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Wild Horse Advocate Takes Top Honors in Equine Photo Competition

Three years running, Terry Fitch rides home with ribbons, this year she captured 11

Long time Wild Horse and Equine advocate Terry Fitch, co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation,  has garnered 11 awards for her photographic artistry in the prestigious Equine Photographers Network‘s International 2013 Winter Photography Contest.

Ms. Fitch’s artistic subjects ranged from her own horses, Mongolian wild horses to the Royal Outer Mongolian Mounted Guard.  With an eye for the emotion evoked by an equine Fitch captured images that likewise capture not only the eye but the heart of the viewer.  Her winning photos are as follows:

The People’s Choice Amateur

“New Friends”

3rd Place Amateur Performance

“Changing of the Guard”

6th Place Amateur Performance

“Rough Day”

Honorable Mention Amateur Performance

“Heading Home”

4th Place Amateur Horse Human Bond

“Saddling up”

1st Place Amateur Head Study

“Lazy Day”

3rd Place Amateur Head Study

“Water Hound”

4th Place Amateur Head Study

“New Friends”

6th Place Amateur Extreme Action

“Mongolian Racers”

Honorable Mention Amateur Details

“Deep Thought”

2nd Place Amateur Wild Horses

“Mongolian Stallion”

Ms. Fitch would like to thank the Equine Photographers Network and all of the kind individuals that voted for and showed appreciation for her work.

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  1. Congratulations Terry!!……The New Friends pic is my favorite…….. it really shows the connection they have with each other…… most of us know that pose well among our own horses….


  2. I was so pleased yesterday when I saw the contest results. Another advocate photographer took top honors in the “People’s Choice Professional” division and had sent out an email with the link. When I opened it I was so happy to see not only his (Patrick Brennan’s) work but to see Terry popping up in nearly every division. Photographers from around the world, an unknown number of competitors…WOW!

    Being able to capture a moment and have it grab your audience’s attention and for them to be able to hear what you are saying is a rare talent.

    Congratulations Terry!


  3. Congratulations Terry. “Deep Thought” is my favorite because the “eyes are the window to the soul.” When my horse and I look right at each other, I feel an intensely strong connection with her. Thanks for capturing the amazing qualities that horses possess and we who love and admire them know.


    • That photo will be the cover of the May issue of Horseback Magazine where our story on our horseback trek across Outer Mongolia will be featured.

      R.T. Fitch Author – “Straight from the Horse’s Heart” President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Force of the Horse®, LLC 1-800-974-FOTH

      Sent from R.T.’s New iPad 3, HD, or whatever it is not called!


      • A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Terry! You must be very proud R.T. I voted for ‘New Friends’ but love all Terry’s photos. Can’t wait to see it on the cover of Horseback Magazine and so looking forward to the story of ya’lls trip to Outer Mongolia; that had to be true wonderment for you and Terry.

        P.S. I know what you mean about your ‘new’ tech contraption! Dang things make your head spin!


  4. Congratulations, on so many beautiful pictures, I can only imagine how hard it was to pick your favorites to enter. I found this on te day I voted~~~it says so much


  5. Beautiful inspiring photos. Each one showing the willing, loving, giving nature of the horse. Congratulations Terry.


  6. Huge congratulations, Terry, and well deserved! I’m obsessed with “Deep Thought,” can I please buy a copy? It’s amazing!


  7. Have totally enjoyed all of your dedicated work for our horses that are a blessing from above; Thank You & Congratulations !!!


  8. Bravo Terri! I enjoyed going to the galleries to vote and see your fine photos. Congratulations on the recognition you earned by talent and really wonderful submissions.


    • Stunning! I am partial to burros as well as horses so I fell in love with the head shot that won you first place in the Amature Head Study. You deserve the greatest of praise.


  9. Your love and compassion, along with a perfect eye for capturing these beautiful creatures at such touching moments is a real gift and your photographs are living proof! “New Friends” certainly is one of my favorites, but each had their own uniqueness and ability to inspire. Congratulations, Terry!


  10. CONGRATULATIONS TERRY!! I love all of your photos; you capture the very essense and beauty of the horse. Stunningly beautiful each and every shot…

    Sharon in Texas


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