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BLM’s Wild Horse Stampede Contractor Exposed as Deceptive

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch

BLM’s David Cattoor Plots to Subvert First Amendment Rights, Again!

Dave Cattoor, "I'm not going to give them the one shot that they want" ~ Photo by Jim Wilson/New York Times

It was subtle, it was sweet and done with such professional flair that most people would have missed it on the first go around but a second viewing cements the words and causes the jaws to drop.  Clare Major, of the New York Times, caught on video BLM Wild Horse Stampede contractor Dave Cattoor discussing with his company and BLM personnel the process of killing a horse, that his firm would injure, and how to hide it and dispose of it in such a manner that the public and press would not see it or become aware of the incident.  How sweet is that?

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men will never be able to put Cattoor’s words back in his mouth again.”

Sunk, doused and caught with his pants down all due to the desire to be “famous” and to appear in the New York Times.  The egos of Dave and Sue Cattoor have finally done them in.

There’s background as to how badly the Cattoors wanted to manipulate the press and be on the “good side” of the Times.

Three days earlier, at another trap location, the Cattoors and the BLM granted NYT reporter Jessie McKinley and photographer Jim Wilson unprecedented access inside the active trap area while holding other press and public observers at bay almost a mile away.  When news of this discriminatory act was exposed by this reporter on “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” close access to the traps was then denied to all press and public.  NYT filmmaker Clare Major was kept behind a jute fence halfway up a mountain with a horrible view of the illicit operations only 48 hours after her team mates were granted unfettered filming.  Along with reps from HSUS and Horseback Magazine she suffered the ire of the Cattoors for being caught using deceptive practices only days earlier.

Ms. Majors contacted her editor to request another day of shooting as nothing occurred during that filming attempt.  She likewise made special arrangements with Sue Cattoor to be allowed down to the trap site for interviews prior to the arrival of the correspondents from Horseback Magazine, it was during that time that Dave Cattoor was caught showing his tried and true business model.  The “them” that Cattoor was referring to was the team from Horseback, including this reporter.

Dave Cattoor’s comments not only back up and verify the fact that his operations harm, maim and can ultimately kill wild horses but what is hidden in his words verifies that this is a practice and process that he has used against the free press and public in the past and it has worked.

Cattoor said,  “If something happens we are going to correct it quickly, just like we talked about.  If it’s a broken leg, we’re going to put it down, slide it on the trailer, same thing, we are going to town with it.  I’m not going to give them the one shot that they want.

“Same thing”, what does that mean?  How many times have these deceptive activities occurred in the past?  Is the BLM privy to these clandestine killings and if so do they assist?

“Going to town with it”, which town, what facility, how does he dispose of the horses that he kills?

All of this comes on the heels of Sue Cattoor’s interview with Horseback Magazine where she admitted that Dave shot and killed a mare and her foal on a cliff, from a helicopter, during the deadly Owyhee Stampede where the Cattoors were involved with the deaths of dozens of wild horses.  Cattoor claims the shootings were to put the horses out of their misery but there is no sound medical criteria to support their claims.

The New York Times video continues to artistically close out their piece with another classic and telling Dave Cattoor quote, “..they (wild horses) have to be managed, without management all you got is death, that’s all you got.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, puts the whole problem into a nutshell.  The Cattoors have always believed that they have the divine right to play the role of judge and jury over our national icons while the BLM not only pays them to do so but stands back and lets them run the entire show.  Wild horses never made it through hundreds, thousands and millions of years until Dave and Sue Cattoor showed up to save them from their impending doom of living wild and free on the land that has been their homes for centuries.  What a tremendous burden the Cattoors bear by playing God to the publicly owned wild horses of the United States of America, I am in awe.

These people have controlled the BLM while they have manipulated and attempted to manage the public and press.  Besides the controls and erroneous restrictions they place upon the very people that fund their illicit operations they attempt to control information via threats and intimidation.  Magazines, Newspapers, Non-profits and blogs have received threat letters from Cattoor’s attorneys in an attempt to subvert the truth and violate the First Amendment rights of the free press.  An example of such a threat letter can be seen HERE as received by this reporter, who did not cave in to their overreaching and erroneous demands.

Hats off to the New York Times for bringing to light the true spirit of the BLM and their contractors.  The video has gone viral on the internet and all the attorneys in the world will not be able to undo the major PR damage Cattoor has beset upon himself.  They would be tremendously busy writing threat letters to all of the major news chains and media outlets.  Not even the BLM’s high dollar PR firm is going to be able to put a positive spin on either the Cattoors or the BLM Stampede practice.

