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BLM: “Enter Ranchers, Stage Left, ACTION”

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart”

A Citizen Observer challenges "Rancher" comments while BLM security observes from behind tree in background ~ Photo by R.T. Fitch

It happened just like clockwork, the timing was excellent.  There had been no local “Ranchers” to speak of at the Twin Peaks roundup the day before, but today was different; there was a reporter from the New York Times on hand with a photographer documenting the carefully orchestrated “gather” and for the grand finale, wild horse advocates were on the menu.

While the reporter and photographer were down in the trap area the handful of citizen observers were far back up a hill standing quietly with cameras in hand, watching, waiting and whispering.  The observers had no way of knowing that just over the crest of the hill behind them a storm was brewing and heading their way with a vengeance.

One observer had walked over the hill to where the parking area was located to grab another bottle of water.  While at her car she noted that a group of men, all decked out with their straw hats, blue jeans and western shirts had assembled at the BLM Ranger’s truck.  Not thinking much of it she noted that the BLM security agent was on the radio and as if under direction, signaled the awaiting cowboys and down the hill to the observation area they progressed while the security agent ducked off into the trees above the unsuspecting observers.

The signal to move came just as the NYT reporter and photographer were preparing to leave the trap area and head back to the awaiting wild horse observers, but the “Ranchers” got to the handful of unsuspecting citizens first.  I know, I watched them arrive; first one, then two, then they were three, four and while they descended upon the advocates the BLM security agent hid behind a tree about 25 yards up the hill.

The wild horse advocates had not been approached the day before nor during that particular day.  They were stationed well away from the BLM PR people but the “Ranchers” sought them out and began to poke at them with leading and pointed comments in an attempt to incite them just as the NYT reporter was returning.

“Those horses are feral, ya know.” One would say.

“Yeah, our cattle have purpose while your horses have no purpose.” Chimed in another.

“You people don’t have a clue about what is goin on out there.” Another “Rancher” added.

No one asked them a question, not one of the observers waved the guys over but just like a well rehearsed situation comedy the cast of hand selected “Ranchers” and BLM/Cattoor sympathizers magically appeared in an effort to provoke controversy and strife, just as the Big City Reporter returned, so that the message carried by the advocates would be skewed, blurred and ineffective.  All of this under the watchful eye of the BLM security agent staged behind a nearby tree.

This blatant attempt to incite and disrupt the observers for the sake of the NYT reporter did not escape myself or the bulk of the advocates.  We did not engage, shifted position, documented the attempt at disruption and gave as much information to the reporter as possible as the “Ranchers” arguments dwindled away into the dust like the very rationale for the stampede itself.

Later it was learned that the “Ranchers” were known by name to the local BLM PR authorities and it was disclosed that one of them was actually a retired BLM employee.

I love good theater but this staged performance of verbal aggression and disruption only further demonstrates what lengths an agency gone rogue will do in an attempt to skew the truth that is broadcast to the American public.

There was no applause after this disappointing performance.

Photos by Terry Fitch

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  1. Wow, we must really be making progress. For them to go to this length reeks of desperation. Too bad for them that we’re better than that. Great job everyone!! You stayed the course and kept your focus. I hope the NYT reporter took note of the whole set up…and I do mean “set up”.


    • Well said! Stay the course, we are making headway! NYTs here comes another stampede- we all need to make our opinions known- hopefully comments will be allowed.


  2. Hillbillies….. just trying to get their mugs in the Times.

    They look kinda silly.

    The New York Times photographer is smarter than a blm whip and knows what gang mentality is, and is well aware of poor theater.


  3. Breaking News: AMBUSH by BLM & posse on wild horse advocate observers! Observers, “headed them off at the pass!” BLM duh scene 2, cut: “Life is tough, but its tougher when your stupid…Wagons forward! Yo!!” John Wayne 🙂


  4. “Mission Accomplished” Since when has our government ever been honest with us? In the end our American Mustangs will be extinct, those in captivity will be killed, and big money will win. We too will be forgotten BUT the kids will have plenty of Big Macs.


