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Wild Horses: “D” is for Destroy, Devastate and Decimate – the BLM’s plan for Wyoming’s Wild Horses

from Carol Walker as it appears at Wild Hoofbeats

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This morning, June 14th, the Rock Springs, Wyoming BLM office published a Decision Record for the White Mountain and Little Colorado Herd Areas.

Here it is:

Normally these decision records come as no surprise – despite thousands of comments from the public against the roundup, (over 7000 in this case) usually the Alternative A is chosen, what the BLM wanted all along: bringing the herd numbers down to the lower end of AML, using birth control on the mares, and more recently, a crude twist – skewing the sex ration favoring stallions over mares.

Not this time.

In a shocking move the BLM has chosen alternative D for these two herds. This is what is listed in on page 8 in the the Environmental Assessment as Alternative D:

“Remove All Animals and manage for a non-reproductive herd returning gelded and spayed wild horses to Lower Limit of AML range.”

Even more alarming here is the last paragraph:

“The populations in the White Mountain and Little Colorado HMAs would be managed as non-reproducing herds. The population would be monitored and the population would be supplemented with wild horses from other HMAs as needed. In the case where all of the reproducing horses are not initially captured or people illegally turn out reproducing domestic horses into the HMAs a future gather action would be necessary to gather excess wild horses to the low AML.”

What is really ironic is that the White Mountain Herd is one of the most popular and easily visited herds in Wyoming, only 14 miles north of Rock Springs, and it even has a “Loop Tour!”

You can read the entire EA here:

These two herds will be managed to extinction in August. This is the blueprint for the erasure of the wild horse herds from Wyoming, and by extension, across the West.

I am not even going to go into detail about how unspeakably cruel and ridiculously expensive it will be to spay wild mares.

You may ask, what can I do about this? The very first thing you should do is get the word out about this atrocity. There is a meeting, a statewide hearing on the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles in the management of wild horses on June 21 at 5:30 at the BLM office in Rock Springs. Go and speak out if you can attend.

Here are the details:

If you cannot make it and want to speak out for Wyoming’s wild horses, here are a list of phone numbers that you can call:

Wyoming State Wild Horse Specialist Amy Ruhs, 307-352-0375

Rock Springs Wild Horse Specialist Jay D’Ewart, 307-352-0331

High Desert District Manager: John Ruhs 307-352-0256

Wyoming State Director: Don Simpson 307-775-6256

The next herd on the schedule for roundup and removal is Great Divide Basin, and comments are due by June 20. I think it is a safe bet that Alternative D will be the one that Wyoming’s BLM will opt for. Please comment here:

Thank you for caring about our wild horses. I invite you to act so that the wild horses of Wyoming do not become only a memory.

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  1. You know, I would have more respect for the BLM if they just came out and said the truth. I mean, why dont they publicly state: “We dont care about wild horses and burros. We will continue to eradicate them in favor of the ranchers and extractive industries. Our goal is extinction, by any means, and as quickly as possible” Instead they continue to try and give the impression that they give a crap, by soliciting public input, which is inevitably dismissed and ignored.


  2. We all know the BLM kills stallions when they geld them. This outdated procedure will kill some of the mares. This is an option with the Great Divide roundup in WY also. Commens against it can still be sent . See for info. Suggest you send yours to the BLM at the address in their EA letter also.


  3. i have called Amy Ruhs and naturally had to leave a message but I did explain my outrage at what is going to happen there very shortly..left my name and we’ll see if she wishes to discuss any of this with me…


  4. I can only shake my head and ask “why?” Getting blisters on my dialing fingers lately. Michelle, if you get a reply please post, be interested in hearing what line of BS they use to excuse this atrocity.


  5. When I read this post, I almost “threw up”! Since the BLM wants to literally kill these horses and take them down to the lowest levels of their AML’s, are they also going to take off ALL cattle, sheep, domestic horses, goats etc. that belong to the ranchers in these areas as well? If not, why not? What’s good enough for the Wild Horses is GOOD ENOUGH for the RANCHERS LIVESTOCK as well!!!! How can I, as an AMERICAN CITIZEN, rent PUBLIC LAND to graze my horses and cattle on it? I want in on the CASH COW too!!


