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Slaughterhouse Sue’s Big Fat ‘F”arce

By Debbie Coffey, PPJ Gazette Investigative Reporter

Wyoming faces attack of the horse eaters

Although Wyoming has at least one ethics law concerning its legislators, nobody seems to have gotten around to enforcing that pesky thing. Sue Wallis (“Slaughterhouse Sue”) hasn’t even bothered with a revolving door – she has just parked her butt in two different chairs at the same time – as a Wyoming State Representative (R) and also as the Executive Director of a trade/lobbying “mutual benefit corporation” called United Organizations of the Horse (UOH). UOH states it is concerned with “excess” and “unwanted horses” and claims that’s the reason it’s pushing so hard to reinstate horse slaughterhouses in the United States.

What they’re really pushing for is using horse meat for food. The UOH has an “Equine Assurance Program” which is supposedly about horse meat food safety.

A big problem with UOH’s “excess” and “unwanted” horse drivel is that UOH has taken financial contributions from the Biotechnology Industry Organization ( This is the huge, big bucks, powerful lobbying arm of animal cloning companies including ViaGen (which is actively cloning horses – genetic engineering companies including Monsanto, and pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

If UOH is so worried about unwanted horses and excess horses, why are they taking money from an organization lobbying for making MORE horses, and cloned ones at that? Does it make sense to develop ways to make artificial animals while killing off the natural ones?

About 249 associations have been throwing money at UOH, including Cattlemen’s Associations from about 23 states, livestock and stockmen associations, trucking associations, the U.S. Export Meat Federation and CropLife America (which represents members like Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, Sygenta, etc.) ran an article this year with “talking points” for horse slaughter, stating that there are millions of people starving in the world, and asking “From a moral standpoint, can we afford to put any viable protein source off limits?” They mention the word “moral” but they don’t bring up any moral or safety issues about eating cloned horses (or cloned cattle).

Skewed studies were used by the FDA when it made the decision that cloned animals were safe to eat: “Not Ready for Prime Time: FDA’s Flawed Approach to Assessing the Safety of Food from Animal Clones” I don’t think the FDA has even studied cloned horses in any of its food safety assessments.

UOH is an ardent supporter the Bureau of Land Management’s roundups of our wild horses. And, Sue Wallis really wants our excess and unwanted horses. Lots of them. About 200 a day. She’s working hard to get money for a slaughterhouse near Guernesey, Wyoming, that will be operated by Unified Equine LLC, a “new legal entity.”

UOH claims it won’t have anything to do with this operation, so why is Sue so busy looking for financing for it and, just last month, writing press releases that it’ll be ready in about 6 months?

Sue Wallis also introduced HB122, The Disposal of Livestock Act, which Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal recently signed. He was the U.S. Attorney General in Wyoming for many years; so didn’t he wonder if there could be a conflict of interest? If I notice questionable ethics by Sue Wallis from another state, can’t he see anything right under his nose? What is Wyoming’s Attorney General doing? Playing Tiddlywinks? There seems to be double-wide loopholes in Wyoming’s ethics laws that Slaughterhouse Sue has managed to squeeze through. talking points also include: “We believe all animals are sacred and must be harvested with dignity and gratitude.” Would this be the same dignity and gratitude that caused slaughterhouses to be closed down in our country in 2007? Would this be the same dignity and gratitude mentioned in a report by the General Accounting Office? “GAO Asked to Investigate Cruelty to Horses

As R.T. Fitch pointed out, Sue and her mini-me, Dave Duquette of United Horesemen’s Front (which works side-by-side with UOH) have participated in activities at the Simon Bucking Stock Sale, owned and operated by Joe Simon, who was a kill buyer for Beltex.

Last, but by no means least,’s talking points include “There are fates worse than slaughter. A quick, painless death in a slaughterhouse plant is far preferable to a slow and agonizing death of starvation.”

Preferable to whom?

Caloric restrictions might be agonizing for Sue, but if she’d prefer to be the first in line at that Unified Equine LLC slaughterhouse she’s been working so hard to get up and running, I’ll even send in money to UOH.



