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Horse Slaughter “Summit” Organizer Caught in Web of Lies

Story by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher of “Horseback Magazine

United Horsemen’s Dave Duquette Speaks with Foul, Forked Tongue

United Horsemen's David Duquette, stranger to the truth but a friend of foul language - photo courtesy of "Cussing" Dave Duquette's public Facebook Page

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management will not lose the services of its $140,259 Wild Horse and Burro Program director, Don Glenn, for even a minute to attend a planned slaughter “summit” in Las Vegas.

Glenn’s name was among those of several high government officials who were called to the nation’s gambling capital by an obscure pro-slaughter group, United Horsemen.

Besides Glenn, the event claims to have invited other Interior Department and BLM officials including Dr. Boyd Spratling, a member of the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, Ken Salazar, Secretary of the Interior, and Sylvia Baca, Under Secretary of the Interior.

BLM Chief Washington spokesman Tom Gorey earlier said none of the officials had confirmed they would be going.

However, United Horsemen founder Dave Duquette challenged Horseback’s story saying Glenn had indeed confirmed he was coming to the slaughter summit.

“Your journalistic integrity is in question after Don Glenn and I had a long conversation about Your Lies (sic). He did not say those things to you and I do know who did. Stop bullshitting. That person was out of line for telling you what was already CONFIRMED,” he said in a series of emails to the magazine yesterday that were laced with profanity.

The emails also attacked acclaimed equine author R.T. Fitch, and John Holland, president of the Chicago based Equine Welfare Alliance.

Gory re-confirmed his earlier statement regarding Glenn Wednesday morning.

“Don is not going to the conference,” he said.

The BLM is under fire from wild horse advocates for an accelerated capture program that has taken tens of thousands of protected animals from their native habitat in the American West. The agency is often accused of selling wild Mustangs to slaughter, a charge Gorey stoutly denies.

Duquette’s organization claims the abolition of legal horse slaughter in the United States has destroyed the low end of the horse market despite USDA reports to the contrary. While horses are no longer going to packers in the United States, thousands are still being shipped abroad to Mexico and Canada.

Duquette is a professional working cow horse trainer from Hermiston, Oregon.

Breakout sessions are billed as The Politics of Land and Horses, The U.S. Horse Industry – Protecting Our Horseback Cultures and Livelihoods, Efforts to Provide Humane and Economically Viable Options, and Canadian and United States Connections in the Equine Economy.

Also invited are newly elected Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, David Martosko, Temple Grandin, rodeo stock contractor Ike Sankey, John Falen of the Public Lands Council, and Bill and Jann Parker of the Billings horse auction.

Duquette has made no further claims about the attendance of any of these officials. Gorey told Horseback Magazine Wednesday   that his earlier statement that no BLM officials had accepted the invitation still stands.

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  1. The power of Big Mac. With cows displacing horses on our land by a 50 to 1 ratio, obviously the money of the clown named Ronald buys the one named Salazar. Have you heard? The President of freedom is trying to sell American beef to South Korea today, branding, castrating, killing, and caging the very symbol of it for a clown. Are we proud Americans?


  2. Nice of all us taxpayers to subsidize the beef industry so they can sell cheap beef to S. Korea and other FOREIGN markets. And then we get to purchase beef from other countries which none of us truly know their standards. If Temple Grandin attends this conference she is right up next to crazy. Quite frankly I’m sick of even hearing her name. It has been suggested that we call the hotel and voice our opinion of allowing this conference to be held there. I won’t do that. However odious and distasteful their agenda is this is America I won’t attempt to censor free speech. I figure we can’t support Laura in her First Amendment suit if we attempt to shut down the First Amendment freedom of speech of someone else. We need to counter act their message with a strong message of our own. I also don’t want to act in a way that would give BLM fodder to use against us whether it be through our own written or phoned threats to them or allowing them and/or the other horse eaters/haters to send out a press release stating advocates are trying to shut down their freedoms. I wish to focus on clearly stating MY position and not spend so much time attacking theirs.


    • Morgan, I agree with everything you’ve said about Freedom of Speech. I don’t know what to think about Temple Grandin, except that these types of invitations may appeal to her as the “go-to-gal” on humane animal slaughter.

