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Update: BLM Sent Wild Horses to Slaughter, Again?

By Frank X. Mullen Jr. of

BLM Up To Same Dirty Old Tricks

Update from Jill Starr, Sept. 13 “I want everyone to know that there are more horses piling up in the Fallon Livestock auction corrals pending another killer sale this Saturday. They are hush hush about where the horses are coming from. Lots of speculation, but they are definitely wild horses. And they will definitely be purchased by the knackers and sent to Mexico. We have one donor who is 21 years old willing to bail out as many as $10,000 will buy – but we can’t find a permanent home for them. Any adopters or land owners willing to make some room? There will be about 175 sold – again.”

Wild horse advocates are asking the federal government to investigate allegations that the Bureau of Land Management sent 172 Nevada mustangs to an auction attended by “slaughter buyers” in July.

Wild Horses at Twin Peaks ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

The horses were rounded up by the BLM in the Pilot Creek Valley area near Wendover and auctioned off in Fallon on July 10. By law, federally-protected horses can’t be sold for slaughter, but the agency says the horses sent to the auction were abandoned domestic horses or their offspring, not federally-protected mustangs.Such “estray” or “feral” horses aren’t covered by the 1971 law that protects established herds of free-roaming mustangs. Federally-protected wild horses can’t be legally sold for food, but estrays can be sold for eventual slaughter in Mexico or Canada, where firms provide horse meat for human and animal consumption.

“I’m disgusted the BLM did what it did with these horses,” said Jill Starr, president of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue. Starr bought 169 of the horses at the auction. Six have been adopted and the remainder will be offered for adoption or released in a sanctuary, she said.

“It doesn’t take a biologist to know that these are not ranch horses gone wild,” Starr said. “The BLM just called them estrays to take away their protection… If it wasn’t for the people who donated (to Lifesavers) those horses would be burgers in Europe by now.”

Bureau of Land Management officials said all wild horses were removed in 1993 from the federal herd management area closest to where the free-roaming horses were rounded up in July. Because the federally-protected horses were removed, the animals gathered recently must be estrays, officials said.

“The BLM makes the majority of the decisions on estrays based on physical appearance and or brands on the animals as well as history of unauthorized horse activity in the area,” said Bryan Fuell, field manager of BLM’s Elko District Office. “Because of monitoring activities and grazing operator-furnished information, we generally know where estray or unauthorized horses are present.”

BLM records indicate all wild horses in the Toano Herd Area near Pilot Valley were rounded up in 1993. Yet, BLM mustang census lists from last year show the Toano Herd Area contained 168 federally-protected wild horses. Some of those animals are among the 172 “estrays” gathered in July, the agency confirmed last week.

The BLM said the animals in the census were listed as wild horses in error. The horses gathered and sent to auction were strays from ranches, officials said.

Wild horse advocates countered that the agency has no scientific basis for determining whether free-roaming horses are descendants of long-established mustang herds and thus federally-protected or whether they are domestic strays or their offspring. Because the BLM can make decisions subjectively, the critics argue, the agency can remove federal protection and break federal law anytime it’s expedient for it to do so.

Based on the responses by the BLM about the decisions made in Pilot Valley, “apparently, the BLM can decide at random that they no longer want to manage a herd,” said Vicki Tobin of the Equine Welfare Alliance, a wild horse advocacy group.

The concern about federal management of wild horses comes in the wake of the BLM’s plans to cull about 12,000 of 38,000 mustangs and burros from Western ranges this year. Most of the animals will be sent to long-term pastures in the East or Midwest, according to the agency’s current plan.

BLM officials said their roundups are based on science — measurements of how much the range can support in the face of multiple uses, including wildlife and cattle foraging. They said the designation of the Pilot Valley horses as estrays is based on “empirical evidence.”

Wild horse advocates disagree.

Agency admits mistake

Agency officials said designating those animals as wild horses on the official 2009 count was an error.

“For planning and budgeting purposes, BLM included the estray horses within Pilot Valley as being within the Toano Herd Area so as to include them in the gather and contracting schedule,” Fuell said. “To the public, this may seem as if the BLM is counting them as wild horses, but they are not wild. They were accounted for in order to adequately create a gather plan and for budgeting purposes only.”