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  1. This is what it has always been about….MONEY, lots of it. If these greedy bastards can make a quick buck off killing another type of animal, their “morals” go right out the window. Next they will want to “harvest” “unwanted” dogs and cats and feed the “poor” with them.

    We have got to stop this thing once and for all. The cattle industry keeps throwing money at this for two reasons: first, they think that this is another source of revenue, and secondly, they think that it’s a slippery slope. Once the American public is heard and horse slaughter is permanently off the table due to the blatent and consistent cruelty of the practice, we may just have to admit that it’s cruel to slaughter cows (which it is, by the way).

    Their agenda is so transparent and selfish. I hope Slaughterhouse Sue gets voted out of office!


  2. This is about money, pure and simple. And anything remotely connected to Monsanto is suspect. “A quick, painless death in a slaughterhouse plant is far preferable to a slow and agonizing death of starvation.” Quick and painless?????
    Time for these folks to do some time in a slaughter facility. Or stand in line with animals as they go in. And breeding more animals, cloning when there are not enough homes now for the excess that people breeding are cranking out???!!! Sheesh, it boogles the mind.


  3. Apparently if you are on the evil side of pro-slaughter or continued unnecessary rounding up of our wild horses you can break any law you want without consequence. I think the lack of judgements by judges and the complete non-interest from Congress and the Presidency have proven that.


  4. Kick this woman to the curve. Tell this woman to get in line with a greenhouse to increase roughage. Tell her to become obsessed with cruciferous vegetables, not horse meat!


  5. She needs to get herself healthy !!!!Tell this low life poor excuse for a human being, she needs to concentrate on her self , she needs to get some self respect, I believe the best place to find that is with a horse , not slaughtering one…………..she needs to get herself right , she should spend her time getting to know these perfect animals, they can help her immensely…. And after that she will love them as we do!!!!!


  6. The EVIL that woman drags around with her knows no bounds.

    How can the beef industry want to taint themselves with those horse-killers?, I just don’t understand!

    The Beef industry being associated with horse-slaughter pratices? wtf are they thinking? the horsemeat is tainted by cancer causing medications! horse-traders lie and slip-in stolen horses, recently medicated horses and feed them to humans!

    Does the beef industry really want to be associated with an industry that has for many years lied and fed tainted meat to foreigners? Does the Beef industry really want to be associated with an industry that makes their “downer cow situtation” look humane in comparison?
    The Beef industry can’t be that dumb and stupid can they?


    • The beef industry has always claimed that they were afraid banning the slaughter of horses would lead to a “slippery slope” that would give animal rights extremists a foothold to lobby for the end of cattle slaughter – and all animal agriculture – as well.

      This has always seemed very flimsy to me. Surely they KNOW that won’t happen, so I keep wondering. There MUST be more to it than that.


      • Americans giving up steaks … babyback ribs … hot wings? Ain’t gonna happen!

        But we could be more sensible about things like livestock production, availablity of grains/corn, water use, etc. Steaks might be a bit tougher, but we’d be healthier overall and it could keep some folks from going to bed hungry:

        So SS/DD/UOH – stop spending so much time and energy on horse slaughter and get on board with REAL solutions for feeding empty stomachs!


  7. Great story Debbie. Thank you for shedding light on this evil woman. I guess she has eaten everything she can get her fat grubby hands on and is now looking to make money off our beautiful horses. Well, let’s put a rope around her neck, hogtie her and not let her succeed in building her asinine slaughter house. I know most Americans would be completely outraged if they knew what this parasite is trying to do. Your expose here is an excellent start. Let’s step up the pressure and shut her down before she can even get going.

    P.S. We met at the Sacramento rally last Sunday 🙂


  8. Wyoming, like Nevada, is easy prey for multi-national corporations–sparsely settled, not much in the way of jobs–not much resistance–just there for the TAKING.
    Good point Laura. Food laws laid down in the BIBLE are very specific.


