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BLM Claims to Know Identity of “Animal Abuser” Cyber Bully

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Director of the HfH Advisory Committee

It is confirmed that “Animal Abuser After YOU” is BLM

BLM’s “Animal Abuser” hard at work

According to an exclusive article on Horseback Magazine Online a top placed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) official has confirmed that the agency has obtained the identity of the employee who attempted to post a public comment on this blog with the user name of “Animal Abuser” and an email address of   A finely tuned spam filter diverted the post and emailed it to this reporter’s attention, as the blog’s admin, for moderation and approval.  Unbeknownst to the BLM Cyber-Bully was the fact that we record IP addresses and the address verified that the threatening message came directly from a government BLM computer DURING normal office hours.

“From: <>
Sent: Tue, November 9, 2010 5:12:10 PM
Subject: [Straight from the Horse’s Heart] Please moderate: “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon”

A new comment on the post “BLM Takes Wild Horse Killing to Oregon” is waiting for your approval

Author : Animal Abuser (IP: ,
E-mail :
URL    :
Whois  :
You ALL have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands to sit around bitching.  And M****, could you really be so stupid to think that the BLM has hired animal abusers??  Honestly- you all need to get a life.  If you really cared, you would search out the truth, and stop spending so much time with narrow blinders on.  No one is perfect, not the BLM, not YOU.  If you really want to see something done differently, you would pick a different approach.”

The BLM is currently fighting a Public Relations disaster with their ill founded and deadly wild horse stampedes and for the agency to have within their ranks employees who actively and publicly identify themselves for what they obviously truly are has set the agency into a World Wide Web tail spin.

This blog has carried several stories on this issue (Click 1) (Click 2) while editor and founder of All HorsePost, Nell Walton, has likewise attacked this sort of blatant assault upon citizens rights (Click1) (Click2).  Acclaimed author and editor/publisher Steven Long has picked up the banner and is demanding an investigation into the matter (Click1) (Click2).  Social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, Twitter, Care2 and more are aflame with stories on the cyber-bulling of the BLM and their out of control employee.

But that’s not all that haunts the BLM on the internet.  Wild horse Laura Leigh received an email from a BLM official stating that she would be notifying the SWAT team that Laura was planning to visit a wild horse adoption facility.  What gives?

“I need a application for adoption and also payment before the animals are
picked up. Do you have an approved adoption application? I know you said
you was working on it with John Neil. Also, the pickup is by appointment
only. We have to have a clearance, and also SWAT notified in advance.
Let me know!
~* Dona *~

Dona A. Bastian
Wildhorse & Burro Specialist
Gunnison Prison Facility Manager
Utah State Office”

As the BLM travels farther and farther down the road of destroying the last of our wild horses and burros the volume IS increasing from concerned U.S. citizens, the same citizens that pay taxes and vote.  There is nothing either illegal or threatening in:

1.)     Calling, writing or faxing our elected representatives on the issue.

2.)    Demanding full access to witness and document the illegal stampedes.

3.)    Requiring full disclosure on how the horses are handled post stampede and where they are warehoused.

4.)    Raising our voices to enlighten the unknowing general public on the issue of the managed extinction of our wild horses.

5.)    Etc., etc., etc.

So why the increased assault on First Amendment rights and outspoken individuals attempting to affect change in a legal and respectable fashion?

Could it be guilt?

Could it be a secret agenda?

Could it be the fact that it is easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask permission?

Could it be that the BLM is just flat out of control and even now the left hand has no idea what the right hand is doing?

Whatever the reason, the time for cleaning house is long past due.  If the BLM employees who made the statements  above are removed from service it is only the action of treating the symptom and not eradicating the illness for be it today or tomorrow another like case will rear its ugly head and both the horses and public will continue to be pushed down this trail of tears with no hope of winning…unless there’s a house cleaning and there is no time like now to do so.

Mr. Abbey, your house is out of order.  It’s time you get in front of this thing and make it work.  The horses are running out of time and we, the American people, are running out of patience.

Fix it and fix it now, for the love of God and the horses, make it so.

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  1. They have gone completely round the bend when they start threatening to physically harm advocates. Will they not be happy until they murder someone? Has psychosis and paranoia invaded the entire BLM.


    • I think psychosis and paranoia were already there, Morgan. And we have been stirring it up to a fever pitch. Now it’s so blatant that anyone with an even half way open mind can see it.


    • Morgan…they have to have it to do what they do. It’s only recently that citizens have been shining the abuse spotlight on their actions and they are like deer in the headlights, with a twist…..they have been running amuk for so long that they think they can get away with anything. Total bullies.


