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Breaking News: Advocate’s Wild Horse Suits Make BLM Flinch

BLM puts off West Douglas Wild Horse Stampede


The West Douglas herd will know peace for the next few months ~ Photo by Terry Fitch


HOUSTON – (HfHAC)  After filing contempt of court, complaints and today a TRO attempting to stop the “Zeroing Out” of the West Douglas Wild Horse herd next week the combined wild horse coalition learned of the BLM’s decision to pull back and wait to conduct the roundup sometime during the summer of 2011.

Although not a clear win for the horses it is a win for today as the horses of West Douglas will run free while the advocates fine tune and supercharge their case.

“There are a whole bunch of good folks who can go to sleep, tonight, knowing that they did the right thing.” said R.T. Fitch, volunteer Executive Director of Habitat for Horses Advisory Council who, along with Front Range Equine Rescue, financially backed the legal project.  “My hat is off to the fine legal team, the plaintiffs and everyone involved in this case.”


Contempt of Court – Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition

Complaint Suit – Colorado Wild Horse & Burro Coalition, Habitat for Horses, Front Range Equine Rescue, The Cloud Foundation, Barbara Flores, Toni Moore and Dr. Don Moore.

Temporary Restraining Order – All of the above.

Initializing Organization – Habitat for Horses Advisory Council

Funding Organizations – Habitat for Horses Advisory Council and Front Range Equine Rescue

Legal Team Headed by Schiff Hardin

Stay Tuned!

Legal Documents are located in the “Box” widget at the bottom of the right sidebar

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    • Denise, maybe it’s because there had already been a recent ruling on West Douglas to build on rather than having to start the case from scratch.


  1. Thank you, R.T.! The war is still on but this battle appears to have been won, for now. We appreciate your taking the lead on this.

    Now let us hope that the reports of Salazar’s imminent departure are true!


      • The speculation is the administration is keeping Salaczar around until after the midterms BECAUSE HE’S HISPANIC. Nothing against Hispanics or any other race, but should your lineage be more important than your job performance? Another reason we’re in such a mess.


      • This is from an AP article posted on Yahoo:

        White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel is set to give up his influential national post Friday to begin a run for Chicago mayor, a job he has long coveted but won’t win unless he persuades voters he’s still one of them.

        People close to Emanuel said he will fly home over the weekend and hit the streets Monday to talk to voters, after announcing his resignation Friday. White House spokesman Robert Gibbs says only that President Barack Obama will make a “personnel announcement” Friday morning, but even his vague comments made it eminently clear Emanuel is leaving.

        “He intends to run for mayor,” one person close to Emanuel told The Associated Press, requesting anonymity to avoid pre-empting the announcement.


  2. There is a post over at The Slaughterczar may be out of office after midterm elections. Apparently he has fallen out of favor with the Administration because of the Gulf.

    Hay if true–I don’t particularly care about the reason JUST THAT HE’S GONE FOR GOOD!

    Now we have to find a great replacement for him. Someone that we can bombard the White House with. We don’t want Sunshine Suzy or SlaughterSue or the Sue Cattoor but we definitely want a horse advocate.

    Who wouldda known this morning that I had such great fabulous news. OMG I’m ready to do the happy dance.

    Kick the Czar to the streets and NO UNEMPLOYMENT for him.


    • Raul Grijalva from Arizona would be a fantastic replacement. He’s a strong wild horse proponent and he would be a great Sec of the Interior.


      • Oh YES!!! Very definately…Raul Grijalva is an excellent choice! And yes, I think it’s a no-brainer that HarryReid be voted out of office. He is a traitorus old fart who can’t even think rationally anymore. Nevada: VOTE HARRY REID OUT OF OFFICE!. He is no friend of ours, and no friend of our wild horses and burros, either!


  3. No one leaves without the next victim…err candidate served up on a nondiscussed or public platter. The next ones are always on the landing before the public knows.

    Let’s hope all the letters, calls and comments to Congress and the Congress have made a positive difference.

    We shall see if Obama is listening.


  4. Excellent! I think I read an article that this round-up was postponed due to “conflicts” in scheduling and other activities in the area. Sounds like BLM is making up crap to save face. Congresswoman Dina Titus in Nevada seems to be jumping on the ANTI-round-up band wagon. We’ll see who gets the BOOT come November!


  5. Fantastic news! Well done all.
    Keep up the visualizing every day of our wild horses running free and wild, with NO persecution, and MUCH respect.
    Made me happy today!!