In other words, the “estrays” were lumped in with the protected mustangs so that the agency could budget the money to remove them from the range.

He said the mistake is rare and the rest of the agency’s estimates of the about 38,000 wild horses in other herd areas are valid.

Fuell said the agency usually decides whether horses are estrays or federally-protected wild horses based on “physical appearance.” But he also said that “to say the (Pilot Valley horses) are wild because they look wild doesn’t mean anything because after several generations in the feral state, all horses take on a certain look similar to wild stock because of the environment in which they live.”

Wild horse advocates said the agency is contradicting itself and using “double talk” to cover its violations of law. They said deliberatley misrepresenting the number of wild horses on a given herd area is fraud, not a “mistake.”

Starr said BLM officials are “making up the rules as they go along.” She said about 30 of the 172 captured horses were clearly abandoned ranch animals or their offspring, but the remainder shared the characteristics of a federally-protected wild band.

“These were very typical mustangs,” she said. “They have that red dun coloring you expect from wild horses. There were no pintos, no Appaloosas. I’ve never seen a herd that was so clearly wild. Everything about them suggests they were isolated, a very old herd and not ranch horses or their offspring.”

If they are wild mustangs, she said, the BLM broke federal law by sending them to the auction. She said the horses probably wandered off a BLM range into the Pilot Valley area — something the agency says isn’t possible because horses won’t cross highways or railroad tracks — and were designated estrays so the BLM could avoid the legal problems of selling off mustangs.

Starr said she plans to have DNA tests done on the animals, but Fuell said genetics won’t prove anything.

“To accurately compare the Pilot Valley estray horses to wild horse herds, you have to be able to compare them to a baseline genetic source,” he said. “Wild horses in general compare to other horses at a rate of something like 98 percent, so it would be hard to conclusively state the Pilot Valley estray horses are from wild horse origin without clear genetic markers of the original Toano herd.”

Starr said she will attempt to find example DNA from that herd’s bloodline. She said the horses’ overall genetic makeup also will be helpful in determining their origin. Solving the mystery of the Pilot Valley herd will help make sure the BLM follows federal law in the future, she said.

“These are not ranch horses, they are mustangs, the very animals the 1971 law was designed to protect,” Starr said. “They should have been protected and not swept up and dropped off at a slaughter auction a few days later.”

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  1. Lies and more lies from the BLM. They roundup any horses they want to. Falsification of numbers in order to have a ” gather” plan and for the budget is clearly fraud.


  2. In the face of this darkness,
    where should I be—
    pining and weeping,
    no faith inside me?

    When my beloved country
    is shattered and still,
    and I can no longer
    control my own will…

    Who says, “I’m there for you,”
    who dries my tears,
    as we in America
    face some lean years?

    Who drives the enemy
    from our front door—
    plays hard-ball with countries
    on foreign shores?
    Who will there be?

    It won’t be our leaders
    who pad their own way
    with tax-payer dollars
    to retire on someday.
    They’ve long forgotten
    who’s really boss,
    looking down pious noses—
    letting us take the loss.

    ‘We the People’ have memories
    of much better times.
    You’ll not take them from us
    with smooth talk, and sweet rhymes.

    For, WE have the power,
    we have the pride
    to shout out to God
    to help, and to guide.

    He’ll stand beside us
    thru’ thick and thru’ thin,
    lifting us from this flame
    of iniquity’s den.

    Our faith will grow stronger—
    who knows where this ends?
    But I feel in my heart,
    REAL CHANGE ‘round the bend.

    So pray even stronger
    to let our country stand tall
    with fire in her belly,
    and FREEDOM for all.

    Again to take back
    what our birth-rite once gave—
    to love this land greatly,
    and be no man’s slave.

    With God’s help, we’ll conquer,
    our Lord will win,
    and American people
    will thrive once again.


  3. Who cares? It’s discrimination! No horse should be cast off into the wild, learn to survive, only to be butchered due to some government profiteers. No horse that has evolved over 500 years surviving in the wild should be caged, gelded, branded, and spoiled for the sake of corporate profiteers. It is our land our American Mustangs we should not be deprived of our symbol of freedom and survival for the greed of a few. BUT despite the law, the greed of a few overrules, the People, Congress, the Courts and our Mustangs.


