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Senator Blocks Obama’s Chief Wild Horse Hater’s Pay Raise

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

Louisiana Senator Has Had Enough of Salazar’s BS

Ya gotta love it; you might not agree with why Louisiana Senator David Vitter is blocking former rancher, now Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Ken Salazar’s pay hike but you have to admire him for taking a stand and putting it all out on the table. The good Senator’s privates must clank when he walks because he sure is proving to be made of solid steel as he stands up against this current inept and do nothing administration. Vitter’s reason for denying the government’s Chief Wild Horse Hater from an increase in his salary can be summed up in one simple and to the point quote, “completely unsatisfactory” performance.

Now, of course, Sen. Vitter is speaking to the ridicules and poorly managed response by Salazar to the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill of last year and the resulting knee-jerk reaction of shutting down all offshore drilling while the country strives for energy independence from mid-east terrorist sponsoring nations. But we wild horse advocates would sure like to get a great big piece of that “Suffer Butthead, Suffer” pie.

Sen. Vitter has in the past been extremely animal/equine friendly, along with his democratic counterpart Senator Mary Landrieu, and it now appears that he has dug his heels in and does not want Obama’s Chief Wild Horse Harasser to receive a $19,000 bump in his annual $180,000 salary so that he can be closer to the $200,000 we currently pay his fellow Cabinet members to screw up the country and not pay a damn bit of attention to the wishes of the American people. Senator Vitter, I love you.

Even under the threat of legal action from the inane Obama administration Vitter spokesman Luke Bolar said:

“I urge the Obama administration to prosecute. They’ll make fools of themselves in court and make my boss a Louisiana folk Hero at the same time.”

I can’t argue with that as regardless of your political persuasion you have to applaud the Senator from Louisiana for standing up to not only one of the most environmentally unfriendly politicians of all time but to an administration that promised us change only to give us more of the same with extra helpings of mediocrity for good measure.

Hats off to you Senator, you might not be able to hear them but the wild horses and burros are applauding you too as they know, as well as us, that Director Salazar is no friend to our national icons and serves only one master, that being the almighty, special interest dollar.

Eat horse poop and hurl, Kenny, you deserve a little bit of your own medicine as millions of us have asked for a moratorium on your bloody wild horse roundups and all you have done is just said “No”. So now it’s our turn, baby, and from across this country we stand behind the Senator and scream from the rooftops with a very loud and eloquent “NO”, in return…you just ain’t worth the friggen money.

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  1. Congratulations to Senator Vitter for having the backbone to stand up and do the honorable thing!!

    We, who fight the battle (at the grassroots level) to save wild horses and burros from the terror and brutality of BLM and their hired thugs / killers are thankful for the integrity shown by the Senator in refusing to allow BLM’s self-absorbed director, Ken Salazar, from becoming probably the highest paid animal abuser and killer employed by the taxpayers.

    Now, Senator, PLEASE continue doing the honorable thing, and shut down the wild horse and burro killing and abusing machine completely and return the prisoners of war back to their natural habitat, AND REALLY PROTECT THEM as the law states they are promised.

    Again, we THANK YOU, Senator. Keep up the good work!


  2. $180,000 salary, all the government perks health care, travel expenses, and yet he still caves to special interests. Hmmm, lucky the rest of the system answers to the will of the people, NOT. “


  3. Louisiana’s Vitter undoubtedly is doing this at the behest of his chief campaign contributors, big oil, not because of a love for wild horses. His motives are bad, but the result is good.


    • Yes….the senator lives in a glass house, but you gotta love the speed bump he is throwing in the path of the FEDs designated hitman…Secretary Salazar.


    • That’s the point, you don’t have to agree with the motive but you must agree with the principle.

      But don’t be too harsh on the oil industry, Steve. Without it our beloved Houston would be just another Detroit on the map and Salazar’s reaction not only killed tens of thousands of jobs but set this country years back from being free from the stranglehold the terrorists have on us…there is more to this story than meets the eye.