      We all know cattle, sheep, and hogs have entirely different natures from horses. Not much “fight or flight” response unless threatened by a predator. I can’t imagine any horse going calmly to slaughter unless it’s been tranquilized or mentally shut down by fear.


    • Last I checked, Grandin said the equines could be slaughtered “humanely”. Her comments include specific slaughter facilities, proceedures and (I’m presuming) proper production records and consumption quality testing. SS always leaves this out.

      As to a subsidized industry and export/import treaties (NAFTA, etc)…agreed…it’s a flaming mess. This is all part of the world economy concept that global concentric corporations rely on. In addition, a specific entity called the US Meat (?) Export Federation (big lobbyists) includes equines in numbers as “variety”, but under the beef category. Shill game.


    • I disagree with this to some extent, primarily because these particular affiliated groups have so much “wolf in sheep’s clothing” messages out there. Example, they are calling this meeting in January the “Summit of the Horse,” which sound like a nice positive event for horse welfare, and I doubt they shared their ENTIRE agenda with the event planners at the casino, or any possible negative publicity it could bring. That’s why I think it is important to make the casino management aware of what actually may be going on, then they can make the decision whether they want to be associated with it or not. South Point has a big equestrian venue, and I think having their event there would give these people a veneer of legitimacy that I don’t think they have earned nor deserve (which I said my my letter to M. Gaughan).


      • Respectfully disagree about casino management and association. Unless this a convention of Al-Queda or Nambla or Pedophile International….anyone can meet and congregate in Las Vegas.

        Best we could do is find misappropriation of funds or possibly document that organizations with opposing “scientific” views were not involved. This would also include full transcripts from the org that include everything discussed and unedited.

        You know…that nasty transparency thing that the killers never allow. include or present.

        That’s all anyone can demand.


    • Mar, part of the mantra of vegans and organic consumers is that the current livestock production configuration is not sustainable for our planet. It is also considered too heavy in animal based proteins. Vegans don’t like the production and death components of the current process; Organics frequently believe less with quality of life is more…to include less animal based proteins. IOW…we consume too much meat as a part of our diets. To repeat, both agree that the planet cannot sustain this production model.

      The export market is more profitable because of the US subsidizing and the nature of agriculture in the importing countries. Again, this is only a temporary profit model. It will change based on developing countries and their natural resources and energy consumption.

      But I’m sure everyone here knows this. Unfortunately, the meat trolls don’t or they don’t care because they’ll be dead in a few decades and it will become some one else’s problem.


      • Denise, you are a research marvel… I do know and believe fully in sustainability and have been a proponent since the early 90s. The planet could use a break. We are about to bring almost a quarter of our species to extinction because of habitat loss and
        over fishing. 90% of all large fish species have been eliminated because of over fishing and the oceans’ little critters help produce oxygen… we are abusing our home in the worst ways. As an organic user I try to avoid processed foods and am always thinking about a vegetarian lifestyle again. I do use pearls and leather in the jewelry and goods I make and know that vegans would not like either and am going to make some things they can use sans pearls and leather.

        Raising animals for food will not disappear but it has become a burden many have recognized and do not want to be part of. And Americans eat far more meat than they need on the average. Like in every meal… and this is not necessary to survive. mar


  3. Wasn’t it South Korea that had huge public RIOTS over American beef being sold there a few years ago? Concern about mad cow’s was the reason. So Obama’s sales pitch is going to go over like a lead balloon. I quit buying beef in the grocery store when the labels revealed it could be a product of Mexico! I found a local butcher, the prices are better as is the product, all Angus. In Illinois, our farmers not only own the land but pay taxes and deserve our support. I buy no commercial beef via fast food, no Frito Lay products and pump gas at Road Ranger! I’m a real wild horse militant. We do not need to support those who bear responsibility for the removal of our wild horses!


    • Yes, Lenore…you are correct about the riots (but they hate us for other reasons too). The USMEF has been trying for a long time to lift the ban. I believe imports are slowly rising with conditions…but not so for imported horseflesh.


      • I did not state the horseflesh import point correctly.