It’s simply divine justice that the silver bullet that fells the bloody Cattoor reign over our wild horses comes not from the virtual gun of a tax paying wild horse advocate but from the very mouth of David Cattoor himself.  Sooner or later the lies catch up with you and the truth about David Cattoor has been over 35 years in coming.  The spirits of the wild horses that David Cattoor pled guilty to of being sold off to slaughter can now rest in peace.

The truth is out.

New Laura Leigh Video Highlighting Deceptive Acts of Cattoor and BLM

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  1. The letter to R.T. Fitch sounds like the Catoors are trying to provoke a legal fight. If the BLM and Catoors are doing nothing wrong, then why not let the humane observers and magazines watch the round-ups. The cowards instead pull a truck up to block the view, that tells me they are harming our horses.. These people are nuts in a nut case. If R.T. Fitch is wrong on the dollar amount, then this would of been the perfect opportunity to correct the amount of money the Catoors are paid with our tax dollars. Instead, the attorney goes on and on over the expenses the Catoor’s incur. So what! they have still been paid millions and millions of dollars to run our horses to their death. I have never seen any film where are horses are not a full gallop with their eyes wide open and in a full frenzy. The way the Catoors do this, it sets the horses up to be difficult to train.


  2. This is just sickening – I just cannot believe it.
    I am not certain of all the facts regarding these cruel roundups but
    can Ken Salazar and his cronies not be voted out of their
    positions? How does everything work?


  3. Ken Salazar is appointed by the President. We do not get to vote for the individuals that run departments within the government.

    I think the Catoor’s and the BLM protest too much.


  4. Do we know the name of the person Dave Cattoor is shown conspiring with in the NYT video? Is there visual proof that BLM is complicit?

    One of the injured foals Laura Leigh talks about is struggling for his life at the Chilly Pepper Miracle Mustang rescue of Palomino Armstrong in Shingletown, CA.
    BLM staff allowed her to take him from Litchfield because she runs a wild foal rescue.
    Photographs and text re his injuries are all over the Internet and you may have received some forwarded info. In not, read backward in my blog at and feel free to email me for more info.
    btw Chilly Pepper is the first foal Palomino rescued and she’s a sassy young mare now!


    • Laura…is the Horseback Mag journalists’s documents, videos and the exposure provided by NYT being added to the contempt filing?


  5. I knew back when Sue said that Dave had shot that mare and her foal that something was going on. I think I always had that thought in the back of my mind but this was good. I can only hope that all the horses that Dave shot didn’t suffer a lingering death–that it was quick and painless.

    My soul is shaken that Dave would do this. Rounding up is one thing but shooting horses without a vet onscene???–I can only imagine how many horses Dave said were hurt, they weren’t and yet he shot them anyway.

    Remember the colt that Craig and Chyrstie found? This definitely raised questions at the time…

    What in God’s name did these horses do to anyone? that would cause this???? All I can say to the horses is “I’m sorry”.


  6. RT,Terry, Laura,others–thank you for your brave actions on behalf of the wild horses.

    Helicopter round-ups–by their very nature– create trauma in any horse–my own very domesticated horses would stampede! Litchfield foals 2010– every baby is lame–not a sound one in the bunch–thanks BLM ! IDA is running a wild horse clip–the animal comes out the front door of a chute/trailer— Keep the pressure on—
    Comments on-line —the msnbc report on the NYT piece– the advocates/humane observers were not interviewed–their side of the story has not been presented.

    Thank you internet—– global knowledge–global justice.


    • May I affirm Ann’s comment! Your bravery is unequaled and serves as a strong voice for our wild horses and all the advocates. For those of us that aren’t on the front lines, we express our deepest appreciation for all you have done and what you are doing to expect honesty and access and keeping us all so informed. The mentality of the Cattoors/BLM is that these wild horses are not living creatures–they are things to be removed, one way or the other. Keep up the pressure–the cracks are getting bigger.


  7. What’s the old expression – “Hoisted by his own petard”? Definition: “Destroyed by the very devices with which one meant to destroy others” – Hamlet, Act III, scene iv.

    In theater, “tragedy” is defined as “a fall from high places”. Can’t think of anything more appropriate!