  5. RT and all who were there: Please write NYT and tell them about this staged event. That is a story in itself. It means BLM is taking sides.
    This year, at all of the round-ups and tours of BLM facilities, I’ve met no ranchers or at least no one identifying themselves as such. This, on the heels of CJ’s appearance, representing RANGE, is no accident.
    Kearns & West PR has done market research revealing public sensitivity to this new approach: family ranch “lifestyle” as another casualty of too many horses.
    Bet me.


    • yes, please call their main office and get everything you have to them. please!! This needs to be very public before someone is hurt bad by these people.

      looks like with the mrs. C there and that stupid slaughterhouse sue with her written stuff (I sent you)

      we got a big mess of corruption here thats going take our supreme court to shake out.


      • I wouldn’t wanna take that bet that this corporate Supreme Court would be in favor of our horses. The Chief Justice just luvs protecting Corporate personhood.


    • The “family ranch” lifestyle is just about nonexistent…most are all sub-contractors, lessors and or direct employees of big Ag like IVP/IBP, Cargill, ADM. So that they’re way of life is fading sure ain’t the fault of 22,000 wild equines or which; that’s akin to kneeling in front of the Wal-Mart god, vilifying China while old town main street shops shutter their doors. What a bunch of marooons!!!!!

      Family ranchers my big air conditioned ass! Selfish, ignorant, greedy land and water hogs more like it….I’d pay a mint to know how much land those trolls own out right, how many leases they have and number of head of sheep/cattle and contracted to sell to whom. Hypocrites!!!!


      • Right, these guys were probably shaking their heads in the nearest coffee shop when they were told they could have at the wild horse advocates for the NYT!. The coffee shop cowboys were a joke, BLM. Maybe you should let some of your PR people go before they really embarrass you! mar


  6. RT- The photo of you with your head down standing there with “those” people speaks volumes. It tears at my heart to see you [suffer] for our horses, to stand up for freedom. Thank you for representing all of us who can not be there. IMHO you are an incredible person and an inspiration to us all.


  7. PS: Thanks to ALL of you out there in the trenches, fighting a clean fight in their dirt. We truly do appreciate EACH AND EVERYONE one of you.


    • Absolutely! You all were PERFECT! Exactly what I’ve been talking about in my posts. Give ’em the attention they deserve – none! Definite win for the Good Guys and the horses!

      And good grief, the BLM IS getting desperate when they’ll do something this obvious. Wow!


  8. I will be surprised if the NYT reporter failed to notice the horse advocates distance and demeanor while viewing the roundup nor the arrival of boisterous asshats attempting to agitate, LOL.

    During the Tuscarora round-up, there was a BLM story in the NYT which stated the horses were drinking the water provided by BLM. Ironically, this same mouthpiece provided an interview the same day in another newspaper stating they were NOT drinking the water. I logged in to NYT and questioned this and other BLM reporting discrepancies about Tuscarora.

    With HSUS on board and putting together their own members’ letters to the BLM (imagine how many letters that will be!), the interest in this issue has grown in the East. I’m eager to see if the BLM’s meager attempt to spin the character of the Twin Peaks roundup succeeds, or if it results in a larger group of people studying the BLM and uncovering the truth.

    I’ve known an occasional liar amongst our public servants in my life, but never an entire agency! The BLM lies to the media, Congress, the courts and any individual who takes the time to contact them. Laura’s video showing the true pace of the roundup and lame foal says it all! Hats off to everyone there documenting the truth.


    • I saved that Tuscarora Vet report, where (not a direct quote, but I saved it) The Vet said the horses were suffering from dehydration because their water was BLOCKED.

      That helicoptor contractor and his people go in days before actual round-up and push horses around. Maybe they even sell some to their slaughter buddies. They kept those horses from enough water and then they overheated them by running them wayyy to long in desert heat!! anyone with animals knows what happens when you force an animal or human to overheat!! but not the blm or their contractor, they don’t seem to have any common sense! or maybe they intend to kill horses, thats what I think…they want to kill horses.
      anyway that vet report spoke volumes in those few words BLOCKED FROM WATER.


