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BLM Employee “Animal Abuser” Issues Email from

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

Subliminal Motives are Devastating

Old Habits Die Hard

Almost on a daily basis we are pummeled with the gory violence and unneeded bloodshed doled out by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) upon our few remaining iconic wild horses.  The shock and outrage of the American public is obvious but the BLM always manages to duck and weave with bad data, restricted access and devious PR but now it is out on the web, in bold print and documented.  It appears that the first email address or handle that a BLM employee will, voluntarily, give him/herself is ANIMAL ABUSER.

Inserted below, in its entirety, is a comment submitted by a BLM employee to our SFTHH blog.  Caught by our filters the BLMer was attempting to comment and personally attack another user, taxpayer, who had commented on our story “BLM takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon”.   Being of weak mind and of low self esteem this BLM employee elected not to use his/her given name but instead used the handle “Animal Abuser”.  And if that were not enough the email address, which only I can see as administrator, is “AAafterYOU” a clear threat upon myself.  How do we know that this individual is a BLM employee, checkout the IP address after the name; bold and clear,

BLM employees have commented on our blog before, they are welcome to do so as long as they have the fortitude and chutzpah to use their real names, that is not a problem.  (In fact, the Nevada BLM office follows me on Twitter and each blog post Tweets)  The content of this message is only an issue because the BLM employee is flaming another user; the fact that a federal employee is wasting our tax dollars and, more than likely, violating federal IT regulations by visiting such a site on government time, that’s okay too.  But what makes one’s blood run cold is that out of the blue, commenting on the death of a horse at the hands of a BLM contractor, the BLM employee would voluntarily select the name of Animal Abuser to hide behind and then to threaten me.

Enough is enough; I encourage all readers to send the link ( to this page to your local news agencies, press, state and federal representatives, Bob Abbey, Ken Salazar and to the President himself.  These are the sort of psychotic individuals that have been entrusted to protect and nurture the symbol of our American heritage yet they are illegally ripping them from our public lands against the will of the people of the United States.  This is the mindset, this is the perversity and this is our current state of affairs.

BLM Animal Abusers are out there and when they are finished with the horses they are coming “after YOU”!

Take action now!

(The email below is unaltered with the exception of the deletion of the ridiculed user’s name and the public domain name of Animal Abuser’s email address.)


A new comment on the post “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon” is waiting for your approval

Author : Animal Abuser (IP: ,
E-mail : AAafterYOU@*****.com
URL    :
Whois  :
You ALL have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands to sit around bitching.  And *****, could you really be so stupid to think that the BLM has hired animal abusers??  Honestly- you all need to get a life.  If you really cared, you would search out the truth, and stop spending so much time with narrow blinders on.  No one is perfect, not the BLM, not YOU.  If you really want to see something done differently, you would pick a different approach.”

Latest, known, BLM Animal Abuser Casuality

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  1. Apparently Animal Abuser has way too much time on their hands when they should be doing something productive like working for the living we nobly provide for them with our tax dollars. AA YOU and your animal abusing friends and colleagues do NOT pay my salary for a job that I work at apparently much harder than you. I, unfortunately, do pay YOUR salary so might I suggest you get back to work and on your own time, on your own home computer YOU do a bit of research on the history of horrors that your agency and your hired contractors have visited upon not only the wild horses but several other native species. This is the United States, I am a citizen and that is my lands and animals that you are treating in a manner that is self and corporate America serving and is morally bankrupt.


  2. Just curious RT, what time was this email/threat sent? During working hours perhaps? Isn’t there some sort of law about agents of the government issuing threats to private citizens on proven government owned computers?


  3. LOL..not near as much time as you are going to have honey while your A## is in jail, being eyeballed by BUBBA. We need to see this moronic psycopath is report report..Its a good thing I have plenty of time on my hands so i can working on getting you tossed out of the donut shop and back on to the streets where you belong.


  4. This is heartbreaking. They don’t even use the white bags properly. A person would never pressure the horse like they are doing. Oh My God. To the BLM – Animal Abuser – the handle you have chosen for yourself fits you well. We have tried all kinds of different approaches to get the BLM to understand and they refuse. The one most powerful tool is documentation and let the public know what animal abusers you really are. What’s the matter BLM you don’t like a white bag on a stick in your face. I think we have more white bags for you and we are after you with our camera’s and videos. I don’t know Why the BLM insists on breaking several horses necks at each round up. You would think they would learn, but they are just idiots.
    I loved that horse and the BLM killed my horse. Talk about barbaric, this is the BLM.


