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Law Catches Up with Horse Slaughter Trafficker

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Citizen Complaint Filed Against Three Angels Farms

In addition to kill buyer Dorian Ayache (Three Angles Farms) being shut down today, just 3 days ago private citizens provided evidence and filed a formal complaint with the USDA Office of the Inspector General that Ayache had violated the 28 hour USDA regulations. The regulations prevent horses intended for slaughter from “being on a conveyance for transport” for over 28 hours. Fines for violation of the 28 hour rule amounts to $5,000 per horse, or $185,000 for 37 horses.


Today, Friday July 29th, kill buyer Dorian Ayache, President of Three Angles Farms, Lebanon, TN was ordered effective immediately to cease all commercial motor vehicle operations. The United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration charged that Ayache and Three Angels Farms operations constitute an “imminent hazard” to public safety. In addition to ceasing all operations, Ayache was prohibited from having others haul for him.




Ayache, who has had 2 wrecks since January, the latest just 3 weeks ago when his trailer carrying 37 horses broke in half on I24 just outside of Nashville, has been cited for 64 vehicular safety violations over the last 24 months. He has also been cited for driving without a commercial driver’s license, fatigued driver, health certificate, record of duty status and more.

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  1. This is long overdue!!! What happened to thoe 37 poor horses? Thankfully, there are still caring, concerned citizens out there!! Thanks to you, R. T. Fitch, for reporting the occurrences, relating to our horses, burrows..


  2. Well, this goes to show how really bad it has to get before the deadheads in charge of these kind of regulations to the point of outrage do something.

    Now, let’s see if they really enforce it……BUT, but they did something. That lets me know how BAD it really is/was. I keep thinking Presidio, TX, Sugarcreek, Camelot, etc.


    • Sugarcreek and the Horrors of Leroy Baker have long been a horror here in Ohio Many People are trying to get rid of this Cruel Horse Torturer, His Fine from USDA now sits in Cleveland Justice Center…………….UNPAID I cant imagine why he still is in operation??????? This man is a DISGRACE !!!! His cruelties and of the Amish he hires are unimaginable !!!! All DOCUMENTED on film and photos……. LEROY Baker is the poster child of horse cruelties………….. Wish they still tarred and feather his kind and run them out of town forever…….. I Worked with the Town Animal Warden5 yrs ago she could do nothing to stop him, she got FIRED as a result and will not talk to me…………………………..


      • arlene:

        The worst that decent humans can do to cruds like this is to shut them down and all associated peoples permanently.

        As to the Amish, Mennonites, Christians in USDA, DOI, et al that do this to God’s creatures….I’d like to review the Good Book they use to justify this kind of abuse.


      • sounds like a cause to put him on a billboard “Wanted for cruel inhumane treatment of America’s horses” since there are photos it should be easy. we could pitch in to pay for the billboard.


      • Dear Marie , This House of Horse Horrors has been going on since 1985, many people here are trying to shut this Beast down, would love to see a ANTI SLAUGHTER POSTER right Near this Auction !!!!!


  3. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy!

    They need to somehow block this guy from opening again, under his own name, another name or working for another “silent” owner. Think Ernie Paragallo and how his whole family was blocked from ownership, training etc.

    This guy is not just a menace to the horses–he’s a menace to all of us driving under the conditions he has been.


    • The order says Ayache is completely blocked from those activities you suggest.

      As to Paragallo, he wasn’t entirely blocked from racing, training or breeding; I think he is still the majority or half owner of the fragile stallion (Unbridled’s Song…Eight Belles come to mind?) even though he was put in the can. IOW, he isn’t REALLY completely out of the racing world.


  4. I drove over the road for about 12 years. Now that Three Angels Farm is on their radar, I hope the DOT will stay true to form and make life a living hell for horse slaughter transporters. One thing I know, once DOT has you on their radar, you’re in trouble. Thank you DOT. Didn’t think I’d ever be saying that.


