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“We will probably work up to the point where we’re killing 20 horses a day.”

by Nell Walton ~ Founder and Managing Editor of AllHorses Post

Who is Sue Wallis and Why Should I Care?

The statement in the headline was made to a reporter from the Wyoming Tribune Eagle in late April of this year, by Wyoming State Representative Sue Wallis of Recluse, WY.

Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis ~ A life dedictated to eating horses

On March 9, Wyoming Governor Dave Freudenthal signed into law a bill that enables the Wyoming Livestock Board to send stray, unwanted or feral horses to slaughter. Prior to this legislation, the Board could only send such horses to public sale.  This bill (, was introduced into the Wyoming House on February 11, 2010 by Rep. Sue Wallis, and was signed into law less than 30 days later.

Upon review, many parts of the bill are quite troublesome (even aside from the fact that horse slaughter is an extremely controversial issue in the US).  In the section in regards to the due diligence required for a Board inspector to determine ownership of an “estray” horse, the horse “cannot be held for more than 10 days” before being sent to slaughter.  Under this language, an inspector could make the decision in 1 hour that the horse was a stray or feral and make the arrangements to have the horse sent to the slaughter facility.  Additionally, it states that “the board shall provide meat from estrays disposed of by slaughter….to Wyoming state institutions or to nonprofit organizations……” meaning among other things prisons, schools and state run health facilities.

Even more troublesome is the fact that Rep. Wallis is also the Executive Director of the United Organizations of the Horse (UOH), which is diligently working towards the development of a horse slaughter plant in Wyoming.  The UOH website states that it is a “mutual benefit nonprofit organized primarily to work in the political arena and is registered in Wyoming” (i.e. a lobbying group).   The Wyoming Secretary of State’s records show that the UOH was incorporated in November of 2009.  According to a press release on April 24, 2010, the UOH is also negotiating to take over ownership of the Cheyenne Stockyards facility which currently belongs to the Wyoming Livestock Board.  Plans are to turn it into an “intake and rejuvenation” facility for stray, feral or otherwise unwanted horses, where they can be evaluated for usefulness, health, and other criteria (i.e. adherence to federal regulation in regards to slaughter).  If a horse fails this triage, it will be sent to the UOH slaughter facility.

So, we have the following scenario:

  1. Rep. Wallis is a Wyoming elected state representative
  2. Rep. Wallis is also the executive director of a lobbying group, whose purpose is to promote horse slaughter in the State of Wyoming
  3. Rep. Wallis was also the sponsor of a Wyoming HB 122, which  enables the Wyoming Livestock Board to send stray or feral horses to slaughter
  4. Rep. Wallis’ bill HB 122 was brought to session and signed into law in less than 30 days time, with little to no time for public comment, according to the records

Under Wyoming legislative ethics law (W.S. 9-13-106), very clear distinctions are made as to conflicts of interest for state legislators, and, states that any legislator “…shall not make an official decision…if the <legislator> has a personal or private interest in the matter….”  So how was it that Rep. Wallis was allowed to sponsor and lobby to get a bill passed within the Wyoming House in about 3 weeks, when there was such a clear conflict of interest?

Also, under “Organizational Structure,” on the UOH’s web page it lists two other affiliated corporations: 1)  The United Horsemen’s Front, which categorizes itself as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational charitable organization and 2) Unified Equine LLC – “a Wyoming limited liability company under which all humane horse processing and related businesses are operated.”

However, Unified Equine, LLC does not stand up to scrutiny.  The Wyoming Secretary of State currently does not have a Unified Equine, LLC listed as either an active or inactive corporation in the State of Wyoming, and it would be of interest to see if such an organization has or will have Rep. Wallis as a paid employee.   The United Horseman’s Front is listed at as a nonprofit corporation under category “Animal related / (Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs))” as a 501(c)(3) charitable group established in 2009.  It’s President is Dave Duquette, owner of Duquette Quarter Horses in Hermiston, OR.

……… Mr. Duquette and his organization will be further addressed in tomorrow’s edition.