  9. I read articles last winter about cloning horses that pointed out that through cloning great athletic horses we would not have to breed hundreds to get one with these qualities. I think all this remains to be proven, tho’. Competition with cloned animals would be subject to ethics and new regulation and this is all up in the air. The idea is apparently sound if you are pro cloning. I did not know the very expensive horse cloning research was at any point for horse meat.

    Personally I hope we never begin to eat cloned animals.
    Sue and her backers are all going to go after the wild ones and I will be damned before I will allow them to take them to slaughter in Wyoming. Beware who is buying our wild ones by the truck load! mar


      • This is from 2007! It seems we n=may be eating cloned turkey and chicken… ? maybe pigs and beef… I do remember that Our USDA said it would not require that cloned foods be labeled and that was a real shock to me. This also another reason why buying locally raised is best and organic if possible. We do this. But what is in a can of soup, one might ask? Cloned meat? Buy organic and local!

        Thanks, Debbie. I am not happy about all this. It makes little sense. mar


    • cloning is fine for a meat animal like a beef cow. It took man about 100 years of selective breeding to produce breeds of cattle that have more meat, larger, calm animals.

      So ya clone the huge beef cattle and thats fine.

      Its different with a ‘cloned horse’ its not just clone it and it wins. People have to train horses and feed them properly to have a winning horse. They inject the QHs with all kinds of drugs so they don’t break to pieces. Plenty of trainers ruin horses. I doubt very much 2 cloned foals will ever turn out the same as adults.


      • Yes, performance horses will all be different even if cloned because of feed, environment and handling. But cloned animals in our food chain gives me the creeps. They are not really the same and their life expectancy is shorter. They develope problems specific to the cloning. I believe we need to know everything on a label so we can choose what we want to eat or not. It is our right. They do it in Europe and people just make their choice and then the industry and the people know. Europeans have been against cloned foods also.

        Why are we so accepting of all this manipulation of nature by profiteers? mar


    • Cloning a horse now cost’s about $150,000 + a stud fee (which could be another $150,000 or more). Still no guarantee you’ll end up with what you want. The QH industry is really pursuing this, but hasn’t figured out how to deal with the registry, among other issues. Dash for Cash 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … ad infinitum?

      Just read about someone paying $1 million to clone the full brother of a top barrel horse. Not registered, but barrel racing is about performance, not bloodlines.

      Why would cloners want to bring the price down to serve this dispicable purpose when they coukd be making more than 100 times as much working their (unethical) “magic” for top breeders?

      Why are they throwing money at these creeps? What am I missing?


      • Linda, what you may be missing is that with cloning, like genetically engineered plants, some corporation/person OWNS the patents. They OWN a LIFE FORM. Look at Monsanto. Vanity Fair wrote a great article titled “Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear”

        If/when horses are used as food here in the U.S., someone could make a killing on the profits off patents of cloned horses. Cloned cattle are in our food supply now, and ranchers with clones can control the “marbling” of the meat, etc.

        Beef from cloned cattle can actually be labeled “Natural” because of USDA definitions.


    • Debbie is right, Mar. Cloned cattle have been in the food chain for some time. There was a scandal at a 4H show some months ago because the Grand Champion Steer was a clone of the one that had won the previous year! Evidentially the cloning of cattle is far more advanced than the cloning of horses.

      There is no breed registry that will accept clones for registration – yet. So, if you wanted a registered horse, there would be no reason to clone. You can preserve genes, but you still can’t register the results.


      • This is a pretty good take on the Grand Champion issue and it’s implications:

        It mentions Debbie’s point about “Intellectual Property”, which is something I hadn’t considered. The 4-Her received $80,000 for the clone. It costs about $20 – $25,000 to clone a steer. I wonder if the family paid the full price? The father said it was to “highlight the capability of the technology”. Who has the most to gain from this “highlight”? The company!

        Another article contends cloning will “level the playing field” for exhibitors. What if a family can’t afford a clone? How does this “level” things for them? If 4-H is already on board with this, they should rethink their position. Is it ethical to become a “showcase” for the wealthy at expense of others?