  9. omg now that is crazy of the BLM to do such a thing. really makes me angry out federal EMPLOYEES waste time and money on that kind of CRAP.

    And what is worse for the BLM is LOOK at the body language of the ranchers.!!

    BLM maybe your PR firm will have to spend a couple billion to train those ranchers how to LIE and conceal their real feelings.

    Man even the wild horses could teach the BLM how important body language is and how easy it is for many people to see the deception without a word 🙂

    see the BLM are trying to discredit honest americans, what a freaking waste of taxpayer money BLM!!! spend a couple dollars on the wild horses for a change BLM!! get water out there, tear down fences!!! spend money on training some horses so you can ADOPT TO GOOD HOMES!! stop squandering the money BLM ON CRAP LIKE That show.

    NYT has a comment section don’t they? well this taxpayer can’t wait!!


    • and a note back to myself..after reading about that kind of crap staged by the BLM, I am now wondering if that “Drunk Driver” that hit Laura Leighs car was not a set-up by one of the BLM goon-squads?

      What BLM official invited those ranchers to this round-up? That is a CORRUPT person and we need to have this action reported to the law.

      If the BLM official would go to this length to disrupt american rights..they could do ANYTHING, perhaps even have a idiot crash into someones car or worse!!


  10. As some one with a degree in theatre and communications, I appreciate this piece of drama on a bizarre twisted kind of level. Like a dark comedy gone pitch black that makes you cringe, but you watch it anyway. What an exercise in staging!! Makes me wish the BLM would put as much effort into actually respecting and caring for the horses under their supposed management.
    I have faith that the NYT reporter recognized the staging for what it was, having probably done some amount of research prior to heading out to the round up site. This reporter may have even gone to other round ups in the past, just to see what was going on without the PR folks kissing butt — and then went to this one. Hard to know for sure, but these people don’t rise to the level of reporting for the NYT by not doing their research.
    Good job all of you observers! You handled yourselves like the seasoned pros that you are.
    It’s going to be interesting to see what comes out of all of this…


    • The BLM upsets me so much!! They adopt wild animals to crappy homes with a 20 foot by 20 foot box to keep a wild horse in! That is the BLMs requirement to adopt!! a freaking 20 x 20 tall box!!

      And then the BLM spends so much money and effort to disrupt American taxpayers their rights!!

      With those millions the BLM is squandering!! they could PAT GOOD TRAINERS to put 120 days on every single adoptable horse and get some GOOD HOMES!

      The BLM need to be stopped, Congress needs to see how the BLM SCAMS and dupes America!! And has harmed these horses that EVOLVED only on North America!!

      God they make me angry and thank God for the really exposes these horse-killers for the corrupt low-life they are! where are the real cowboys? They know these ‘dudes’ are idiots and horse-killers!


  11. Oh … and do ya think these rancher dudes bought new hats for the occasion? Perhaps there was a wardrobe budget. LOL


  12. Thank you all for standing firm, smart, reasonable, clean, and calm. You guys are doing a great job under the ever increasing pressure.

    Those guys do not look like the cattle ranchers that I know. They are probably just some good ol’ boys that drink together. The little one on the far left looks very familiar, from the Cattoor outfit. Have you checked these guys out yet?

    Thank you again observers …. we love and appreciate you. ❤


  13. Sounds like a similar set up to what they did with the Ken McNabb ‘confrontation’ once again staged by BLM. How lucky that Terry has been able to get such great shots – the photog in trap site and now the BLM ‘guards’ who are relentless with public observers are hiding in the bushes during a ‘potential conflict escalation’- it is a true classic! They look so cowardly and guilty. The truth is that BLM and their rancher buddies set up is not fooling anyone. It is even obvious to the eyes of people who are not familiar with the issue. I found it encouraging as it reconfirms that we are making progress. Their desperation is showing. I know that the lawsuit on Tuscarora really surprised them and that the Contempt of Court case is still there and we are not going away. I am so incredibly happy that everyone present did not bite the bait and in doing so helped them to show their true colors all by themselves ! Stay the course, keep the focus.