  6. In violation of the law, Obama/ Salazars lying corrupt cruel BLM is wiping out Americas wild horses to steal our public lands & stuff millions of privately owned welfare cattle on our public lands, these cattle destroy water, plants, wildlife & cost taxpayers 1 billion per year
    Welfare cattle on public lands are subsidized at 1 Billion per year for a few rolex ranchers.


  7. This is just evil!
    1. Rounding up the horses for these procedures will result in injury and death.
    2. The stress of captivity will result in injury and death.
    3. The stress of the surgury,(gelding), with no follow up care, will result in injury and death.
    4. The reason why we almost never spay a mare, is because it is major surgery with painful recovery. With no follow up care, the mortality rate is going to be huge.


  8. Go to the right side of this blog, scroll down to “Tuesday’s Horse” and read more tragic news that seems to have slipped by many. It is really scary and WY related. I also learned a new word that fits the horse killers perfectly…”obfuscation”. I kid you not.

    And RT has a great read list down there that is well worth the time…good stuff!

    Is anyone ever going to be able to stop those whacko’s at DOI/USDA/State lands management and vindictive tribes? Budget crises everywhere and Congress gives Slaughterczar 11-12 more? I don’t get the stupidity and cruelty.




  10. ‘D’ is for Devious & Disgusting; there is NO way this comes under the heading of ‘management’, even in a WH&B Act that’s routinely ‘amended’ to fit the raison du jour.

    I thought we’d seen pretty much every facet of this agency’s maliciousness but this is a whole new low, even for them. That the notion of surgically altering wild animals even occured to someone as a ‘good idea’ is a further testament of how Degraded the mentality in wild equine ‘management’ has become.

    Subjecting these animals to one cruelty on top of another has become so blatant and routine there appears to be no cognizant thought involved – just a mindless drive toward their ruin. What kind of De-evolution creates human beings that believe THIS an acceptable ‘alternative’?


  11. I think I’m gonna barf. Of all the ridiculous bozo brained ideas our government has come up with–this one takes the cake. And I don’t mean that politely.

    You geld–that male horse can’t reproduce himself. Hence you don’t need to spay wild mares. And more to the point–WHY WOULD YOU???? Surgery in those corrals equals death. Are they going to offer any pain meds during and post surgery??? What about antibiotics???

    Hairbrain. Dumbbells. Idiots.


  12. Well this has just crossed over into the TWILIGHT ZONE- unbelievable!!! I just called both Ruhs, D’Ewart, & Simpson and left messages for all since I got their voice mail. In spite of my extreme displeasure I was very polite.


  13. We can complain all we want but we need to take action. Does anyone have any ideas on what we can do besides keep calling and getting ignored? Maybe we need to sit in the office of our Congressmen and women and make them listen to us. We need some new ideas because the old ones are getting ignored.

    Maybe we need to round them all up and take them somewhere else where they would like to have some wild horses. And then the Wyoming Tourist board will have to come up with a new campaign. There will be no wild reason to go to Wyoming once the horses are gone. Maybe they can talk Slaughter House Sue into jumping a fence and show the other animals that roam WY. Now that would be a sight!


    • Making appointments WITH the rep and/or senator are the way to go; be prepared, don’t let them blow you off and insist that you be heard….take a copy of the Constitution with you…take a friend with you to witness their reply…hell, take 5 like-minded souls with you with DVDs of the hell documented, reports on drugs, abuse, transport, etc.

      Those items and documentation are quoted and referenced here daily.

      Don’t let them say NO OR stall.


    • I agree. It feels like sweeping sand back into the ocean. But I think I figured out slaughter house Sue last night. I happened upon the last part of 101 Dalmations and realized: Cruella De Ville must be her role model!


  14. This is beyond belief!!!!!!!!!!!!! My fingers will be on the buttons in a half an hour. It just goes
    to show you that maybe they are worried that some of this legislation will pass…God forbid
    their cash cow becomes dry!!! I don’t even want to think of the out dated methods that will
    be used……..I think we should all try and contact all the media sources and keep hammering away until someone finally listens. I plan on contacting local and national
    news media as well as my Legislators. I keep waiting to see if there is any action on
    Rep. Moran’s amendment…God help all of our horses…I am praying…


  15. Those of us impacted by the rush of energy development here in WY know perfectly well WHY this is happening. 5000 new gas wells proposed for the area used by the White Mountain herd and the Little Colorado herd has been gone for years now due to the Jonah Field.