      R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” Director of the HfH Advisory Council The Force of the Horse®, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH

      Sent from R.T.’s iPhone


    • True.. I guess we can take what we can get. I really do not like blaming President Obama. I believe he cares but just has really a lot on his plate. How about everyone sending a Tweet to the the President’s staff at @White House I think that enough of these might get a mention to the President or someone important on his staff. which Ken Salazar isn’t.


  4. You can email Senator Vitter as he takes out of state emails. I thanked him and reminded him of the wild horses that Salazar continues to allow to be gathered and holds at taxpayers expense and the continuing bad policies of the BLM.


  5. Honestly, I don’t much care for his reasoning behind the “NO”…if it gets us closer to keeper our wild horses and burros safe, I’m all for it! And the fact that he may well be animal friendly is certainly a bonus.


  6. Justice DOES work in strange ways. We just need to keep on doing what we have been doing an RAMP IT UP!


  7. I don’t agree with the politics regarding the oil drilling. We must find alternatives or
    we will have not an evironment left. Oil is still being found at the bottom killing many
    other species. I don’t believe Houston would be another Detroit because you have
    much more to offer in that area of country than oil. However, A BIG HATS OFF TO THE SENATOR! I have called my senators and reps and have told them Salazar should be FIRED! He has done the most damage to our environment including our Wild Horses and Burros than any other appointee. We must all push our Legislators to do the same. Also make noise about that creepy and heartless Rep in Wyoming…You sometimes you just have to get things done not matter how
    you are able to get it done. Let’s all try and get the ball rolling….


  8. Let’s all E-mail the Senator and congratulate him. (and mention the Wild horses will thank him also) Maybe he’ll add that in a post script.


  9. You are here: Home / News / BLM plans to round up 1,700 wild horses in Elko, White Pine counties beginning in July

    BLM plans to round up 1,700 wild horses in Elko, White Pine counties beginning in July


    May 22, 2011 by admin · Leave a Comment

    Associated Press, May 19, 2011 (White Pine County, NV)

    ELY, Nev. — The Bureau of Land Management plans to round up more than 1,700 wild horses in eastern Nevada this summer during a series of gathers in Elko and White Pine counties.

    BLM spokesman Chris Hanefeld says the roundups will begin in July. The biggest is planned in the Triple B Horse Management Area about 70 miles southeast of Elko and 30 miles northwest of Ely.

    The BLM says that area can support between 250 and 500 mustangs but estimates there are more than 1,400 there.

    The agency also intends to remove more than half of the 600 horses in the Maverick-Medicine HMA near the Elko-White Pine county line and up to a few dozen from the Antelope Valley HMA and the Cherry Springs territory near the Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.


    • I started out to leave a message for Sen. Vitter, but ended up on a site called POLITICO. that was discussing his blocking the pay raise. So I signed up and left a message agreeing with the Senator and saying that I hope it would help the Mustangs also because this country was BUILT on the strength of the horses.
      Maybe this is a way to get more P:olitically people interested in the plight of the Mustangs.


  10. I see it like this:Salazar is paid by us-the tax payers to we should be able to fire him.If Pres.Obama want to keep him,then he should pay his salary and all the other perks ! Simple !


  11. Greta Job Senator Vitter! get him where it hurts. He does not understand compasion and caring. Abuse ,death and destruction seems to be his legacy.


  12. Here Here!! and Cudos to each and every one of your comments! Now if we could just get rid of the whole bunch of the DoI and the BLM!!!


  13. Not only should Ken Salazar not receive a pay raise but he should be replaced by Raul Grijalva and definitely the sooner the better. Thanks Senator Vitter for this reproof on Salazar.


  14. Do we have a link or anything to write him a quick thank you?

    Off subject entirely–RT do you know anything about snake gaiters and how effective they are?


  15. Salazar should have been fired, err….requested to submit his resignation 30 days after Deepwater Horizon….PERIOD! And those in BLM and MMS that dealt with extraction leases with the paygrade of GS-15, transferred; those SES supervising should have been fired for negligence and made to retire.

