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THE U.S. Equine Advocacy Letter to Nancy Pelosi

The Signed Letter promoted by Respect4Horses, EWA and Animal Law Coalition

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  1. “Dynamite news…so good to see that other people can see the atrocities and that we are not labeled as spounting off about nothing

    we are not dedicated ourselves to this cause for no reason

    we are dedicating ourselves to the Equine becasue we see atrocity


  2. And has any decision been made by the Speaker’s Office to allow a vote? I haven’t been following recently and possibly this has been brought up, but what about the Senate? I see a comment of approximately 20-something Senators, but that isn’t even half AND we all know that Reid is a covert wild mustang & burro opponent.

    Anyone know?

    Thanks to all.


  3. Now that is CITIZENS IN ACTION! Thank you to Everyone who did the work.
    It is a natural conclusion that the congressmen who did not sign are pro-slaughter.


  4. Thank you guys and girls!! that is a great letter and all the time you all gave for the wild ones and all horses. Thank you!!!

    Maybe we can offer a catered lunch for all those pro-slaughter washingtondc people??

    Have the washingdc chefs fix *old tattoed racehorse meat and a couple BLM mares that had PZP birth control darts.*

    Those washingtondc people who want to KILL OUR HORSES and FEED THEM to HUMANS. Need to sit-down to a FREE LUNCH with their wives and kids and EAT SOME cancer causing free-lunch.


  5. Thanks to everyone who worked to make this happen. The signatures show which reps support “government in action” vs. “government inaction”, at least on this issue.


  6. I have sent a personal thank you to Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana for his support on this, WOW this was a wonderful outcome to a difficult undertaking, thanks to all of you!!!!


    • Are you in Dan Burton’s district? I’m not, but I wrote to thank him anyway. I’m in the 3rd district – Mark Souder resigned over sex scandal and won’t be replaced until the general election in November. No matter, he was pretty useless anyway.


  7. Know your “enemy”…
    I am still learning about our wild ones and their plight and in doing so I found this information:
    (as published in [BLM site] Roll Call, 8/10/2010)
    “Moratorium on Horse Gathers Is Untenable”
    By Bob Abbey
    Bob Abbey (Director of BLM) said, “… a [wild horse] moratorium is untenable.”
    So I looked up the word (definitions below) … and what he was saying is that our demands for a wild horse moratorium is incapable of being defended and that we are not showing good judgment, we are unreasonable and that our beliefs are unsound, groundless, weak, flawed, illogical, and insupportable. I take considerable offense to his comment – for the sake of our wild ones and as a personal slander to my intelligence and to the scientific community who can prove HIM wrong by using facts about our BLM land and the legal use of it by our wild ones.
    I will be writing him and his staff about his unfounded and insulting comment – and hope you will also.

    un·ten·a·ble (n-tn-bl)
    1. Being such that defense or maintenance is impossible: an untenable position.
    2. Being such that occupation or habitation is impossible: untenable quarters.
    un·tena·bili·ty, un·tena·ble·ness n.
    un·tena·bly adv.
    untenable [ʌnˈtɛnəbəl]
    1. (of theories, propositions, etc.) incapable of being maintained, defended, or vindicated
    2. unable to be maintained against attack
    3. Rare (of a house, etc.) unfit for occupation
    untenability , untenableness n
    untenably adv
    Adj. 1. untenable – (of theories etc) incapable of being defended or justified
    unreasonable – not reasonable; not showing good judgment
    adjective unsustainable, indefensible, unsound, groundless, weak, flawed, shaky, unreasonable, illogical, fallacious, insupportable


    • Defining this word, their actions and all that we encounter is highly important to be able to respond to them with accuracy and understanding. It is apparent, once again, that Abbey/BLM wants to turn the tables and is implying they are correct when their actions and decisions are what is precisely ‘untenable’. Indefensible, unreasonable. Our outlook is based on a law, an Act that encompassed the horses and burros and was made for their preservation on their range where they were to be protected from Exactly what BLM is doing to them now; terrorizing them with helicopters, running them to death and severe injury, violently removing them from their ranges where they are meant to be managed, then transporting them away to pens and other states where they are processed and transformed into non-defensible non-wild horses and burros by the very definition of them. mar


      • Yes, and I hope we will continue to write letters (and as many other actions as possible) to keep BLM on the defensive for their actions. I happened to talk to a retired state assemblyman this week who told me that for every letter they receive, they figure that there are 100 other people who feel the same way but do not write, thus every letter/comment does count. So please write your own letter or use/edit mine if you like and send to Bob Abbey and also every other BLM person you can … not just about this “untenable” comment but about every little illegal or immoral BLM action that we can.


