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Head Horse Eater Loses Cool at SlaughterFest

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Sue Wallis Shows Loser Frustration by Man-handling Reporter

Seated, Simone Netherlands, John Holland and R.T. Fitch at March for the Mustangs, D.C. 3/2010

Today, during the afternoon session of the much beleaguered pro-horse slaughter summit in Las Vegas a free-lance reporter and benign horse trainer was strong armed out of the conference room by the Bloodfest’s lead supporter, Wyoming State Representative Sue Wallis, currently under investigation for fraud and ethics charges.

Equine Advocate and citizen journalist Simone Netherlands had just entered the conference room when Sue Wallis accosted the formerly welcomed credentialed reporter and was physically forced out of the room.

“I just walked in and could see Wallis making a beeline straight for me, she certainly had a mission in mind.” reported Netherlands, “Without any verbal explanation Wallis grabbed my healing broken arm and tugged for me to leave.  I actually said ‘ouch’ and asked her to take her hands off from me but she continued to pull me out of the room.”

“Once outside of the room,” Netherlands continued, “Wallis said that ‘they’ had seen me on the televised George Knapp report the night before and because of my opinion and stance against the slaughter of horses for food they were rescinding my press credentials and I was not allowed to attend.  She said that I was an interviewee and not an interviewer.”

During this telephone exchange with this reporter Netherlands was further accosted outside the conference room and in the hallway by Sue Wallis accompanied by security guards.  I asked Simone to keep her phone on speaker and listened to the entire exchange as she was escorted out of the convention area and too the Casino.

Netherlands, likewise, complained that her healing arm was in pain due to Wallis’s physical abuse and consequently contacted law enforcement authorities to file a complaint against the Slaughterfest’s promoter.  Authorities did arrive and interviewed both Netherlands and Wallis then reviewed the surveillance tape.  Due to the fact that the authorities did not believe that Wallis willfully and intentionally harmed Netherlands they did not charge Wallis with battery but Netherlands did file a report, none the less.

At the time of this writing Simone was at a local emergency room where her healing arm, broken during a horse training incident, is being x-rayed for damage from Wallis’ unprovoked attacked.

Netherland’s earlier filed report on the failings of the “Summit” will be forth coming.

Updates to follow.

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  1. It’s chilling. I didn’t realize that it was the walrus, herself, who had manhandled Simone! Talk about loosing her cool. I wonder what she’s like as a public servant?


  2. The pressure of the truth not being in her favor and making her propaganda more difficult as the public catches on – seems to be getting to Mrs. Wallis. Not only does she appear unstable but very angry when not reaching her goal. It is yet another reflection of the tactics United Horsemen and cohorts use – resorting to violence ? When is enough, enough ? Will America finally see the circus that Wallis represents ?


    • At the Denver workshop last summer I witnessed Wallis as she was spurned by the moderator who attempted to be polite but was pointing out her subject matter was not on the agenda. She and Doink were angry. Later I was near Wallis and was every surprised at her height as well as her girth and she was still fuming so I avoided her presence. There was a real feeling of animosity coming off her then. I think the cops were wrong… she assaulted Simone. She did not even let go when told she was hurting Simone. It will go where it will… good luck Simone, hope you are OK! mar


  3. Perhaps Sue and Dave will both end up in jail. I heard a friend of Dave’s “won” the truck. But then again it might be that no one but his friends could be coaxed into buying a chance on the truck!!

    You called it RT on the two of them having such a great ability to shoot their own feet.

    Sue is just a big bully.


  4. it’s amazing how many times criminals just forget that most of our lives are recorded somewhere; am so glad the surveillance camera caught this, and proved another of Sue’s lies. This woman PUT HER HANDS ON SIMONE, that is assault.


    • Yep, yep, yep. I don’t give a rat’s back end who you ARE, who you THINK you ARE or who you’d LIKE to BE, you don’t NEVER touch NOBODY like that.