  4. “Starr said she plans to have DNA tests done on the animals, but Fuell said genetics won’t prove anything.”

    Mr. Fuell is lying. Years ago, I talked to the Nevada field office that handled Antelope Valley and was told the BLM used DNA testing conclusively to determine if a horse came from a specific herd. I was told they had used this in court before.

    I hope Ms. Starr gets to use this in court to prove the guilt of the BLM.


  5. BLM, Salazar, Abbey are the disgusting entities of an increasingly disgusting government. I am ashamed of my government. Once, I could hold my head up and say ‘I’m an American” now I’m just a citizen of a country no better than others, where corruption and greed are legal and the powerless are cast aside.


  6. This is so very typical of the BLM; twisting words, contradictions, saying “genetics” won’t mean anything. (…..obviously not for the uneducated or the surely, who so far, literally got away with MURDER) We must pursue this in court, otherwise the BLM will point a finger and will start using the “estray horse” excuse more often. Also we must report this to the Inspector general, since Government money allocated for the Wild Horse program was misused! This is clearly FRAUD !


  7. Who accepted the money to round-up these horses? It must have cost taxpayers about 200,000. in total costs to round-up these horses. Then who made the decision to have a Gov. contractor use their trailers to take the horses to Fallon..with the knowledge the horses were going to be sold?

    From what I remember all foals went missing??? (they must have known these were for kill-very early in the round-up- so they do not want foals at all) All horses of color went missing before they arrived at Fallon…they meaning blm must have let their ‘friends’ cherry pick over the group as the blm must have known early these horses were going to the kill-buyers. The horses were seperated mares from stallions, in the blm way so we the taxpayers must have totally funded a round-up..where the BLM and the contractor knew and PLANNED a kill sale way in advance!!

    So kill buyers showed up at this sale!!! someone told them-called them in advance to attend. And finally the group were purchased for about 30,000.00???? who exactly received that 30ish k? and who exactly paid the Fallon feedlot fees for selling the horses?

    I think just like the white paper from 10 years ago said by experts…this group of recent! wild horses is a PRIME example how the BLM and their contractors are poaching wild horses..using taxpayer gov money to pay for the poaching.. letting their friends and employees??? cherry pick off many of them and THEN getting paid for selling them to kill jobbers!! who put that 30 thousand dollars the sale price in their pocket?

    This doesn’t seem like the FIRST time the BLM has done this to me… just the first time they got caught!! and where are all the dead foals blm? 😦


    • another poster wrote:
      And finally the group were purchased for about 30,000.00???? who exactly received that 30ish k? and who exactly paid the Fallon feedlot fees for selling the horses?
      Anne’s comment: from what I understand Lifesavers; an Equine Rescue paid the $30,000 to rescue the feral equine from BLM…

      SO WHO DID ACTUALLY GET THIS MONEY? Chances are the Livestock auction company took the money and then “divided the money up into kick back allotments to the officials…

      IF the BLM Officials are getting Monetary Kickbacks from either Fallon Livestock Co. or Cattoors Livestock roundup company;

      then those BLM officials will be indicted and sent before Congress!

      so to the BLM or Livestock Auction; do not give kickbacks or “face arrest…and I am honestly not joking or kidding here;


      and I will contact “every law enforcemnet official in the nation ! ! !

      Mark my words you BLM Officials; I ANNA AM ON YOUR TAIL !

      and the blm leaves EVIDENCE EVERY WHERE THEY GO…geeze I just looked at a wild mustang in captivity at Palomino


      and then post these muddy pix far and wide; this is animal abuse !
      (wait until you see this pix of this muddy mare; hope RT posts this!
      (ok the pix is from 2006; but so what; Palomino is the same…MUD!

      (esp. when the mud is not acutally mud; but is piled up manure !
      gosh I hate the blm officials; hope the Fallon sheriff busts them today; for what ? FOR SELLING MUSTANGS @ LIVESTOCK
      illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal illegal

      yaaaaaaaaaaaaay ! (the foal almost perished during the roundups!
      (gosh i hate the blm…)


  8. WOW!!! Just when I think it can’t get any worse, BLM opens their mouth and speaks more stupid than I thought possible of any human. The stupid and cruel just nevers stops with these taxpayer funded trolls.

    Excellent post and poem….thank you.