    They are all still there except for the industry lady that had been in charge of MMS for less than 6 months. WTH is going on in this White House????

    I don’t know about you, but when I make a major screw up on my job…I get fired. DOI seems to have Teflon coating; pooh, charges, deaths and screw ups just seem to slide off everyone over there.


  16. Christie, GOOD link…Thank you. With the Public Tide turning, it could well be that Salazar and Reid will be more of a detriment to the President’s popularity. They are ALL expendable in the game of politics.


  17. Hummmm awesome ,I know the Angels for Horses are starting to turn up everywhere arnt they !!!!! Its about time Guys , now go forth and show the rest of them BRAVO Senator Vitter…………………………



    Here is another link.

    The article in Politico pointed out that it is Senator Reid who proposed the legislation to raise The Secretary’s Salary, and it is Senator Reid who is so upset about Senator Vitter’s attempts to block the salary raise.

    Nothing about what is happening to our wild horses makes any kind of sense in any kind of ordinary humane or fiscal way. Therefore, we look for the way, the only kind of way, it could make sense.


    • Christie, thank you for that good link. I’m just sorry there was not more of an update. But the things I never knew, and found out there really shocked me. I guess Reiud just keeps rolling along. Hope someone puts a nail in his tire.


  19. Since that article was written, the price of Gold has risen….even more at stake for the Public Land pirates.


  20. Vitter wants something……and he’ll get it. Reid will get the head wild equine whacker’s pay raise. I hope I’m wrong, but our treasures will lose in the end.

    Told you that Reid was the official #2 wild equine whacker in the US.

    Good info Christie….just wish the press would pickup on it beyond someone like me (a news junkie).


  21. What I DO see is people from all sides of the political spectrum coming together. They don’t necessarily agree on much of anything, but they do seem to be figuring out WHO are the causes of the problems. More digging and delving will reveal even more. These problems have been there for a VERY long time. Like an abcess, they have come to the surface.


  22. Kudos! Lets nail him to the cross! According to the Wild Free-Roaming Horse & Burro Act of 1971 “It is the policy of Congress that wild free-roaming horses and burros shall be protected from capture, branding, harassment or death; and to accomplish this they are to be considered in the area where they are presently found as an integral part of the natural system of the public lands”. BLM = Criminal Abuse!


  23. I work for the Federal Government as an Nurse Practitioner with a GS rating. And I can guarantee you WE Don’t get those kind of raises annually. The most I’ve gotten is 3% annually. The real kicker is that Mr. Obama has put a freeze on all the federal salaries for 2 years meaning we won’t get any kind of pay increases. Soooooo, I’m bewildered as to why Mr. Salazar can be offered a “ten percent” raise!
    Let’s face it folks there are going to be idiots in every walk of life that believe the mustangs don’t deserve any protection whatsoever, they don’t care about the “wild free-roaming horse & burro act of 1971”. That’s when we need to be the voice of the mustangs and speak loud and clear.


  24. Well, thank you Mr. Vitter! Don’t give K. Salzar another dime. Not only are people out of work, but this misinformed idiot wants a raise when Americans aren’t working. And to make matters worse, he hates horses. Impeach his ass!


  25. I sent a comment before but maybe it’s not considered valid because it disagrees with part of the post? First, just as an aside, we don’t get most of our oil from “terrorist supporting states” – the majority of US oil comes from Canada. Second, although I am no supporter of Ken Salazar – I know little about him. If you go to Sen.Vitter’s website you will find as I did a petition to re-open horse slaughter plants in the US. If you investigate further you will find that the “inane” Obama administration has a pretty good record as far as both environmental protection and animal rights. Third, if you read even further you will find that the Interior Department under Ken Salazar has halted some horse roundups and is trying to find an alternative instead of just caving to economic interests. If I might suggest, please keep partisan politics out of horse rescue and support issues – it will turn away many people such as myself who would otherwise be supporters of your cause.


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