      Broken arm & state representative notwithstanding, nothing gave her the right to touch Simone in any fashion.

      There is no amount of spin gonna make this pretty.


  5. What SOTH posted:

    Summit of the Horse In response to Nan’s above post,the woman that R.T. Fitch mentions NEVER showed any press credentials. The sheriff reviewed the hotel security videos and told the woman to leave the premises and to leave the Summit of the Horse people alone and the sheriff would not file a complaint. In addition, Simone misrepresented herself as press, but we trusted her word and allowed her to attend until we realized who she really was. She was escorted out by the sheriff.


    • What do you mean Wendy, Who she really was? You make your self and those involved in the “horse summit” sound like the Bad and the Ugly.


      • I’m pretty sure Wendi is posting a copy from what is being said on the Scummit facebook page – those are not her words…


    • So was Simone a credentialed press member or not? I hate to see this blown out of proportion. If Wallis did walk Simone out of the conference, roughly or otherwise, that’s a big PR point for the wild horse advocates.
      But over-reacting as though Simone was grabbed by the scruff of her neck and kicked to the curb just gives the PR point to Wallis and SOTH. I look forward to hearing Simone’s report directly, and perhaps see a copy of the police report, and gosh I’d love to see the hotel video camera footage.
      I pray that the quarreling and personal vendettas and agendas will simmer down so that this complicated problem can be worked out and the wild horses can be truly protected.


      • The horse slaughter agenda will never be a solution to be worked out. It is off the table–only proposed by radicals and extremists. Very small percentage of the population align themselves with Wallis’ belief system. This Summit was not about working together to find solutions. It was a conference to discuss how to slaughter as many domestic and wild horses as possible.


      • I just gave you Simone’s report as directly as I can considering the fact that she was on the line with me when Wallis returned with hotel security. Likewise, Simone is currently in the emergency room getting X-Rays.

        Wallis was pissed as to the quality of Simone’s comments on Knapp’s report and just couldn’t control herself when Simone entered the room. Done deal!

        R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” The Force of the Horse®, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH http://www.hfhadvisorycouncil.org http://www.rtfitch.com http://www.sfthh.com

        Sent from R.T.’s iPad


      • I agree with you about this stupid conference, savewildhorses. I was referring to the larger and ever so complicated issue of BLM management of wild horse herds, roundups, and adoption. I hope the economy turns around so more people can adopt. And I hope somehow the BLM system gets turned upside down to be managed by natural horsemanship methods and values. If wishes were horses….


    • What the heck do you mean, Wendi? “Who she really was”? You mean when you found out that she was an anti-slaughter person? Meaning no one with a differing point of view is allowed, that right?

      You people are really some pieces of work, you know. Disagree, get thrown – and I mean THROWN – out. I don’t care whether Simone had press credentials or not, that does NOT give Sue Wallis the right to manhandle her and in the process re-injure a recently broken arm. If one of us did that to one of YOU, just imagine the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. ATTACKED BY AN ANIMAL RIGHTS EXTREMIST!!!!! Oh, my GOD!

      Go crawl back into the hole you came out of. GAG!


      • I think Wendi was just pasting in a copy from the SOTH facebook page, Scummit of the Horse page…


      • It is apparent Wallis knew exactly who Simone was…even before Simone had her press conference that day. Simone was “marked.” I was able to watch some of the live stream Summit. Anti-slaughter people were named in the same breath as the Summit”s despised HSUS: John Holland, Gail Vacca… Now, this is an honor by the Summit to John & Gail 🙂 And Gail goes back to 2007 and the closing of the last horse slaughter plant in the U.S., Cavel in DeKalb, Illinois! So, these horse killers do KNOW Who’s Who in the anti-slaughter world. I would say, Wallis just might have been fuming at Simone waaay before the Summit. Then greatly enhanced by the mess the Slaughterfest had evolved to, Wallis was like a raging bull needing a victim. If Wallis had a “problem,” Security should have approached Simone, not Wallis. This shows Wallis’s FURY and yes….jealousy…


    • Sorry Wendi, I read your post wrong. I think I was just a little rattled about a Wyoming Representative manhandling anyone. Can you image if the situation was reversed and someone grabbed Sue Wallis by the arm and pushed her out of the conference.
      Sue Wallis did make herself appear to be the bad and ugly and worse.