  6. After the contiued poor performance of DOI AND USDA for that matter, I don’t understand how the administration allows them to stay, much more save some type of face.

    Obama is in for the battle of his political life and if he keeps these individuals around…he and his administration are doomed in 2012. At this point, I’m not sorry about that prospect barring what the other half of special interest throws up…literally.


  7. “Excellent News…one for the gipper…keep up the great work ! God bless…to RT: I have already heard from one us official; not an automated reply; I will send two other Litchfield pix to “them tomorrow; however; I will let our Congress “investigate; not me !

    geeze I might get up on the podium and begin pounding my fists;

    Save the Mustangs Save the Burros Power to the Equine ! hee hee
    i am glad I took the time to check email again for this good news! @ RT ? you rock buddy…lets stay organized like we are; thanks !
    The Mustangs thank you I pledge alligience to the Wild Equine !


  8. and pps Thank you to Mrs. Terry fitch for the beautiful pix of the West Douglas Herd: you can see the reflection of the two in water;

    the third one is in line for “the Mustang’s water dish; nice to see ! A+


  9. Is Colorado going to be the only place in the country a person can go to see wild horses? What’s to stop the BLM from pulling a Sheldon and secretly rounding up these horses once the outcry dies down? Wasn’t Raul Grijalva on the list of candidates for Secretary of the Interior before Obama stupidly picked Slaughterczar?
    I hope he doesn’t pick Abbey.


    • Raul Grijalva was indeed on the short list for Sec. of Interior–Salazar got it as it was political payback for Colorado’s having gone Democratic in the presidential race. Now with the talk about Salazar being kept on this long only because he’s Hispanic and from the West, it would seem that Grijalva would be THE perfect replacement–and he’s not corrupted by big money and special interests….I hope that doesn’t disqualify him!


    • Raul Grijalva was indeed on the short list for Sec. of Interior–Salazar got it as it was political payback for Colorado’s having gone Democratic in the presidential race. Now with the talk about Salazar being kept on this long only because he’s Hispanic and from the West, it would seem that Grijalva would be THE perfect replacement–and he’s not corrupted by big money and special interests….I hope that doesn’t disqualify him! As for Bob Abbey, he needs to go with Salazar!


  10. Any horse saved is cause to rejoice. We must just keep the battle going and never let down our guard. There are so many horses incarcerated and for them I cry everyday. . . for the little foals who never had a chance at life. If not for the wonderful and unfailing work of Laura Leigh, Leslie Pebbles, Elyse Gardner, RT and Terry, Craig Downer, and, now, Richard Cuoto out there in the trenches, we would never have come this far.

    Hopefully Salazar will be gone but my concern is who will replace him.

    I vote for RT.


    • Hello ! true and not failing to mention Carole Walker; and oh so many others working; gathering info; rescues all over the nation;
      many people like me sign petitions to our Congresspeople…etc.

      this is a nationwide problem; people understand when there are not many wild equine on the range; there will be gas pipes instead;

      a gas well spews out gas spray fumes 24/7 into our atmosphere!

      the whole problem is: Developement; mining and the us land trusts

      Wild Horse Advocate’s Pledge
      “I pledge Allegiance to the Mustangs of the United States of American and to the Icon for which they stand, one symbol, understood, undeniable, with liberty and freedom for all.” ~ R.T. Fitch


  11. FYI…about my point to sue Salazar, Abbey and the rest of the tax-payer sanctioned killers.

    If somehow, someway private induals get a hold of these animals, particulary with injuries or long term care needs, incorporate the costs into the suits.i


  12. Believe me you don’t want Rep. Grijalva as the head of the BLM. This man is the same nut ball that encouraged his constitutes in AZ to boycott their own state after the law S.B. 1170 was passed. He is a open border nut case. I do not trust him. Remember they eat horse meat in Mexico and points south. I hope at some time in the future he is kicked out of office.


  13. The reporter who published the article in the KRDO will get the big picture, as I sent him the links of George and Jane this morning.
    I am sure this will explode even more.
    Let’s hope the rest of the herds will get help soon as well.