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    • We the People need to SUE those who are braking the laws!!!!!!!!! I want to know how to do it because our government ( state & country) aren’t listening to us. I don’t care what some people say, ALL BLM are jerks & if any one in those Offices did care why aren’t they fighting to stop the Illigal crap that’s going on, CAUSE they eiether don’t really care or they are afraid to lose their jobs, that’s why!!!!!!!!
      Boy if I ever win the Lottery someone is going to get SUED. I hope SUE & every one like her chokes on that meat. The horse would be getting revenge then


  1. How does the saying go? ….”Show me how you treat animals, I’ll show you what kind of person you are.”

    See Slaughterhouse Sue still hasn’t studied the business paradigm…you got to make money sweetie! It’s called profit and loss…unless you’re a non-profit. Oh that’s right, you got that ridiculously covered also.

    Next she’ll be coming up as a food bank using and brutalizing equines just to keep that CBG operating BECAUSE SHE KNOWS ALL MEAT, ANY MEAT IS BEST!!!!. Wonder if the FDA and USDA will make her stamp food purity, origination and nutrient contents on her frozen equine steaks and stew boxes? Wonder who will buy it…I know, the crooks in Mexico!

    I’d call her a cow, but again, that would be insulting the cows. What a hapless and hopeless human.


    • The USDA definitely won’t be around because they are not funded to inspect horse meat for human consumption – that’s what closed the US plants. I read in another article that the meat was to be inspected by the Wyoming state inspectors.

      No matter WHO inspects, they can’t tell by looking if said horse has ever in his/her LIFE had a dose of bute, or any of the other banned substances horses are exposed to. Notice THAT little problem is never mentioned.

      And this crazy bitch wants to feed it to school children and old folks! Even those in prison for heinous crimes don’t deserve this. Slaughterhouse Sue is not only a swindler, she’s a potential murderer.


  2. I just hate that so many bills are passed or not passed with out the american people having any say or being informed about it.

    I also think that Sue is only in it to make money, she could care less if a horse had bute in its system and got someone sick, as long as that check keeps on coming.


    • We can’t physically vote on everything this Nation needs. What has happened is that the elected to represent OUR needs is influenced by special corporate wants.

      SS has problems with money…it is a public record. It does not mean that she is not entitled to her opinion; it means I wouldn’t let her manage money of any bent, especially a non-profit business.


  3. La Gorda should become a citizen of Mexico, it’s a better “fit” for her than America. Given Europe’s experience with horsemeat as a food source, feeding possibly carcinogenic meat to school children, inmates and anyone else unfortunate enough to be “institutionalized” in Wyoming is nothing short of criminal; to bend and stretch America’s laws in order to do so is malice aforethought. Nonprofit status may have been sought to protect the organization from liability. Given a world of choices, this woman takes the “low road” every time. She is devoid of anything resembling morality and should be removed from office.


  4. Unbelievable….. no, actually not unbelievable….. government at it’s worste and most corrupt.. Get rid of this woman…. I can’t vote being a Brit…. but you in the US of A can…


  5. If her organization wants to provide meat for consumption, they should not be allowed protection from liability. I highly doubt this slaughter plan of theirs will become a reality, but should it, and WHEN not IF someone gets ill from tainted meat, I sure hope she and her wealthy backers have deep pockets because there is no way she’ll avoid lawsuits and bank-breaking settlements.

    As for the obvious ethics violation, can she not be reported and an investigation done by the ethics committee? Corruption this blatant surely cannot be ignored.


  6. Considering all the things that have gone on and are going on in Wyoming, I’m beginning to wonder about the state of the state in relation to the Union. The legislature has passed allot of bills exempting them from federal programs and regulations. I believe the feds have already challenged some of this legislation.


  7. To me, this seems like a clear ethics violation.

    Contact the House Ethics Committee:

    Committee on Standards of Official Conduct
    HT-2, The Capitol
    Washington, DC 20515
    Phone: 202-225-7103
    Fax: 202-225-7392
    Office Hours: Monday- Friday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


      • The Wyoming state House of Representatives does not have a “standing” ethics committee. Some state legislatures do not. I doubt many state legislators have been removed from office for ethics violations, but I do not have data on that. More likely, another candidate for that office would make it an issue in an election. Wyoming representatives serve two-year sentences with no term limits.