        The Koreans are rioting about US Beef with very stringent conditions for import.

        They have none for North American Horsemeat. Kind of stupid reallybecause NA horsemeat is far more dangerous for humans.


  4. Obama, what are you thinking? Start using your head and see that we do not need to supply “horse” meat or any other meat for South Korea. Let them raise their own cattle for their consumption. And for our cattlemen. “Shame on you.” GREED, GREED, and MORE GREED. The green bucks are all these people care about. I hope they all go down in flames and in the very near future so our wild horses can go back on their ranges and live in peace and love of family.


  5. As I said in a past post……look at who will attend the “Slaughter Summit” (if we can believe DaveDeadhorseDudette) • Arlen Washines – Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition and Glenda Davis – Navajo Nation Veterinary Program . Be ready…for the Indian Reservations are autonomous regions… government control….out of view….and a bundle of $$ to be made. This can happen under the radar …..what can we do about it?


    • I hear you Golde and I know there are many tribal peoples who are against this but have their own problems being heard by corrupt leaders. I think it may be worth while to contact the Navajo and ask if this is a direction they need Not take… the reservation has worked hard to fight alcoholism and has made some strides. Jobs are few. But this is to many a spiritual wrong to kill the wild ones who have been partner to them through the centuries. There is great pride among these people and I hope we can start a dialogue there to bring this out in the open. mar


      • I live in Farmington, NM, the city nearest the NE border of the Navajo Reservation. Our newspaper covers tribal issues and there are so many scandals it’s unbelievable.

        Last year Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr. was removed from office after a special federal prosecutor was hired to investigate his spending habits and alleged criminal/unethical activities. Before the D.C. prosecutor had even reported the results on that investigation, he filed criminal complaints against Vice President Ben Shelly and at least 77 members of the 88-delegate Council. The delegates are accused of taking nearly $2 million from a slush fund for personal use.

        Thousands of dollars are still missing from this year’s Shiprock Fair and Parade. A building housing Fair records was literally burned to the ground the day after an investigation was announced. I doubt if the money will ever be found and there are reports next year’s Fair may be cancelled due to the corruption.

        I don’t think the Navajos have any horse rescues on the reservation, no matter how much the animals need them. Some tribe members do take neglected/abused horses, but there’s no organized effort as far as I know. Horses have been rescued from the reservation by outside groups, but it’s an involved process, and usually the animals “disappear” before any charges can be brought. “Tipoffs” have been suspected, but none proven.

        Yes, there is a long HISTORY of broken promises and mistreatment of Indians by both our government and unscrupulous individuals. But TODAY that mistreatment and unscrupulous behavior often stems from individuals within their own tribes. And remember, our tax dollars fund the BIA as well as the BLM.


      • I cannot assume the vet would not be worth speaking with. I would like to know why she would go to this… or is she another who has no idea she is being given this dubious honor? mar


      • Please don’t misunderstand my previous remarks. My family and I have Navajo friends who are more disgusted by these abuses than non-Navajos could ever be. They condemn the actions of corrupt tribal leaders not only because they have a direct financial impact on their families, but also because they harm the reputation of their Nation.

        My closest Navajo friend and I frequently “talk horses”. She’s a kind woman who spent many of her happiest hours riding with her grandfather. She gets extremely upset whenever she hears about abused horses and considers it wrong that the Nation has made so little progress in this area. She and I have never talked about horse slaughter, but I don’t believe she would consider it either humane or “progressive”.


      • But it sounds to me like these UOH people will attempt to lead others to the blood bath if they can. They have been mentioning our captive and wild horses more and this can only bode badly. mar


  6. DD, although his facial hair is not quite the same, reminds of General George Armstrong Custer in some crazy way.

    Thinks he’s right, but he’s really not. Will probably spend his life trying to be, rather than change.

    Let’s hope it’s not too late, Double D, for you to be rehabilitated. If it is, may you come back as a grade horse not worth too much to a trainer, so you can see how it feels.

    We’ll name you Karma.


