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Troubled “Summit” Organizer calls Failed Gathering a Success

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

With Blinders on and Cotton in Ears Wallis Claims Success

Duquette and Wallis at their Horse Slaughter Summit

Let’s forget about the false pretenses that the gathering was based upon, don’t pay any mind to the dismal turn-out, forget about the State/County ethics investigations, don’t acknowledge that touted keynote speakers did not buy into premise of the gather and by no means will we give a nod to the bad press and documented altercation caused by one, Sue Wallis BECAUSE we make our own rules, news and hype…”We beez a Sucksess!”.

Good grief, give them a pen, keyboard or a soapbox and they will turn your stomach with distortions of the truth and total non-acceptance of fact.  Two plus days of chest thumping by a few fringe radicals and they declare their meeting a success.  No plans, no timeline, no market and no audience yet everything is just okee-dokeey.  A normal person would be cowering in their closet, mortified and broken from such a public embarrassment not alone worried about what the authorities have in mind for multiple investigations into possible criminal activity.

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, currently under investigation for fraud and ethics charges, boasts on her and Dave Duquette’s self-adulation blog for the “Scummit of Horse Slaughter” that they had 200 people attend and 879 unique views on their webcasts, plural.  What she fails to mention is that 45 of those 200 people were actual speakers and many of the remaining were calm and professional equine advocates (terrorists in Wallis speak) who were rightfully documenting the lunacy and depravity of the event while 863 of the unique views, over a 3 day period, were probably tax-paying American horse lovers spewing coffee and donuts across the room over all of the outrageous and inane dribble.  Those few days netted enough material to keep not only sane bloggers and columnists alive for months but comedians can have a field day with the contradictions and false allegations.

Troubled Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis issued an inane statement that the failed meeting was a success while the bulk of the news out of the gather centered on their two key note speakers, Bob Abbey and Dr. Temple Grandin, clear opposition to their stand on slaughtering horses in the U.S. for human consumption.  The remainder of the press was clearly focused on Sue Wallis’ alleged unprovoked attack on an equine advocate causing potential damage to her recovering broken arm.  (Duquette reported on Facebook that Wallis never left her chair but eye witnesses and security cameras say otherwise, another documented lie, sorry Dave.)

We include a bit of this pathological liar’s drivel, here, as documentation of an individual(s) departure from reality and total disassociation with the truth:  SPEW ALERT


We could not be more enthused about the success of the Summit of the Horse!

We had over 200 people there in person, and another 879 unique viewers on our webcasts. Tremendous press coverage nationwide…Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning News, Tulsa, LA Times, even as far away as New Zealand. Great discussions. Tons of solid data and information. Knowledgeable experts. All of which we will try to make available to as wide an audience as possible in the coming days and weeks.

Efforts are underway to form a broad based coalition to work on common objectives, and the academic equine programs are already collaborating to organize and compile the immense amount of information that was presented at the Summit for various audiences, and for different purposes.

We will be sharing all of this and more in the coming days and weeks.

Be sure to bookmark our home page at, where you can check our Summit of the Horse Blog often. Make sure that everyone you know who might be interested is signed up to receive our email updates and alerts. Much is happening and happening fast! We will do our best to keep you posted.

Cheers! and Happy, Happy New Year we are off to a most auspicious and positive beginning!

Sue Wallis, Vice President
United Horsemen

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  1. Who were the sponsors of this “conference”? I think that information should be posted and we should boycott those companies.


    • The “official” sponsors or the covert, cowardly ones that prop up idiots like SS and DD????????

      Good luck on getting either list from the idiots and/or the regulators that are in charge of donations, incorporations and justice.


    • That is a great idea, but Denise is probably right, no way to get that info. But thankfully they did this ridiculous summit & it turned out the way it did. Finally a victory for the victim…the horse!


    • Lots of lists on this site taken right from the Scummit sites that show the sponsors, speakers, supporter and leaders of this fiasco organized by the horse haters. Looks like it was set up to make it easier to figure out who to boycott. Check it out and spread the word widely so others will know not to patronize those who want to slaughter and eat our horses.


  2. These people only see what they want to see, and understand only what suits their needs. I don’t think they are “liars,” I think they are living in sad, parallel universe.


    • NOPE!!!! BIG FAT FLAMING LIARS! There is toooooooo much documentation that doesn’t support their efforts and position. There is tooooooo much information to prove that not many came to their Scummit, to include wideload not getting out of the chair and then, manhandling Ms Netherlands.