  5. What a wonderful story to wake up to. They’ll find the same story with every kb transporter. I hope they all get on DOT radar. There is no reason they allowed this to get this bad before they stepped in. If it weren’t for citizens doing the job that US officials should be doing they’d still be out there causing misery and death for our horses. It’s truly a wonder that these drivers haven’t caused a huge multi-car accident. Hope Ayache goes bankrupt SOON.


  6. This is good, especially good that he can’t get another carrier to haul for him. Now if people around ther can make sure he’s not trying to find a way haul them. Now if we can get Montoya trucking out of Los Lunas N.M. In trouble that will be one more less company hauling horses to slaughter. Any little bit helps, at least some horses not go for that cruel ride. Montoya hauls for Dennis Chavez the kill buyer for S.W. livestock auction that’s facing charges for animal cruelty for the starving and abused horses on his property in march, one horses eyes were destroyed , I think they were rejected from the slaughter house in Mexico and he just was letting them starve. I am trying to figure out what I can do to try to get them in trouble to stop cause I live not far from Montoya trucking and Dennis Chavez . I do know he pays some of his drivers under the table, I am a truck driver too but I’m only home on the weekends so its hard but I do talk to drivers that know them.


  7. Well, it sure is about time – what took them so long?
    I hope = now that its private citizens complaining – rather than “horse advocates” maybe they will pay more attention to whats happening.


    • What needs to be done is for every horse in a slaughter truck the driver should be Jailed and fined $20,000.00 , its a lot better than being hung for horse stealing !!!!!


  8. Thank you for posting this information. Hopefully Ayache will be hit hard financially for allowing horses to knowingly suffer.


  9. Great news and thanks to the caring citizens, who have made this possible and to R.T for providing the information, as he always does, so well. (-: This is exactly what’s needed…people being aware and reporting…let’s hope he goes out of business and/or pays a huge fine!


  10. This worked because citizens at the local level became a loud enough “squeaking wheel” to get the attention of law enforcement. We have focused a lot on legislation and action at the federal level. Perhaps getting to know our sheriffs, deputies, animal control officers, and making sure they are aware of these transportation regulations might go a long way towards raising awareness in those who have the most power to shut down the sales and illegal transportation of horses to slaughter.

    Don’t forget that if we see something suspicious in our area, HSUS has a group of investigators on call that come in to help.


  11. Thank you private citizens for sticking your necks out to save the necks of the horses. This is very admirable!


  12. Question: In a standard (53ft.?) trailer there is a law about how many square feet they must provide per horse. I know almost nothing about this but maybe someone could inform us all about this and perhaps that law could be used against them also? It seems like 37 horses in one trailer must be way beyond the legal load?


  13. Well, finally it seems the “authorities” have got the message that this man is breaking the law and hauling horses to their death, putting citizens at risk, and should have been shut down long ago!


  14. This incident is representative of the nature and economics of transport of horses to slaughter. These “bottom feeder” operations invest as little as possible which results in threats to public safety as well as inhumane treatment and care for horses. Transport violations in a USDA document contained hundreds of graphic photographs of horses whose injuries and conditions were violations of humane laws. The photographs were taken in 2005 while horse slaughter still operated at three plants in the U.S.


  15. Unfortunately there are many kill buyers in the state of Tn who still truck horses via I40. I have a small farm that runs parallel to the interstate. Many trailers still haul horses to slaughter. As I still continue to point out that law enforcement and vets in this area could care less about enforcing horse health certificates. Mostly they could give a you know what less.


  16. Seems the anti horse slaughter people in Europe went anout it the same way. They ran ads in big newspapers in all horse eating countries, with the ads showing how inhumane the Mexican plants and Canada actually were, and the condition of most of the horses going to slaughter. They don’t use a bolt gun in Mexico, they have a guy with knife cutting through their spines. See Animal Angels page for the video. These EU horse eating people think their horses are out in huge pastures eating grass that is knee high. A few well placed ads just might get some attention. I Agree, a HUGE bill board in his home town would let the people who visit this quaint Amish town the real story of what goes on there.


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