  7. Anybody up for some good old fashion BOYCOTTING? DEMONSTRATIONS?

    Summit of the Horse event to be held Jan. 3-6, 2011 in Las Vegas at the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa. This is an excerpt from their Press release:

    “The Summit comes from the perspective of experienced horse people who have the best interest of the horse at heart and seeks unification of our country’s horsemen and horsewomen in promoting horse welfare and the health of the horse industry, we’re speaking with a unified voice for horses and horse people.”

    UGH & ICK


  8. Today, we all witness our proud veterans and time and time hear the words “they fought for our freedom” To me freedom is an American Mustang running free. God only knows I’ve yet to feel free myself. Now for this President who more then anyone in the world may feel a sense of freedom to devastate that symbol of most Americans is hypocrisy, insulting, and un American. Didn’t enough horses die in that freedom fight? Doesn’t our country care? Are we really the home of the brave and the land of the free? OR is it only free trade they all died for? Some of our rescue horses march in the parade every year. A veteran living in an old age home once in the US Cavalry requested it. They end the parade to salutes, cheers, and applause. Yes, they fought for it too.


  9. This comes from DaveDeadhorseDudette’s announcement :Anyone for contacting any of these folks…have at it.

    Other confirmed speakers include:
    • John Falen – Public Lands Council
    • Steve Torbit – National Wildlife Federation
    • Larry Johnson – Nevada Sportsmen for Fish & Wildlife, and former member of BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Committee
    • Arlen Washines – Northwest Tribal Horse Coalition
    • Tim Amlaw – American Humane
    • Glenda Davis – Navajo Nation Veterinary Program
    • Frank Bowman – Horsemen’s Council of Illinois
    • Dennis Foster – Masters of Fox Hounds Assn
    • Mindy Patterson – Alliance for Truth, campaign to defeat HSUS Missouri Prop B
    • Bill desBarre – Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada
    • Jennifer Wood – Humane Handling & Assessment Tool for Canadian Horse Processing
    • David Solum – Solum Brothers, breeders, Missouri
    • Ted Robinson – Renowned horse trainer
    • Ike Sankey – Sankey Pro Rodeo, Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn stock contractor
    • Johnny Zamrzla – California Horse Council
    • Bob Loomis – Oklahoma, National Reining Horse Assn breeder and trainer
    • Bill & Jann Parker – Billings Livestock Horse Sale
    • Patti Colbert – Mustang Heritage Foundation
    • Joey Astling – USDA/APHIS Horse Slaughter Transport Program
    • Rob Leach – Australian horse trainer
    A full program will be released as soon as official confirmations are received from Secretary of Interior Salazar’s office, and from the BLM Wild Horse and Burro office. Don Glenn, current head of the Wild Horse and Burro Program, has indicated that the agency will be at the event to discuss sustainable and realistic solutions to the problems of wild horse management. In addition, confirmations are also being awaited from leading politicians who have been at the forefront of horse industry issues who are juggling schedules during this transition phase after the elections.


  10. Revolving door concerns: When Don Glenn leaves BLM, he could certainly be a valuable consultant to Slaughter lobby.
    I believe during the Clinton administration there was legislation passed requiring a one year buffer, but that doesn’t seem to have slowed down Undersecretary Baca between BP and BLM.


  11. I have contacted Johnny Zamrzla (a founding leader) (dong business in Palmdale, CA.) – his California Horse Council exists only on the UOH website as it does not exist on the web. He is a very busy member of elk/duck hunting clubs and is a lifetime member of the Quarter Horse Association. He has not returned my two calls as I left him messages asking him why he was supporting a group that posted on their website that he is opposed to HR5603 and SB727. Transport to slaughter and slaughter of California horses is illegal in California. I asked him to confirm his position as stated on the UOH website. No call as yet.

    I have also called all of the other Calfiornia organizations on the UOH website for confirmation they were in opposition to HR503 and S727. One group the California Thoroughbred Breeders Associaition has flatly stated they have taken no position, and they will be contacting the UOH to inquire of the false publication. I am waiting to hear from the California Pork Producers Association, the Caifornia Farm Bureau and California Cattlement’s Association to confirm their opposition to HR503/S727 as was stated on the UOH website.

    I have had some time today to do some tracking and am finding the group and its founding members are steeped in subterfuge, changing names from one link to another, carrying on their fund raising on many levels.

