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Happy Birthday Cloud, For What It’s Worth

(In My Humble Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

An Open Letter to Cloud, the Wild Stallion of the Rockies

Photo by Terry Fitch

Happy Birthday Cloud;

On behalf of  all self-actualized and compassionate human beings I would like to extend to you a most heartfelt congratulations, this day, on the advent of your sixteenth year of accompanying us on this voyage across time and space upon the spaceship we call Earth.

Sixteen years ago a wonderful cinematographer and her friend witnessed you entering this world.  At that time you probably had no idea of the mantle of responsibility and notoriety that you would bear upon your withers and soul.  As a young palomino, born wild amongst some of the most wondrous grandeur known on earth, you didn’t have a clue as to your destiny or the part you would play in the trivial game of human ego, greed and cruelty.  And if I had my way, you still would not know.

But like so many of your brethren you were not spared the cruelty of the perverted, special interests of human greed as you were harassed, terrorized, rounded up, imprisoned and ultimately released, unlike tens of thousands of others, to live out your hard life wild but all knowing of what ferments just behind the façade of those who walk on two legs; you know.

You are now the most hated and despised wild horse known to the U.S. Federal Government, specifically the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  When Ginger Kathrens began to document your life amongst the Pryor Mountains she, unknowingly, gave the plight of American wild horse a story, a face, a name…yours…and with that, there is now a bull’s-eye upon your head, along with that of your benefactor, Ms. Kathrens.

The BLM has foolishly made you a tool of punishment and manipulation as they have inhumanely chased, captured and terrorized you and your family.  If this special interest funded federal agency could make you go away tonight there would be a bullet between your eyes and politically they would do the same to Ginger Kathrens.

You represent all that is good with the American spirit, the sense of freedom and wholesomeness that we once rallied around, but now you are an obstacle and a nuisance that is in the way of the high paying special interests that seek to rape the Pryor’s of their natural resources and line the pockets of the criminals that hold bogus leadership positions within our government and for this, I apologize.

This is not so much a message of cheer but one of apology for the wrongs that have been committed against you and your brethren across the vast expanse of the benevolent horse nation.  On behalf of those who care, we are sorry.

We are sorry for the slaughter, the deaths, the injuries, the broken families, the lies, the deceit, the false promises and most of all, I apologize for being human.  If I had a way or the power to stand beside you as a stallion that honestly loved, cared and protected his family, I would be there.  But my curse pains me to the bone; I am one of them…a liar, a cheat and one who does not speak from the heart.  I am human and for that, I am sorry.

Cloud; you have made a mark that even a bullet and the BLM cannot erase; you are the voice, leader and inspiration for the salvation of our disappearing national icon, the American Wild Horse.  I thank you for what you are, who you are and where you have brought us as if it were not for you and the pain we witnessed you suffer at the hands of Obama’s BLM we would not be in this fight.  Thank you for opening our eyes, thank you for being all that we cannot be and thank you for being alive.

Happy Birthday Cloud, you have changed our lives in more ways than you could ever imagine and you are the engine that drives our advocacy.  Never become a martyr but instead continue to be the most powerful driving force in the animal kingdom focusing the spotlight upon humankind’s most despicable and inhumane behavior; the twisted and corrupt actions of the BLM.

Be strong, Cloud, and above all…be safe.

Happy Birthday!

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  1. Why do my ears ring ?? Because in a office somewhere.. there is some people laughing ..raising a beer in a toast..THe Best Dang Stab In The Back WE Coulda Done To Them Horse Lovers..Great Job My Fellow BLMer’s..The mustangs of North America will be annilated soon..Sadly not even known by most North Americans what is happening to them and why..For lots; who don’t even care..But the history books will show forever who did it..Today is a sad day for freedom..


    • The most egregious thing the BLM has done, even worse than the round ups, is hide these majestic animals from the citizens of this country. They don’t publicize them. They don’t post photos of them running free on their website, they don’t tell folks how to go see them. They don’t give out accurate information on their necessity to the ecosystems. And when they are asked about the wild horses publicly for mainstream consumption, they lie through their teeth, telling reporters their numbers are “exploding” (my local newcast last week), saying they are starving, saying they are ruining the public lands. It is a smear campaign, all paid for by us. If Americans only knew what was happening they’d be horrified. But sadly, only a very small percentage of Americans even know they exist. Thanks to the BLM.


      • SWH, you have said it in a nutshell and are absolutely correct! There are many aspects of our lives in which the government is being destructively intrusive and we are being lied to across the spectrum. But the BLM’s decades long betrayal of their responsiblity under U.S. law to us and, more importantly, these beautiful life forms that cannot defend themselves or speak for themselves is one of the most despicable and reprehensible that humans are perpetrating on our natural world. If congress will not step up to the plate and knock the BLM clear out of the park of equine management, those running the agency will not stop and are right on target to complete the destruction of viable breeding herds in the wild. They are nearly there now. Much of the blame must be laid at the feet of a willfully ignorant or government compliant media because the information on what is happening is readily available but is being purposely ignored.