      • This is a sign of the downfall, the crumbling of the BLM…. when they start this kind of thing, they have all lost their minds……………… And have no ethics left……. If only we knew how to speed that process up, here it is the Achilles Heal !!!!!!! Right here out in the open for us to see !!!! I feel so bad that Leslie had to go through that trauma……………


      • That is true Susie. There does seem to be an acceleration to their reactions based on their meanness and paranoia. Probably is no worse than it ever was what has changed is the work of many tireless advocates is documenting it more and better.


  2. I have 3 people in mind and all post for Ken Salazar…
    Neither of the 3 is the brightest spark in the match box & can easily be caught
    One accused me of being a Military hater until I revealed my family background & he had to shut up! The second bragged about eating horse steaks in France & they “were delicious” his words!
    The third was a rude male chauvinist who I shut up when I asked how he knew so much about me and did his “wifey” know about us!
    The fact that they stooped to such a level of childishness proves a few things!
    They are not so smart (most minions aren’t)
    They are desperate at this point which is a plus for the horse advocates because we have wounded them & by being on the attack have revealed themselves for the
    dirtbags they are!
    Also the person posting is from Colorado office of BLM. Is there a short list?
    Would think Gov employees have access numbers for their computers?
    Who wrote the email? Inquiring minds want to know!


  3. This behavior does not come as a surprise to me.

    You can bet there are several folks in the BLM office who are aware of this and even involved including the “Boss.”

    I agree they are out of control but so is the rest of “our” government.

    The checks and balances are completely gone.


  4. I wrote to Dona Bastian who appears to be a bit trigger happy. Here’s a portion of that letter: ” I thought the idea with the horses was to get them adopted out. Quite frankly I really don’t think it was necessary to mention SWAT to a potential adopter. A better phrasing would have been that this is a prison and that internal security arrangements must be met. Or how about just stating that it is by appointment only and let it go at that? To even allude to armed forces meeting an adopter is a bit over the top and not appreciated or particularly funny.

    I will be awaiting your reply.


    Morgan Griffith”

    I also most definitely be letting my representatives know of this threat.


    • Other adopters were told the hours they could come Monday through Friday. This was very much pointed at Laura. It seems absurd since she has already been at the prison and searched when she followed the truck there. I do not think it is the prison who wanted this it is BLM acting out against an advocate who has stood her ground before them time and again. mar


      • I am sure that the “SWAT” term that was used means “Special Wild Animal Technician” instead of what everyone is thinking. The BLM wouldn’t consider using enforcement technics on anyone who tries to adopt an animal would they? Yeah, Right!!!! (Sorry if I give them another excuse they could use.)


      • Mar,
        Was out there twice about three weeks ago, but haven’t made it since then and am beginning to feel the need again.


  5. R.T., you would be giving BLMers way too much credit for thinking and feeling in this post. They don’t do things the right way, the wrong way, or the gov’t. way. They do things the BLM way. Is it ugly? It sure as h – – – is. Has it poisoned the minds of many people in the west? It sure as h – – – has.

    Current BLM personnel and policy are the live growing end of BLM history. It started as a big cattle rancher’s agency about a century ago, and the big boys have been trying to consolidate their power in it ever since then regarding land,water, and grazing. Since it’s industrialization, resource extraction has become BLM’s other little butt-buddy. The BLM relationship with private interest has been and today still is nearly seamless, and it’s a local experience for many people in the west.

    Example, especially for all of you who drink Bud: Anheuser-Busch gave $10,000 to the last Senate campaign of Conrad Burns, because A-B holds large cattle ranches out in what was his neighborhood. Burgers and beer, folks….

    We need to keep telling the truths you are telling, R.T.. And we need to convince cattle ranchers they are next.

    We need to show Congress and the people in unmistakeable terms the numbers. Annual livestock AUMs vs. equine AUMs on every HMA we can do it for. And how much $ it costs all of us. We need a Think Tank of the powerful minds and hearts we have in advocacy organizations across the country. We need position papers and policy analysis to be part of regular Washington presentations in Senate and House meeting rooms with legislative committee staffs and legislators.

    The challenge is 20,000 horses being removed in 2 years. That hurts me in the chest. Policy change is what we need. But how do we prevent the abuse and removal of these innocents from their home ranges in the meantime? The sterilization and low numbers that are left which guarantee the demise of innocent herds?

    To me, that is the biggest question of all. How do you stop the removal, separation, trauma, abuse, injury, and death of these innocents?

    Leaders and participants in other movements struggle most with this question. The answers are splashed across the pages of history books and news stories.