    • Press Honey Bandit for info; then look at the pix of HoneyBandit with “nintey bite marks because the BLM did not provide feed or sustenance to this little one; so this little one went from mare to mare for weeks hoping for a drop of milk; finding none; he wandered aimlessly until a certain lady named Palomino happened to be at Litchfield and saved Foal;’s life

      send bob abbey the pix of the foal with 90 bite marks..BLM ABUSE ps Honey Bandit Trotted yesterday


  8. Words of a guilty person with no defense. The Bureau of Land Management has not a shred of credibility left. There had better be answers to hard questions, not empty words.


  9. I have not heard any news today of how Pelosi received the letter or if she had a response, quite frankly Im secretly hoping it gave her a heart attack. (off the record).

    I want to give a quick warning, that it is not to be assumed that the ones who did not sign are pro slaughter. First of all the signing time was very short, second of all it was difficult to get the information to the Congressman because it was a short recess and many were traveling, and third of all we have 100 more cosponsors that are still awesome for cosponsoring.

    Out of all the congressman that have not co sponsored we also cannot assume that they are pro slaughter. We simply cannot assume that they are that educated on the issue. Each time I am in Washington D.C. I am more astonished about the level of knowledge of the legislators. They simply are not very well informed, or they have been mislead. Many are very wiling to sign on, after we explain things and give them documentation.

    By assuming they are pro slaughter you are robbing yourself from the opportunity to turn your legislator into a co sponsor.

    granted there are such bad guys out there. And talking to them is senseless in the same ways as talking to us is never going to change our minds, neither are they.

    But the rest in between, they need to be lobbied, educated and pressured.
    And if this billl does go to the house, we have no time, no time at all, to educate them in a hurry. So All of us needs to get on the ball, become an expert quickly and make personal connections with legislators.

    Time is of the essence. First you check if your legislator is a co sponsor, if not, then you check his voting records on humanevoters and then your state.
    If he is pro slaughter send him the sample letter on my website
    If he is on the fence, it is YOUR job to educate him. VISIT him, CALL him every day, and EMAIL him the facts.
    It is YOUR Job, because you are here. It is all of our jobs to defend the defenseless.
    Justice is the sword you carry,
    Ready, set GO>


    • True many may still be ignorant of the facts or they have been fed the wrong info by the very strong pro-slaughter industry people. We Americans really do ‘carry the sword of Justice’ and we’re not going to go away. Thank you for all the days and years of being a voice for the horses!!

      It’s a shame and a waste of such $ for pro slaughter groups like Sue Wallis to spend millions and millions in donations from her 501c (she pays no taxes!!) towards her personal goal of as Sue Wallis stated, “to kill 20 horses a day”

      Just think how many of those out of control horse breeding ranches Sue Wallis could have gelded 1,000s of the horse-hoarders stallions by now- with even 1 million of donation dollars. But no, Sue Wallis has to spend those millions on trips to washingtondc, trying to kill horses.

      I pray to God- someday soon the slaughter of horses is off the table forever when this bill PASSES. Then we can get to work on the REAL issues 🙂


    • Thanks Simone.

      I would like to see who else has signed and I too would like to know who was contacted and refused to support our cause.


  10. I dont know if it is possible but do we have names of any of the Congressmen and women who you have all to be either on the fence or totally lost causes and who we cannot communicate with? Are we able to share information like this? It sure would help to know who they all are and which states they represent.


  11. Simone, it is good that you pointed that out. We will give them some slack–but not much. Congress had better be listening to the PEOPLE.


  12. I have always been very impressed with two of Ohio’s representatives that signed–Dennis Kucinich and Marcy Kaptor. Both are very much in touch with their constituents and take strong stands to protect them. Both are fierce fighters and do not back down. We need more like them–especially in the Senate.


  13. Remember: it may be Equally* important! To CONTACT those Running for election* in November! (even Moreso in cases – where incumbent is retiring/likely to be Replaced ).
    + will give us ALL “need-to-know” info, even for FUTURE elections (if shared) ?
    Also that “list” (as described above) really would be eXtremely HELPful. 🙂 e.g. WH0 was approached – but truly did not have time to discuss; WH0 said, Wow, love to know more….. Vs. “sorry, no interest in this” ; or “just got family news – I gotta Vote & Leave ASAP” (etc.)


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