    • I’ll go one step further and say they should never use plastic bags. There is no proper use of them, in my opinion. The BLM should have to pay for re-training every horse they’ve traumatized with plastic bags over the years — every horse that’s so terrified that it will do anything to get away from plastic.


  5. Just as the BLM uses armed security due to reported threats perhaps we should increase our own security by reporting received threats to the FBI since these are acting agents of the United States government obviously sent from government owned and operated headquarters. This is intolerable in a supposedly free society. The writer of this email should be fired if not have charges brought against them. This is not a game we are playing. There are real crazies in this world and unfortunately some of those collect a government paycheck.


  6. RT. “Animal Abuser is right about one thing:” WE DO NEED TO START USING A DIFFERENT APPROACH” ……..not what he/she is thinking about. But DIFFERENT, YEAH!!!!


    • Laura, you of all people should understand “free speech”, you are advocating for it. I have a right to express my opinion, as long as I am doing it in a civil manner. Above, I was talking in general. There is no need to call one person’s differing opinion “crap”. You had a chance to talk to me at the Sacramento Rally…..I was looking forward meeting you in person! Instead, you “jumped in on a photo, I was asked to pose for by a reporter”, then departed just as fast, and never said a word to me. Me and my friend thought this was rather rude. So I am sorry, I don’t really have an overwhelming need to talk with you! I am sure our path will cross, when you’ll have another chance, perhaps to clear things up! I just wish to make one thing clear: my involvement with the Wild Horse cause is truly for the Mustangs first and foremost, I am not here to get involved with “personal issues”.


    • Anne-M, I am interested in hearing any ideas you might have as to how we can move this movement forward to stop the roundups..we have different people coming from different perspectives..we were just discussing- we need a website where people could go and contribute ideas and information like a comment box and where we could check off which things we would like to work on it seems we are going many different directions.. because we have to..We have to keep in mind we are all under pressure as these roundups are coming fast and furious and trying to get observers to every one of them..and I see the tension of this and built up frustrations boiling over..everyone take a deep breath..say what you think , try to be civil and non personal..because we donot have time for squabbles while horses are dying..I say many contraversial things..and I am willing to stand up if someone takes a swing at me..does’nt phase me in the least..I just keep on tickin..I am open to just about any idea except supporting removal of the WH and lickin BLM boots..thats a job for someone else…


      • Sandra you are right, I am with you! however if you review the comments above, you’ll see, you need to address the”other person”, who was trying to involve me in a “personal squable”! I already stated why I was involved with the Wild Horses. I feel hands on saving them is outmost importance, and I have demonstarted this on my own without any financial help from anyone, in spite that I am going through some financial hardship myself. I also stood up for the Wild Horses, on a couple of occasons, (…on BLM turf)….and this approach worked for me!


  7. Actually, people here DON’T have that much time on their hands. Many are working full time jobs, or more, and yet they still manage to spend hours and hours fighting for these animals. There are a lot more things that most of them would rather be doing. Unlike the federal employees, that are getting paid for their time, the people here are are on their own time.


    • Hi Debbie – the 3rd episode gives an error. Any adivce?

      Following the constitution – WOW – what a concept!

      That is why I keep saying we need to change the law – that as currently written gives BLM too much power – and strips out the welfare of the wild horses.

      He did misrepresent the cattle industry implying that we import a lot of beef and that without Publc Lands grazing we would be “held hostage” – something the welfare recipients have tried to put fear into the public – we actually export most of the beef grazed on Public Lands considered better to foreign markets and only 3% of the cattle industry, and export almost 10% of the total USA grazed beef – this is according to USDA. We do import beef from South American – I am told a top quality product – I am still trying to find stats on that – and still trying to find it in the supermarkets – maybe have to go to an individual butcher shop for that.


      • Florida is supposed to be the #1 state for cattle now. I’m a cracker & that’s all people do in this state. Don’t like it but at least the cows make good neighbors!


    • Debbie R.. WOW..

      Thank you so much for posting that wonderful YouTube video! Sheriff Tony DeMeo is/was one helluva Guy!