    What do we do? And how do we do it to help the horses? How do we do it and not give BLM or anyone else an excuse to hurt them, or us, more?

    There is an answer in each one of us that is sane, and clear. It is not combative or hostile, not antagonistic or devious. It is simply us somehow peacefully and within our rights delivering the message, changing minds, and making a difference. Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring. That is our personal struggle. So to me the answer is, let us all find that way. And maybe, let us find that way together.

    That the innocents may live.


    • Rob Pliskin said; “To me, that is the biggest question of all. How do you stop the removal, separation, trauma, abuse, injury, and death of these innocents?”

      This is exactly what Imam trying to address and get people to think about. It only makes sense to attempt to secure the horses through the adoption program and sale authority so they can be spoken for and not PZPd or cut. I am one, isolated person and I have no power or money. It would be most excellent if we had an organizer take this up and we all work on funding to create a public foundation to retrieve all the horses when they are removed to keep the family bands together. If we had this ability and places they could be taken even temporarily then we would be saving lives and allowing families to remain intact.

      Can we do this? Yes, that is a challenging question and we need to act. mar


  6. The BLM’s methods of handling wild horses is abuse, blantent abuse. I have one mare who is terrified of plastic bags and she’s a tame horse for goodness sake. The whole mess of them should be locked up and the key thrown away. Everyone knows IP addys can be traced……..well, almost everyone, ha ha.


  7. One word sums up Rob’s comments…..Eleguent!

    Each tree is known by its fruit. This is our opportunity to be an orchard.



  8. In the 2009 Challis, Idaho round up,they handcuffed and cited my neighbor when he wanted to watch the round up operations. He drove past the BLM “guard” that was sleeping in his truck .Later, when I FOIA’ed the round up report, the BLM lied and said he sped past the “guard”. They are treating us advocates like we are “ECO-TERRORISTS”…..when in fact,the BLM are the terrorists. Any lawyers out there that want this FOIA’ed info…let me know…..they just keep lying and getting away with it…..


  9. The good thing about all this is that you know the efforts to inform the public and turn the tide are working when desperation becomes this blatant. Kudos and carry on to all those on the side of the animals!


  10. I would not be surprised if this is diversions and tactics being used by the BLM, these people are capable of many awful things , to this we all can attest to , it also shows that the entire BLM employees do not in fact believe in whats going on !!!! Do you maybe think its a call for help within the BLM?????????????? There are far too many ways to read this I think !!!!!! So I would have to assume it is a call for help……… People please the BLM is a very tricky deceiving, Betraying, Murdering bunch of inhumane cut throats with Government approval to do so………Obviously !!! Knowing what we already know about the whole entire agency , would we be naive enough to believe even one damn thing that comes from there on either side of the BLM????? We have an obligation and the love and caring inside of us all for what we believe in , and there is not one of us here that has anything in mind other then Freeing Our Mystical , wonderful , beautiful loving Regal Ambassadors of Freedom. who are tortured daily , Their proud families are torn apart, their precious foals are tied and left to die , the Proud Stallions are murdered without remorse,we are dealing with such an injustice and much much greed, please people kept the eye on the PRIZE, Freedom for the most beautiful gifts we will ever receive, stand up only for them and for for their precious life’s it is by God the American Way……….We didnt become the Most Wonderful Country in the World by laying down and watching this travesty unfold……. We did it for the LOVE of Freedom, and The Wild Mustangs taught us how !. I want generations to come to be able to feel and experience what these precious Mustangs have to offer , what they continue to gave without question, to all of us……………


  11. Just so everyone knows Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace prize laureate and the world’s most famous political prisoner has been freed (at least for now).

    “Supporters had been waiting most of the day near her residence and the headquarters of her political party. Suu Kyi has been jailed or under house arrest for more than 15 of the last 21 years.”

    Just more proof that good can triumph over evil – persistance is the key.

    I hope she gets to see her husband soon.

    She is the Ghandi of our generation.


  12. The dirty tricks squad also called the BLM already have nothing to do but think of ways to subvert laws and the will of the AMERICAN people, lie, kill horses, rip off American tax payers, come out with phony science, plant false info in articles and stuff our public lands with THEIR BUDDIES 13 MILLION PRIVATE WELFARE CATTLE & SHEEP. I’m sure thats DIRTY TRICKS IS THE ONLY THING BLM is up too all day long !


  13. Institutionalized corruption.

    Like someone said before, this behavior is nothing more than the “corporate culture” that exists at DOI (and many other Fed agengies for that matter).