  14. Perhaps this was that ‘next level’ the BLM ranger was talking about.

    All those cattle fellas – I wonder if any of them actually graze their stock on their own land or if they’re so indentured to the government for their grazing allotments, loss subsidies, fences and water holes, their business would fail without it.

    The Western Wall Street. Your bloody tax dollars at work.

    And small cattle ranchers – those who chose to run smaller herds on their own property and take responsibility for their own stock? Who represents them? Do they glean any ‘benefits’ from chosing to be self-sufficient?

    I have said some mean and wretched things about the Bureau and the lengths they’re willing to go to destroy wild Horses and Burros – but this is disgusting. And perhaps the most cowardly, yellow-bellied performance, under the Bureau’s Authority from them so far. This proves, beyond any doubt, where their loyalties truly lie – that they’d be willing to encourage this kind of escalation, and hide in the damn bushes to watch.


  15. My comment would have been, hey would you boys like to take me out to breakfast with your welfare rancher check, since I am footing the bill for you everyday, I think you at least owe me breakfast….and then we’d be off to the races…LOL


    • good question actually as the ‘BLM observer’ is PAID.

      How much did BLM pay these ranchers or what gifts were exchanged? or vacations? or free land leases for their cattle? How many cattle were out on the range mixed in with wild horses.

      BLM can NOT tell the difference between cattle and horse digestion. There is a huge land destroying difference between the 2 animals., just their digestion alone!


  16. The idea of being silent as a strategy…completely illudes me..are we just being mourners at a funeral? Name me a cause that didn’t involve getting your hands dirty? Just one…Nice to see everyone being so noble while the horses disappear into a black hole


    • I think the idea was to be silent to the “ranchers” as in giving them the “3rd degree”. Actually it does make sense. You don’t give the “ranchers” any fuel so their comments just tend to blow away on the wind. you stay the course and you have your other observers there not only for strength, but comfort and guidance. Listen to those that have more experience than you (this can be oh so true of me and is not meant at you–as in the individual) and follow their lead.

      I know many of us don’t like the idea of not getting in the last word–because that somehow means someone is getting one over you. In this case, not only did their comments die out but the observers safety was assured.

      This whole deal really scares me. Just a year and a half ago Johannes Mesherle shot Oscar Grant–supposedly by accident. Now we have UNARMED advocates observing and their are greeted with ARMED ESCORTS. They are warned everyday about “escalating” things to the next level.

      It just seems to me that if anyone is escalating anything its the BLM and their security team. It sure looks like their just itching for a fight, to use their bean bag rifles, to use their tasers or to fire a loaded weapon.


      • I notice that we’re putting “ranchers” in quotation marks. Probably a good idea. In truth, we don’t know who all of these guys really are. They could be paid thugs… with cheap straw hats and pointy boots.
        Honestly, I don’t know what I would’ve done had I been there, but I admire the restraint of our observers. I think that silence doesn’t necessarily = compliance or complacency. Nor does it equate to fear. It seems in this case to be a matter of taking the higher ground. This was such a schoolyard trick. Get the bullies to start a fight and see what happens. What grade are these guys in anyway? 3rd? 4th? I think we’re just a bit more mature than that, don’t you?
        I agree that the BLM is really trying to push advocates to the next level. Stay strong. Stay safe. And don’t let the bullies get to you! (I’m a mom. I feel obliged to say such things. 🙂 )


      • If you cannot speak the truth without starting a fistfight-then you probably aught to stay home..Having just come from a roundup, where I was the ONLY advocate there-allowing the lies to stand and effect other people who only hear that one side is self defeating..The idea that it is dignified to remain silent …might be comfortable, as I noticed- but by speaking up and challenging what was being said it encouraged the other people there to speak up in the end, because they had only to that point heard the BLMs talking points..those people don’t come to these blogs..contrary to what we seem to think-the vast majority of people are completely unaware there is a viable other side-and what the argument is and what the facts are..Missing an opportunity is something that we cannot do-Everyone has something to say on the blogs…I call that bar talk..The fact that no other advocate or person interested in the welfare of the horses showed up speaks volumes to me about the commitment of people.