    • Like “Hamlet”, “Richard III” is a tragedy. “A horse! a horse! my kingdom for a horse!” – Act V, scene iv. Listen up, you miscreants!


      • OT: “a horse; a horse my kingdom for a horse (this was said in a play by shakespear after the Kings horses were all down; and the King had no way to get around; so my comment is:

        “A donkey; a donkey…my island for a donkey…!!!

        comment: A documentary I watched about an Island coast nr. Africa named Sengal; a poverty stricken nation where the people wear colorful cotton clothing; grow food and depend on tourism…

        anyhow: Two youth from the Island fashioned a Donkey Cart out of old tractor tires; you should have seen this donkey cart; cool !

        and there the donkey was…pulling this big tired donkey cart; going along the island beach at a very fast clip; looking happy; alert; getting exercise; the youth did not use whips or sticks…

        The Donkey was trotting along pulling the cart everyone is happy!
        (this is in an underdevopled nation…of Poor People…mind u…)

        and my comment is: Compare those island youth creating a cart for the donkey to pull; (tires were huge and cool looking; looked like a donkey suv: COMPARE THIS TO THE BLM CORRALS OF BROKEN-SPIRITED DONKEYS; listless; wandering aimlessly in the stinkin’; crooked makeshift BLM Corrals…no comparison !

        and they say we are the most advanced nation on earth; hardy har
        (please see the video “Burros on a Barge…very sad for the Burros

        so I think we should take lessons from the poor farmers;
        not the BLM…(I have seen corrals in Africa looking better than blm

        in fact: I have never seen such lousy looking corrals as the BLMs!@


  8. I have a question that I hope can be answered.

    1. The horses are being rounded up from “Public Land” our land, correct.

    2. The BLM is putting the traps on private land so that we cannot go near and watch, or help, correct.

    3. If the President and the BLM will not stop this despite all the calls, letters, and numerous pleadings, etc… from everyone, then I ask you “What is stopping us from going out on our public land, on our own horses, jeeps, etc… and diverting the horses away beofre they reach the traps that are on the private lands and sending them back out to where they belong?

    Just a thought? Has this been considered or even tried?


    • Shelley, Your idea does sound like a great idea! Sometimes, we have to “sacrifice” ourselves to help the “cause”. For those willing to do so, I applaud you! For those that can’t be there in person, we will be there in spirit & prayer. Did anyone see the show “Whale Wars” on Animal Planet, this past weekend? It was about the very same issue, just a different animal species. The activist boarded the enemy ship after they rammed & sunk his vessel, then was “tried” & went to jail for a cause he believed in. He risked everything, but in the end, he was sent home & reunited with his wife & kids. I think there are probably many out there who would be willing to deter the horses, prevent their round up & capture, tear down fences, & do whatever it takes. I think we are all making progress on the horse’s behalf, but it is moving very slow, is it too slow? Will there be any left in the wild if we continue on this snail’s pace? I am NOT advocating “violence” against people, just standing up for what you believe in.


    • Hello; a good idea and I have thought of this too; actually; there are Animal Rights Activist that will go out into the woods before a Deer or Elk or Mountain Goat Hunt and they will bring those loud horns people use at foot ball games and these animals rights activit will go out into the field and blow the horns to scare the deer; I do not know if this could be used to scare the Mustangs…a.


  9. Shelley, It sounds like a great plan except, 1. The BLM would arrest us immediately for ecoterrorism. 2. The public lands are also closed down during a roundup and at the very least we would be arrested for whatever the BLM can make up.


    • Hello: I did not know the public lands were closed during the Roundups…not good news; I knew you could not go on private land; so the entire HMA gets closed during the roundups? Like as if the BlM is conducting a very important “mission…a psuedo mission; a false mission; a false promise…a roundup; a kidnapping of America’s Mustangs which are OWNED BY US ! ! !


    • Remember the judge ruled in the Tuscarora case that laura has going, that it is illegal to close the public lands except where the gather pens are, we now also know they cannot close the airspace we could put up hot air ballons if we wanted to..have our own little hot air balloon race while their stinking roundup is going on..hover over the pens and get photos..trail the helicopters with our own helicopters..We must question the legality of everything they do.


      • Yes Sandra, I had mentioned this idea myself in the past, to several people including Craig, and the idea was cut down due to closed air space. Are you sure they cannot legally close the air space?


      • Yes, it was in a blog article RT did a ways was looked into..and the BLM cannot legally close airspace, altho they gave that impression.


