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After Wyoming, Nevada is next to eradicate wild horses from checkerboard areas


Instead of removing wild horses, BLM should end all livestock GRAZING ALLOTMENTS on PUBLIC LANDS. 

And, there is NO “OVERPOPULATION” of wild horses!

BLM attacking wild horses in Nevada ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

BLM attacking wild horses in Nevada ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation


SOURCE:  Elko Daily Free Press

Federal agency announces 2015 wild horse roundups

ELKO – The Bureau of Land Management announced it will remove wild horses early next year that have roamed into checkerboard land in areas of the Elko District that aren’t designated for horse management.

A similar roundup to remove horses from checkerboard land is planned in the Winnemucca District.

In addition, the BLM has scheduled to gather about 1,000 horses in the Pine Nut Mountain, Fish Creek and Little Fish Lake herd management areas on the Carson City and Battle Mountain districts and treat about 225 to 250 mares with fertility control vaccine.

“The gathers announced today are part of BLM’s efforts to reduce overpopulation of wild horses on our public lands through the use of fertility control and selective removals,” Joan Guilfoyle, division chief of the national Wild Horse and Burrow Program, said in a statement.

About 460 excess horses will be removed.

“The welfare of wild horses is always a top priority for the BLM and we remain committed to providing humane care and treatment as we and our contractors conduct gather operations in Nevada,” Guilfoyle continued.

The late-January timeframe is intended to maximize the effectiveness of the fertility vaccine Porcine Zona Pellucidae, which can help slow herd growth rates and extend the time until another gather is needed, according to BLM.

The Winnemucca District said about 160 horses will be gathered over a three-day period from the area comprised of more than 431,000 acres of private and public land.

“In the summer of 2014, BLM Winnemucca removed 101 wild horses in this area by a bati/water trap operation,” Jim Schroeder, field manager for the district, said in a statement. “Starting in late Januaray 2015 we will be removing the remainder of the wild horses from the (herd area).”

Removing the excess wild horses will help prevent further deterioration of range and water resources, according to the BLM, as well as reduce vehicle-versus-horse accidents on roads and damage to private property.

The contractor for the gather is Cattoor Livestock of Nephi, Utah.

The horses will be transported to the Palomino Valley Center near Reno, or Burns, Oregon for preparation for adoption.

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  2. How I wish I knew wild horse friendly places to stay in NV. I go thru this every summer both directions. I HATE giving my money to horse haters.

    Last summer just west of Battle Mountain out on 80 I saw the greenest field you could ever ask for. My first thought at the time was who was hogging all the water. Pretty much the same weather I get they get in Battle Mountain. And I know it hasn’t been raining in my county for the past 2/3 years.

    Then just shy of hwy 93 heading to Twin Falls ID a rancher had his cattle out by the fence line on 80 on both sides of the freeway. This was at the end of July and mid August.

    I have no problem not giving tourism dollars to Rock Springs WY. It’s way the heck out of the way from where I go. I do MIND giving tourism dollars to a Elko and Battle Mountain because of their stance. This said from someone’s whose life was saved in a horrible rollover accident in 2007 just east of Battle Mountain.


  3. At this point I think we can assume that a successful eradication of wild horses in one state will buoy attempts by the BLM and its allies in others. I’m not familiar with eastern Nevada wild horses but I can say unequivocally based on thousands of miles of travel through public lands in the Blue Wing/Kamma Mountains Complex over the years, that I strongly suspect that the BLM inflates in its reports of the number of wild horses in that HMA and, therefore, why not others? There appear to be no scruples conjoined with their “management” policies.


  4. This plan has already been enacted and contract signed for the state of Oregon, Burns District – basically any wild horse or burro who takes ONE step off any HMA in the next ten years in the state of Oregon will be captured and removed without public notification – this includes the Steens and the Kigers.

    A few months ago the Burns district did an all-encompassing blanket categorical exclusion (CX – similar to an EA) to capture any and all wild horses or burros that take one step off any HMA/HA for the next ten years without any further notification to the public.

