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“Summit of Horse Slaughter” Promoters Grasping at Straws

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette: the “Duo of Death

"mmmm, 'REAL' Horse Spread taste GOOD!"

Equine advocates beware, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and her ever present sidekick and main squeeze, Dave Duquette, are trolling the internet looking for information to twist, distort and turn upside down in an effort to legitimize their unfounded and bogus position that anyone who does not want to eat a horse is some form of a terrorist.

Yes, all you taxpaying American mothers, fathers and grandmothers are nothing more than tree hugging, vegetable eating, liberal, anti-American equine terrorists.  All of you belong to an extremely well funded and organized subversive underground that has one thing in mind and one thing only; to destroy agricultural as we know it in the United States.

Yes, I do think that they grow their own and not only smoke it but mix it with mushrooms.  To say that these two are “Nuts” is an insult to Pecans, Walnuts and Almonds everywhere.

But beware; outside of plotting to butcher and eat the tainted meat of American horses these  refuges from humanity are scouring the internet in an effort to build a bogus case that PROVES that the majority of all Americans and the federal government are crazy and plotting against their predatory ways.  They are looking for YOU and your posts.  Be it Facebook or even this blog, they are lurking, copying, cutting and pasting so that in their perverse mindset they can paint you as the bad guys.

Below is a recent post on their Blood Blog that explains what we are referring to, here.  Sorry but I have to interject my thoughts as we proceed…operative color is red as in blood:

Dear ,

In tonight’s Summit of the Horse Blog we share a positive and a negative.

First, we have been honored and had our hearts warmed by a number of horse rescue owners (What the…what sort of Horse Rescue want’s to eat horses?) who have sought us out to thank us for our work in providing a necessary option for horse owners.

As our President, Dave Duquette says, “No one really cares to think about horses getting processed (correct term is Slaughtered i.e…butchered for meat). The reality is many horses are suffering far worse lives and deaths than a quick, humane death could ever be (show me the horses in this lie, besides, the kill buyers don’t want the sick and frail, they want the nice, plump juicy ones like you breed, Dave). Please help us help them through our realistic system (Realistic?  No market, meat is proven to be tainted and carcinogenic, can’t ship the product and the bulk of America is against the practice.  Realistic?) that will end unnecessary suffering.” To that end, we are issuing an open invitation to other rescues and equine programs who agree with our pragmatic approach to work with us to help as many horses as possible find new purposes and new homes…and to ensure proper humane handling for those where such a fate is not possible.

In regards to the second post, it is probably no secret to anyone who has been involved in horse issues in recent times that there are so-called horse “advocates,” some of whom are vicious and unprincipled who continue to lie, twist the truth, (Now that is the pot calling the kettle black.  The facts speak for themselves as to why horse slaughter was shut down in the United States, there is no need to lie or twist the truth EXCEPT if you want to continue to ignore it, as these two do) and attack individuals rather then engage in any kind of reasoned civil discourse. Being at ground zero of many of those attacks I long ago came up with a standard procedure:

  1. If the message contains a direct threat of violence it gets immediately sent to the FBI who maintains a file specifically for this purpose. (Guess several of us will be sending all of those violent, threatening and profanity laced emails that Dave Duquette issues to the FBI, then.  Been keeping a real nice file chock full of his, no…better yet; perhaps we should publish the smut so that the world can see the truth behind this base and vile individual.  He ought to be behind bars if not just sued…guess it’s off to the Post Office with Dave’s emails for the FBI, today.)
  2. If the message engages in name-calling or disrespectful language the sender is immediately placed on my “blocked” list so that I never have to be subjected to abuse from that particular source again. (Awww…poor “Doink” flunks the bulletin board test on this, again.  He even brags on Facebook about his potty mouth as it is just a kind of “manly” thing.  All those posts are saved, too, Doink.)
  3. If the message maintains at least a minimum of decorum, but is opposed to what we are doing, I respond respectfully with the logic and reasons behind our various positions…this is the way that we can come to a better place. (Wow, bet it took the Thesaurus sitting alongside to come up with a word like decorum, Dave thought that had something to do with how to place the furniture in the ole Rec. Room)

Civility matters, and we will tolerate no less. (That box to the FBI is now going Fed Ex)

For this reason, and because we became aware of an effort to organize a protest of our Summit, we have established the following policy:

Protests and/or disruptive behavior inside the Summit room will not be tolerated-anyone creating or participating in such disruptions will be immediately escorted out by security and all registration dues or other funds will be forfeited. (I wouldn’t be within 1,000 miles of your cheap shot, bogus activity.  It is a non-event that by no means requires the expenditures of resources, be they time or money, to protest.  Just you two being present is enough to send the general public screaming in panic)
Everyone is welcome at the Summit of the Horse, and welcome to express their opinion so long as they are respectful of other participants and decorum is maintained. There will be disagreements, of course, but that does not mean that we have to be disagreeable.