  14. YAY ! ! Now let’s tag them all so we can monitor they are where they are suppose to be – free and protected ! ! So grateful to all who’ve worked on behalf of our wild horses and burros – I wish we could introduce a bill that establishes the wild mustang as AMERICA’s NATIONAL ANIMAL !!
    Beth and Cookie,
    in Virginia


  15. I bet we could “sell” mustangs so folks, schools, clubs could monitor their beautiful animals keeping them safe in the horses own environment for the cost of a gps tracker – so many people love horses yet can’t afford to own one, or their living circumstances won’t allow…THINK of it as a new way to adopt a horse – name it, watch it, follow it’s life and roaming it’s (I mean our) public lands.

    I am lucky, I have a lovely horse as a member of my family…I’ve dreamed since childhood of “owning” a wild mustang…but now, as an adult…”owning” isn’t exactly what I would even like to call it…I would LOVE to have stewardship or fostering of sorts of a wild mustang or burro – or two, or three, or maybe even an entire family…fostering, adopting – but also honoring their families and their homes.

    Am I crazy to dream such a dream?

    Beth and Cookie,
    in Virginia


    • Wild horses need adoption who have been taken from their ranges. Young horses born in feed lots are great prospects. I have friends who have adopted such mustangs. It is the intention of those of us who hope to win this campaign to have herds named and all the horses eventually in a databank with information on their families and relations. Adopting a horse in the wild, or a burro, will one day be the way people can become involved just like they have with Cloud and General and Lightning. This is a real goal. The American people can be supportive of the wild ones and learn about them. It is a pity this has not been done the past 39 years. Our herds would never have been removed and tortured and killed as they have. No one would allow it. That is where we are hoping to get to. This must end and never happen again. mar


      • There are some wild mustangs available for adoption in Virginia right now. They have been rescued and would love to have a forever home. I am not sure how handleable they are at this point, but if you are interested, I will get some information about them for you.


      • It means all of us must be on constant watch to safeguard their well being and freedom. We The People are their rightful stewards, not the BLM.


      • Christie, I am in Colorado within hours drive of both wild horses and Canon City Adoption Facility. I feel for those horses being hauled all over the country to adoptions!
        When we feel secure enough we will be adopting. Thanks. mar


  16. Bill Richardson, Gov of NM, was also in the running when Obama was picking Salaczar. He would be an AWESOME Secretary of the Interior. The man just backed the first ever WILD HORSE STATE PARK in NM. I want him!

    On another note, are the BLM putting off ALL roundups on these 3 HMAs? There are West Douglas, East Douglas and Piceance which they put all together into one massive EA. They were planning to take the East D herd down to just 125 from nearly 400 after justifying removing all of the West D herd by stating at just 85 horses they were not genetically viable as science required a minimum of 200 animals. Double talking hypocrites! So I certainly hope East Douglas is out from under the gun now as well….


    • The wild horses on Piceance Ridge and East Douglas are in for the fight of their lives. October 11th the the roundup begins. It is not affected by West Douglas. This is very rugged back country and I am doubting the numbers are accurate as they may pull a Calico/Twin Peaks and remove all and not release any. This is possibly happening at Silver King right now. This has been a tactic and if used now these herds are actually being zeroed out. The few released at Twin Peaks and at the end of Tuscarora do not a herd make. mar


      • They appear to be rounding them up and killing them out of sheer spite and contempt; such abuse and control tactics are undoubtedly pathological.

        Only the true coward harms an innocent animal.


      • Why does the BLM always go into “rugged country; out in the middle of nowhere; land that doesn’t see human on a regular basis

        why does the BLM go to the tops of mountains to “stampede Mustangs down steep embankments; why does the BLM round up the Mustangs and burros in the back country and empty deserts

        why? because the BLM is conducting “A Mustang Hunt + Capture Scheme; the BLM tries to insinuate the blm is “saving mustangs and burros; quite the opposite; the blm “destroys mustangs; any age mustang is at risk; the blM “shot and killed 6 foals in July 2010; all of these 6 foals were under the age of 6 months; actually; 12 Foals perished in 4 days at the BLM Tuscarora roundup; but you see “6 of the foals “died on their own…hardy har

        so this is a Old Western Mustang Hunt: and I also found out;

        THE REASON MUSTANGS TRAVEL TO THE TOPS OF MOUNTIANS during certain time of the year IS

        The Mustangs seeks flakes of Minerals from the rocks soil roots

        America’s Wild Mustangs are soooooo smart; they know how to get Essential Minerals from Mosses; Lichens; barks; wildflowers


        and besides; Mustangs don’t “blow off the tops of mountains when seeking for minerals like “stupid people do !