  17. Forward everything to and send it to every other media. Put it all out there in the public eye. Let the public see it all—- horses stampeded by helicopters, reporters in the “no-people” zone, ranchers questioning observers, lame babies, downed mares, BLM uniforms—– and we pay this agency???? oh yeah–same agency in charge of environmental standards in the Gulf— maybe under a different name— thank you RT and all who stood there–for the horses!


  18. This is good. It gives NYT an opportunity to see just a little of what our American Mustangs and burros have been up against. Be certain to send NYT all previous documantation–there is much. They have now met the very people who condone it.


    • Louie, I’m thinking that answering that question would be akin to asking the BLM/Forest Svc just precisely how many wild equines are left (free roaming and in concentration camps). Throw in their lack of science and reputable, disinterested SMEs and how many cattle, sheep and extraction trolls there really are out there would be like trying to count Canadian Geese flying south for the winter with one person holding a calculator looking up to the sky.

      You know, I’m starting to think that when Congress and the American people really find out how many wild equines are dead and or gone because of those agencies’s management they will be outraged; maybe that is why they are hiding so much, all of the time along with stupidity, PR and confrontational behavior.

      You know, shoot the proverbial messenger? I fear that when they are ultimately halted: (1) none of them will be punished, and (2) there won’t be any viable males and females left to put back, especially seasoned herd leaders. But that’s the plan, isn’t it Slaughterczar aka Cowpie Commissar.


  19. I sent 4 links to the NYT, including one to this blog — of course!
    I thanked the paper for having a presence at the round up and encouraged the reporter to look into other sources besides what the government mouthpieces had to offer.


    • Louie — one of the things I encouraged the reporter to do is to really look over the wealth of information that’s out there. Advocates are not a bunch of ignorant, horse hugging nut cases. This tends to be a well-educated, well-informed group of people. Anyone who does any kind of search will find blogs, advocate web sites — all kinds of data that contradicts the official BLM version of things.
      And you’re right — keep sending it in to the media!


  20. Now, to top it off, maybe they can bring out some of the guards from the state prison that is in Susanville to tell why the horses should be removed.


  21. Unbelievable, these bad actors they choose. Look at them! You almost can hear the “Deliverance” song off in the background and imagine the snaggly teeth behind those tightly grimaced lips.

    But it’s a good thing to see because as others have pointed out it only shows BLM’s real level of desperation. Things like this would not be happening if BLM was feeling smug and like the kings they have always believed they are. Gotta call in the motley troops when threatened by the light of truth!

    To the wonderful advocates who withstood yet another BLM insult: Bravo! for holding composure and being true to the horses. We are with you all the way and so appreciate you being there, sacrificing to witness this travesty. None of us will let anything stop us from continuing to shine the light of truth on a very dark world known as the BLM WH&B program.


  22. As to not having a “clue” as to what’s going on out there–BOY is that ever an understatement! That’s what we want to find out–JUST EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE?


  23. Thanks to all that documented, witnessed and stood the ground for the wild ones.

    I would have thought that “real” cattlemen would be busy tending the herds and getting ready to winterize. Hmmmm…maybe these are speeheshill cowboys?

    Thanks again equine warriors.


  24. Just a follow-up note. We hold nothing against ranchers.

    The issue here was that this was staged and an obvious attempt to hurt/harm the stance of the taxpaying advocates who had traveled great distances, at their own expense, to passively witness for the horses. Being that the bulk of citizen observers are female the insult is even further magnified.

    It was a very cheap shot that is now documented and on the record. That is what we do, document and record…


    • Oh NO, RT!!! They had a special interest in the “females”???? Could it be the stupid or greedy bully gene a flarin’?

      Couldn’t be that along with poor and exclusive management practices, they also might have cultural issues regarding females, people that don’t think or look like them and animals that they don’t want?