  9. Horses have a “history of unauthorized horse activity in the area” What the heck does that mean? Last I checked horses do not know how to read BLM No Trespassing signs. The agency says… horses won’t cross highways or railroad tracks! Duh, they had a round-up this year because wild horses were getting on the highway (presumably) to cross it and getting hit by cars. The BLM does not know what their left or right hand is doing. I just wish our government would acknowledge it, we KNOW they can see it.



      Simply round up wild mustangs but not freezebrand; then simply transport those mustangs to the Fallon livestock auction…

      who would know? only the freezemark identifies Wild Equine;

      and the BLM controls those freezebrands; I am praying for a mircale…the miracle being…BLM GETS BUSTED FOR SELLING WILD EQUINE ! BLM can sell Mustangs ONLY “high bid sale autority; they are not allowed to sell at Livestock auctions; illegal illegal illegal ; the blm is committing illegals acts; call your congress



    Knowing the problems and spreading the word to others who care is part of our duty to the wild horses/burros. We also need to take it a step further and find and give possible solutions … and then send those ideas to all who NEED to care: BLM, governmental officials, media etc. etc. etc. Above is a link to an article written by Craig Downer, Wildlife Ecologist and commited WH&B advocate. I will be sending this solution idea article to as many as I can who NEED to read it. Hope some of you will do the same.


  11. Has any formal complaint been filed against the BLM on this yet another vile act by the scurvilous sewer scum? If not does anyone know who to file a complaint with? It’s time they started having charges filed against them every time they step out of line. For them to have known they cleaned out the horses in 93 they would have had to have an accurate account (gag,gag) in the first place and to be able to prove that their counts were accurate. Did anyone of us see these horses and if so were there any brands or anything else that would truly identify them as domestic strays?


  12. Hold everything..given the fact the horse market bottom fell out only 2 years ago-no one abandoned that many horses over that many years, -that is reality..the horse market was too high for people to be abandoning animals..they would have been taken to sales..i can get any amount of legitimate professionals to testify to that in court..those horses appeared to be all were thre geldings and stallions in that group…any QHs would be DNA tested and on file with the AQHA for cross checking..Let me knoiw if anyone is filing suit on this matter as I felt initially when this happened so fast-it was a backdoor way to get rid of the wild horses..I want someone to go into court with the BLM Manefesto of “alternative management options paper” and show a judge..there is a plan, conducted-and developed in secret -in THEIR OWN WORDS-not paraphrased by me… in secret to eliminate -one way or any means contrived– americas wild mustang..when congress stopped them from using the” kill all wild horses methods they described in the document.”.they simply devised other means to accomplish the same end game..and this is just one of the many ways we have seen in this year.


  13. I have a copy of a BLM ad that appears in the Horsemen’s Yankee Pedlar.

    There is a list of dates for adoption. Some dates are internet only, does this mean you bid on line?

    It states “pick your favorite yearling, mare, stud/gelding or burro. First come first served. Adoption fees range from $25 – $125.

    I also did not see these dates listed on the BlM Website:

    September 11 – 15th – internet
    September 10 – 11 Augusta, New Jersey
    October 15 – 16 Lorton, Virginia
    November 3 – internet

    With these prices the kill buryers will be all over them! Does anyone know if in fact the kill buyers are allowed to pay and ship ?


  14. For those that have not yet read them, the BLM internal documents that were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act are posted on American Herds and on Equine Welfare Alliance websites. All should be made known to the public.


  15. Boston Globe Sept.11,2010 Metro section. Man sentenced for killing rabbits at plant. He got 4 years in prison and 2 yrs. probation for killing 5 rabbits at a County Construction facility. Justice for rabbits!

    200 horses deserve justice–what good is the law when it is not in balance? Rabbits get justice and “federally protected” horses do not? Take off the blindfold ,lady with the scales—– a “federal agency” can kill “federal animals” taken off “federal lands” and all this is supported by “federal funds” –and this is legal??? Beyond evil…………


    • This is the longest sentence I seen for killing animals, period. In the West it is not so easy to get this kind of response. But it is time for changes to reach there. One part of the country may be ahead of another but that cannot be tolerated in terms of cruelty and abuse. mar


  16. There will be a BLM “adoption” at the World Equestrian Games at the KY Horse Park . The dates for the games are Sept. 25 to Oct.