        NO; the mustangs gingerly “hunts and pecks; moving onward…aw


    • This is a Craig Daily Press article –


      “The West Douglas Herd’s habitat is not as good as the habitat of the herd east of the highway, Boyd said. (David Boyd, BLM public affairs specialist for the northwest district)

      The West Douglas Herd is smaller, which can create genetic problems over the years. Moreover, Boyd said the area is not suitable to manage horses.

      “We just don’t feel we can manage a herd that is large enough to be genetically viable in that area and still be in balance with other uses, grazing and wildlife,” he said.

      My comment: If the BLM is having this much trouble maintaining a viable genetic balance and adequate forage, why not put up deer fences and build a couple of underpasses so the horses (and precious wildlife) can move between the areas? It’s been done on the highway from the NM border on the way to Durango and it works for wildlife (and motorists) there. Maybe that’s too sensible.


      • That excerpt is almost verbatim from the EA – they feel the West herd is genetically non-viable at 85, should be 200 there, so the choice is to remove them all. But the East Douglas herd is nearly 400 and in that portion of the EA they claim they need to take the numbers down to just 125. If that isn’t talking out both sides of the mouth, I don’t know what is.

        Um, how difficult would it be to move a couple dozen horses from the East to the West to address the genetic issue AND lower the population to the East? Well, we all know, it’s not the genetic issue at all. They don’t want to be sensible. They just do not want any horses anywhere and these excuses sound good so they’ll just run with them. I hope these new litigants will cut them off at the knees, and for the males who formulated these evil plans, a much much higher cut would be just desserts in my book.


  17. Adobe Town and Salt Wells in SW Wyoming will begin tomorrow. This is a real shame. I have not heard anything from Wyoming folks about stopping this. I do hope there will be news by tomorrow. If they pull the over estimate here and remove too many and allow none to return we are on the last downward spiral with wild horse numbers.


    • Let’s see more wild horse sanctuaries such as that being organized in New Mexico. Without the protection of privatization, the wild herds that do survive these filthy evil massacres and remain on public lands will no longer be genetically viable – which no doubt is also part of the BLM’s vile plan, and another “win” to them.


  18. Thanks, R.T. for adding to the pressure on the BLM–keep it coming! With enough of us bringing law suits–as many as we can while focusing on their win-ability–the BLM won’t be able to keep up with the onslaught. Just never believe a word that they tell you about what they’re going to do or not do, including re-scheduling. You know they can be counted on to do whatever they want to behind our backs, especially if they think our guard is down. Keep them on the run!


  19. R.T., I can’t thank you enough for “ALL” you do in fighting for the rights and freedom of our American wild horses and burros. I really appreciate your articles as well, for they’re always very interesting and informative. I promise you will always have my support until we can truly celebrate the freedom they so rightly deserve. Looks like we’re moving in the right direction, if it’s true that Ken Salazar will be leaving. I’d say that’s cause for celebration!


  20. After reading the white paper that shows the way the contractors deal with wild horses, I don’t trust them.

    Sure the BLM says they move the date official date to zero out the wild horses to 2011.

    Whats stopping the contractors and their blm buddies from poaching and harrassing the horses over the next several months? plans are to zero the herd anyway? We can see now how easy they have ‘secret round-ups’ with multi-portable pens.

    I don’t have any trust in the blm. Looks to me like all the blm did was remove a date so there is no ‘date’ to sue them over.


  21. Good morning,

    Very good news indeed,we wish you the very best of luck indeed.We could do with alot more voices in Europefor Horses like you have for your Horses.

    Keep up the good work,

    John and Denice


  22. Thank you RT–it’s somewhat reassuring to see that W Douglas is safe for the time being, but that doesn’t help E Douglas and of course Adobe Town and Salt Wells! These are all within earshot of us here in Colorado. Yes, that would make sense to boost W Douglas with E Douglas. Is that too much to ask? However making sense is not the top priority. The CO BLM made it clear in a meeting a couple of weeks ago that they just didn’t want to manage both herds. Now what’s their plan?


  23. Gerry Spence has a blog–a very active blog and he lives in Wyoming. The people on that blog are kindred spirits of the people on this blog–let’s go visit them.


  24. Gerry Spence’s Blog
    The Great Power of Ignorance. Some claim amazement that any lawyer could achieve national prominence after spending his first seventeen years of practice in the sticks of Wyoming … –


  25. Let the readers on Gerry Spence’s blog know about the BLM round-up of Wyoming’s American Mustangs that is to begin today. Let them know ALL about this whole, brutal mess.