  6. This woman is a dangerous, emotional terrorist. I guess we have to bring along armed guards and have armed authorities present whenever there is a chance our paths might cross. I certainly hope that if the BLM has another conference that they provide our journalists and advocates with proper police protection to thwart any further bodily assaults.


  7. It’s on film, it’s documented, it’s real, it’s in the hands of the police. In the language of the internet “OMG”. This “summit” has crashed.


  8. I imagine it hurt quite a bit to have a healing broken arm bumped, never mind “pulled.” I also have to question how a United States Representive, Sue Wallis can possibly condone such extreme discrimmination. I believe that Simone bought a ticket and Sue Wallis took her money to attend and there is nothing in the advertisement of the “Horse Summit” that states that Wild horse advocates can not attend if their view point differed from Sue Wallis. I would say that Sue Wallis needs a lesson from Congress and the courts. I think everyone needs to see how Sue Wallis does not represent the United States or Wyoming and is actually a disgrace to America and all America stands for. My daughter is serving in the Air Force and Sue Wallis has disgraced our armed forces who are fighting and giving their young lives for America’s freedom. Sue Wallis actions has insulted and accosted all of us and spat on America’s Bill of Rights under our Constitution when she refused a journalist and American citizen. This can not be tolerated. Sue Wallis behavior is that of a tyrant.


    • I can attest to being slugged in my shoulder that I had just had surgery on 3 1/2 months before–that IT HURTS LIKE BLAZES!


      • while in Hunt Saboteurs (non-violent direct action) I was struck on the head with a whip handle, kicked by 4 men, and punched in the back on several occasions. If it dont kill you it makes you stronger. Seriously, if Wallis had touched me, she’d be back in Hell right now.


  9. How can authorities, say they believe this was not done on purpose!? She better get her arm checked, and yes file a complaint..Journalist or not,, why did Sue, get so angry though. This Sue has lost her temper and is dangerous to the public, period..I would not accept that at-all. No one should pull, shove or grasp anyone,s personel body. Its not right. Its not right to feed innocent school children with toxic horse meat either, as SUE has stated once,,,who is she? Stay away from run-around sue, shes sick. TX payers don,t want to support HORSE-SLAUGHTER, what part doesn,t she undertand. tks


  10. I thought “The Summit” was open to all…it didn’t matter what side you are on. Is Wallis being prejudiced on what press is allowed? I know Simone has done some press work in the past. Just because she was interviewed yesterday doesn’t mean she wasn’t getting content for writing something today. Regardless, Walls should not have laid a hand on her. If she had a problem with Simone being there than is should have been handled more professionally.


  11. Well one good thing came out of my visit to SS FB page. I got to see that “terrorist law” that Bush signed. I know now for 100% clarity (as if I didn’t know this before) that I’m not on the road to being an “eco-terrorist”. You have to threaten bodily harm and/or physically do harm.

    I’ve never made any bones about not liking SS. You can boycott legally and not be guilty. It’s when something turns physical that it becomes a problem,

    Many here have promoted the idea of boycotting WY because of SS. While I have no problem in not supporting her–I do take acception for “blaming” all of WY for what she says. She represents a very small segment of WY. Granted her voice is being heard (and not in a good way) but I feel obligated to remind folks that not everyone who lives in WY is represented by her.


    • Yeah, boycotts usually don’t work. Too hard to organize. And even if they did, it would be hurting the wrong people. Wallis represents such a small number of people in Wyoming, I wonder if she is just being courted and used as a pawn by big mining and big agriculture, and she’s too dumb to realize it? She doesn’t strike me as an original thinker.


