground, but NOT for cattle. Remove the cattle, support the horses. If BLM thinks my idea is so bad, they prefer to keep killing the horses? That’s a good idea? Maybe the pencil pushers should attend some roundups. Or watch the life go out of a foal, that couldn’t survive the roundup.


    • Welcome, Vicki, it is good to see you here, again.

      For those of you who may not know, Vicki, she is the lady, and her family, who lived next door to the wild horse killer, Jason Meduna. Vicki’s photographic depiction of that horrible occurrence is on this blog and when I have a sec I will go find it.

      Vicki and her family suffered much and finally just had enough.

      We all thank you for being the “good neighbor” who had to put up with false accusations and psychotic BS.

      We are glad that you all come from tough stock. And by the way, we are NOT anti-cattle, here, we are just not for the welfare ranching that takes place out west.


      • R.T., thanks for the “we are not anti cattle here – we are anti welfare cattle”

        I will go a step further, tell the welfare cattle ranchers that if they would support and obtain legislation for a perpetual safe haven of the original 60 million wild horse acres on western lands and a little more that was overlooked in 1971, pay a lease that covers costs with 10% (+/-) to go to science based wild horse management, and support “rational” energy projects, I would give up my “get rid of ALL cattle on Public Lands” and I would go back to eating USA grazed.

        Until then, I am spreading the CATO ansd USDA reports all over the internet “everyday”. I am amazed at the angst against this taxpayer waste, this taxpayer funded curelty against wild horses, and the support that is out there for the Public Lands.


  7. Roxy, thank you very much. I do understand the ill feelings of the cattle rancher, when it comes to grazing BLM grounds. I figure we have to pay for our land, and pay the taxes on it, so should everyone else. I’ll tell you what, I think veal and everything about it, should be outlawed – totally. I don’t like most feed-lots; (might not do well with some people, but oh well) – and there’s a lot of ranchers that shouldn’t be. Now that I think about it, I hate feed lots. There’s only 1 in my married ranching career that I thought did it right. I prefer the out grazing and having fun thing. We don’t use implants – which I was surprised how many people still do.

    I stand on my beliefs that the BLM grounds should be left for the horses, not the cows. Maybe if our government would quit spending stupid money, they could buy some hay, and put in wells on the BLM ground, if they’re so afraid of there not being enough water. Hockey-puck. A little better ‘land management’ and things would be a lot different. So I do understand your feelings. Just have to keep up the good fight!

    And thanks R.T. for your constant dedication to that!!


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