  10. Thanks, once again, R.T., for keeping us informed. It’s great that “the truth” is out, but, is that going to help the wild horses? Who is going to “battle” against the Cattoors & the BLM? The wild horses need friends & advocates in high places with a lot of power, & a lot of money, in order to ever “win” this long-standing battle! Will this be enough to stop their evil assaults on America’s wild horses, or, will Cattoor & the BLM get a little slap on their hands, be told to “behave”, & everyone will turn their heads & pretend nothing happened??


    • Debra, I just went to Fox’s web site to view the video. Some of Laura’s round up footage was shown, and watching that injured horse trying unsuccessfully to get up in the holding pen is heartbreaking. And very telling. But so much for fair and balanced – the interviewer certainly appeared to have sided with the Professor who was representing the BLM’s side of things, and Fox had the incorrect horse reproduction rate of 15-20% listed on their bullet points. Someone didn’t accurately check their facts and instead took the BLM info as being true. Same with the “native species” argument. There have been recent articles of evidence found proving the horse to be a native species. But calling the cows and sheep “managed” was just a joke. Same goes for the interviewer’s supposed “fair and balanced – you decide” position. This interview was not fair, balanced, or even correct. Very disappointing.


      • Great News on showing the struggling mare trying to rise; this is exactly the type of footage we want out there to show the citizens of our fair nation the “bruatality; the unfairness; the suffering the Mustangs go thru; being rounded up; branded; fixed; imprisoned;

        this is very good news ! ! ! A pix is worth a thousand words; thnx !

        comment: Just like I did not know how terrifying the BLM Roundups are; most folks don’t either; this video will enlighten us !

        They should show all the BLM Corral videos; like Hope + Feathers; I will send Fox news the Downed Mare Video; (the video shows a brown mare and a black mare; both were shot by the blm)

        we shall know the truth and the truth shall set the mustangs free !(and the burros mules and donkeys! this is very good news fox is !


  11. Cudos to Clare Major for getting one hell of an admission from Dave Cattoor himself on tape. Same accolades for Laura’s video and RT’s reporting. The facts speak for themselves, and we thank you all for being there to document and prove it.


  12. Yes, the Fox News report was unbalanced and the BLM people interrupted. However, the pictures showing the Wild Horses also spoke to millions. Usually, the reports are just all BLM.


  13. People out there stand strong. The horses are in danger and you are all they have to tell of it. Laura take care. Are there more rescues that can help the lame an injured?

    Stop the roundups, BLM! Fire the Cattoors! The public does not want these people handling their wild ones! I do not want you touching any horses, moving any horses, chasing and trucking horses and burros… I do not want you working with our wild horses and burros any more. Get out of this business and leave the wild ones in peace. The whole rotten lot of you! mar


  14. Do you think we should all write to all our Representatives and Senators to try and find out “Why” the Catoors have a no competition bid for the round-up of our horses. I wrote to the BLM and asked if it would be more financially feasible if the BLM used their own helicopter with their own pilot? however they have refused to answer. I also have never, never seen any U.S. contractor keep a web-site to dispute every word of any and all horse advocate. I have never before seen a contractor fight with the American public the way these two do.


    • When I talk to BLM personnel and they wonder why the Cattoors are not OK with the public, it is then I realize that the methods do not matter and the work is given to those who are efficient. Not in my/our mind but ‘they do a good job’ is the usual response at BLM and all that matters. The fact that these people mouth off and get away with it is because they and the BLM they work with are all in cahoots. There is plenty over the years that cements these two fast together. They know what they are both capable of and are comfortable and even encouraged by this familiarity. Very emboldened as of this year when the Cattoors should have been locked up and an investigation done. The fact that they have not answered for Owyhee yet is not lost on me. Justice will catch up one day. mar


  15. Don’t know about you, but while I’m waiting for Dave Cattoor and the BLM to be hoisted by their own petards, which is a great visual, I’m supporting the contempt motion/Grass Roots. We may not be rich but if everyone does their part the lawsuit will prevail. I feel it’s the best thing to do right now to show support for the good people who are out there putting it on the line every day. The fact that they can keep their composure and still document while looking straight into the face of evil is nothing short of miraculous in my book. The BLM deserves to be held in contempt of court and its reign end in a Shakespearean tragedy. Hats off to all of you once again!


  16. While Obama and his cronies are out playing golf , our horses are being treated like pieces of crap. Vote all the bums in Washington out of office.