      Sorry…I call that lying One can “dress up the pig, take it to church”; it’s still a pig. My apologies to the true porcine community.


  3. Sponsor list at 12/30/10:
    Appaloosa Horse Club
    Arnold Reproduction
    Big Iron Ranch
    Billings Livestock Horse Sales
    The Calvary Group
    Fairlea Ranch
    Horsemen’s Council of Illinois
    Horse Welfare Alliance of Canada
    International Livestock Identification Agency
    Livestock Marketing Association
    Loomis Ranch Quarter Horses
    Mantle Ranches
    Masters of Fox Hounds Association
    National Assn of Conservation Districts
    National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
    National Farmers Union
    National Stock Horse Association
    National Tribal Horse Coalition
    Nevada Cattlemen’s Association
    Nevada Quarter Horse Association
    Newt White Cow Horses
    Noble Panels
    Northwest Horse Source
    Oregon’s Living Legends
    Oswood Stallion Station
    Public Lands Council
    RainDancer Videos
    Range Magazine
    Rhodes River Ranch
    Rocky Mountain Farmers Union
    Rubyview Quarter Horses
    Society of Range Management
    Ted Robinson Cow Horses
    The Racing Journal
    Three Peaks Ranch
    Winfield Farms
    Women Involved in Farm Economics–WIFE
    Working Ranch Magazine

    I copied and pasted this list from another blog…if this is what you was wondering about..sponsors.


    • Can I get an “Amen”!?!?

      Not from the killers of course.


      I appreciate the the audit trail the morons out out….but???????? what??????


      • Go here to see more lists of people and businesses to boycott that support these monsters: Looks like there are multiple postings of different dates versions of their list of sponsors, probably reflecting those who dropped out or demanded their name be removed when they started feeling the heat over the few weeks preceding this Scummit. Don’t forget all the other lists on that blog too, lots of categories of people and businesses that should not be rewarded for being behind these psychos.


  4. If that list of sponsors above are true sponsors, what boggles my mind is the listing of Appalosa Horse CLub and the likes of ranches. It seems like if you breed horses, you want an endless supply coming on to compete in racing etc., but in order to do so, you need to see the others who didn’t race so well or is an excess be killed. What a disgusting reason for existence. What has become of human dignity in this country? Where is love and compassion? R. T.’s written word “Men, Horses, Sex and a Thing Called Love” says it all.


    • And what of the artists, photographers, musicians and poets who make their “art” off the visage of these beautiful beings and then advocate for their destruction and for people to eat them? Sickening… Note those lists at includes Oregon’s Living Legends (.com) as a sponsor. This is one Andi Harmon, artist, behind that book and she can be seen touting the magnificence of the Scummit on their Scummit fb page. That is just sick.

      Those “famed” cowboy poets and musicians are another sick bunch too, when they use the image and iconic status of our wild horses to promote their work and then push to see them destroyed, removed from the ranges. Waddie Mitchell and Juni Fisher both performed at this sleazefest and both should be boycotted. Apparently they already were as Juni claimed this in her “performance” at the Scummit – I sure didn’t see a call for a boycott but she deserves one. Lots more artists in this poetry/music category seem to support the Scummit goals too.

      Another one whose name was not on that sponsor list but whose name is listed as a leader of United Organizations of the Horse, Wallis’s first horse hater group, is Baxter Black, the cowboy poet/radio personality and former large animal vet. Advocates need to be aware of this kind of thing because so many are enamored of the “old west” and there are many of these kind of nasty people who use it and wild horses (or any horses) to promote their businesses.


  5. Can’t own “love/care/concern” if you’re gonna dump a living being. Might have aton of excuses in a court of law, but that law will never allow excuse when it comes to care for offspring, debt, etc….but they alway equivocate (save) for animals.

    Why does the law divide nasty when it comes to humans v. animals? Isn’t wrong always weong?


  6. I highly believe this is the right list as I remember seeing it somewhere. I remember some of the names that stuck out like a sore thumb & I got mad!
    Someone ought to hang all jurks upside down & start slowly peeling their shin off in layers till they die!


  7. Thanks to all of you who have put those lists up and where we can locate more information! You all are the TRUE HEROES in this more recent insanity! Blessed Be All Of YOU! And RT – a special hug for your piece on “Men, Horses, Sex and a Thing Called Love” which really says it all for us!


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