      • This is the science we had been so careful and cautious of and now I think it has become as lopsided as everything has. What a way to get into the future of ag! Through 4H! Get ’em when they are young! Where is the heart in this? Greed insinuates itself further… mar


  10. I dislike SS. I despise her philosophies, but let’s not take the easy way out and ridicule her physical properties. Our WORTHY, IMPORTANT cause is too good for that babyish way. There are enough real, pertinent, facts.
    (just got out of the hospital after being throw so am a tad cranky.)


    • Shirley, normally I wouldn’t mention any physical attributes, but this woman wants to KILL AND EAT OUR HORSES!!!! The gloves came off. Hope you’re feeling better soon.


  11. There is something else to be considered in the cloning of animals–their emotional well-being. That is something that brings all of this to this blog. That is why we fight so hard for these animals. We all understand and deplore the trauma–emotional and physical–that round-ups and removals cause them. How much actual care is taken for the animals in the cloning process?


  12. Some of your comments crack me up. I hope this fat arce Sue Wallis is booted out of office. It will take a big boot for that big booty.


  13. Slaughterhouse Sue Wallis is a sick monster! In my new Oct./Nov. 2010 issue of Central States Horseman, there’s a very disturbing article on page 33, that says the state of Wyoming just recently passed a law that legalizes the slaughter of “abandoned, estray, FERAL or abused” horses that come under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming Board of Livestock!! Sue wallis, who is also the executive director of “United Organizations of the Horse”/UOH, was a sponsor of the bill that became law!! Wyoming is now in the “planning stages” of building the equine slaughter plants! “She” says the horses can be used for human consumption, as well as pet & zoo animal food! How is this possible, how did she get away with this?? Sue Wallis needs to be “put down”, & returned to the Devil who sent her !! Congress MUST pass the H.R503 bills to protect horses from slaughter!


    • oh my your the only smile I have had in pages of reading ….and I thank you for that…..I wasn’t expecting a smile in the midst of all this horror & I honestly needed that…


  14. I work at a vet clinic and I’ve raised and shown horses since 1990 . Horse slaughter is a must when you take the safety net or face value away from something you eventually have something that is to much of a gamble to have. That is what happened to the horse market it saddens me so to see a good using horse with a good mind doing everything he is asked to do only bring 400 dollars in the ring not as much as the saddle on his back, or go on a farm call to see a horse that won’t get up and its a yearling that someone bought for 40.00 dollars at sale put it behind a chain link fence and don’t realize that it can’t get up because its starved out of ignorance. When you can’t get any of the money invested out of raising a good colt at some point the colt suffers. Horse slaughter is for the outlaws, not sound unwanted horses , a good , well fed, handled horse doesn’t end there but since there is no face value on one they will soon be all unwanted horses what is the lesser evil here horse slaughter for the outlaws and unsound horses or a horse being starved, not handled, not papered because its not worth the feed or saddle on its back.


    • To build a slaughter house for the people who are to ignorant to feed their animal?

      No, that is a crime and your Vet should be reporting these ‘people’. People forget or are to to stupid, or on purpose starve their dogs too. Yet they could bring them to the spca or humane society. We don’t build slaughter-houses for those to ‘ignorant’ to buy dog food do we?

      Why is humane euth never offered as the primary option for horses? These are companion animals, they evolved along with man. For some people to want to eat and slaughter animals that many love and respect, is a hurtfull evil thing to do to your fellow humanity. It’s fine if you have no love of horses, dogs and other companion animals…you HAVE to show respect and understanding to the humans who do.


    • Dawn, you’re going to get NO support for this stance here. You sound like you know nothing about horses despite your years with them. Don’t you realize how horribly inhumane “assembly line” slaughter is for horses? Not to mention the horrific conditions under which they are transported. I guess not.

      Haven’t you ever heard of “euthanasia”- the humane putting down of horses by a vet? THIS is what should happen, NOT putting a horse in the slaughter pipeline for heaven’s sake! Besides that, have you not heard that American horses are not regulated as to what chemicals they can be exposed to? Did you ever give your horses bute, or worm them? These are just two of the commonly used substances the are banned from the human food chain for the LIFE of the animal. Working in a vet clinic, I would have expected you to know these things.