      If y’all have about 30 minutes to watch all three parts of this, PLEASE DO! Listen very carefully to what Sheriff DeMeo is saying..
      especially at the end of Part 3! (BLM has a gazillion ‘loop holes’ they are using to round up our Wild Ones.. This MAY be the ‘loop hole’ WE need to STOP BLM from doing so!?)

      They are PRIVLEDGED to work as a Public Employee, and they are there to serve the PEOPLE… It is NOT that they can just do as they want, it has to be as the PEOPLE want..

      Constitution 101.. Class is in session.

      Hey, as your listening to the story of Mr. Hage, towards the end of Part 2.. Let me know if you had a weird, eerie thought about what may have happened to Mr. Hage’s second wife. Literally gave me goosebumps..

      Thanks again Debbie.. What an eye opener and to see what we are dealing with. Talk about a Good ‘ol Boy Network.. This is about as scary as it gets.. Like the stuff you see in movies! HORROR movies!


  8. He or she is a coward. I have seen this in my own communications with the BLM’s “experts”. No moral standards whatsover.


  9. I would choke myself before I ever called myself an Animal Abuser. Not even in fun. I have to think that the person who wrote that email was so dissociated from what the name means that he/she quite possibly does actually abuse animals. The equines being injured, killed, and terrorized are in the hands of other people who must have the same problem. If you don’t know how to take care of horses or aren’t caring enough to be around the most powerful and friendly animal on earth – just say so and get away. Animal Abuser – your days are numbered as caretaker of the WHB. There are no more chances to do it right. It is only a matter of time now. Stop the roundups now. You’d probably better come up with a more compassionate handle like “Used to be cruel.”. We listen. All of you will be accounting for your part in this. BLM has caused an incredible waste of time and money of the citizens in trying to work toward a judicious plan grounded in a relationship with the spirit of the equine and the land we live in. Not to mention the lives of thousands of horses whose spirits were betrayed. Whose hand are you really BLM?


  10. If Animal Abuse thinks the Blue Moon video portrays, for example, just someone making a mistake, not being perfect – I dare not imagine what Animal Abuse thinks is normal.

    As already stated – the name is appropriate and says it all.

    What different ways should we try?

    I beg him/her to tell.

    We are constantly tryng to come up with all the ways imaginable, have done a thousand different things from one spectrum of attempted communication and cooperation to only be lied to at every turn, to some, out of total unbearable pain for the animals and frustation to reported threats (which we all need to curb that impulse! Come on here and call them names – this is our sounding board and we all care) and everything in between – law suits, millions of phone calls, e-mails, letters, petitions, rallys, marches, face to face with Congress all the way down to BLM field personell, writing constantly on news outlets, YouTubes, many have turned thier entire lives over to this for no pay – and we get NOTHING from BLM!

    Just NOTHING but more junk science, more lies, more torture to more wild horses, more land given to cattle at the end of every roundup!

    Having said that there have been some recent posts of some BLM people actually listnening and perhaps some cooperation, some thinking outside the box – we can only hope and pray for more of that and for that to come to fruition.

    R.T. thank you for bearing the weight of screening all the posts that you do, I’m sure daily. You do so much!


    • One major thing is, people who are going to the roundups must decide ahead of time what “role” are they going to fulfill? “HUMANE OBSERVER”, this is the passive role when one documents and observes only, the other role the “ADVOCATE” ….this role is a more “active role” when one MUST SPEAK UP, when something is about to present danger to our Mustangs! The advocate need to be a knowledgeable horseman/woman, wild horse experience is a plus! The role of the Advocate is NOT for the “faint hearted”! Both roles are equally important, however NOW we need to shift a bit more towards sending more ADVOCATES out there! (……I think it’s time I’ll attend a roundup!…..I have been concentrating on rescues for the past 6mos!)


      • Anne Marie, If you can do this more power to you! It is not an easy thing to get to do.
        It is an important right to exercise and know you have been a witness for the wild ones you love and respect. They do need us there. mar


      • I’m with you Anne. As I said before & was not accepted very well by others here. It’s time to stop just watching & start advocating. Like the people next door to me that shot my cat. I went right to them with the law in my hand that said not only can you not shoot a firearm by a home, you will go to jail for maiming an animal! Animal Control & the Sheriff were called & they were sited because the wound left on my animal was documented by my vet & they had the same caliber gun & were seen shooting other cats we have around here that a feral. If we are there with the law in our hand & you shove it in their face, they can’t ignore then. But then I’m called an extremist..Uh? How else are we supposed to get through to the non-conforming asses? If the courts go any slower they will be in reverse. Waste of time! The Judges seem to ultimately rule in the BLM’S favor.