  14. I believe it is quite obvious , The BLM will give an inch and nobody in Government will deal with them, I think adopting them ,would be the best plan available to use to help our innocent victims,of an agency that no longer answers to anyone….Sad isnt it……..I cant believe all efforts so far have been over ridden by the BLM…………… Does the system even work any where else here or they(BLM) are just oblivious to it????? Who would in their right mind protect these poor excuses for people???? WE NEED TO GET TO THE CORE OF THIS ATROCITY, and there definetly is a core to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Is the BLM going to tell us what they plan to do about this illegal use of a government computer by a government employee during work hours? Or is this a secret too?


  16. Arlene, I think the “core” is so rotten it is hard to grab hold of!!
    It is so hard to e-mail our representatives, and I can understand that. If you take the time to fill out the forms, then hopefully, you have a serious matter at hand.
    If we would all take just one evening (day) a month to do these e-mails, I think it would help a lot. I know I wanted to e-mail the post about Braveheart and Blue Moon as they were so elequent, but I have yet to do it. I will, I will, I WILL.
    We’ve got to put up still more pressure instead of just roiling among ourselves. My typing arm still isn’t working, but I’m getting very good at Hunt and Peck.


    • yes , Shirley the core is very rotten, but that is now a good thing, because no foundation , no BLM and I feel now it is crumbling…………………How can they murder and maim all day without this crumbling, people by nature are not animal murders , when they are paid blood filthy money, there is a repercussion……………It needs to be addressed in the proper way, what that is I am not sure of………….I have never dealt with such arrogant useless people, who are now showing to us ,that just maybe they really dont want to be a part of the BLMs henchman…………………….


      • Arlene, More people to complain on the local level would have helped us try the state laws. In Nevada there are many. Otherwise various avenues have been explored and nothing have come of them. But some remain untried. Most offenses need to be reported immediately or they will not be acted on. Logistics has been a problem with some of this. I feel we need to just act in unison, even when we are not local and maybe we can get more abuse on record. If the at home advocates want to attempt more, then they should go for it. mar


      • Thank you Mar, I have worked on the local level here in Ohio, with a horse slaughter auction, based in Sugarcreek Ohio, still in operation these people seem to have more going for them in the sense of approve then we would like to believe, what did I accomplish here, of course with the help of many !!! We accomplish getting him an fFDA animal abuse fine for cruel and abuse treatment to the Horses$64,000.00 which to this day he has not paid, when I ask why they say there is no enforcement to collect !!!! Now I ask you What kind of crap is that??????


      • Google Animal Angels and find the status and if this is so ask them to get him back into court as the judge can shut them down… I thought they had been? mar


      • This is clearly Contempt of Court. Any decent judge would have issued a bench warrant IMMEDIATELY upon notification the fine had not been paid by the specified date. Are there Livestock/Brand Inspectors at his Sale Barn? You know, the ones with the badges WE pay to “uphold the law”. How well-connected is this lowlife?


  17. Rob, I really like what you wrote, but I disagree with one thing, something that a lot of people are saying — that the cattle are next. Why would the cattle be next? Cattle are very tolerant of immediate proximity to oil field, and other extractive projects. On BLM’s own site they have a photo of a cow next to an oil rig. I think the horses are the one and only target. The simmering undercurrent is of course the damage to the habitat, and the populations of other wildlife, which BLM cannot directly target. Ultimately the federal lands out west will be one huge “resource sacrifice” area. There needs to be a citizen watchdog group to monitor, review, comment, and sue regarding all BLM does that is outside their mandate, not just to the wild horses, but the horses are the most critical at this point.


  18. Just tried them, there is no where i could find to ask questions, i joined up, and on monday i will investigate further with them………………………………… But no he isnt closed down yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leroy Baker the Poster boy of horse slaughter, that is what title he has around ohio>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  19. Mar , i need to make correction the fine was $162,800.00 imposed 2008 to be paid in full by Feb of 2009 as of yet not paid by Leroy Baker Jr. Yet !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • So let’s see … feed mustangs (& “unwanted” horses?) to dogs … dogs go to pound … “flash freeze” dogs … send bodies to countries that EAT dogs … two birds, one stone … money saved and money made all around!

      “Ain’t that America?”

      Sorry, but this on top of the 12 murdered colts has sent me over the edge!


  20. I am Mustang, The very last one

    The pain is great but then silence
    Now, I feel like I am back home
    I hear the thundering of a thousand beating hearts
    so many, and now me, all sent into the dark
    None stampeding as always, as just one

    Dear God, our time has come
    I believe, I was the very last one.
    The finale mustang to take the last breath
    I ask, God, what have they done

    Man will not know what he has done
    until his own last hours have finally come
    Take pity and remember this was man
    and he did the same to my very own son

    © roberta marie edstrom


    • AWESOME, beautiful poem!! So sadly true. I do believe in my heart that God put some people(like all of us!), on this beautiful planet, to be caretakers & guardians of all His creatures, to save & protect them from those that would harm them. I believe it is our destiny to be a constant voice for the wild horses, & all animals, &, I believe God hears us, & that’s why we are here.