    • The boycotts that need to happen are those directed at these scummit promoters, sponsors, speakers and leaders. Remember many of these people are in horse related businesses and should be boycotted by advocate horse owners. Why should we buy anything from them, enrich them, when they want to kill horses and eat them and exterminate the wild ones? We can surely find someone providing the same goods or services that isn’t a horse eater or hater. There are trainers, breeders, clinicians, artists, musicians in these groups. I know I am boycotting all of them, I couldn’t stand to think my money helped them in any way.

      You can see lists of the people and their small businesses, the organizations, that all advocates should seriously consider boycotting here: whohateshorses.wordpress.com


  12. OK folks, lets turn this around. If any advocate put a hand on Sue at any point what exactly do you think the mad woman of Wyoming’s reaction would have been. I am fairly certain it would not be pretty.


  13. Ya know unlawful force or violence is against the law. Sue might have a lawsuit on her hands.

    Unlawful force or violence

    Unlawful force or violence means touching someone else’s body in an aggressive (or even just an unwanted) way. Some common examples of what may constitute acts of battery in Nevada are:

    * any kind of hitting such as punching, slapping, crushing, or pinching

    * pushing or shoving

    * choking, biting or cutting

    * burning or poisoning

    * even minor unwanted touching, such as intentionally spilling a drink on a person

    * tugging on the person’s clothes


    • Went and voted no way – the “comments and observations from some of the ‘people’ are just too shocking – if the World thinks that we have to start looking at horses, dogs and cats for alternative food sources – they should rather start looking at human population control – IF YOU CANNOT FEED IT – DON’T BREED IT.
      Plain and simple!!


      • Thanks for posting this new link, Linda. I tried last night with the first and could not access, but able to do so, and voted this morning. Read a few comments – many of which were rather disgusting, but the numbers are on our side.


  14. I thought it is illegal in any state to put your hands on anyone else, even if they have spoken what could be considered “fighting words”. Seems like it is the anti horse “advocates” such as Wallis et al, that are too “emotional”.


    • for clarification, I am sure “fighting words” were not spoken, I mention it only as reference to the way the assault law is written as I understand it.


  15. Guess the idiot doesn’t like hearing the truth, nor what the horse advocates represent. This woman is suppose to be a professional with authority?! Scary! I’d say she needs replacing and the sooner, the better, for all.


  16. Hahaha, they could not find a chair big enough for Sue Walrus. Just sayin! Just glad the ‘Summit is so over’ and they are the laughing stock, so to speak!


  17. oops, I meant sorry she attacked Simone, who had a sore arm and coulnt defend herself. I would seriously do time if Slaughterhouse Sue touched me.


  18. Well, it was an eventful day in Las Vegas, wasn’t it. My day at the Big Apple Ranch here in Manhattan started with an 8 AM phone call from Dr. Temple Grandin, and we visited for almost an hour about the eight-page document of ideas and proposals for alternatives to slaughter that I had sent to her three days before. She was interrupted by other calls two times, but called me back after each call. Awfully nice, I thought. She mentioned that we should work on my solution to the wild horses vs cattle grazing problem, and I appreciated that she was very interested in really exploring it. Four Dr. Grandin calls during the day, with even my long-distanct anticipation building as she prepared to speak to the folks who asked her there. Then a surprise!- A call reporting that Simone got tossed out of Dr. Grandin’s speech (Dr. Grandin didn’t see it and was not happy about it when she found out that Swallis had actually put her hands on Simone without permission and shoved her out the door like a bar room tough guy, just to prevent Samone from hearing Dr. Grandin’s speech.) I had a chance to shapen my map skills while giving Simone directons by phone to the nearest hospital. Sympathized with her during her long wait, revealing x-rays, new arm stabilizer, and then on to take care of some other official business at a certain Las Vegas city buildng, again following my not so great GoogleMap directions. It’s been a day, all right. Good night Temple. Good night Simone. Good night John Boy.