      Good Lordy! What will happen if the world learns tolerance, sound science, patience and “all God’s creatures” mindset? Maybe peace and universal prosperity???????


    • It’s actually much more serious than a cheap shot. If this was organized and arranged by a government agency to incite or intimidate the American public or to knowingly manipulate the press with phony confrontations, it is very, very serious business.


  25. I’d like to know how many family ranchers (obviously not THESE ranchers or corporate subcontractors) would be interested in a government job helping to MANAGE wild horses & burros on the HMAs.

    Many talk about their generations on the land and “generations” means their ancestors must have used horses that were probably mustangs or mustang crossbreds. This could help struggling ranchers keep their way of life for future generations.

    Of course, the BLM would have to ALLOW leases to be used for the protection and management of these animals. What ranching magazine or organization would be best to ask about this?


    • And these ranchers would be continually monitoring and managing EVERYTHING on the HMAS (range conditions, water, effects of PZP and herd “balancing”, wildlife numbers and condition, etc.), under a boots-on-the-ground supervisor with a college education in the appropriate areas. These would be FULL TIME JOBS WITH BENEFITS at a time when good jobs are drying up, especially in Nevada.

      I’ve run some numbers against published BLM “gather” and holding costs. If they’re right, the results would SHOCK you!


  26. The body language of the “ranchers” was telling indeed. Especially the one with his arms crossed on his chest.


    • A bully, paid for or not that if the NYTs had not been there would have done something dangerous and/or stupid.

      Not sure? Dissect the comments as documented by the advocates.


    • Shirley, That too was my immediate observation. Not one rancher had their hands, arms relaxed by their side. Either hugging their chest or hand in pockets. Sunken body posture. Defensive. Insecure. Lying. Body language is most revealing. Now how about the lady with hands on hips, firm stance. Body language outward. Secure, the truth!


  27. I want to give that “citizen observer” an award, she apparently spoke up with out ‘disgracing” the cause..She is my hero of the day-anyone know who this Lady is..I salute her! Did she get arrested or thrown out? Hey the BLM calls us the sissy brigade, a bunch of handwringers and hysterical crying women..they call in some two-bit ranchers with an IQ of a cowpatty, and THAT’s intimidation? Its laughable…yep boys, lets bring in the “big” guns…


  28. Sick theater— to try to pit the Citizen Observer against “the Ranchers”–sounds like an old western—while the real villains skulk in the shadows. You played it perfectly– because the focus must be on the horses– and we need you there to report on their condition and numbers. This drama really needs to be on Obama’s video playlist. Oh yeah–he’s on vacation–and his girls are reading “The Red Pony” while BLM “gathers” more American mustangs. Those children will never see a “wild” wild horse when BLM finishes their job. Great! What ever happened to that letter signed by 54 Congressmen?? Did BLM just blow it off??


  29. If they only spent as much time protecting and managing wild horses in their protected habitat and improving the range as they do with coming up with one act plays, manipulating sympathetic reporting, intimidating the American public who wants to observe and staging phony confrontations…

    Who is orchestrating all of this and why are we paying them to do so? I find this Kafkaesque beyond belief.


  30. The “ranchers” in these pictures look like they don’t do much ranching. They appear to be in “Sunday best” along with their hats. This is really, really terrible for a government agency to try and incite taxpaying citizen observers. I really think that the “ranchers” and their pictures should be sent to the Attorney General and Congress. The BLM has taken it too far.

    Obama is not going to do anything. He is FOR big business and he wants to designate these lands as a National Monument. This means that the land will have even more government restrictions.