  21. .someone has to call SWAT on Laura???? As Ginger said to me at the Carson city rally yeah,we’re really scary. Most of us are middle aged women, with varying medical issues. the BLM cop that walked by (and in anice tone even said hello) was late 20’s/early 30’s. I don’t know about anyone else but that guy could have taken anyone down by himself without taking a breathe. I guess we are a scary bunch of women–with a few wonderful men amonst us.

    I could only imagine what Oakland SWAT would say…that maybe someone from BLM slightly over-reacted. But that would be in their after action report. Oakland cops shoot first and don’t bother asking questions.

    Who’s scarier???? SWAT definitely scares me. But now who’s taking things not only to the next level but how about to the top of Everest–BLM.

    Actually in a way its kind of funny that BLM is resorting to this. Just a couple of weeks ago Obama had this big show on about bullying and how it can’t be tolerated anymore. I wonder if he’ll garner the male anatomy stuff to put his money where his who know what is–and start axing people for bullying w/in his OWN ADMINISTRATION.


  22. Mar Wargo:
    I like your 11/13/10 suggestion of adoption of all wild horses as they are rounded up and finding places for the family bands to stay together — when we win this battle for them to return to the ranges, they will remain in tact family wise. Or if some wonderful person wants to adopt one of them, this is also a possibility. I know one rescue that would like to obtain 3,000 acres with the public’s help and take BLM horses on those acres. Anyone want to assist him in this endeavor? I would certainly help if funds were available. I could help in some ways but not to the extent of acquiring the acreage. I’m presently hoping to adopt two or three Arabians that he has. Please, people, let us get together to acquire acreage all over the west to house our wild horses until we can sue the BLM and win against their abusive and disgusting roundups and killings.


  23. The BLM is part of our government. Our government is afraid of it’s own self, & of what it stands for, & of what messages they’re sending to the American citizens, & to citizens of the world. Obama does nothing because he too, is probably afraid. Who really is “in charge”?? They’re all afraid of eachother, so they resort to threats, like a cornered wild animal, they lash out at us, because of what we stand for. We stand for that almost forgotten part of what makes(or, used to make), America what it is…FREEDOM. By standing up for OUR wild American mustangs & fighting for their survival & freedom, we become a “threat” to those that would suppress us, the wild horses, &, our freedom.We have threatened their way of doing things, their structure, or lack of, their very extistence, keep up the GREAT work R.T., & all horse advocates!! Don’t be “afraid” of them, they should be afraid of ALL of us!!


  24. Access and disclosure should be this administration’s priority. But don’t take it from me, here is what the president said, “My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government. We will work together to ensure the public trust and establish a system of transparency, public participation, and collaboration. Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government” President Obama, 01/21/09.

    The President gets it but it appears BLM didn’t hear his directive. Make sure the Whitehouse and National Democratic Party staff knows and understands about how BLM is ignoring his directive. If the President doesn’t do anything about it, then you know he didn’t mean what he said. I have to believe he is not yet aware of how BLM is ignoring his promise to the American people. If he is aware and ignores it, then the BLM doesn’t care either. One call from the President’s staff is all it will take to right this wrong. Did you make a large donation or know someone who did? If you really care, now is the time to call in your chips to get an audience with the National Democratic Party and be heard. They have more influence than you realize right now.


  25. Wally (if in fact your are Wally)

    I would like to know what planet you are from??

    “if we really care” are you serious?? “did we make a large donation” I assume you are talking $$. I can answer yes we all have made huge donations in time and $$ the only difference it went to saving our wild horses and burros and not into so fat cat from Washington!

    You don’t have to get high to get happy,
    Just think about what’s in store.
    When people start doin’ what they oughta be doin’,
    Then they won’t be booin’ no more.
    When a President goes through the White House door,
    An’ does what he says he’ll do.
    We’ll all be drinkin’ free bubble-up,
    Eatin’ that rainbow stew.


    • Yes Marge he is really WALLY, and he is someone who cares and actually puts his money where his mouth is..He gave some very good advice-the fact that you are not listening speaks to the problem we are having…Many of us are devoting days on end -everyday- working congress and the white house to get attention directed to this very issue-get smart not smart mouth and you can help the cause


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