  8. It seems that there is a larger agenda here. Does anyone else think it rather odd that so many states started ramping up on the slaughter issue at the same time that the DOI announced its intention of moving all of the wild horses to the midwest?
    How convenient. No drugs to worry about. Wild Mustangs are not even given pain medication when the stallions are castrated. The operative word here might be collusion.


  9. What pleasant surprise! I came here to check on a source for the second article in the series on Mr. Duquette and his nonprofit, and found you picked up the one from yesterday!! Thanks! I will say that when I dug through all the research on Rep. Wallis and HB 122 I was extremely shocked and saddened that the Wyoming Legislative Ethics group let this go………I hope that this is not business as usual in Wyoming. And Nora – it is certainly a clear ethics violation, but it is the Wyoming Senate that would need to be contacted, and also only by Wyoming residents, I believe. I would think that there could be a legal challenge under Wyoming law to overturn HB 122 using an ethics argument if some had the time and money to pursue it.


    • Nell, spot on.

      We have been following the horse eating duo for quite some time, known in some local circles as the Evil Princess and the Duke of Doink.

      Do a search, upper right hand of page, and you will find a wealth of information on the leaders of the dark side!

      Again, great piece.


      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


      • Double Yeesh! I guess maybe I don’t need a tutorial, just need to FORGET about the little href guide at the bottom of the comment box and let this blog do it’s own hot linking from plain old links pasted into the text …. who knew?

        I thought those commands meant you had to use them in your comment in order to make things show up as a hot link, bold, italicized, etc. Would still like to know if there is a how-to (and what are they?) somewhere for all the rest of those commands shown… very puzzling.

        Or maybe it’s just because there are no CLOSING tags shown in the command hints list and if you just use what is shown, you skip the closing portion and it never get’s closed with a ????


    • Just throwing this out there: It is rumored that SS’s brother breeds Draft/Haffie Xs for…. uh, various uses. It is also an uncofirmed rumor that SS first began UOH and included both lobbying and non-profit aspects until the ethics and legality of a legislator running a non-profit were questioned, at which point DD took on the non-profit portion as UHF, a “sister” org to UOH. And for those who haven’t yet read SS’s poetry, here is a little excerpt from what must be her anthem poem entitled “How Can I Explain”:

      “And, how can I possibly explain
      that racing horseback,
      loose and wild through
      treacherous enchanting terrain,
      sailing loops from
      rope swung, weary shoulders
      to catch wily mustang mares
      is the most exciting,
      and addicting occupation
      known to

      You can use your own imagination as to how she came to write such words and read the rest of her castigation of “idealistic feminists” and tribute to meat and butchering here:


  10. For those interested in SS’s other interests, particularly as related to financial oversight of non-profits, check out this President/Executive Director position she holds: which offers this nugget:

    “Wallis has a diverse background in creative writing, publishing, nonprofit administration, corporate industry, and solid technical expertise from a functional standpoint having served as a team lead on a global roll-out of a customized integrated business system. As a nonprofit arts administrator, Wallis was responsible for all aspects of fundraising, and for managing personnel, events, facilities, and volunteers–most notably serving as the Interim Chief Financial Officer overseeing a $3.5 million budget for the Western Folklife Center, which is most known for one of its events, the Cowboy Poetry Gathering in Elko, Nevada.”


  11. @Kathleen……….

    I don’t know if that rumor about Rep. Wallis is true, but talk about jumping from a frying pan into the fire – a politician jumping from a charity 501(c)(3) to a lobbying group 501(c)(6)…….., not meaning to disrespect your source, I just really find that hard to believe for ANY politician that manages to get elected (although I have to wonder about SO MANY OF THEM :-/). Plus, the nonprofit was established in Oregon in 2008 under Mr. Duquette’s name. I have not found anything filed in Wyoming under the “United Horsemen’s Front”……..she may have been in the planning stages……..but if she had an attorney tell her to make herself the ED of a lobbying group instead – she needs to fire him or her.