As friends pointed us towards this effort to disrupt the Summit, it lead us to cold hard proof of what we have suspected all along. These groups which feed on misinformation and emotional scare tactics are engaging in absolutely blatant fraud by encouraging their supporters to look up the zip codes in an elected officials district and claim to live there sending many multiples of the same message, and vowing to make thousands of phone calls using fraudulent addresses and names. Classic astroturfing–an artificial manufactured political movement designed to give the appearance of grass roots activism. (This entire paragraph does not even bear commenting on. But I would highly recommend that you read:

EWA’s Submission to the GAO – Horse Welfare

Discussion Paper on the European Union Requirements for Horse Meat

Facts, baby, facts!!!

Needless to say, we have informed Congress and the Administration and the Agencies of this travesty with the firm suggestion that they ignore any and all such mass campaigns.

Both posts–our sincere invitation to Rescues, and the proof of fraud–are below, and on the Summit of the Horse Blog.


Well, boys and girls, you have them nervous, they are running scared as they know that they are in the wrong and the last thing that want is for the truth to be told, especially to the whacked out list of speakers they claim to be coming.  But here is where I will, once again, offer a word of caution.  Do NOT discuss anything that you do not want the enemy to read on public forums, including this blog as you will see below we were referenced.  If you want to talk about plans to call government officials or plan a protest, all legal I might add, let’s do it offline.  In fact, if there is a genuine need or desire to do so I will be more than glad to facilitate and build that network for you.  But out here it is all fair game…for me, that is the way I want it, I have nothing to hide and am fully transparent hence, clean.

But listed below is the dialogue that Slaughterhouse and Doink found so dangerous, some names appear as they are already out there but I have removed the individual commenter names to protect the innocent:

There is a term in politics called “astroturfing” which is when some special interest group tries to greatly inflate the perception of their support by organizing mass email, fax, and phone campaigns-artificially-manufactured political movements designed to give the appearance of grass roots activism.

We have heard from agencies and elected officials that they get absolutely swamped by thousands of emails and faxes on environmental and animal rights issues.

Here we have absolute proof that this is exactly what is being organized to protest and try to prevent good honest people from coming together to discuss rationally and reasonably what can be done to solve horse problems-to ensure the well being of horses and horse people. Below are excerpts from a string of posts off of a Facebook page which has since been taken down because they realized that the jig was up.

Note that they are encouraging people to look up the zip codes of an elected official’s district, and to fraudulently represent themselves as living in that district.

We have forwarded this to the Administration and to Congress with the suggestion that they look into the fraudulent and unethical activities of these groups, and that they ignore completely any such campaigns.”


SN: Good note Annie, thanks. The calling team is on it too. We need 200 calls and or emails and faxes into her office per day.

16 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

AKM: I’m heading off to San Diego in a few hours (I hope) to be part of the H.R. 503 demonstration at the Del Mar Fairgrounds – staying with Debbie Peterson…long drive (8 hours for me) I might be too tired – was online for 16 hours yesterday and barely ate all day, then slept only 6 hours. I’m pissed about everything right now.

16 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

JS: I will send out!

16 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

SN: Good job Annie, say Hi to Debbie!

16 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

JF: Im going to fax every number everyday same with the phone numbers. Lets overwhelm them!!!

15 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

JS: follow this link to sign or call !!! We must try to stop this murdering of horse flesh!!!

15 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

JF: one suggestion: tell the people when they call up these offices to look at the zip code of the address of the office you are calling. They always ask for this. I fear that if you live outside that zip code the message wont get to this lady

15 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·


15 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

BAS: Once again-Thank you Annie! You are so AMAZING! You are so deeply APPRECIATED!!! You are so very deeply LOVED!!!!! Shall follow thru and post this!!! HUGS!!!!