  11. Debra Whitmore, Morgan Giffith, Louie Cocroft, and Jan Shultz you have all covered this perfectly. These guys/gals better start packing their bags because we are coming after them with videos, cameras, and everything legal that we can use. And, after their bags are packed, we hope to march them to jail (I hope for a H____ of a long time. I wish our gorgeous horses could speak and give us all details and march in front of all the BLM that has harmed them and their companions and families, so we can see that these individuals get their just rewards. I would love to push all of them out of their damn helicopters in the middle of Death Valley. If any of them survive, then they get rounded up, loaded in trailers, and guess where they will go? How about Richelieu. You know what happens to these individuals after that. And, I think, this is still too good for them. Has anyone got a better idea of what to do with these idiots?


      • You just pissed RT off big time… and me and anyone with any sense about what saying this kind of thing can cost all of us. Think before you speak, woman! mar


      • Sorry! Really sorry. Just can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut. I will no longer post anything or help or comment here anymore. I would never hurt anyone, I guess my mouth over loaded my ass. Don’t worry I will remove myself from you community.


      • Don’t remove yourself – please, we need you – just be carefull – no threats of violence or bodily harm allowed.

        PS. I am a real contender of making mistakes – no big deal! The good folks here work together to keep us all in line, fact filled and moving toward progress.


  12. Wow this story makes me sick. I feel sick that not only would a person post themselves as an animal abuser but have an e-mail address that purposefully states they are after you. Just looking at the name and e-mail makes you believe this person wants to be viewed as a killer or a threat.

    Now looking how the e-mail is written it also appears this person has a lot of anger issues. Because in reality this person feels threatened.

    I also want to quote this line because I really want to answer it. “And *****, could you really be so stupid to think that the BLM has hired animal abusers?? ”

    Yes not just BLM has hired animal abusers. Animal abusers are all over and are not easily spotted. I worked for a zoo and the guy I replaced was an animal abuser. He was caught beating animals with blunt objects. Animal abusers are all over and can be easily hired by animal organizations and usual don’t get caught until the damage is done.

    All of us here already know BLM doesn’t properly care for horses especially with the recent story in Utah with the Equine Distemper outbreak.

    I just want to thank R.T and all the other Equine Advocates for staying strong and not letting people like “animal abuser” get in your way.


  13. So many people right now would love to have a job–the same people that are being taxed to pay for employees of the government that have enough time to sit at the computer and send out personal emails.


  14. The abuse has been done and must stop – this person obviously feels immune under his badge as do some others – drunk on authority yet hiding under an anonymous name. The insecurity that boasts in that email shines very bright – also the low niveau and audacity to suggest a “different approach”… again, an attempt to distract. Seems our mission is strong and ticks someone off – who is stupid enough to enter the battle zone, which is a result of the ABUSE and horrors that we have found within the BLM. Yes we will take all the time it takes to expose the truth to the American public, who has been betrayed just as the horses have. We will continue to take DOWN those blinders you so vehemently hope they all wear.
    Whoever this wimp is, may he/she come down and crash on his/her own arrogance.


  15. Here and a few other places we stand up to the abusers and we have said many times, in many ways what we would like to do to them from prison to Death Valley. They read here and this is what happens. How easy to tell RT this… and imply… the threat. We all must be careful. Online and on the road and even at home. Think about it. mar


  16. No use reporting to the FBI…..I can guarantee you they will do nothing but throw your report in the trash. FBI will never do anything to interfer with the operations of another corporate government agency.

    What made me sick watching this video, is the men in the video watching this animal suffer after being terrorized. I can only imagine how much testosterone was dripping off the fence they leaned on as they watched this animal fight for its freedom, knowing they had caused this suffering and obviously enjoying the show.