  26. There are 105 comments on this one–this is just an excerpt:

    We, the new slaves
    Posted on January 25, 2010 by gerryspence| 105 Comments
    We are the new slaves, enslaved by the Corporate King. The king disguises itself as our democratic government. But it lies to us and betrays us. The king owns our minds.

    We are the new slaves, enslaved by the king’s propaganda and lies. We are told we are free. But money controls all, and the people have little. The money I speak of buys elections and lying politicians who are the minions of the Corporate King. The Supreme Court, itself owned by the Corporate King, has just delivered our country over to the power of money with the court’s latest decision in which it proclaims that the king may spend whatever the king wishes to further enslave the people, by feeding the people lies, feeding their prejudices, feeding their fear, feeding their hatreds and suspicions and claiming it is all for their benefit and their freedom.


  27. …..and the Federal court in Nevada allows the BLM to continue with the round-up of federally protected, American Mustangs which belong to the American People and are on OUR LAND.


  28. Way to go, horse warriors! We do have to start somewhere, if this herd can be spared, perhaps more will follow, one at a time! And, who knows, maybe if we can convince the White House to get rid of Salazar, & replace him with someone MUCH better, the round ups will stop, once & for all!


  29. The BLM round-up of Wyoming’s Wild American Mustangs is to begin today. Do Wyoming citizens know what they are about to lose? Do they care? This a from Carol Walker’s Wild Hoofbeats blog:

    On Monday, I had the honor of delivering to the BLM in Rock Springs 3516 comments from people all over the country on the Adobe Town and Salt Wells Creek roundup.
    This is the herd, Adobe Town, that I have followed for 7 years and wrote about in my book, Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses.
    How did this come about? This is a good question. For the first time, the BLM refused to accept comments from the public on a proposed roundup EXCEPT by mail or hand delivery. No emailed or faxed comments were allowed – the thinking on the part of the BLM was to prevent being “bombarded” by “frivolous” comments. Comments by the way, that are from the public that pays their salaries. The letters were from supporters of the Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and its coalition partner, In Defense of Animals. Both organizations decided that they wanted to do something and allow the public to have their say about the upcoming roundup of 2000 wild horses and the removal of almost 1600 from their 1.5 million acres home in the Red Desert.
    When they contacted me, I told them I would be glad to help, and deliver the letters to the Rock Springs BLM office on the last date comments were to be accepted, August 16.

    Here is a slideshow set to music of the horses in this area from my book Wild Hoofbeats: America’s Vanishing Wild Horses:


    • Cool, Louie. If you live in Wyoming and wonder what you can do… the Very Famous Gerry Spence has a couple law firms in Jackson, WY. Gerry Spence is the most prestigious Pro Bono Attorney in the USA. One of the firms is all for Wyoming only and is, of course, Pro Bono.

      Wyoming Advocates; Please get talking to Gerry Spence and his firm about how to stop the onslaught against your wild horses!! He never loses. mar


  30. question: Is the Eagle Lake herd in California or Colorado ? for example the Virginia range is in Nevada; and both Calif. and Nevada have Humblolt counties so this gets confusing; thank u ! A


  31. OBAMA HAS TO STOP THESE ROUNDUPS – by Executive Order or whatever it takes- IMMEDIATE EXECUTIVE ORDER/MORATORIUM. TO STOP THESE ROUNDUPS IS WHAT WE MUST HAVE…the BLM will continue their roundups no matter ‘who’ is in ‘THE SEAT’….we need OBAMA’S ABSOLUTE CEASE ON THESE ROUNDUPS…..these roundups are not going to stop unless ‘the powers that be’ SAY STOP RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!


  32. I would like to say this about the W. Douglas herd is simular to the Challis Idaho HMA-the judge ruled against removing the horses..but every year the BLM came back to see if anyone was watching( A big thank you to you all who were on top of this) several years down the road, blm came up with the Multiple use doctrine…and they sucessfully went back to court and were able to remove the horses, they got a change in the judges sitting on the bench, but one judge wrote a scathing dissent about the validity of using the multiple use doctrine to remove the wild horses..expect them to keep coming after these horses. EAs are now being amended to PZP all or most is death to the horses as they are removing..ALL young stock from the herd that could eventually reproduce.


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