14 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

KM: calling all horse advocates to rally at “the summit of the horse” in Las vegas Nv, Jan 3rd-6th bring signs, and bring anybody available 30k horses rotting for a long time back in mid west they must wish they were dead by now they had every band member ripped away from them or killed. 10k more stockpiled this year 20k more 2011 or death to all. VEGAS OR BUST 60K ADVOCATES FOR 60K HORSES THAT NEED R VOICE NOW

12 hours ago ·LikeUnlike ·

BL: God I wish I could be going with you guys’s I’ve got Estate Issues to deal with on this end. I will be praying for all of you, and doing what I can on this end. faxing and calling, calling and faxing…..God Speed You Guy’s….You truly have wings!

11 hours ago ·LikeUnlike

LS: LIARS!!! I’ll call tomorrow with my calling card. I can’t afford long distance.

7 hours ago ·  – End of Thread


Pathological liars are extremely paranoid and this “Duo of Death” are about as paranoid as they get so beware when you post publicly as they are watching. Just being an average American and waking up in the morning is a threat to them as you may know the truth and be able to communicate that truth to your family, friends and associates.
The truth makes their blood run cold, let’s see if we can freeze them in their tracks but please; don’t give these wayward souls any more ammunition, they are doing a fine job of making fools of themselves all on their own, they don’t even need a nudge.

Keep the Faith!

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  1. Regarding the following comment–some Senators’ Offices request your zip code when you call–that is all they want to know. This is a means of charting voter demographics, perhaps? Larger, more populated areas probably carry more weight than do smaller, rural areas–at least to elected officials. The U.S.Senator from your state is your Senator, regardless of which zip code you happen to live in and as such, should represent you as one of his/her constituents, regardless of your zip code.

    JF one suggestion: tell the people when they call up these offices to look at the zip code of the address of the office you are calling. They always ask for this. I fear that if you live outside that zip code the message wont get to this lady


  2. Have to share this news:

    One of the lines I always have to hear from the pro-slaughter crowd is that slaughter is better than starving to death. While I myself consider this to be a questionable argument (somewhat akin to asking whether you’d rather die of pancreatic cancer or get stabbed to death by a serial killer in a dark alley), I also think that the availability of slaughter does not in the slightest affect the likelihood of starvation.

    We have a classic example of that in the news this week – almost a hundred horses (some reports say as high as 117) being starved BY a kill buyer. Hey, no one has more access to slaughter than Rodney Kankey — he IS a slaughter buyer. No one obligated Rodney and his wife Teri to hang on to horses one minute longer than they had money to feed them. Yet they did so, with the exact same disregard for the pain and suffering of the animals as any misguided hoarder or backyard breeder.

    News Story

    And you know the other problem with kill buyers? They’re such classy individuals in general. From the story: “Rodney Kankey, 49, is currently being held in the Fulton County jail on a $250,000 bond not related to the alleged abuse of the animals. He has been incarcerated since Thanksgiving for terroristic threatening and being a felon in possession of a weapon.” Terroristic threatening? NICE. There’s a member of society we’d all like to live next door to. Of course he’s a felon. Killing horses is a great way for a felon to make a living — you sure as hell don’t have to pass a background check to get THAT job. And as Joe at TB Friends has often noticed, you don’t have to be in this country legally, either. You can be a bottom-feeding felonious illegal immigrant and VOILA, horse slaughter puts six figures a year in your pocket. Yep, that is a GREAT industry we need more of, one that provides money-making opportunities to the scummiest segments of our society.

    Maybe he can move next door to Sue Walrus Wallis…I’m sure she’d love him hanging around with her family!

    In case you think I’m exaggerating, here are more details on Mr. Kankey. Dude is PSYCHO. A gun-toting nutbag!

    Horse slaughter has never been anything but an easy way out for people to escape the financial burden of horses that they can’t ride, mares who dare to come up barren, show and competition horses who get injured showing and competing and horses who got old. It exists for no reason other than the desire of some horse owners to save money at their horses’ expense. That’s not a good enough reason to keep supporting an industry that causes untold pain and suffering, and showers money upon people as scummy as Rodney Kankey. Enough already.


  3. I read that letter she wrote, Made me SICK. If that’s the name she wants Us to wear Then I’m proud to be one. It’s better to be that than a SLIME BALL!