    Armed guards for observers, helicopters for weapons as they torment these animals; yeah….these are a bunch of real he-men and he-women. They need to be shunned from our communities as the creeps they are. Who in their right mind, what person of any integrity or character particpates in this kind of thing …..and then takes money for doing it. Disgusting bunch of deadbeats. They need to be run for miles, chased by helicopters and forced into traps so we can sort them out of the normal population. MARTI OAKLEY


  17. @ppjg – US-CERT is not the FBI – it is DHS, although they are probably not much better. The issue is not so much whether they will do anything or not, it’s a matter of just being able to prove that a person took the threat seriously enough to file a complaint. Once RT files, he can print out a copy to keep in case this EVER comes up in court. That holds weight in court, and also in any disciplinary proceedings that might occur. It’s easy, takes less than 5 minutes, and is cheap insurance for the future.


  18. AA, if we are so wrong and you/BLM are so right, then why be afraid to use your true identity to respond to us? We do not hide. We encourage open and honest dialogue. Did you really think in this day and age of advanced technology that your BLM employee status would not be found out? That you felt the need to respond with implied threats is very telling. Congratulations, you are the new poster child for all the BLM stands for.

    RT, please take Nell’s advice and report this. The BLM would not hesitate to prosecute any of us for this behavior. We should show them the same courtesy.


  19. RT, it would be very easy to find out who this person is. All the BLM has to do is go to their IT folks and they can identify the PC it came from. All corporations have strict policies on security and not allowing employees to reveal their passwords/usercodes to access their PCs so any communications/business conducted on that PC is the responsibility of the individual user and the property of the company. In addition, if the emails have been deleted from the PC, a copy should be on the server (especially with the government) and can be obtained through daily server back-ups.

    In cases where employees use web mail and not the company PC, there is still a record of the internet traffic and paths going in and out of the domain gateway.

    You should contact the BLM as most companies would consider that a violation of internet policy. Unless the person has special access, I’m surprised he/she could even access a blog. Those are blocked by most companies.

    One company I worked for had security locked down so tight that we had trouble accessing supplier websites that had names that were content triggers.


  20. oh my goodness, those animal abusers are still using netscape 4…thats from the 1990s, The op system is is so old its not even listed, must be windows 95. (ms dropped support years ago) geewiz wonder if they can even see the pictures of their hired grunts letting wild horses bash off steel pipes and crash around stuffed into horse trailers. Do they even have speakers and sound on that old computer? guess they can’t hear the horrid sounds of horses screaming for their families and bashing against steel.

    Visitor IP Address
    Date 05 Sep, Sun, 13:24:05 Net Speed Corporate/T1
    Organization US DOI Bureau Of Land Management Browser Netscape 4
    Continent North America Operating System Other/Unknown
    Country United States Denver


    • That’s not so bad. I know a large national retailer that is running DOS 3.1 apps on OS/2 on their registers! They don’t even have the latest version of DOS when it died in the 80s!


  21. let them post please Their ignorance is an excellent ‘trap’ to capture their statements, Those logged statements may have a future use.


  22. @Laura – good catch on the netscape – I got the Utah location also, but also Brighton, CO several times, so I’m wondering if this might be a laptop.

    In any event, it is definitely the BLM domain, so, they need to deal with this individual.

    Honestly, I am sure they will once they learn about it. Too much liability not to.

    That netscape browser is pretty easy to hack <>, and the WH&B site has been hacked before a few years ago.


      • No – I show this IP popping up in Cedar City UT on 6/8 (probably Holden too at that time) Nampa, ID on July 1, and August 16, and back in the Denver area in September. Also popped up in DC on 5/26 – but I have a feeling that might be a mistake.

        Most of the info I got said that this is a fixed address on the device (computer), but if it is getting its IP from a Domain Name Server (DNS), then that would explain why it is popping up here and there.

        Their main server and IT department is in the Denver area though.


  23. After watching the video of Blue Moon being destroyed by the BLM, I was justifiably angered by the special tactics used against wild horses who manage to escape and require “special handling.” They almost always wind up being killed and dragged off to a trailer. The WH&B Act’s intent was to protect wild horses from just this type of behavior. I also realized that without our observers none of this would be documented or reported and that the people who truly care are here reading every day. R.T. does not allow comments that promote violence against the BLM nor should this be allowed in a public forum. The same goes for threats against the wild horse advocates. They have no place here!