    • There you go!! That’s it! Obama’s energy program, AGAIN! Yes we have heard they were going to do this but now we see the end results. Soon the wild ones will be out of there. Why will they not let us round them up and send them to Pickens. I don’t understand either how her husband is behind flacking and she is trying to save the wild ones but hey as long as she saves them we’ll stand behind her. How anyone allows flacking I don’t understand. A questin for another time. Right now we need to save our AMERICAN WILD HORSES AND BURROS.

      Yes I to heard that Lummis pulled her amendment. Moran did a great ob defending his amendment and it is already part of the bill. Now we just have to make sure that something doesn’t go on behind closed doors in the dead of night like with the Burns Bill. Hold tight and pray it holds.


      • This energy boom started with Bush and I was hoping a new administration would at least slow it down. Not so far. Haven’t there been lawsuits filed to stop roundups? Anyone know anything about this?


  16. The Congresswoman from WY just withdrew her amendment that she says would allow private citizens to get their horses inspected to go to slaughter for consumption as requested by Congressman Moran! So 1 for Mr Moran!


  17. I have some serious questions about the surgery that this proposed move would entail. Please some of this is grown up and I don’t know how to make it child safe. So if anyone out there has tender ears of a child this is your warning.

    I want to know how the vet would propose doing this ovarectomy stuff. To palpate a mare that is to be bred the vet checks her by putting his gloved arm in her rectum. He has to scrub his arm from fingers to shoulder beforehand. And he has to move gently because he can easily tear through the intestinal wall creating a huge mess.

    Would he go this route to destroy her ovaries? Or would he go through the vagina and into her uterus? That would entail MAJOR surgery. Everything has to be sterile. The uterus is entirely suspectible to all kinds of infection. The human equivalent PID would be the least of the worries. The pens I saw at Fallon would almost guarantee the death of every mare–its just that unclean an environment.

    What about the mare who has a foal by her side? Would they “politely” check her for a pregnancy before going forth with such surgery?

    Also in all my readings so far in regards to breeding (brought about by Zenyatta and her losing her first foal) there is NO SUCH THING as a miscarriage. Between zero and day 40-50 (depending on who you read) it is called EARLY EMBRYONIC LOSS. From day 50-300 it is called ABORTION. Not one vet book has referred to a mare losing her fetus as a miscarriage. Even from day 300 it is possible that the foal could survive given proper premie care.

    I apologize for the grown up words here. There is NO viable reason that I can see why our government would spay the mares when they are already going to neuter every stud the come in contact with.


  18. We all know the BLM kills stallions when they geld them. This outdated procedure will kill some of the mares. This is an option with the Great Divide roundup in WY also. Comments against it can still be sent . See for info and the EA. Suggest you send yours to the BLM at the address in their EA letter also. On page 65 of this latest EA is the BLM’s procedure for doing an ovariectomy. According to them it is no more than spaying a cat or dog which I think is an outright lie. The latest method is done by a laparoscopic prodedure and only under strictest , sterile conditions and for uncontrolable mares or to remove cancer.


  19. This has to end, and it has to end now. This has got to be a violation of the Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971 as amended. Honest to goodness, it has to stop.

    When I talked to my Congressman’s office yesterday referencing today’s vote, she said that we need to toss out a lot of fish just to see who will come out to help us. We thank Representative Burton and Representative Moran as well as Senator Landrieu and Senator Grahmam.

    She recommended that we try to work with HSUS who has a lobbyist in Congress and a budget to work with and any other groups that might have a lobbyist who is pro-horse. She also said that the people in Congress who sit on each committee tend to be experts on that area and be those most likely to advocate for horses to the Congress at large. Since we were talking about the Agriculture Appropriations Act, we discussed that committee.

    There are oversight issues, judicial issues, scientific issues, energy issues, appropriations issues, and so forth regarding the Bureau of (Land–Not) Management’s to Extinction Wild Horse and Burro Program. There are a lot of committee chair’s to contact.


  20. Yes, this is a land grab. This is a quick and cheap way to be rid of breeding horses and not remove all. There is always that finality attached to these decisions. But this is blatant and should be challenged. Removing horses in order to take over their lands has no support in the Act. This is a complete subversion.


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