  4. It’s amazing that he would hone in on locations. I’m sorry, but if a state is going to pass a law that impacts the entire country, it becomes a national issue. In the case of a horse slaughter plant, unless they are planning on slaughtering only horses from their state (which would put them out of business the same week they open) they MUST take calls from people out of state. If it is a Congressional member saying that, they serve the entire country, not just their state. They are voting on health care bills, tax cuts, etc. that are at the federal level and impact every American. They have to listen to the tax payers, not just their constituents.

    Oh, the humor in charging welfare advocates with twisting facts. How much longer are they going to keep saying that closing the plants crashed the horse industry and is causing increases in neglect? Closing the plants did not end slaughter. Why are owners neglecting horses instead of sending them to slaughter? There is nothing stopping them. Why is Canada and the UK seeing increases in neglect? The thought probably never crossed his mind that owners are hanging on to them because they fear if they sell them or give them away, they’ll end up on a slaughter truck. These are difficult financial times but they hold on hoping things will change. I would like someone to explain how 3 cents on every $100 earned in a $39B industry tanked the prices? Even a pre schooler could figure that one out.

    Honestly, you would think by now they would invent some new material that isn’t so easy to dispute.


    • Vicki, I think you answered your own question when you stated that even a pre-schooler could figure out the math; that might be why both Wallis and Duquette keep referring to Kindergarten as their Senior Year!!

      Neither of them are Scholars by any stretch of the imagination…otherwise they would not be where they are today which is 100% out of touch with reality, the issue, the facts and the truth. Two lone horse eaters against the tide of American citizens who, on the most part, love animals. Their agenda is doomed for failure but it is most sincere hope that they don’t drag any uninformed horse owners down with them. The losers, here, once again are the horses.


  5. Here’s a suggestion SHS & Doink, one that you should have been able to figure out on your own but we know that you are working with so much hatred for the horses you can’t seem to think straight. I’ll say this once, read carefully—-If you are in a business that requires killing the products of your business that you don’t have the imagination to figure out anything else to do with, perhaps, just perhaps you ought to figure out a way to become a better businessman. No need to take out your deficiencies on the horses, they had nothing to do with it. May I suggest shoes might be a good alternative, they wear out eventually so you get to throw them out, not nearly as much fun,as killing I know but then you get to go out and make more. Not the same thing as breeding but in time and possibly a bit of therapy you can make the adjustment.


    • Amen, Morgan.

      Neither of these two know how to put together a business model that works nor do they understand the principles that free enterprise was built upon.

      Ole Sue just tanked her publication after receiving over $300,000 in grants to support it for a year…where the heck did all that money go?!?!

      I could do a lot, both with this web presence and with print, if I had over 300K backing me up.

      Anyone that wants to partner with these documented losers had best do some research before making the plunge and likewise, so should the alleged speakers at their BloodFest. To be present is to condone their lack of ethics and morale direction, hands down…BOB ABBEY!!!!


  6. R.T., your line, “To say that these two are “Nuts” is an insult to Pecans, Walnuts and Almonds everywhere.” just cracked me up. You’re one hell of a writer.


    • …and Barbara, you don’t fare badly yourself with the nuts thing and “just cracked me up”…a little play on words.

      But really, we need to be careful about linking comparisons that would insult good, wholesome generalities. Even pond scum has purpose in the big scheme of things.


  7. I’m not a tree hugger. Heck, we had hardly any trees to hug on the RANCH I grew up on in NEW MEXICO. As we sat around our supper table eating MEAT, we talked about how to BALANCE the needs of feeding our CATTLE while still RESPECTING the WILDLIFE on our property. My father put NO HUNTING signs all over our ranch during hunting season, and poured out a hundred pounds of rolled milo and scattered it around in the center of our property. Savvy quail spread the word fast and hundreds came from miles around to dine on the buffet, while hunters tromped around the rest of the countryside wondering where all the quail had gone.

    The point is that one doesn’t have to be a tree hugging vegan to care about animals, about wildlife, and about preventing the brutal slaughter of horses. Those who would kill for profit are dead wrong in their spin that we who oppose them are from any different way of life than they are. We are, however, from a very different place as far as our consciences are concerned. Thank goodness there is an ‘us’! There’s no place I’d rather be than on their black list. Bring it on.


    • I agree, Elaine.

      I own a John Deere tractor, buy my seed and feed at the same feed store as my friendly neighborhood cattle rancher, drink American beer, drive an American truck, am an American Veteran, never am without my wide brimmed hat and BBQ twice a week on my pit. Seems the horse eaters don’t get it…but once again, that would be a truth and honesty thing.