    This whole thing kind of makes me sick, I always liked the idea of Wyoming and everything about it (never been there).

    I would truly like to see Rep. Wallis not back in the Wyoming State House in 2011. I am going to be pushing on this since she is up for re-election in November.


    • GREAT! Keep pushing until SS is pushed on out the door! Personally, I think she’s eaten too many tainted horse meat hamburgers.


    • Nell, you can forget the movie fantasy version of Wyoming. Sadly, it does not exist. I’m from the west, and even I had the same fantasy about the state of WY that lays to the north of my home state. BUT- after a few years now of involvement with the state in a number of ways- including my cowgirl daughter living there (Ug!), I had go ‘get real’, and realize that much of the state is reflective of the Sue Wallis mentality. (Thank goodness my daughter got enough of the WY way of thinking, and is moving to CO!)

      We can all let everyone know now, that Wyoming is NOT a beautiful state full of beautiful people who love the old ways, the old west, and protect and respect their animals like in the movies. If you want to know what kind of people would ever in a million years RE-elect Sue Wallis (Ug, again!), well… THAT’s the kind of people who populate the state of Wyoming. At least enough of them to vote her in TWICE do.

      It’s so sad. Sooo sad! Wyoming folks had so much potential to draw billions of dollars from tourists, second-homers, and businesses from across this great country IF they’d turned out to be more like their image portrays them, and less like their State Representative, who betrays them.


  12. IDA is running 8 Wild Horse and Burro petitions. 8 petitions– not 1 or 2–but a whole bunch of them — with recommendations for BLM’s programs and public perception.. I have signed every one of them. They are well written and provide room for personal comments. It is absolutely wrong that we –the little guys– must fight against the gov’t monster that is BLM– while we’re paying them to continue destroying our heritage. (3 horses left in a herd–absurd– fight them!)


  13. This is the most significant source of corruption in our government – people with personal gain as an interest enacting laws and making decisions towards that end. No organization with a remote amount of decency allows decisions like this that clearly benefit the party (and only the party) making said decision. It is called collusion and it is highly unethical. Wallis is a POS who needs to be eliminated from her position immediately.


  14. Why can’t this woman raise her own horses for slaughter? that way she breeds and kills her own horss.

    Kinda reminds me of a 4H groupthat wouldn’t allow a hand raised calf tobe adopted. the youth had to sell to slaughter and get the paperwork. Otherwise he/she wouldn’tgetthe points.

    Wonder how we can makr her go away.


  15. Regardless of what science, economics, ecology, medical research and the rise of consumer education/sophistication, the powerful food industry (especially the meaters) are terrified that their heydays of gross profits and priority and anything goes are slowly, painfully coming to an end…barring the expansion of third world markets. The dinosaurs like Doink and SS are big, “the world is flat” advocates when it comes to just about anything.

    If I was on that charity ole’ SS was on, I’d get a thorough audit asap!


  16. Does consuming horse meat cause excess of male hormones……………….
    Sue looks like she may have consumed a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pun intended!!!!!!!!! I thought the picture was of a man******************


  17. This is very comical to me! Assumption is the mother of all … well you know. You people assume a lot that couldn’t be further from the truth. Glad you all have us figuered out and know your laws so well. Thanks for the laugh. Anyone who follows a man that gets his motivation from Yoda and Chewbacca seriously needs to check with your therapist on whether it’s a good idea. Have fun people!!


  18. What a nonsense, verbose pile of nothing!

    Quick, for 100 points…please find one coherent train of thought with some semblance of sentance structure and correct grammar. I’ll give the poster a pas/freebie re: spelling.

    Can’t believe it’s Doink because I’d think he’d be too busy fradulently soliciting for PAC and charity monies or beating the hell out of horses.


  19. Time and again, We the People have opposed horse slaughter and consumption in great numbers. There is no question that this is NOT something we want. We should not have to keep fighting it, and we should certainly not have our tax dollars stolen to accomplish it.


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