    What a great time to rally the troops for a massive protest!!


    • Marge, where did you hear that? I saw BLM listed on the exhibitor’s list and the demonstration schedule, but haven’t heard anything about an “adoption” being scheduled.


  17. No law suit has been filed yet. At this time I am just trying to keep my head from popping off my shoulders. Lifesavers is now caring for about 450 horses in 3 different places. I’m heading back to Fallon from So.Cal tomorrow morning to vaccinate, microchip, draw blood, and pull hairs (for dna) on our Lost Heritage Herd of Toano – the Pilot Valley Horses.

    But – I want everyone to know that there are more horses piling up in the Fallon Livestock auction corrals pending another killer sale this saturday. They are hush hush about where the horses are coming from. Lots of speculation, but they are definitely wild horses. And they will definitely be purchased by the knackers and sent to Mexico. We have one donor who is 21 years old willing to bail out as many as $10,000 will buy – but we can’t find a permanent home for them. Any adopters or land owners willing to make some room? There will be about 175 sold – again.


    • Per Jill, Mustangs are showing up in Fallon for the slaughter sale but where they came from is hush hush … BUT the BLM report says that as of last Friday [Twin Peaks] horses will be shipped to …. guess where…. FALLON, NEVADA! Something fishy going on here???

      Read excerpts below:
      Jill: “… I want everyone to know that there are more horses piling up in the Fallon Livestock auction corrals pending another killer sale this saturday. They are hush hush about where the horses are coming from. Lots of speculation, but they are definitely wild horses. And they will definitely be purchased by the knackers and sent to Mexico…”
      BLM: “…Friday, September 10 Palomino Valley Summary: Palomino Valley will no longer be receiving horses from the gather. All new horses will be shipped to the Broken Arrow facility in Fallon, Nevada…”


    • Hello and thanks so much for the info on the next “wild equine auction submitted by the BLM…this is illegal ! someone should file a lawsuit; I may make a complaint to the Sheriff (Fallon) and see if he can investigate this: I would LOVE to see the Sheriff of NV ‘BUST THE BLM…Make my Day whooo whooo ! hallejuia !

      ps TO JILL: Please accept the donation of $10,000 to purchase the Wild Equine at the next feedlot auction; because I KNOW we can find homes for them; rescuing them is the hard part !

      I was thinking maybe Don Imus of The I-man show could adopt !
      The Iman has a ranch of tons of acreage; i think in NM; will write!
      Jill; please keep up updated and send us any and all links; thank u!


  18. Reagrding RTs update…where are those that have the funds and lands like Turner, Letterman, Sam Donaldson that have the space and leanings to protect the ecology. I’m sure Ms. Pickens is working on resolutions and can’t publicly state future actions, but this is just getting tragic.

    As to a protest at the World Games…great idea! But be advised, the equine killers and fairy dust sprinkling PR machine, along with the last gasp equine state of KY will be very UNCOOPERATIVE. It is always worth the try….for the equines; always for the equines wild or domestic that always give us their all.


  19. I am reading Monty Roberts book The Man Who Listens to Horses and was amazed he learned everything he knows from the Wild Mustangs. As a child he spent countless hours learning their language. He has since made his living from this knowledge. What is he doing to help?

    As far as the protest goes at the WG, any protest is not welcomed. Just the thought of the BLM at the WG turns my stomach.


    • Marge…regarding no protest welcome. Last I checked, I don’t know of one protest that was ever welcomed especially by the opposing side. Maybe that’s the point. Championing unpopular or unknown causes are always an uphill battle, but always worth the effort in the long run.

      I think Mr. Roberts cares deeply about equines, but too has detractors….don’t we all? He and his brother went to high school with my mom.


