Horse News

A story of friendship


by Ameena Schelling

Lexi the horse and George the alpaca are on their way to finding a forever home together, after a history of probable neglect helped them form a lifelong friendship.

“They have a very strong bond with each other,” Ontario SPCA inspector Brad Dewar told The Dodo. “That’s something you can see within a few minutes of being around them.”

The pair was taken in three months ago due to concerns about their welfare. While details about their past are unavailable as an investigation is ongoing, Dewar said that “they were in a state where they could no longer remain where they were.”

What is clear is that Lexi’s past has affected her. The timid Clydesdale mix is extremely scared of people and objects, and will become very uncomfortable when someone or something new approaches her.

Facebook/Official Ontario SPCA Page

“She’s borderline wild horse,” Dewan said, noting that the extent of Lexi’s experience with humans was likely someone dropping off food and water once a day. “Spend just a few minutes with her and you’ll see she gets really nervous.”

Luckily, she has George. The pair has likely spent their lives together, and the sweet alpaca has appointed himself Lexi’s bodyguard. Whenever someone new approaches, or if Lexi gets scared, George will step up to make her feel more comfortable.

“The alpaca will come to her side,” Dewan said. “If you approach her, he’ll kind of stand in front, to keep you away from her.”

Even when Lexi isn’t nervous, George spends his time comforting her and rarely leaves her side. The Ontario SPCA wrote in a Facebook post that he can often be heard chattering away to her in their stall.

Facebook/Official Ontario SPCA Page

The group quickly recognized their connection, and is planning to adopt them out together. “Lexi relies on George because of her timidness,” Dewan said. “We feel it’s really important that they be adopted out together as a pair.”

Fortunately for these unusual friends, that could soon happen. After the Ontario SPCA posted the pair’s story on its Facebook page, George and Lexi received a “tremendous” amount of attention, Dewan said, and the SPCA had to stop accepting applications.

They are currently reviewing possible adopters, including performing on-site inspections of potential homes, and expects to finalize arrangements within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, Lexi and George are settling into their temporary home — and learning that people aren’t all bad. “She’s quickly adapting to the care that she’s getting,” Dewan said of Lexi. “And George is slowly getting more accepting [of people approaching her].”

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  1. It’s obvious Lexis past had seriously affected her, but hopefully with time and help from George, she will regain her trust of people.


  2. Lexi & George. Best wishes for many years together of happiness and lots of loving from your new family members. God Bess those that will be their new family members and please give both of them lots of love sent from me.


  3. Aw! Thanks for posting this!! As previously mentioned by others, there is nothing like having a best friend by your side, ALWAYS!! Unfortunately, many of the Clyde’s are not fortunate enough to belong to the famous “BUD” clan. But your amazing post helps us to know that there is “hope” beyond the most unlikely of friends. Many sighs of happiness here……. Always believe & never ever give up!! Friends come in all different sizes (when you least expect anyone to show up) & when one has lost all hope in humanity… Thank you RT for sharing!!


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