    I have also found that they rile easy and like all sneaky critters, they operate mostly in the dark.


  12. I don’t know if anyone ever reads to UoH Facebook page, but a gentleman by the name of Roger Martin had been posting over the past several days with thoughtful and articulate responses to both Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette regarding a video they posted of a mortally injured and starving horse on a reservation. Mr Martin, in response to Sue and Dave’s defense of horsemeat, questioned them on their thoughts regarding the emerging studies of prohibited substances and drug residues in horsemeat, which neither of them would respond to. In one of his last posts, he cornered Dave D who had earlier stated that many of the feral horses on reservation land had been dumped, but then several posts later asserted that all these feral horses were drug and chemical free. Mr Martin then asked Dave how he could possibly know that if they had “been dumped”…..after a prolonged period of silence from both Dave and Sue, Mr Martin finally posted again, and all it said was
    Oh my gawd; I about fell off my chair laughing–but what’s even better, is they have now deleted all Mr Martin’s posts; however their direct responses to him are still up, showing an obvious censoring of the conversation. Priceless!


  13. RT you are an idiot and you and the rest of the bleeding hearts are causing more horses to suffer Sue Wallis got RE ELECTED with over 60% of the vote!!!!!!!! Gues she is on the right track!!! You are a waste of air!!!!1


  14. This Is My Conversation With Dave Duquette On Private Message On Facebook (Someone Sent Me A Friend Request Of Him, Not Knowing Who He Was I Confirmed Because Of The Horse Profile Picture! Boy Was I Surprised To Find Out The Truth)
    Dave Duquette November 13 at 1:45pm Report
    I am getting alot of badgering Activists wanting to friend me for purposes of harassment, by your profile I am guessing you might be one. Sorry if that offends you and if that is not your intention then I will gladly accept.
    Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 2:05pm
    Why Would Someone Want To Badger You?
    You Love Horses, Right?
    You Can Not Be All Bad! 🙂
    TEE HEE! 😉
    Someone Recommended You To Me! 😉
    Yes, I Am Actively Supporting Stopping Abuse Of All Animals, But To Use A Horse For What It Is Intended Is Noble Indeed! 😉
    I Have Squirrels That Water Ski (All Orphans And We Use Them To Educate People Not To Kill Them, About Boat And Water Safety)!
    Therefore, Your Choice! 😉
    Love, Joy And Peace Be With You, Always! 😉
    Dave Duquette November 13 at 2:10pm Report
    I am not bad, but I support bringing back Slaughter to help keep horses from starving to death. Thats why I get badgered. Look at the Summit of the Horse FB page and you will see. Temple Grandin is my friend and is speaking at the Summit. We are dealing with the two Hardest issues horses face. I do love horses and thats why I am doing what I do.
    Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 2:49pm
    Starving To Death Or Brutal Horrific Frightening Barbaric Death?
    Tough Choice, Huh?
    However, There Are Much Better Ways To Handle This Horse Situation By Pooling Our Resources.
    We In The World Of Horse Rescue Are Doing It Every Day, So Why Cannot The Owners And Breeders Do The Same?
    People Should Not Be Breeding Horses If They Are Not Going To Take Care Of Them Properly Or Make Sure They Are Being Taken Care Of Properly When Sold.
    If You Cannot Sell And Find A Proper Home For A Horse, Then Do Not Breed Them.
    We are over populated with horses because of the breeders more than any thing else.
    There are no “Unwanted Horses Only Homeless Horses”.
    Sincerely, Do Your Home Work On The Entire Issue.
    Treating Them With Respect And Love Is Of The Utmost Importance, Much More Than Breeding The Perfect Horse Or Money.
    Just A Powerful Thought (Excuse The Capital Letters, This Is Something I Wrote For Something Else):