    • Ahhhh…so you were the mystery friend on the other line…gotcha, good job as Simone was concerned that the Doc Temple might think that she stood her up. In the middle of all that mess, Simone was concerned about proper protocol and politeness.


    • Elaine, Thank you so much for your info on talking to Temple Grandin & giving an idea of more “who is” Temple Grandin. I have been waiting to hear more of her & her involvement at the Summit. Of course I knew of her beforehand & did some research. I read she felt horse slaughter was basically humane & needed. That the BLM roundups were pretty much excellent. However, her reports were years ago, @ 2004-2008. So I had mixed feeling about her, esp. as she agreed to speak at the Summit. However, I was fortunate to be able to see & hear her presentation at the Summit yesterday afternoon, live stream. I was *very impressed. I believe, she was greatly affected AFTER accepting the invite from Wallis. Quite possibly, the Summit was a turning point for her in changing her views. She may still ok the slaughter of horses, but she was obviously not pro-Summit, not pro-BLM (reamed-out BLM), & maybe, after the Summit & your talk with her & Simone’s, maybe not 100% pro-horse slaughter anymore. I took note that Grandin made a point to emphasize, “This issue is obviously contentious. I want to remain neutral.” Good for her! That was commendable! She proceeded to EDUCATE the audience about animal behavior, humane treatment & slaughter of *ALL animals, but mostly pigs & cows. She discussed in a manner that just might have been way over the heads of a majority of the audience. (And Dr. Grandin, polished & refined, was most definitely not “in her league” with this exemplary group of, um, mostly ignorant, single-minded…& crass individuals.) Temple spoke in scientific, research study language. (I remember well from college days.) When members of the audience tried to redirect her back to horses, she did not go there. Never once did she smile. And when she left the podium & was walking out, a woman in the audience approached her, took her hand, wanting more talk. Dr. Grandin, stone-faced, looked down at her and abruptly turned around & walked away. The woman was left hanging… Dr. Grandin now has my admiration. She handled the Surreal Slaughterfest Summit with mastery. And it is obvious she is truly open to other’s viewpoints & factual information, as you described. Thank you, Elaine.


  19. I think that all parties should be on a moritorium in terms of touching one another. This is the third time in a year that an advocate has been assaulted by “pro BLM” side (pro BLM=just a catchphrase to include everyone on the other side).

    We know that BLM law enforcement is just itching to fire their weapons at one of the advocates–it doesn’t seem that far off now when assaults keep happening.

    As Gilligan would say “there three of me–me, myself and I.” I ask that no matter which side of the fence you are on to abide by this. EVERYONE MUST KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. PERIOD. END OF STORY. If you are in a situation that you know is getting beyond your ability to manage–grow some cajones and remove yourselves from the situation.

    These assaults are getting way to dangerous. Someone is going to be seriously hurt.


  20. First of all, I hope Simone is not suffering further damage to her badly broken arm, and or elbow. I think Sue better be hoping the same!

    I am going to post here, the same comments I posted on Steven Longs story.

    >>——-> >>——-> >>——-> >>——-> >>——-> >>——>

    Sue Wallis had no business putting her hands on Netherlands!! Whether she meant to hurt her or not, she violated her personal body space, and caused pain and possible further injury to her arm, and or elbow!
    Simone Netherlands a delicate body type, and Sue Wallis is a huge bulky woman!

    I know Simone was in serious pain if anyone touched her arm at all. About a month or so ago, she was in Nevada, and Craig & I drove her around to every place she went! Also, I stood near her side to be sure no one bumped her arm!! She had to keep it in a bent position all the time, having no range of movement! It is a terrible break in several spots, therefore needing the nine pins! No one should ever put their hands on someone, especially violently grabbing and pushing them!

