Month: May 2011

Wyoming Wild Horses Need Your Help, Now

You too can submit your own comments regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Management Areas (HMAs). There are gross inadequacies and faulty data utliized in the scope of this EA that need to be addressed and rectified before a roundup of these two herds should be allowed. If a roundup is conducted this summer, the two herds will be decimated to a total population of 274 horses on over 1 million acres! The Cloud Foundation’s comments for this EA are available online HERE. Read on for a sample format!

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The BLM and Lack of Transparency

On April 29, the Bureau of Land Management issued a press release announcing that its Wild Horse and Burro Long Term holding facility near Tulsa, OK would be open for one day for a public visit in June.

Interesting that this announcement comes so closely on the heels of The Cloud Foundation’s release of this viral video which graphically illustrated the horrible living conditions of wild horses at the Lake City Short Term Holding Facility near Salt Lake City, UT

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BLM Offering Tour of Private Long Term Wild Horse Holding Facilities

Last November the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) opened up two of their privately owned long term wild horse holding facilities to the press and public and Horseback Magazine’s Chief Photographer, Terry Fitch, attended and rendered a compelling article which can be read (HERE). SFTHH has just learned that the BLM will host another day for taxpayers to view once free roaming wild horses held in same sex herds on private land at great expense while waiting to die as their natural lives and families have been totally destroyed and subverted.

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Captured BLM Wild Horse Gets New Home

March 2011 – I have been crying for the wild horses and burros since my daughter called me on her way back from the Twin Peaks Roundup last summer – after she saw for herself what REALLY happens to the horses and burros during the BLM stampedes. This week however, my tears were of joy … it’s about time something GOOD happened … even if it is just a small step in a gigantic tragic story.

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