    • Yes… I agree with Lenore…. It makes me completely sick to see, hear and think of all the heartless abuses and murders of the innocent horses and burros.
      I also agree that this forum should be for friends and advocates of the wild horses and burros NOT for the enemies of the horses. They don’t deserve the space to spread their evil. The blog moderator/owner will deal with the trouble-makers and will report them to web-server and to the law. That way they can be dealt with in a way that is not feeding their sick intentions.
      I APPRECIATE, SO MUCH, ALL THE WILD HORSE AND BURRO ADVOCATES! We have to stick with it, and re-double our efforts. Don’t give up… Never, Never, Never give up or turn back. The horses and burro, and even humanity depends on us making a difference for good.


  24. Can I get names & phone #’s to call I report this “Animal Abuser”. Most especially his/her boss? Thanks, I will burn up the phone lines!


    • Dawna-

      Just call 411 and ask for the Brighton, Colorado BLM Office..
      There is no name on who ever it is, though, is there?

      For all we know, maybe it’s that Field Office’s Boss!?

      Things that make you go Hmmmm… Huh?!

      I haven’t slept for two nights, you guys.. I’m tired.. I just keep thinking of all the ‘faces’ and ‘eyes’ of our Wild Ones.. How scared and confused they are.

      Don’t know how you do it Laura & Co.. You’re brave beyond belief.


      • Nevermind. I called the BLM office, The Inspector General (just got off the phone with him), filed a complaint with the US Homeland Security & I’m still calling & filling out forms to news media!


  25. I hope this can be used in the upcoming court date somehow as another instance of intimidation to shut down our 1st amendment rights.


  26. I agree with letting these bozos post their threats, or whatever, on here, especially when they’re obviously so easy to uncover. This just puts more arrows in our quiver, and more nails in their coffin. Give ’em enough rope . . . .


  27. since the sun J contrator and catoors are both in wouldn’t surprise me to find out it was someone who is tied to one of those outfits…as they are the ones frequently called the animal abusers and rightly guess a family member..or just a psyco governmnt employee ready to go postal on the citizens of the United States


    • I doubt we will ever hear who was responsible. I am predicting an apology with a blurb of the employee involved has a) received disciplinary action or b) has been terminated…….

      and I don’t mean wet work


  28. I wonder what Obama will say to his daughters when they stumble upon the video of Blue Moon, and the pits full of dead horses at the roundups, and all the other thousands of hours of same documentation on YouTube? And all the Legislators that have children. They will be 18 one day and will have access to the world – what will they say they were doing to stop this corruption and torture, this promotion of animal abuse?


  29. Well, isn’t it odd as I have said, they are Animal Abusers, flaunting it right in front of the World as pictures have proved it, so when the shoe fits, you certainly wear it well. Compassion is something that is evident you do not know how to wear or feel…Ah, something you either have or don’t, in your case, you don’t, sad, for you and the horses you all cause harm and death to and you probably do not even flinch. Reminds me of the day I saw a man punching his wife in the face as she held their child, as I yelld at the top of my voice, HEY, he paused to look at me and again closed handed began again. I continued to run towards them and screamed, knock it off and then screamed for security (knowing they were not in the store yet) calling his bluff, he took off like a bat out of HELL, losing a sneaker and ran out of my store. In this case the security is our Gov’t and we have been calling on them which seems like forever. So as you gather horses I guess you can gather my point….or maybe you don’t…I am so glad that I am who I am, with compassion, with a sence of right and fair play and a heck of a human being..You see, or maybe you won’t, it’s not so difficult to stand for something GOOD, try it, you might like it, or maybe you are to far gone…..God Help The Horses


  30. Journalist and photographer Laura Leigh, of Grass Roots Horse, has sued the BLM because she was denied access afforded the New York Times, and the Las Vegas Sun. The suit is in the Reno court of Judge Larry Hicks.

    The revelation that the horses were being held in a Utah prison came when she described in the documents following a truck to the site from the Nevada ghost town, Pioche, to attempt to “rescue” a horse for which she had found a home.

