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What’s Next, a Bunny Slaughterhouse Bill?

Source: Jay Cronley of

Thinking that Oklahoma elected officials have bottomed out sounds like a rash assumption.

After going against the national grain while forwarding the image that there was not a dadgummed thing wrong with sending text messages while driving, and after foisting upon an unwilling public a killing-for-profit horse slaughtering bill, you might think that the Oklahoma Legislature couldn’t get any lousier.

The Easter Bunny Is SlaughteredBut hold on, citizens.

Thinking that our elected officials have bottomed out sounds like a rash assumption.

It now seems that the majority of the legislators slinging notions at the wall to see what sticks as law are capable of even more unimaginable actions.

Bright ideas for sale: These could be some of the bills that our leaders have in mind.

  • Promote unique industrial parks. Next to the horse-killing factory, tax breaks could be given to such under-appreciated businesses as plastic bag manufacturers and drive-through chewing tobacco outlets. Bring the kiddies. Have a picnic.
  • Create a slaughterhouse for bunnies. These things are hopping all over the place and make driving while sending text messages a very bumpy ordeal.

Pay ten bucks per bunny, grind them up and mix them in with horse meat, sell it to dog food companies.

  • Endorse uneducated teen pregnancies by providing free food, discounts for gasoline.

Can’t have a considerable portion of our youth moving to Mississippi.

  • Adjust the state motto to include the words, “The Humane State.”
  • Order some signs, “Yield to Meat Wagons Carrying Recently Slaughtered Animals.”
  • More toll roads. Up the rates on those in existence.
  • Up the speed limit.
  • Release criminals. An elected official said he was against the don’t-text-and-drive law because it would be “hard to enforce.”

Grandfathering this thinking, we should release the convicts who were arrested and convicted because of laws that were “hard to enforce.”

Issue all criminals to be released from prison under the “hard to enforce” act complimentary OU or OSU ball caps.

  • Update hunting laws – eliminate most bag limits and let people shoot at game from inside moving vehicles.
  • Revise the term limits for our legislators upward. Let these characters serve 10-year terms.

It takes time to dream up nutty bills and think of justifications for trashing good ideas.

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  1. Shame Shame on Oklahoma the horse capitol of the world and the horses are not safe there anymore they better get out of town quickely to be safe!!


    • Aw, now Steve, there should always be a good hanging spot for these unsocial, greedy, people. Why, I’ll be right now, they are out chasing their own brother or sister trying to get them to marry them ’cause ain’t nuttin’ like an inbred bunch of politicians to make the world go round; while we are at it, we could use the noose as a lasso and chase down their mom and dad and make sure they attend the little darlin’s weddin’s so they all can keep it in the family. When they are through with their aww shucks Oklahoma garbage, then we can send them to Guantanamo Bay and let them check out the scenery there. It’s pure criminal behavior and it’s not done by the law, so therefore, it became a national defense problem, not a civic problem when they usurped the gov. and used racketeering methods to get laws passed so they could make a few dollars on the horses they can steal and round up. Lord. I will hope to NEVER go to Oklahoma again! NEVER!


  2. I’m surprised that the blood lust for killing animals that foreigners eat hasn’t led one of these nikenpoop legislators to submit a bill to slaughter dogs and cats. We don’t eat them here in the US and we are all against the disgusting thought of eating our companion animal. Wait, does Skye McNeil’s family own any dog pounds? She could write a bill to “end the suffering ” of the abandoned, mistreated dogs & cats by inhumanly slaughtering them and sell the meat to THAILAND. That’s how STUPID this law is!


  3. You may laugh, but I think you’re giving your nutty polititions ideas! – lol
    But rats is the way to go, too many of them, I’m sure you could grind them up and mix with the murdered horses. Your food chain will be the envy of the world


  4. I would like all of you to take a look at the pictures for Criolla week. Throughout Easter Week, “gauchos”, the Latin American equivalent of the North American cowboy, from all over Uruguay and neighboring Argentina and Brazil will visit Montevideo to participate in the Criolla Week to win the best rider award. And judging by these pics, this is one wild rideeek.

    I think all should take a look at the pictures and see the sheer terror on the horses face. Also, look beyond the horse and see the audience, some have their arms folded and I didn’t see any smiles on the audience face, they are just as horrified as the horses.

    I would then like the pro-slaughter people tell me that horses don’t feel an pain, emotions or fear for their own safety. Horses are aware of themselves.

    So, this is what Latin American thins are cowboys??? I think not.


  5. It sure hurts to be an Oklahoman right now. We (Oklahoma) are in the TOP FIVE in nation in the following categories:

    1: The most women incarcerated.
    2: Obesity
    3: Mental Illness
    4: More women murdered by men.
    5: First state to repeal their own ban on slaughtering horses after half a century
    6: Men far outnumber the women in legislator and most committees have all men.
    7: Meth Capitol of the nation

    Need I go on. NOW….what the heck am I doing here?