  20. I called the BLM eastern states office and the BLM is NOT having an adoption at WEG but will be having a booth with info and 1 wild horse and 1 burro. Sorry my mistake. I’d sure like to rescue that horse and burro though .
    Here in Lebanon, KY the 25th there will be a big festival (Ham Days) which I have not gone to in years. However this year I asked Chris at AWI to send me material to hand out and hopefully to put in a no kill humane society’s booth. Chris sent me a 31 pound box with pamphlets on horse slaughter, a stack of the booklets , “Managing for Extinction”, printouts of their last press release about the wild horses’ plight and the pamplets ,” The Homes for Horses Coalition”. I am supposed to be in the parade too ( God help me) with the Hamilton’s and unknown to my relatives I plan to carry (with a daughter’s help ) 2 posters I made for the little protest we had in Jan. in Lexington. I’d much rather hide back here in the knobs but ANYTHING for our wild horses. I have 2 double beds available if anyone wants to come to KY and doesn’t mind the smell of litter boxes and dogs and fur balls everywhere or camping out. Here’s my Email addy bkwarner@windstream and phone no. 270-692-3316.


    • To Barbara;

      thanks for the updates on the World Equestrian Games and the blm;
      the blm has “a finger in every pie…they are The Big Brother (ie 1984) of the Equine world…very detrimental for our beloved equines…

      Barbara; you will do great in the parade ! everyone will cheer you !
      because deep in our hearts we know you have the best interest of America’s Equine in mind; and this will permeate to the peoples…

      I wish I could be there at those games! Bless ya darlin’ ! Anne usa


    • hello and thanks for the info on the BLM Booth at the World Equistrian Games; I copied this from the list: comment: this is the way to save Mustangs and Foals; you rehabilitate them and keep them for life !

      The BLM has destoryed some for having: loose teeth chipped hoof

      anyway: Jill Starr wrote: “We have one donor who is 21 years old willing to bail out as many as $10,000 will buy – but we can’t find a permanent home for them. Any adopters or land owners willing to make some room? There will be about 175 sold – again.

      TO JILL: FANTASTIC NEWS ! MONEY TALKS; HORSES WALK…Horses walk away from an “illegal fate becuz in the land of the Almighty Dollar; Money Talks and Mustangs will walk away…to a new life in new resuces; to be loved and cared for…

      Please people please try to find rescues who will take these Mustangs; the Mustangs will be paid for by the donator;

      to the donator of the $10,000; thank you ever so much great friend


    Devoted To The Preservation of Wild Horses & Burros
    America’s Heritage Species

    New Post – “1941 vs 1971”
    In 1934, Congress passed the Taylor Grazing Act in response to overwhelming abuses and rangeland degradation caused by unregulated grazing.

    Over the last several months, BLM has attempted to counter advocates claims that BLM is wiping out America’s wild horse and burro herds in order to increase livestock production on public lands by reporting there has been a 57% decrease in Authorized livestock use; down from 22 million AUMs allocated for livestock in 1941, to only 12,800,000 for 2008, with actual use being lower still and reported at 8,600,000 AUMs.

    To read more, Click Here.


    Mustang Round Up – August 9, 2010
    Citizens photograph the calculated destruction of a wild horse water hole in the Twin Peaks HMA.


  22. Please for Gods sake can someone publish the pictures from the last poaching sale a over view of every horse. Same with this sale we need the pictures, some of those horses are pictured on the public lands in past years.

    This is crazy the federal gov is allowing people to break federal laws!!

    What is next? people with wolves they captured alive and saying the wolves were bred and released from a facility, and are just feral wolves.

    Do wild horses have federal protection from this harrasment and stealing them!? please a person from this state press federal charges against the ‘owner’, have the ‘breeder’ produce Vet records and feed bills covering the years old these wild horses are!

    This is such BS, Obama you need to stop/shut down this entire agency. Bring charges against the Fallon feedlot for selling stolen federally protected property!
    What if he was selling your federal trucks or whitehouse furniture Obama, whould you let those thieves go on??


  23. This is a “wild shot” and very unlikely it could be proven in court but … if anyone has “mug shots” [photos] of the Twin Peaks horses recently gathered … and can go to Fallon for this Saturday’s slaughter sale … and could identify any animals being sold this Saturday that just came off the Twin Peaks range (without the 3-strikes adoption requirement) perhaps we could corner BLM for it’s illegal sale? I personally am looking for one herd stud (and can send photos) but ALL of these animals are in jeoprady. Thank you.


    • Grace,
      Great. If you feel comfortable in doing so … please email me directly (please no OTHER emails – unless you also can help me locate this stallion and his family) and I will send you a pic of the Twin Peaks stallion and his herd that I am most interested in. Perhaps … just perhaps…
      Thank you so much!


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