Month: September 2018

THE TRUTH #24 – The BLM wanted to cover up the black t-shirt (with the words “Protect the Harvest”), and the face of a man wearing it, in their BLM Oregon youtube video demonstrating veterinarian Leon Pielstick using an archaic spaying technique on a “previously wild mare.”

Source:  Wild Horse Freedom Federation Wild Horse Freedom Federation issues THE TRUTH to share Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents and information with the public.  Be sure to subscribe HERE to Wild Horse Freedom Federation, so that you can receive email alerts. THE TRUTH #24 – The BLM wanted to cover […]

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Key Interior Staff Leaving Zinking Ship

Source: Western Values Project “Their boss goes on a trip abroad, and within two weeks two key Interior staff who are part of Zinke’s inner circle have left the department…” Last week, E&E News reported that Downey Magallanes, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s deputy chief of staff for policy, […]

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