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Feds say Imprisoned Wild Horses Dodged Deadly Mid-West Tornadoes

(The News As We See It) by R.T. Fitch with special consideration to Debbie Coffy

Behind Bars and Fences Wild Horses Cannot Run for Cover

Former Wild Horses at feeding time in private long term holding facility outside Oklahoma City ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Houston, (SFTHH) – Many wild horse advocates have recently expressed concern over the safety of the unnaturally transplanted wild horses of the west being warehoused in the mid-west’s infamous “tornado alley”.  Left alone, in the wild, the horses would manage well as large numbers of tornadoes are not known to frequent the arid western United States plus the horses know to stay out of the way of trouble.  But thanks to the mismanagement of Obama’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) our federally protected wild horses and burros are inhumanely stampeded by helicopters, captured and then shipped off to the mid-west where they are forced to live out their lives eating an unfamiliar forage and separated from their families while living in same sex herds.

So true to form investigative reporter and outspoken wild horse advocate Debbie Coffey grabbed the bull by the horns and composed an email to BLM honcho Dean Bolstad inquiring as to the safety of our imprisoned national icons.

Hi Dean, I have been watching the news about tornadoes in the Midwest, especially Oklahoma, and was wondering if any of our wild horses have been injured or killed at any short term facilities, maintenance facilities or long term holding pasture facilities because of the tornadoes.

Have you received any reports regarding any/all facilities and any injuries or deaths of wild horses due to the tornadoes? 

I’m assuming that even if a tornado were nearby, it could make a lot of noise and spook the horses, possibly causing injuries or deaths.  Could you please find out and let me know any information regarding this? 

Thank you.

Debbie Coffey

To his credit Bolstad replied in a matter of minutes to the inquiry:

I do not know of any issues and I’d have heard about it unless something occurred late this afternoon or evening.  However, I’ve asked one of our staff in Oklahoma to respond since she is local and near most of these facilities.

Thanks for your concern,


Let’s hope that what was reported is in fact the case and we will keep our fingers crossed that the wild horses being held outside of their rightful land will remain safe even though their lives of freedom have forever been destroyed.

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  1. Good questions and effort, Debbie.

    But as far as I can see, Bolstead DIDN’T answer your question. He said because HE DIDN’T hear anything and asked a local to check it out…is an acceptable answer?

    Sorry. He should be able to quote status updates (sitreps) immediately that:

    (1) tornadoes did not pass through specific areas, A, B, C, etc;

    (2) if they did (and trust me, they got the grid coordinates), these precautions were taken and follow-up reports from persons X, Y, Z confirm no loss or injuries;

    (3) and, HE HAS TO CHECK WITH SOMEBODY ON THE GROUND BEFORE HE CAN KNOW FOR SURE??????….Where the heck is the auto response from those staffers???

    What kind of chain of command is this?

    Yeah…he replied but it was a weak and hollow response.


  2. Thank you Debbie. It is good that he replied promptly, but he has lost all crediblity since the last Advisory Board meeting when he stated that there would be NO MORE ROUND-UPS.


  3. I would like to know where in Oklahoma they are. It appears to me that they do
    not have adequate shelter. As a matter of humane operation, horses are supposed
    to have adequate food and shelter. If they are left on an open area with no shelter
    it should be a violation of humane law. It seems this is the way the BLM operates.
    No one knows what the right or left hand is doing. I totally agree, they have upset
    the whole balance of their way of life. It is not only the tornadoes that could effect
    the horses, but if they are in open areas as storms roll in, they could be struck
    by lightening. I am not in Okalahoma, but Illinois and our storms can be extremely
    bad. I am going to pursue the issue of appropriate shelter for them. I hate to say
    this, but I don’t think they would tell anyone about the death of any of the horses.
    They are all a bunch of morons!


  4. As much as I hate the round ups–I think BLM really needs to consider the herpes virus and how that will affect not only healthy horses but animals that are totally stressed. Recently recovered animals shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the wild ones who are stressed beyond belief.


  5. Thanks for asking, Deb! Too bad we can’t just hear from the LTH contractors in a subscription news letter that tells us the stats and comings and goings!


    • The BLM staff person Dean contacted was Debbie Collins, who sent me an e-mail to say that our wild horses are ok. I will add “so far.” I’ll check with them both again if there are more tornados in the area.
      I’m glad that R.T. mentioned “To his credit, Bolstad replied in a matter of minutes to the inquiry.” I’d like to also mention that his reply was at about 11 p.m. Thank you, Dean.


  6. I think a lot of the BLM long term holding pasture facilities are in Tornado Alley.
    It seems to include most of the state of Oklahoma as well as Kansas and other states.


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