    Click to access WHBRemovalNonFedLands_CX.pdf

    The Bureau ofLand Management (BLM) Bums District proposes to remove wild horses and burros (WH&B) present on non-Federal lands within the entire District. The proposed action would occur over the next ten years.

    The general areas in which gathering/trapping activities would occur lies within a 10 mile buffer around the Warm Springs (OR0007), Palomino Buttes (OR0006), Stinkingwater (OR0008), South Steens (OR0003), Riddle Mountain (OR0009), Kiger (OROOlO), Sheepshead-Heath Creek (OR0016) and Coyote Lakes-Alvord-Tule Springs (OR0014) HMAs. However, wild horses and burros are capable of being located outside this 10 mile buffer. (Appendix B, Burn District HMA Map).


  5. My question – along with all of yours – is “SO when will the BLM reduce the over-population of CATTLE in these areas”???? I know -silly to even write this – BUT honestly – it appears they and the Forest Svc. are free to zero out any herd they wish to. Causes me to have some really violent thoughts –


    • Maggie, sadly nothing is so black and white. There are multiple areas where the BLM has required reductions in livestock numbers (some were reported here) with one leading to the Cowboy Express ride to D.C., and calls for the firing of the BLM employee in charge. I haven’t heard how either turned out, nor about the actual case concerning the WY Checkerboard removals being heard yet… I thought it was coming up in January? If so, whatever happens there will surely influence these other Checkerboard situations. I’ve also heard of voluntary livestock reductions in CO by sheep owners in the Sand Wash HMA, but how much is based on the lack of forage in a historically overgrazed area isn’t easily determined. Some have suggested these voluntary removals will be used to claim all the damage is being done by the horses who live there year-round, though an ecosystem that has been ill-used for generations simply can’t return quickly to its former equilibrium, and sometimes can’t at all but converts into a different system altogether.


  6. I totally agree, Public Lands are that Public Lands. Why the hell does the government give the BLM the power to make decisions about public lands, where the big fat cattle industry is constantly given priority over our precious majestic wild horses. All of this is wrong, and it is now up to the people to take the power away from the BLM, but how.



  7. Daryl – they don’t hate horses, they just follow the orders of the senators and representatives that make up the Congress and they are are paid well for it! This has never been about the horses, it’s always been about the money – whether from cattlemen, corporations who want to do fracking or take over OUR public lands for their own use – and we have stood up and reminded them just who pays their salaries! Time for WE THE PEOPLE to be heard – it’s working for several recent situations in this country – all of us coming together to say ENOUGH!!


    • Honestly, I think the ranchers, BLM & oil & gas interests RESENT the horses & burros because they are (or were) free! Freedom is something they haven’t got a clue about. How sad is that – considering we are “living in the land of the free”?


  8. Sorry I really needed to forward this. I grew up in Southern California spending years at the beaches, I was an excellent ocean swimmer. Then at age 42 , I studied and became a PADI certified Scuba Diver. I feel that I know much about the ocean. My first husband also was a diver. I had a variety of ocean experiences such as being carried out with a tide, being thrown onto the sand by a wave, a little body surfing, and even stung by a “Man O’ war “ huge jelly fish with purple streaks running through it and its tentacals. Extreme pain.

    Anyway, I realized that no one ever talks about what is happening in our oceans, and it needs to be talked about. Humans and our land creatures cannot live without our oceans. I belong to the Otter Project in Monterey, and the Marine Mamal Center in Sausalito, as well as PAWS in Northern CA There is a must see film coming soon called “Mission Blue” a documentary starring Dr. Sylvia Earl who I met some years back at her book signing in Berkeley, CA. She has her own research company in the Bay Area, and has dedicated her life to the oceans of the world. She told me she will not even eat tuna, things are so critical in all of our oceans. My news for the day. Hope none of you mind that I needed to express my love for the seas. I appreciate your reading all these words.



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