      • SWH Beautifully Said !!!!!! You are right they need to be publicized big time……………I have seen a rising number of commercials and music videos featuring beautiful horses, Beyonces new video has one , The Nike Golf commercial awesome, and many others ………………………. This is what they need exposure , people will have them on their minds , keep up the great work !!!!!!


  2. A beautiful tribute to an icon… And those of us who stand behind you Cloud, remain in the crosshairs of those who would prefer that we all quietly go away; we will not turn out backs nor will we stop our fight to protect you and yours against the (mighty) savage beast, the BLM.


  3. Well said, and ditto all comments. I cannot think of words to describe the magnitude of sadness and frustration I feel regarding the BLM, or the deep and abiding love and respect I feel for Cloud and his wild brethren. Thank you, R.T., for continuing to bring this to the forefront. Thank you to all the advocates who selflessly fight to save and protect our wild horses and burros. May the Lord continue to guide you and bless you with persistence, tenacity and courage.


  4. Happy Birthday, handsome! Following your life through Ginger’s eyes has been a pleasure and a priviledge.


  5. Excellent tribute R.T. Cloud may understand more than we think though he cannot tell us. But what we can know for sure that he does know is that humans have been interferring in various ways in his world during his entire life. Many thanks to Ginger for bringing him and the herds around him to public attention. Otherwise they might have all been gone years ago.


  6. R.T. WHat a beautiful “Happy Birthday” tribute to a beautiful horse. I, in my heart, know that ultimately those that destroy will feel the rathe of God. I, for one, would see that you had a home with your family, if it ever came to that. If that happens, I would hope to start a campaign that would make every BLM employee hated for eternity. Hopefully, this will never come as I want you to remain forever free with your family. May you forever rein free with your family and stay with us to watch your gorgeous off spring continue to be with you to show all what is Great. A true beauty, with love and compassion for family, and one that will try to protect his family from the idiot two legged people. Your great and loved by many. I wish I could tell you that in person. But I know Ginger will speak to you for all of us that love you. May God see that you and all the wild horses win, win, win, over these bas_____.


  7. FANTASTIC tribute, RT. And to Cloud…Happy Birthday, big guy! We’ll NEVER back down in the fight for the freedom of ALL America’s wild horses and the little burros! Thats a promise!


  8. I have followed Cloud since I saw the first pictures of him as a colt and now as a full blown stallion in his prime. It is an honor to celebrate my birthday with him! May he live a long, healthy, fruitful life free to roam and run as he has always done! God Bless you Cloud, you are truly a piece of our Great American Heritage!


    • Louie, thanks for that link too.
      Two more roundups in July are coming up fast. How can we stop them?


  9. It seems to me that now, more than ever, ALL Horse lovers need to come together in ONE UNITED FRONT….the North American Continent. In a way, we are fighting for own freedom as well.


  10. I’m still sobbing from your article, R. T. Thanks so very much for all you have done & will do for these majestic animals!!!! Everything you have written is so TRUE, What now do we do???? WHY O WHY is all of this happening??? I agree with Louie we must all unite together at one place such as the people in the far east, they did not stop til all was right in their world!!!!! Perhaps then we might be able to get this stopped!


  11. Probably one of the most effective things that we can all do (besides commenting on the Environmental Assessments and hammering Congress) is to contribute to the ongoing lawsuits. Even a Little from each of us helps a Lot. I see more than 870,000 hits on this blog…..imagine that even half of those donated One Dollar. Next month, donate to another lawsuit…keep it going. It is well within the realm of possibility. R.T. and Terry have put their retirement savings on the line for this battle. Laura has put her whole life out there for it. That would be a good birthday present for Cloud.


  12. I think what really bothers me is that man has so abused, soiled and squandered this planet that many scientists believe we are in the middle of a mass extinction and die off of many of the species on earth. Only the 6th mass extinction known to exist. (don’t quote me on that fact, as it is from memory). The wild horses, or any other animal), do not need man to accelerate their extinction. Why is the BLM pushing these animals to the brink of extinction when they are already teetering on the edge of survival?

    Also, Wyoming Tourism Board is using the wild horses as a selling point to vacation in Wyoming as the Wyoming BLM is planning on wiping out as many as possible this summer. Don’t think the BLM is planning on hosting tourists to their round ups.

    Happy Birthday Cloud. Any wild horse who can make it to 19 in the wild with the BLM in charge of their stewardship is indeed a miracle.


  13. Cloud not only stands tall for our Great American Wild Horses and Burros but he is the poster boy for saving our planet. He not only brings attention to all wildlife but also to how we are mistreating our planet. This government is selling out our own natural resources to other countries and polluting our waters and stripping our lands. We must stand up and save our wild horses and show those who are killing our planet that we won’t stand for it.


  14. What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful horse – RT – you have such a fantastic way with
    words – I wish the BLM had the “heart” and ears to listen to you and stop this hideous persecution of these poor animals.


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