      (Like you, we feed our resident herd of deer to keep them out of the reach of the hunters…works pretty well and they graze amongst the horses. We help out the birds, even those migrating through, the squirrels and don’t begrudge the giant bullfrog his meal of baby Koi from our pond. Terry even has a baby raccoon that thinks it is one of the family and shares the horses feed every night. We enjoy what nature has bestowed upon us.)


      • So, right, R.T. I mean, heck, I was born and raised in TEXAS for heaven’s sake! You know – cattle, ranches, oil….. I grew up wanting to BE a rancher!

        I knew lots of very fine ranchers in Texas. They let us hold our Competitive Trail Rides on their land, they let us ride just for fun, and they were ALWAYS just great. The only ranchers I’ve really lost respect for are the ones on public land that seem to think they should have it ALL, and seem to forget that they do NOT own that land.

        Ranchers, in TX at least, are some of my favorite people. I also love beef!


  8. The only fraudulent and unethical activities Congress and the Administration ought to look into, is Wallis. The effusive propaganda coming from this ultimate manipulator and the self-victimization just shows the level of insecurity. One can get diabetes or go into insulin shock being around the attempted ingratiating comments of Wallis. The hypocritical mindset is taking herself way too serious and the nearsightedness is in dire need of washing.
    Main stream America does not want slaughter, period. Life is unfair and Wallis will wallow in self-pity and feelings of inadequacy until she finds another way to sabotage the facts. “Good moaning, Sue” – you do pull tomorrow’s cloud over every day’s sunshine.
    Profit and greed are your magnet, and I hope you can only suck up to those stupid enough to buy your BS. Just as you tried to suck up to BLM in Denver in June. FBI ? Yes, they better be alerted as the proportions of your alarmist mentality only reflect that one of a fanatic.
    I find it repulsive how a WY state rep preaches the butchering of horses when in fact she never witnessed the actual slaughter of a horse herself. Most Wyoming folks must not know the Gillette mental case. And those who are sane and find out, are ashamed.
    I am posting solutions for horses, written by Hilary Wood of Front Range Equine Rescue. This is what energy needs to be spent on. Change for the benefit of horses and their owners, not to line the pockets of Wallis and her cohorts.

    Stop over-breeding, irresponsible breeding, backyard breeding (introduce incentives for quality over quantity breeding);
    License stallion owners; even a “nominal” fee might help deter irresponsible breeding practices;
    Increase brand inspection fees and use funds for low cost gelding and end of life (humane euthanasia via a licensed vet) programs;
    Strengthen cruelty statutes and ensure enforcement;
    Connect animal control officers with qualified rescues and other horse professionals for impound/seizure assistance so there is no excuse to not remove abused horses;
    Develop horse related businesses to take in former slaughter bound horses (therapeutic riding centers, riding academies, guest ranches, trail riding organizations, equine assisted therapy programs, wounded warrior military programs, youth camps, etc.);
    Increase quality and quantity of riding instructors and trainers to take on re-training of former competition horses;
    Encourage non-horse owners to become part of the horse industry (participate in horse related events, sponsor programs, job creation);
    Develop quality intern/apprenticeship programs to work with horses (domestic & wild);
    Develop more equine studies programs to bring more people into the horse industry and programs which utilize horses in appropriate ways;
    Support and develop more programs like Front Range Equine Rescue’s “Stop the Backyard Breeder” and “Trails End” programs;
    Improve tracking of stolen horses and prosecute offenders;
    Educate new, existing, potential horse owners on responsible horse care;
    Provide community hay banks, feed co-ops for both good and bad economic times;
    Educate on re-homing of horses (safe advertising, networking);
    Develop businesses which offer burial/cremation services;
    Educate on injury prevention and rehab services to improve a horse’s chance to return to work, even modified;
    Develop prison and community service programs to help with re-training of horses (i.e., off track, mustang programs).

    Know that humans are the problem, not the horses!

    Front Range Equine Rescue
    PO Box 307, Larkspur, CO 80118


    • Monika, yes, Yes, and YES! It will take education, hard work and funding to make all these things a reality throughout the country, but those dedicated to true equine welfare will find a way.

      Thanks to Front Range and every single person, organization, and company that has the imagination and will to step up for our American horses, mules, and burros!