    • The big balloon full of promises, change, transparency and the hope for a better America, was so inflated that it has blown out of sight, far from any reality seen now.
      It took a fight just to get the first amendment rights honored at all, remember?
      Its never to late to keep a promise, there is still a little time left for change.
      How about it Mr. Obama? You can change history in the making, now.
      Save America’s Mustangs!

      Take a sad song, and make it better. Let wild horses into your heart, then you can start, to make it better….better….better….better.


  17. Thank you ALL for your continued dedication to MY horses on MY land. The Cattoor “cover-up” footage is especially “telling” as to their professional attitude toward the horses and the press and the public. This video should be sent to our local BLM email addresses as well as to our governor and senators etc…. use it to keep the presure on them. One response regarding the illegal/ immoral activities of the BLM toward our wild herds that I got from our governor “Arnold” basically said it was none of his business (even though it was happening in HIS state that he is sworn to govern) and so I looked up his schedule which said he was planning a trip to Russia etc…………. so I of course I responded and asked what he was doing in Russia when he was assigned to govern and protect California! I also asked who was paying for his trip to Russia …. no response to that email question! Surprised?
    The Cattoors are a sub-contractor for us – you and me. As employers, they are required by law to pay payroll taxes plus have workers compensation insurance and are under the control of OSHA. Hopefully someone out there will know how to research their record on these items? I did research workers compensation for them and found no information. Either they have no workers compensation (as required by law) or they have discovered a way to use another name to employ their employees because I could find nothing – same with OSHA violations. Quite curious! Do any of you know about these legal requirements and can you search for any of their illegal activities on this? Remember, the famous gangster Al Capone, was eventually put in Alcatraz prison for “tax evasion” and not for the many murders he did. Understand what I am saying? Thank you again for your dedication … Fitch and ALL!


  18. Emotive truths. Great video of Laura and the tricks played to further hinder observations any way they can. I had heard from another observer, that the observation viewpoint was about one and a half miles from the traps, and then the parking of trucks dead in front of the trap, is furthering the obstruction of viewing! Would this not be “Obstruction of Justice”, blocking clear observation, as the right to it was ordered by Federal Judge Hicks! Laura, I am sure you will add this to the list.

    R.T. , I read the letter. Surely your blog postings, reporting and commentary, must be hitting them hard, or why would they bother harassing you! There is just no way to make bad look good, sorry. Loved your shining comment about “Divine Justice” and the silver bullet directly from Dave’s mouth. Ha! Karma is playing its hand, and truly this revealing video is divine justice! Kudos to Clare Major, and surely, huge thanks from millions of advocates for wild horses!
    R.T, many grateful thanks to your dedicated and brilliant work. This one shines bright, the news as we see it, the deception unveiled. No Fear here. Kudos : )


    • I too read the letter and thought Sue & Dave really ought to fire these fools. I thought lawyers at least would stick to facts and not conjecture and result to sniveling. I really thought that perhaps Sue wrote it, since she is so addicted to drama and playing the victim, and just had her attorneys sign it. Perhaps the fools she is paying so much money to ought to delve into public records just like we do then they wouldn’t have to ask where facts were located, they would already know. Perhaps they ought to sue the government for posting the truth on their various websites. I love it when we are better researched and prepared than those who would oppose us.


      • I have been fighting the feeling to respond but now think that I must.

        That threat letter was written by Sue Cattoor and placed on the letterhead of her law firm on her demand. Money talks!

        R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” The Force of the Horse®, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH

        Sent from R.T.’s iPad


      • Not to be surprised though of her arrogance. Psychotic madness. This will be an amazing story once the horses are safe. That they are not and we cannot keep them from these killers makes this time the worst. To think that horses will die and be hid from us by these sick people. Who will finally come forward to see the violence and cruel abuse stopped? Who has the power and the sense? mar


  19. Babies need better care and treatment. That truck was flying with foals in it. Laura, we share your tears in this one. Respect that you are there, documenting and sharing the truths, even though it is hard to acknowledge them. (note I did not say accept them!) Hang in there, no matter what!! Your work is important, extremely needed and appreciated by those who cannot be there. America must know what IS happening, verses what they SAY is happening. Staying true to your heart…. : )


    • Just found out that Deb Coffey and Chrystie Davis, were among the handful of advocates waiting like Laura, to see the truckload of foals unload. The only record I see of their many consecutive days on site, is their rented Toyota Rav, driving away in the video. I guess they are not members of SAG.