    Time to adopt my 4 mustangs from the BLM and move back to the Colorado Rockies.


    • Um…Oklah; if you have the room in your trailer, could you possibly pick up some of those wild horses being held in long term pastures on your way outta Dodge?(If I recall correctly, you can buy a WHOLE truckload, for like, the price of a driver’s license renewal.)

      Bless your heart, though, Dear One. We unconditionally support the citizens of Oklahoma. The legislators and governor? Not so much…


  6. Has the world suddenly gone mad? What has the horse EVER done to make people so rabid? I thought BLM was bad (I still do)but you kinda know what to expect from them. The worst in human behavior.

    But these rabid horse eating killers in Oklahoma are truly disgusting.

    This may sound bad and I apologize…but I hope if they are ever successful in opening a slaughter plant–that people get sick, crime rate skyrockets, and businesses leave town. Oh and let’s not forget toxic water. I have all the compassion for the horses that will suffer this fate because of unthinking and unfeeling legislators BUT I HAVE NONE FOR THE TWO LEGGEDS. Except those innocents caught in the crossfire.

    I swear Oklahoma has done gone mad. I mean around the bend mad. Well the rich are going to get richer. The poorer are going to get stuck with the crappy crime rate cause they won’t be able to afford to move. And I swear that when Oklahoma has gone to hell and back they will start bitching about needing all this money to clean up their state. Even after we to.d them not to open a blasted slaughterhouse. No one listened. I hope they all drown in the waste that will soon be upon them.


  7. No most of them have their head in the sand and don’t have a clue what is going on or they think that the people who voted them in don’t have a clue or know who to use a computer. My congressman is so out of it he was giving me the history of horse slaughter and telling me we didn’t have one in the US. Hello where have you been for the last month….. God help us all….


  8. Happy Easter!!! Just wait til the trucks carrying the innerts of the horses slaughtered pass into your neighborhoods. In which case the trucks will be ozing with all kinds of blood, guts and what ever..
    The stench will just about kill you! Where will they be taking all the left overs? Will you have another type of plant to render all of this? If you live in Oklahoma you better be ready and get your camera out..Oh and by the way, you Oklahomians need to find out what they plan on doing with the hides of the horses slaughtered. Will they vote in a plant to make purses from the animals? I am very glad I don’t live in your state..The state has no idea what is going to happen if this becomes a reality.


  9. Where did you get the photo of the dead bunny beside the Easter basket Did you have that photo staged ?

    I understand the piece you wrote le but I am VERY UPSETT that you would put this specific photo up wit using a dead bunny It is not funny , very poor taste and very disrespectful to the body of this little bunny to be used in this way

    What happened the the bunny’s body afterwards ? I sincerely hope it was buried in the ground with some dignity?

    Whomever she or he was I hope they died quickly and without pain ? RIP sweet rabbit I pray for you.


  10. I have sweet rabbits who have been rescued who live with me as my companions I did not appreciate the photo used in this article. It was obviously staged

    The points were well illustrated without the use of this un- compassionate and obviously staged photograph If were you Mr Fitch,I would not have included this photo in this post

    Millions of rabbits are kept in filthy stacked cages and their skins ripped form their bodied while still partially conscious Have you heard a rabbit scream while this is happening ? I wish Jay Cronley had?

    Compassion must be extended to all loving sentient creatures not just horses This was very distressing to me Shame on Jay Cronley of


    • I agree with the compassion but please, we were just taking a few moments off from a very serious situation to have a bit of levity. It IS okay to laugh every now and then.


      • Thank for your comments and I do understand . Mr. Fitch. However it is the use of the photo I objected to … not the written piece. I still did not appreciate a photo a dead bunny being used as part of ” taking some time off ” from a very difficult situation dealing with BLM and Wild horses in the US..

        Tiny though he / she is the bunny has a right to compassionate feelings from us,, just as much as horses do. A sentient life is a precious life no matter to whom it belongs. I just wish you and the original author had used a different photo than that of a dead bunny. I love rabbits It upset me very much !

        No photo of ANY dead creature should have been used as part of ” taking some time off :” The staged photo used by you and Jay Cronley was in very poor taste

        I am sure if the a article had shown with a staged photo using a a dead foal with an Easter basket you would NOT have included It in using it as your post

        I know horses matter to you very much and I appreciate all you do in the United States for the wild horses there .If we need the public to care more about the plight of those wild horses we also must respect all sentient non- human beings.

        . Compassion needs to be shown towards all animals. it is not species specific Mr. Fitch.


        Sarah West Founder CFAWR :Canadian for Animals Welfare Reform: Canadian Ambassador for World Animal Day. Victoria BC Canada


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