  9. More good ideas from Front Range Equine Rescue: (pay attention Sue)
    With regard to horses going to slaughter that you refer to as unwanted, see attached outline of slaughter solutions above. Bottom line is for every horse slaughtered, there is one less consumer for providing hay/feed, vet care, farrier services, boarding or buyer of a horse property (which means shelter, fencing, round pen, arena, and all of the other supplies for horse care), apparel, tack, truck and trailer and all of the other horse related items an owner might purchase during the course of horse ownership. I also include in this the possibility of lessons, training, showing, belonging to a trail club or other horse related group. The horse industry needs people to own or lease horses to use the myriad of goods/services available. The industry also needs to realize horses are one of the most beloved animals and while many cannot own or lease, they can very much participate in horse related activities, events. Our organization proves this with all of the activities/events we host annually. We strongly encourage participation by the non-horse owning community as well as horse owners (past or present).
    Since 2002, our organization has run on a national level the “Stop the Backyard Breeder” program. We offer a partial reimbursement for gelding stud colts/stallions. Not every horse needs to be bred. Breeders need to have incentives (or should I say dis-incentives) to stop over-breeding and irresponsible breeding. You cannot go against basic economic principles of supply and demand. Market value will go down (and more so in tough economic times like now) when supply is greater than demand.
    In 2007 we implemented (on a national level) our “Trails End” program. We give a 50% reimbursement for the cost of humane euthanasia and 50% for the disposal fee when applicable. This program targets the prevention of dumping the very old, sick, crippled horse into the slaughter pipeline and also helps responsible owners during tough economic times when they need to do the right thing for their horse. We are not in favor of euthanizing just to get rid of a horse but I would rather see one humanely euthanized by a qualified vet than sent to slaughter. Both of these programs are open to anyone, individual, rescue group or humane society.


  10. Way to try to educate Wallis and others that are for slaughter, Monika.
    Let’s see anybody with any sense argue against those solutions to slaughter.


  11. I was at work today and my supervisor had this really yummy smelling soup. It’s was even vegan! I admit to being a carnivore–shock I bet. I was ready to give this guy a ticket for having something that smelt so good it was distracting and I couldn’t work–it smelled that good. I can’t remember what was in it but boy it smelled divine.


  12. By definition, the equestrian world is about horses. Without horses every person who is part of that world – grooms to Gold Medalists, race track touts to Triple Crown trainers, weekend rodeoers to All-around Cowboys – would have to find some other job and some other dream to hang their hats on.

    What was the total value of horses purchased at Keenland and other thoroughbred and quarterhorse sales this year? How many dollars were spent and won in parimutual wagering? (2009 – well over $126,000,000!) How many purebreds were registered? How much was made and won at this year’s World Equestrian Games in Kentucky? How much at other U.S. equestrian competitions, polo matches, and rodeos? How many horse-related products were sold last year? … Multiple millons, likely billions of dollars!

    The answer to the so-called “unwanted horse problem” is for those who make their livings off the backs of horses to willingly give back a small portion to these wonderful animals … many that sacrifice blood and bone and sinew, and some their very lives, every day of every year, to please humans and fill human pockets. The answer is to help every horse possible to live a healthy, happy and useful life. The answer is to support horse owners who are truly in need. And the final answer is to show kindness and mercy to those that have given us so much by giving them a good and peaceful end.


    • Laura:
      This is the answer. It is shocking for most to hear this proposal – for it is a simple solution and has been right in front of us all this time. This is the answer to how will we pay for it?


  13. Good to see the horse eaters are worried someone in their ‘crowd’ of $100 or $300 paying whackos is going to jump-up screaming. I learned years ago in strategy ‘keep their shoes squeeking’… Many tree huggers could show-up at *any second*. stay alert.

    That hotel is also full of horse lover employees, someone will spit in their food 😉

    Now would be a good time for a fly over to check conditions on Kill-jobber -Sue and Daves winter ranges….I saw in the NEWS- those KILL JOBBER-HORSE EATERS are the worse-hoarders- horse starvers-animal abusers of them all!