  20. Just read the letter … I have a difficult time believing that a real attorney wrote it. Is this an actual law firm?
    Attorneys do, often, threaten — but in legal terms, not with name calling, etc. This letter has an unprofessional sarcastic tone to it that makes me think it’s a fake — or perhaps a really sloppy lawyer who needs to go back to school to learn how to write a professional letter.
    I will say that defamation charges against bloggers are becoming more and more common. In cases that make it to court, bloggers generally win, as blogs are recognized as opinion pages, whether there is fact addressed within the blog or not. So, even if this is a genuine attorney, I’d say you don’t have much to really worry about.
    Besides, if you have to retract statements, I’d say that the Cattoors do, as well. Things like “The horses walk or trot most of the way in front of the helicoptor” when what observers have documented on film is horses running at full tilt. Or how about “Helicopters don’t get close to the horses” when observers have photos of helicopters practically hitting horses in the flanks.


  21. hello I just watched Laura Leigh’s video on this page; please send this video and any others to Fox News; send The Calico Colt video in retrospect; the Elyse Gardner video; pix from RT + Terry Fitch;

    there may be a chance this video and others will “open the eyes of the American people; the way the videos did for me…

    I never knew how bad the roundups are until I watched the videos!




    • They did all right, shes just gonna put that cap on the used needle and throw it away (hopefully lol) hopefully

      They only released 7 mares! and they all got the vaccine? AND a second fast acting? birth control. and 3 trailers of stallions the day before. Everything deemed by the blm gods- ‘not adoptable’ should be released!


      • Yes, All the older Horses and Burros need to be released. There is no reason to remove them from their home. Free the older animals. This is what was always done.


  23. Akin to processing cattle or swine for the final trip to the killhouse, err maybe one processing step back but always with profit or disposal in mind.

    There’s a thought…FOIA DOI/USDA/State Equine Killers on the auction to “god knows where” numbers. Wouldn’t that be interesting?


  24. I can’t stand this!!! What can we do? Anything? The Catoors and Ken Salazar will have to answer to a Higher Power. Will Madeleine Picken’s Pony Express ride be too late?


  25. I’ll say they are deceptive, they always HIDE their horse killing. And this is NEW INFO REVISED 8/ 20/10

    Heres something NEW that is online PUBIC info.. look how much we taxpayers pay for just the helicoptors!! and even miles for the fuel truck!!! what a bunch of thieves that GANG is!!! stand by person for 500 a day!! wtf!! we pay by the mile for them to drive one horse?? wtf!!

    Click to access 3+BLM+WHB++CONTRACTOR+PRICING,+EQUIPMENT+&+PILOTS+FOR+2010++revised++8-20-10.pdf


    • Laura,
      Wow, this is great info. Did you notice that SUE is the named contractor? Is that because her husband is a felon? Am I correct that felons cannot get Fed contracts (or am I dreaming)? I don’t know what needs to be done with this info … perhaps send to Knapp and other media? I have said before that Cattoor workers compensation employee insurance cannot be found for this company … to the best of my knnowledge this is definately against the law. Also, understand that in the state of Nevada employees are required to have OSHA (safety) 10 hour training. Does anyone have knowledge about these legalities that if found to be true and were exposed could “string up” the Cattoor gang?


      • Dave Cattoor was convicted of a misdemeanor, not a felony. You can get in trouble by calling him a felon when he is not one. Sorry. But people need to remember that. mar


      • My mistake … did not realize his crime was a misdemeaner and not a felony crime. None the less … funny that his company is listed under his wife’s name … something “funny” going on there regarding perhaps taxes (payroll or income) or ??? Thank you for correcting me… I still have a lot to learn … Thanks.


      • Grandma, Hey, I just don’t want one of us to get in trouble for calling the man a felon! He is still a dirty rotten horse killer among other things. But since that is true we don’t get into trouble for saying it!! Such irony… mar


  26. The truth will prevail. Hopefully it won’t be too late…even though it is for many of the horses that have already been sent to slaughter or are still living in the concentration camps. I was amused at the letter from Cattoors attorneys. Sounds like they are using First Amendment basis for their complaints…gee the door swings both ways on that account. Every reporter is guaranteed First Amendment Protection. Cattoor is scrambling to cover his ass; but he shot himself in the foot. Bad characters have bad character.


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