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  1. I too would love to be there. Wanted to help HfH with their recent burro rescue…would take one, but I live in FL and its difficult to get one down here.

    Give a longear a squeeze from FL.


  2. Can’t be there but I shared the info out. Hope you get lots of people and lots of people take the time to stop and get educated on this issue.


  3. Gosh, how I would love to be there. Now that I have been in Oklahoma, I want to be able to attend everything in person. It makes such a difference! Hope this is a very successful event!!


  4. I love the little guys and girls, if I had room I would take a pair..Good luck to all those going to Austin, I will certainly be there in spirit..


  5. Good timing for this event on this Easter holiday weekend. Wish I could be there for the humble donkeys as I value and love them so.


  6. Good luck on the march for the wise burros and their right to live where they belong on the open desert lands there in Texas. It would be such a crime to deprive them of this right. They would leave such an empty hole!


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