    • LOL..Yep maybe they should change the name to the “Spit-Summit…and let the FBI start arresting ‘spitters” the “new” terrorists..perhaps have the FBI test everyones DNA at the summit? Now that is an idea I could support


  14. This is on WILD HORSE WARRIORS– a “must read”:

    Tuesday, December 14, 2010
    A Short History of the Sagebrush Rebellion and Nevadas Assault on Wild Horses (and Burros)


  15. Umbrage!! I take umbrage with these quotes! I’m not sure what umbrage is, but I’m gonna take it just for the sake of an argument:

    “There is a term in politics… some special interest group tries to greatly inflate the perception of their support by organizing mass email, fax, and phone campaigns-artificially-manufactured political movements designed to give the appearance of grass roots activism. ”
    Pot Black, meet Kettle Black. What exactly is the UOH if not a ‘special interest group’.

    “We have heard from agencies and elected officials that they get absolutely swamped by thousands of emails and faxes on environmental and animal rights issues.”
    And as regular citizens, we have a right to excercise our discontent by swamping by the thousands. It does not make us evil or radical; it makes us PARTICIPANTS.

    “Here we have absolute proof that this is exactly what is being organized to protest and try to prevent good honest people…”
    Whoa & just hold ‘er there, Newt. I am neither bad nor dishonest. What I am is disagreeing with you. That’s inalienable too, isn’t it.
    “… from coming together to discuss rationally and reasonably what can be done to solve horse problems-to ensure the well being of horses and horse people.”
    You can paint it up as purty as you please – but the end game is neither rational nor reasonable, the well being of horses at the very furthest edge of your concerns. And we want you to know without a shadow of a doubt how much we disagree.

    WE also have a Right to e-mail, publish, rant, rave, tatoo, t-shirt, FB (tho why is a mystery to me sometimes), banner, walk, march, holler, honk,
    To Come Together Collectively to Defend a Common Interest AND the Right to Petition, so stated in the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

    And I really DISLIKE having to explain this to an Elected Official.


  16. Or is it the theme from THE TWILIGHT ZONE? At what point in time did vegans and animal lovers become a such a threat? All that wasted time worrying about communism and facism–right under our noses–the real danger–VEGANS.


    • LOL, right on Louie..think they have a “yosemite sam” complex? Oh for the good ole days when they had a real leader..McCarty and J. Edgar Hoover..cross dressers one and all…


  17. Newest release from-the bowel of hades- Sue says she is ‘deadly serious”-as if we didn’t know that..However it appears that none of the horse related organizations are in fact coming to her shing-dig..she puts out a last minute plea..I say this..If you are a member of any -horse organization-call or e-mail and tell them if they support this organization or any idea to slaughter horses you are cancelling your membership..i did this with AQHA-I have 2 memberships for 40 years..I have stallions and mares(which I have not bred in 7 years going on 8 because of the economy and worries about what might happen to those horses..I told the AQHA- I would rather raise unregistered horses than support any organization that supports slaughtering them..Sue does not support these organizations -we do-we have the power-use it..The AQHA got right back to me to assure me they donot support slaughter..Peer pressure is an important tool..Loomis and Robison are 2 people i know..they are so old they have to be on life support..No one else on that very small list is anyone of consequence or influence in the horse world..Sue has created an organization of smoke and mirrors..It mostly exists in her mind…If I wasn’t so busy right now saving horses at Adobe Town in Canon i would personally launch an investigation into the 2 people at the top of i believe they have something to was pointed out..people who engage in this for profit always have something to hide..or they wouldn’t chose this as a profession..and i will bet it is right below the surface..Start with illegal use of funding from grants..anyone who has the time..dive into this


    • Yes, Sue and Dave we are coming for you..but we want to see you behind bars, we want to see a complete accounting of your financial expenditures, the fraudelent selling of tickets to the Dodge truck-and then not awarding it because you didn’t sell enough tickets and didn’t refund the money..Is this a perpetual auction, a PONZI scheme..Yes WE are coming for you..I worked for the Assit. US Attorney..I know the legal way to get you and you constituency of 56 hometown folks can get a clear look at who they elected.


  18. On the practical side as long as we have strong, healthy horses, man-kind could survive a number of environmental and economic difficulties. Horses can and still do plow fields, they can provide transportation of people, goods, and services. They can travel to remote areas with supplies that are difficult to reach by helicopter or 4 wheeled vehicles. We should have teams of horses trained to help people in mountainous, hard to reach regions (such as exist in Haitii) to be able to team with people who are first responders. I kept wondering why people who are supposed to know how to manage disaster relief don’t use this approach. I realize that taking a team of horses from one country to another may require certain vaccinations, but still, horses can do things that all our high tech creations can not. We must save our wild and our domestic horses.