    “It took about five hours or more to travel to the prison in Gunnison, Utah from
    Pioche. When arriving, my vehicle was thoroughly searched, all my possessions were searched, my cigarettes were confiscated. I was denied access to my camera, cell phone,” Leigh said in the document. “I was put through a background search. Because of the exhaustive search, I was not able to view the captured horses when they were off-loaded from the trailer.”
    “The prison in Gunnison, Utah is contained within a secured area. In other words, it is a prison within another restricted area. The outer restricted area (from the prison itself) is where the wild horses are kept. There are signs at this facility indicating it is a facility of the BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro program.”
    Click (HERE) to Read the Story in it’s Entirety


  31. Its a dam good thing we are not living in China! A Tibetan sInger/songwriter, is doing 2 years of hard labor in prison, for singing a song he wrote about bringing home the Dali Lama, and freeing Tibet. The roundups continue to kill & terrorize our precious mustangs. At least they cannot kill our voices!!!!

    Everyday I think, what next! Kudos to Dawna on getting the inspector General on this. Thanks RT, for keeping the heartbeat of truth alive & current.
    LL, see you Monday!!


    • It all has to end. AND, we must get the mustang freed from being categorized as livestock, as they are not food animals in our country!! This in itself, is an injustice to all equines! Wild horses should have wild animal protections, and now verging on the endangered species list!

      BTW, forget you Sue, it ain’t gonna happen!


      • The Supreme court definately reached the conclusion-and stated- the 1971 law was to be interpreted..clearly and without doubt that wild horses were to be considered “wildlife”, not livestock and that decsion was also upheld by the 10th court of appeals in a seperate case..It has been clearly decided by the law of the land as well as congress..Enough is enough, the BLM must be forced to accept this..but hell they don’t treat wildlife any better, they only bend over backwards to break and make rules that enhance cattle operations, mining and energy..It is time to go back to enforing the rules that are in place not the administrative decisions they have made to override the intent of the law-lets understand the legal standing and preference on these issues ..the BLM is not authorized to override a supreme court decision nor an act of congress nor the will of the people..seems to me they are guilty of treason against the government of the US of america and that government is a representitive of “the people”..not of its agencys. Whats the penalty for treason and overthrow of a govenment agency????


  32. It is important that you stand up for your rights under the Constitutuon. This video of Sheriff DeMeo is profound and timely and should be required viewing.


  33. I am sitting here reading all this with a knot in my stomach and I feel like someone hit me in the chest! I sob uncontrollably each time I have watched these magnificent Equines suffer or watch helplessly while they die a horrible death as these heartless maniacs tear their lives apart! Every Day I read or see videos of some new evil plan or action by the BLM and lack of action by the powers that be to stop this madness! I feel so helpless! I have contacted every agency I can think of, signed petitions, made phone calls, shared emails and on Facebook, but nothing is changing to make this end, much less better. Why are our government officials ignoring the facts that these WILD, emphasis on WILD, Equines are protected for good reason and treat them accordingly? I know it is because of special interests, but they have to know the American people are down right angry about the abuses to the Wild Equines, Our Public Land Usage and the blatant abuse of our hard earned dollars! I shudder to think what other barbaric cruelty these precious Equines are having to endure behind close doors! Why are they putting them in areas that have sub zero temperatures for the winter and no shelter? Utah is barren cruel land and no place for them to be! They have no idea how to survive there! am positive the BLM is not taking care of them!!! They should be treated gently and with respect, not terrorized into submission, then terrorized more in the traps, which obviously escalates as they are taunted by these evil people to the point of madness resulting in more injury and death!

    I know their Wild Spirits are broken! I cry for them now as I write and every day!
    I am horrified by all this, as I am sure you are! I sob and sob as I watch the horror of it all! I am so filled with anger with no relief in sight! I could go on and on, plus I have a million unanswered questions, but I am here to ask what else can I do to help, since you all have more experience with this and have a plan, I hope!

    I am in Texas and have tried, but have not been able to stop the murder of the few remaining wild burros in our Big Bend National Park by Texas Parks and Wildlife because they have or want to introduce mountain goats (un-indigenous to the area, mind you) for game hunters (in our state park, no less) because they say the burros will compete for food with them! Two years ago, they shot 71 of them and left them to die from what I have read! The madness just does not end!

    So, my question is, what can I do to help? I Pray Every Day For Their Deliverance And Safety!


  34. I’m sure they chose that name sarcastically, and that the person isn’t actually an animal abuser, just terminally STUPID. That being said, the methods are cruel, and if people are just being quiet and letting the cruelty happen…then they ARE being cruel and ARE abusing animals.


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