      And how do you expect to see to it that only “outlaws” and not sound, healthy horses go to slaughter? PLEASE! Think about what you are saying! You’re wanting a safety net for irresponsible OWNERS not unfortunate HORSES. No way.


    • @ Dawn- “Horse slaughter is for the outlaws, not sound unwanted horses , a good , well fed, handled horse doesn’t end there…”
      This statement by you is made out of pure ignorance, that’s the only reason I am keeping my reply so civil. I recently saved 3 (unhomed NOT unwanted), sound, good quality, handled horses from a “KILLPEN” in PA. If I and many many horse advocates had not stepped in to help them they would have been on a very long horrible ride to Canada under horrific conditions to be brutally killed for their meat. This is the absolute truth. Get educated about equine horse SLAUGHTER, watch a couple youtube videos, read the facts, statistics and then come back here and then tell us what you think.


      • Just last Friday a lady I know was atan auction and she said the kill buyer loaded the most beautiful pregnant mare onto his truck. She had never seen the horses with the
        patch on their rumps for the killers in person before. Imagine the horror this mare has been through I wold say she is dead by now and the foal ripped out of her. It is sad and sick. Vicki Tobin keeps us all educated about this horror. Something close to 90% of the horses are in great shape. The killers don’t want the old, sick and starved horses because they do not bring enough money. Foals don’t either.

        Call Pelosi anway and tell her to get 503 on the Lame Duck Docket and get it through…. try for ROAM, too. mar


    • Dawn, what you have said are not reasons for horse slaughter but opportunities to educate owners on ownership. I’m guessing that you haven’t done much research on horse slaughter from your comment on it being for the “outlaws”. Temple Grandin and the USDA do not agree with you. Over 95% of the horses going to slaughter are fit, healthy and sound. Your comments make it sound like horse owners only own horses for the resale value. Do you realize that only the owners of less than 2% of the horse population send horses to slaughter? That means the overwhelming majority of horse owners are responsible and provide a humane end to their horse’s life.

      Having horse slaughter available is not only devastating to the horses going to slaughter but also to horses that could go to new homes but don’t because owners are hesitant to relinquish them for fear they will end up on a slaughter truck. The horses end up being neglected.

      Since you work in a vet clinic, I’m sure you are well aware that many of the medications horses receive make them ineligible to be slaughtered for human consumption. Surely if you don’t care about the cruelty and abuse horses endure in the slaughter pipeline you care about consumer food safety, don’t you? Do you have a plan to implement a national tracking system so horses that have received prohibited substances can be removed from the food chain? Who do you think should pay for that? Do you think that is something that you should force on all horse owners so that the owners of the 2% can continue to not take responsibility for their horses or allow breeders to continue to over breed and dump?


  15. Valerie, you are so right. We must pass the H.R. 503 bills in Congress. I would love to see Ms. Sue Wallis, rounded up, taken for 15 hours in the truck to Canada and get the same treatment that she is wanting to give all of our beautiful horses. She doesn’t deserve to breath another breath. We must, as humane citizens, get rid of this pirara. SHe is not a human being, she is a devil in dresses. Wyoming, you had better clean house of this woman and your Governor. What are you thinking? Obviously, you are not, you are taking monies under the table. That’s plain to see. Come on, citizens, lets round up these individuals, along with the BLM, the agriculture and mining agencies, and have a roundup and slaughter party for two legged animals. Need I say more.


  16. It is SO disappointing that this HORRIBLE woman was re-elected. Just shows the mentality of her neighbors. I’m embarassed to be in the same party as this sorry excuse for a human being, and I want everyone alive to know that she does NOT represent the GOP in ANY way.

    If she manages to push through some sleazy bill that allows slaughtering of horses in WY, those facilities had better take security lessons from US abortion clinics- because people in this country will not allow a facility like that to stand. Or at least I hope they won’t.