  31. The advocates are a peaceful, non aggressive group of people. They come up against those who ARE aggressive and they don’t always know how to react, at first. That is why the “takers” keep on taking. They are used to just bullying their way over the top of others. In martial arts, there is a class that teaches women how not to be victims. They have to learn how to take their power and use it. Peaceful, gentle people sometimes have to learn to CLAIM THEIR POWER. It takes practice.



    hello imo; in my opinion the BLM Roundups themselves…

    the blm roundups are strategically placed to alternate with the blm Grazing allotments; for example…

    in the Twin Peaks area; the area just cleared of Mustangs; there will be 10,000 Sheep grazing there for about 6 months; and cattle;

    so the gathers are placed JUST BEFORE The BLM LEASES the Land to the Sheep Ranchers; I love Sheep; Sheep are beautiful;
    Sheep are for Wool; Wool is one of the greatest things on earth…

    But I think the land can hold the Sheep and the Cattle too…imo A.

    then when the Sheep are rounded up to be shorn for sheeps wool;
    the blm will take pix of the land with no sheep; there must be a way to make enough land for the Sheep and the Mustangs/Burros

    alwasy recall; Sheep Cattle and Equine are vegetarians vegans
    this means sheep cattle and equine do not attach other animals
    so they do not pose a threat…aw STOP THE ROUNDUPS PLS.


    • yes, but only horses reseed the land themselves and can live year round without any help from man.

      most sheep and cattle come from many generations, 100s of years of selective breeding to create a domestic animal that is bidable and calm in a feedlot situtation. by the very nature of their digestion and grazing habits they cause wear on grasslands, digest seeds and eat roots along with the grass. They don’t need the range to thrive and actually would do better in feedlots with feed right there for them.

      Horses do terrible in feedlot conditions their health suffers. Not sure why when a blm facility has hundreds of acres, the blm insists on only using a few acres for pens.


  33. Great job to every person present, keeping your cool and following the leads to keep it calm. Great photographs as well. We can do this. keep the numbers coming and keep the attitude respectful and professional.


  34. We have real heros here. The barbaric roundups and cruelty to our wild horses and burros must be stopped. I am so proud of the people who help this great cause. Keep up the good work, our horses and burros need us.


  35. I am proud of you for taking the high road. That is the correct strategy. They are trying to incite a fight. Fight this in court and keep documenting facts, and the lies that the BLM are publishing. They are their own worst enemy.


  36. Horses not only re-seed but enhance the environment. At a dead swamp area in England horses were introduced, first came insects, then birds, then various other plants and flowers, eventually an entire ecosystem. I would think the great plains “the bread basket of the world” is a result of horses grazing for eons cultivating the land for mankind. No mater though, nothing that enhances our lives is immune to greedy and powerful corporations, in fact our lives actually and ultimately are at risk from the devastation of our environment by their greed.


    • Depressing fact is that there are many eco non-profits that absolutely HATE the wild equines…certain chapters of Sierra Club, Audubon, etc. If I understand correctly, a major litigant plaintiff of BLMs is Center for Biological Diversity…sadly wild equines aren’t a part of their constitution.

      Ashame that they can’t see past their noses.


      • Right, Denise. These orgs just will NOT look at all the DNA evidence that proves horses ARE native. I don’t think they have even read it. They are determined that the horses are non-native and that’s that. What a shame to be SO closed minded. It also makes them look pretty stupid and behind the times. I wonder if they think the Earth is flat as well.


  37. BLM has been the servant of vested interests in the West for over 30 years. Long before the days of Wild Horse Annie (Velma Johnston), BLM has practiced animal cruelty with regard to wild horses. Their persecution of the herds serves the cattle and sheep ranchers who want the ranges exclusively for grazing their herds, for which they pay so little that BLM is losing money on the leases. We, the taxpayers, are making up the difference to pay the salaries of these “managers” of our PUBLIC lands, upon which wild horse herds legally roam by virtue of the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Act. The horses are not starving, inbred or ill as BLM would have us believe. They have gotten along just fine for hundreds of years without BLM.


  38. seems we are gaining ground ( the blm had to send in the clowns ) this was so poorley staged and unrehearsed by the blm with there security plant (gohmer pile ) hiding in the bushes ,sounds like b-class comedy gone bad. they should hire better actors instead of these good old boys with bad body language.check there boots next time you”ll find the same cow crap on them ,including blm ranger boy ! congradulations on standing your ground and being there . justduke


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