    There is a fairly readable entry on Wikipedia about horse meat. It would be hard to cast it as in any way political. It does include words like taboo, distaste, pets, etc.

    I think about this Summit of the Horse as if it were a faux high school class reuinion called by the two kids in the class that no one wanted to hang out with. They knew the odds were likely that no one would show up but each other, so they decided to have the reunion in the most attractive place they could think of to draw a crowd—a casino in Las Vegas in January. Even so, no one really wants to come, so they try to make it a little more provocative.

    Meanwhile, why we focus on this, the BLM is probably in stealth mode.

    I am looking ahead. We get a new Congress in January. Maybe we can get a new President in 2012. I cannot support a President who refuses to intervene to prevent cruel and inhumane treatment of animals, particularly when he is the Employer in Chief of those people who are carrying out terrorism against the most beautiful, sensitive, useful companions that God has provided for mankind. To not call a moratorium in the midst of the insanity and uncertainty of exactly what is going on with PZP, PZP22, geldings, adjusted sex-ratios, non-viable herd numbers, and out-dated round-up procedures is administratively and scientifically irresponsible. To fail to provide shelter from cold, high winds, rain, and snow (which, left to their own devices in the wild, the horses could find for themselves) is cruel and inhumane. To fail to feel the horses a diet that gradually transitions horses from range forage to what the BLM will feed to horses in captivity is inhumane and bad management. Any decent horse rescue working with veterinarians knows how to tailor a horse’s diet based on the age and physical condition of the horse from the conditions the horse is coming from to where he is being rehabilitated, but it sounds like the best paid horse care takers in the country routinely fail to make gradual adjustments to the diets of newly captive horses. Meanwhile, horses suffering from dehydration are allowed to spend a night unsupervised with free access to water. Mismanagement to the nth degree, and these people want to be seen as “professionals”.

    The rest of the nation is living in 2010, not 1949. We know better, and we expect our government to lead not drag behind with all this dead weight called the BLM.

    To the genuinely hard working, good hearted, intelligent people who care about horses and the people who care about horses who happen to be employed by this draconian led government agency, your efforts on behalf of the horses and the land are appreciated. To the ranchers and farmers who are the salt of the earth, your work and respect for your multiple roles as guardians of the land as well as food producers and your recognition of the interacting circles of life is admired.

    To the people who could stop the terrorizing and traumatizing of wild horses, who steal the land promised for wild horses as the primary grazers, and then chuckle about it while sipping Black Jack, and inhaling cigars, enjoying slaps on the back in dark smoke-filled rooms while admiring your mutual “slickness”, I say, “Do not feel so smug because you connived and used trickery to win a bloodless bloody victory for your cause. Your willingness to use the dark of night to hide your true intentions from the nation you serve reveals the true nature of your character. You are not clever; you are a fraud. The American people are onto you, and they are onto your cronies. We love our animals, and we despise people who cause unnecessary pain and suffering to others whether they be animals, children, the elderly, or those who are ill or in other ways disadvantaged.”

    The BLM’s management of wild horses and burros in this country is broken and gangrene is killing our horses. Our horses do not deserve to lose their families, their homes, their health, their lives or their freedom because the government agency in charge of them is rotten. Don’t kill the patient; cure the disease.


  19. Let’s see….hmmmmm, we got Joe at TBFriends, FUGLY Horse of the Day and there’s the killer’s.

    Compare the blogs, review the priorities of the conversations and then tell me who really cares about equines.

    A starving horse in the field rehomed generates more “economy” than a slaughtered one. But many of us here have to remember that a major tennant of the killers is that they refuse to recognize the life span of the equines as it does not fit into their breed ’em, sell ’em, screw ’em mantra.

    As a side note, personally having to go through a business situation where the partner and the legal counsel just don’t understand WHY I don’t give away the animals involved becase of COST considerations. I’m working on the proper solution, but said to myself….you money conscious trolls have NO IDEA WHAT IS HAPPENING TO EQUINES (same with Livestock, Dogs, Cats, etc…kids, homes, bills, marriages) RIGHT NOW!!!!! I will never give away any of my animals and have made a life-long committment for their care. Cut the cord philosophy is unethical and immoral, not to mention quitter mode.

    How does one negotiate with inhumane, ignorant stooopids?!?!!!!


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