  17. Slaughterhouse Sue says, “”My personal morality says that it is an unethical to waste a massive amount of healthy nutritious meat…”

    Does that include human meat? Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste good human, too? Nice and rich and meaty? Mmmmmm!

    Somebody get that woman a mirror!


    • I pray some canadian will go ahead, hire a testing lab to pull horsemeat off the shelves and find the cancer causing drugs in that meat!!

      Then go ahead all the horse eaters of the world with family that died from cancer! and sue the feaking pants off all the kill-jobbers and their queen and her little Jester man too.

      No one will buy their ‘meat’ and by the way Sue, you won’t sell it for ‘pet food’ either!! We don’t want to give our dogs cancer!! Any zoos with hooved animals do not want to take a chance of sickness from using horsemeat either!

      Don’t you read the bible sue? God promises sickness and plague to those who eat horses!!


  18. We are all thinking that !!! But yes dont write it !!!!!!! But i tend to think that we will over come the beast put in our path and win much to the beasts dismay Freedom for Our Precious Wild Ones , She is just an horrible obstacle, which makes the WIN so Much Sweeter…………………………………. We have great smart people here with all there eyes on Freedom for the Wild Mustangs !!!! Lets just prepare a little better !!!!!


  19. For anyone who thinks that slaughter is a viable alternative, please view some of the undercover videos and see what happens behind the scenes.
    Go to Animal Angels website and see what happens during transport
    The horse slaughter industry is UGLY and only serves to promote overbreeding and exploitation.


  20. Louie I have seen those once and that was enough for me, I cried for 2 days after watching that cruel and inhumane process , never do i ever want to watch that again……….I still have nightmares about it !!!!!! My God , I can not even think about it , it makes me violently ill…………………………………..


  21. I think that slaughterhouse sue should be locked in a room and made to watch it repeatably until she cant stand anymore…………… That certainly will break her to pieces…………………………………..


  22. This is really, truly worse than sad. Some of the comments here are even sadder. I’m sorry, but, you know what? I don’t care what kind of condition or temperment, how young or old, how well trained or fit, or unfit, it really doesn’t matter. NO horse on the face of this wonderful planet we all call home deserves that kind of pure hell as their death sentence. NONE, not one horse!! I, too, worked for a veterinarian, & only as a last resort for a severely sick or injured animal, whether it be a horse, dog, cat, or other, they should be put down HUMANELY, by a licensed vet., by a painless injection. We have small animal shelters everywhere, & unfortunately, way too many animals are euthanized everyday, but, at least they’re not being sent to slaughter! Why can’t equine shelters be a consideration? A place to say good-bye with dignity, as well as somewhere to stay to hopefully find a new, loving home, be given a second chance at life, not just thrown away like garbage!! I can not believe Dawn, or others, actually see nothing wrong with horse slaughter!! Some people are completely blinded by their own ignorance.


    • Valerie- There are equine rescues all over that try their best to save every last horse in need. I think there are even places (not enough, though) where you can take your equine to be gently ‘put to sleep’. In my area it cost me $155 for euthanasia and the barn call plus $250 for burial at home. All of my horses were loved until they drew their last breath. Even if they had not been my pets I still would have afforded them dignity in death you expressed. Thank you for caring enough to get p*ssed off!


  23. I want to applaude all the horse lovers that refuted with great intellect and careful thought the ignorant statements that some wanna be horse lovers make. It is so nice to see how many educated and informed REAL HORSE LOVERS are out there completely in touch with REALITY. THANK YOU! Keep up the good fight! I also urge you to look at how food animals are treated in this country. Now that you have been exposed to the horrors of horse slaughter, please don’t turn a blind eye to the 52 billion food animals killed each year so that we can have that steak on our plate. This industry is no prettier….sadly. I have become vegan in response to the cruelty. Just remember that it is really no different than horses…. We should stand up for all animals to be treated with respect. For more information, please “friend me” on Facebook. Valorie Collante


  24. I cannot BELIEVE Wyoming – what happened?!!! As for SS’s “personal morality and ethics” – amazing what BS people will come up with to “justify” their sins!!


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