    Simone is a wonderful lady, working tirelessly to save horses from slaughter, always on her own dime. I honor her work, her gentle spirit, generosity, brilliance and determination, and especially her love for horses. She owns horses, and trains horses in a non invasive, gentle way. I am shocked & horrified by the aggressive and rude behavior of Sue Wallis, upon Simone Netherlands!
    Sorry, but that is just wrong!

    It appears to me, that George Knapp and Simone Netherlands comments, and the exposure of the slaughter house horrors in graphic video cuts on Channel 8 news, Las Vegas, got Sue pretty darn angry. Did you really think horse advocates would just sit back and watch? Eat your heart out Sue, just don’t eat our horses!!


  21. Absolutely those weren’t my words. That was the excuse SOTH gave about why Simone was removed. Sorry for the confusion.

    Back to bed I go!


  22. It seems to me they had every opportunity to check out Simones credentials prior to her arrival, and in fact sue announced they were doing that prior to the event to keep activasts out..They protrayed this as an expensive invitation to all horse owners, breeders, organizations, and “trainers’ to participate in finding solutions..It was not “killers only” invitation..otherwise they would have used a hook to drag Abbey off stage when he said wild horses would not be sent to slaughter..which by the way..thank you Mr. Abbey for sort of slamming that door..This whole event was simular to calling a KKK meeting a Martha Stewert “sheet convention”..It appears Simone did nothing to disrupt the speech or cause any problems..therefore Sue went into an unprovoked rage and attacked her.


  23. Since i did not hear Temples speech, i cannot comment on her material and when i wanted to watch the video..it said the material was ‘private” and unless the content of her speech is posted..I guess I donot find her to be the celebrity others do..I also do not think she has the background on the wild horse issues to speak with any authority on that topic..i have heard about all I can stomache from people-who hypothasize on this subject from an office. The people that want to apply the solutions they use for domestic horses to wild horses are way off track and not helpful to the root of the problem of the wild horse removals..There is no overpopulation, there is no over reproduction..there IS a systematic governmental problem over the years of removing the horses from the lands they were given and crowding them out with cattle, mining and extractions and now energy projects-If your only solution is birth control by PZP-22..then you have missed the whole problem


  24. Beealzebubs daughter Wallis has gobbled down a few mustangs in her time. Whatever her and the rest of her bunch of undead can’t eat, they want to feed to school kids and zoo animals,(who shouldn’t be in zoos anyway).
    Time she met up with my friend Alf.
    How dare they, in a so called democracy, remove a reporter for her views. This is more than outrageous.


  25. If the xrays show any damage, I suggest a battery lawsuit whether the police act or not. This is unacceptable behaviour from anyone.


  26. What is being said now on the SOTH FB page is that Simone used false press credentials. They said Sue remained seated – so much for that eyewitness account.

    I asked to see a video. I did see a link to a video of the summit but it was made private and I couldn’t view it.


    • I totally concur. It was an excellent piece, and should be further broadcast. I placed my own comment on their post, in praise of it.


  27. With all that being said , The Summit was a HUGE flop !!!! And the Wild Mustang got a lot of public attention………………..and awareness, now lets see what happens, we can never lose sight of the ultimate goal and that is The wild Mustangs are to Roam Free as intended……………………..We need not for the sake of The Wild Mustangs, turn our attention any where else but to The Mustangs release and Freedom…………….. Remember we are their VOICE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


  28. After reading this comment – per Sandra’s post – I decided it should be broadcast – so – copied & pasted: Please see below….excellent!

    #2 about 3 hours ago by M-D The question of whether 38,000 (an estimate) wild horses over-taxes the millions & millions of acres of open range & pasture owned by the US Government & under BLM management…

    is an empirical question–& the data (that’s a plural noun, by the way) do not conclusively support the assertion that wild horses are “overgrazing” the millions & millions of acres in question.

    I am not a civil engineer or an agronomist or an ecological scientist. However, I am a scientist with training & sufficient experience in practicing the scientific method to have an informed opinion as to the viability of the scientific studies under consideration (at least their methodological adequacy).

