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Public lands in BLM Ely District are dirt cheap: $2 an acre

SOURCE:  BLM Nevada website

Just a quick update:  On Dec. 10, 2013, the BLM Ely District in Nevada held an oil & gas lease sale auction that raked in $1,979,581 on 93,816 .320 acres (54 parcels) of public lands.

The BLM originally offered up 303,333.900 acres (178 parcels).  Thousands of acres were leased/sold for as little as $2 an acre.  When wild horses were removed from the Seaman Herd Area, we posted an article and maps about this pending December 2013 oil & gas lease/sale here.

It’s ironic that the report to the public contains this question:


Doesn’t it seem that the BLM was “disruptive” to lease/sale so many acres for oil & gas exploration (and then, development) during a “drought?”  Doesn’t it seem “unusual” for public lands to be leased/sold for the dirt cheap amount of $2 an acre?

Public lands, just like the wild horses, are going, going, gone.

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    • The only problem is the BLM refuses to comment on any of this. There has a been an outpouring of letters, phone calls, and emails regarding wild horses on public land and no one from the BLM will talk about it. They don’t want to because they know the public would be outraged. It’s all very shady.


  1. BLM has the legal right to sell public lands and to acquire new, more valuable land. I have seen this in official documents. Now, I don’t know if this right has been challenged in court or not. Remember Salazar ran the Ruby Pipeline (for his new employer) right through wild horse country in Northern Nevada. And I think part of the motivation to fill the West with windmills that do no consistently produce enough energy to do much more than eadicate birds, they fill of thousands of acres that would otherwise be suitable for grazing. It is the most incredible site to know how much money we have spent putting virtually usely industrial waste on thousands of acres. The only thing these wind mills are efficient for is killing birds, including the bald eagle. Oh yeah, as they fill up pasture land giving the BLM, FS, NPS, and FWS a little cover for removing wild horses and burros. This is such a farce.

    The BLM has known all along that that oil and gas is where it is, and it never intended to make our country energy independent through wind or solar. The only green that these people see is green that is based on gold. Black gold.

    If you live in a western state with public lands, you might want to express your concerns to your state government. It would be great if the state of Nevada owned those leases instead of the federal government. You can bet Nevadans would get a lot more consideration regarding who can purchase these leases and other issues. This is Senator Reid’s pipeline to the multinational oil and gas companies that keep funding him and his Senate cronies to make sure they can strip Americans of what Americans love and value. What’s a few dead bald eagles and a 10 to 20 to 30 thousand dead wild horses and burros? Who cares about federal laws when you can get anything you want through international laws—if you have some oil to trade for it.


  2. Did they actually sell land or just sell mineral rights leases (as usual)? Shockingly cheap either way, when you consider what is lost in the process.

    That said, we must all take a hard look at ourselves, too, and our demand for energy for ever-more people on this planet. Even if energy is exported it is partly due to the demand other countries have to live the lifestyles we Americans have idealized. We all have to look in the mirror, and get busier with local, and more sustainable, energy production and consumption. Better ways are possible but aren’t going to arise from within the current system which has no incentive to change.

    I encourage everyone to read this article, and do some soul searching.


    • For oil & gas, it is called a lease/sale, but they use the land for many years. Read some previous articles, as I have detailed it in the past. The BLM DOES sell public lands, too.


  3. Seems to me that they sold oil/gas rights — dirt cheap. The only reason energy companies want to drill here now is because oil is around $100/barrel, natl gas is still cheap and plentiful, but wait until cars/buses switch to natl gas. In the Red Desert, Wyoming, Adobe Town has BP all over it; Rock Springs, WY has the largest Haliburton and Schlumberger equipment; land there is $100K/acre and is all leased by oil/gas/welfare ranchers. But solar is still the cleanest and non-geopolitical energy, and MIT professors are working on storing this energy; of course the power grid has to work. When that happens, we can usher in the 21st century. Our beautiful horses and other animals will be gone – that is unconscionable.


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