    I disagree with Equine Slaughter!
    There is no justification for the barbaric tortuous abuse and death of animals, any animals, especially our horses who have dedicated and given their lives to us throughout history to create civilization.
    We would had to have walked here without them.
    They deserve SO MUCH BETTER from us.
    God gave us Stewardship over the earth and animals.
    It is written in Scripture that horses are not to be eaten.
    It is Biblical to protect and provide our animals even if they are used for food.
    The Bible says, “Your animal should eat before you do”.
    Look Up “Animal Welfare” In Your Bible.
    Torturing, abusing or murdering any living being for enjoyment is a sin God says.
    On Judgment Day God will ask, “Who did you love and how did you love them? What did you do with the blessings I entrusted with you?”
    How are you going to answer those questions?
    Please, do your homework, reconsider, and join us in the fight to give horses the life, love and respect they deserve.
    We can ALL do this if we work together:
    Gelding Funds
    Hay Funds
    Care Funds
    Re-homing Networking And Funds
    Humane Euthanasia Funds, Etc.
    All These Are Being Done In Rescues Every Day.
    Can you imagine what a better world this would be when we all work together?
    The money is out there.
    If You Really Love Horses Then Truly Work On Their Behalf, Not Against Them.
    Equine Slaughter Is Wrong!
    No Excuses.
    God Will Bless You For Loving, Honoring And Obeying Him And Our Lord And Savior Jesus Christ, For Being An Angel Of Mercy And For Being A Blessing To All Of His Precious Creations (People, Animals And Our Earth) So You Will Bless More Abundantly! Dave Duquette November 13 at 2:58pm Report
    I live in a different world than you do, enough said Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 3:04pm
    God Is In Control, He Knows The Truth, And He Has The Final Decision!
    I will pray for you, just as I pray for God’s Precious Creations People And Animals!
    Have A Blessed Day! 😉 Gayle-Suzanne Barron November 13 at 3:09pm
    I was reading Psalm 37 and it spoke to me of this evil the horses are being forced to endure:
    “Do not worry about the wicked.
    Do not envy those who do wrong.
    For like grass, they soon fade away.
    Like Springtime flowers, they soon wither.
    Trust in the Lord and do good.
    Then you will live safely in the land and prosper.
    Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your hearts desires.
    Commit everything you do to the Lord.
    Trust Him, and He will help you.
    He will make your innocence as clear as the dawn, and the justice of your cause will shine like the noon day sun.
    Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for Him to act.
    Do not worry about evil people who prosper or fret about their wicked schemes.” Psalm 37:1-7
    Pray Without Ceasing, Trust The Lord And Do Good, Is How I Endure My Pain For These Precious Creations Of God! 😉
    Amen! 😉
    This Was The End Of Our Conversation!
    In addition, He Says, “I do love horses and thats why I am doing what I do”!
    Right, He Loves Them For Money!
    Maybe I Planted A Seed Of The “Fear Of God” In Him?! 😉
    Only God Can Change Hearts, But ONLY, If They Are Willing!


  15. If this Horse group really wanted to help old,sick and “unemployed owners'” horses, they would set-up free euth. payments with local vets. Help their horse friends and ‘neighbors’ keep their horses, stop breeding!, Support their local rescues/favorite breed rescues with grants!! And they would stop making ‘plans’ to kill peoples horses and send cancer and sickness to humans and pets.

    FDA reportCVM updates- “”Phenylbutazone became available for use in humans for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and gout in 1949. However, it is no longer approved, and thus not marketed, for any human use in the United States. This is because some patients treated with phenylbutazone have experienced severe toxic reactions, and other effective, less toxic drugs are available to treat the same conditions

    Phenylbutazone is known to induce blood dyscrasias, including aplastic anemia, leukopenia, agranulocytosis, thrombocytopenia and deaths. Hypersensitivity reactions of the serum-sickness type have also been reported. In addition, phenylbutazone is a carcinogen, as determined by the National Toxicology Program.

    …..Use in horses is limited to use in horses not intended for food. There are currently no approved uses of phenylbutazone in food-producing animals….. use of phenylbutazone…….will likely result in the presence, at slaughter, of residues that are toxic to humans, including being carcinogenic, at levels that have not been shown to be safe.”””

    ref -Federal register report ” the presence, at slaughter, of residues that are toxic to humans, including being carcinogenic, at levels that have not been shown to be safe.” ,

    Brian Sandoval, David Martosko, Temple Grandin, Ike Sankey, John Falen, and Bill and Jann Parker..



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