    I have read a number of the peer-reviewed scientific articles on the studies conducted to assess the condition of much of the land in question under BLM management.

    I suggest that it is inaccurate to assert that a conclusion advocating “thinning” (which is a euphemism for killing) wild-horse herds can be drawn from the data & the published studies.

    I am also not a professional political scientist. However, I am literate, numerate, & quite capable of critical thinking–& I know that the cattle, mega agri-business, & extraction (read: fossil-fuel, mining, etc) industries all compete for use–often at absurdly below-market fees, of the land on which the American wild horses currently run free.

    When scientific certainty is not possible & the objectivist basis for devising & implementing rational public policy is missing, the competing industrial interests often rush into the epistemic void with gratuitous claims & self-serving (self-serving bias & other errors of attribution) justifications intended to yield/produce outcomes consistent with the schemes/goals most advantageous to/for the industrial interests.

    This is not mere opinion but empirical “truth.”

    In the case of the American mustang herds & the millions & millions of acres of BLM-managed lands, there is NO rigorous or uncontrovertible scientific basis to conclude that wild horse populations are too large or that they are primarily responsible for the degradation of the BLM lands in question.

    It is an empirical truth or fact that–other conditions being controlled or properly modeled, cattle populations degrade soil conditions to a much greater extent than do analogous horse populations.

    The cattle industry already enjoys staggering below-market subsidies for use of BLM-managed land. Much of the land the cattle have degraded takes substantial time to recover from cattle grazing & the fragile ecosystems that constitute a sizable portion of the BLM-managed land in question cannot successfully sustain ongoing levels of uninterrupted cattle grazing.

    Another issue is water use, erosion caused by industrial cattle grazing, & the consequent degradation of water supply in much of the BLM-managed land/territory.

    Net-net: The BLM has evinced an undeniable tendency in granting below-market leases to cattle & extraction industries to favor the extraction industries even at the expense of the now-dwindling wild-horse herds.

    We do NOT need to subsidize another failed industry, a monstrous & barbaric industry, the horse-slaughter industry, with further BLM subsidies & programs.

    It is my belief that American wild horses– & the land on which they currently live, which is owned by the American people (& NOT the BLM or the cattle, agri-business, & extraction industries), have a RIGHT to be protected & run free without fear of being murdered, barbarically captured & slaughtered, and/or subjected to incarceration in holding pens at great & unnecessary expense on this land of ours (much it the last remaining “wilderness” left in the continental United States).

    Please join me in supporting the preservation of both the American wild horses & the land on which they roam free.


  29. If I had a broken arm and I was “manhandled” by a person such as Ms. Wallis in the way that Ms. Netherlands was, I believe I would file suit against that person. Defending against a lawsuit takes a lot time and money, not to mention how aggravating it is. I would hate to ever, ever, ever do that to someone, but when harm has been done… Wallis somehow believes that her substantial self is above-the-law on absolutely every level. She is a bully on every level too. I hope she will learn someday that she is not immune from the laws of this land and from the basic human decency code as well. Just sayin…


  30. I observed Ms. Netherlands extend her arm, reach out to greet Ms Wallis, the day before, with a hand shake. Ms Wallis was reserved to react, then did.

    Ms Wallis needs to collect herself…there is no room, and cannot be an endorsement, for violent action, by an elected official.

    Ms. Wallis…work on a testosterone buffer,… if need be.


  31. Simone is a great lady and I hope she wins a lawsuit against SS for hurting another already painful arm from a break. This SS is disgusting, unbelievable, and a lier to boot. How anyone could follow her and trust her is beyond my comprehension. I would hope Geoge Knapp could contact CNN’s ANderson Cooper for a full report on the wild horse situation and SS. Would she ever take a hit then – not to mention the other investigations that are heading her way. I hope she loses all around. Wyoming, you should be ashamed of yourself for electing her. She’s a horrible example of a state’s representative. Wyoming, you need help with your decisions. THey are definitely flawed at present.


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