Feel Good Sunday: Horse Health – Toolbox for Making Your Horse or Donkey Feel Good Everyday

“This feel good Sunday is a small departure from what we normally on this day every week. Historically we attempt to consistently come up with some sort of information, news, article or video to make you, the reader, feel a little better and to give you a break from the worries of the week. Instead, on this Feel Good Sunday we are attempting to give you a file drawer full of information to make your equine companion feel good each and everyday so that as end result, you BOTH feel good.

Many thanks to our volunteer Geraldine Bray for compiling this extensive list of online information for your review and perusal. We have many kind folks who contribute posts, here, such as Debbie Coffey, Carol Walker, Grandma Gregg, Louie C, Lisa Leblanc, Vicki Tobin and many others including all of the readers who contribute through commenting, but as of late Geraldine has been sweating over the keyboard and researching articles that she believes will bring value to our readership and aide in keeping everyone informed of the issues facing our American equines be they domestic or wild.

Feel free to bookmark this page for later reference as we do not plan on removing nor moving it.

It is my most sincere wish that this effort, today, brings you value and helps make your life with your equine companions more enjoyable, healthy and rewarding. But above all, don’t forget to give your four legged friends a big hug, today. Life is short and they bring so much joy to each and every day…never forget that. Thanks Geri and keep the faith, my friends.” ~ R.T. Continue reading

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The BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Statistics Continue to Suck

“For years we have verified and reported on the BLM’s junk science, bogus numbers, poor math and yet they continue to spew nonsense, propaganda and misinformation to the ever eager and uninformed mainstream media. From buzzwords like ‘feral’ and ‘overpopulation’ the BLM spins tales of doom and gloom about the upcoming apocalypse of the wild ones while ignoring the profiteering of welfare ranchers whose subsidized, private cattle out number protected wild horses and burros by 100s to 1 on our public lands.

Once again, our avid researcher, Grandma Gregg, has discovered yet another number published by the BLM that would make one believe that our wild burros are reproducing faster than cloned rabbits. If it were not so illegal and sad it would be funny.” ~ R.T. Continue reading

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BLM Completes Sinbad Wild Burro Roundup

“The BLM and the news article, below, failed to include the tragic details of the BLM fiasco that resulted from implementing radio collar research on wild horses in Nevada in the 1980s In the 1980s similar so-called “research” was done on wild horses with devastating results including collars being embedded into the wild horses’ flesh and some ultimate deaths caused by this collaring procedure. Collars were first fitted in the fall of 1986, and problems were not discovered until the spring of 1987. In some cases, the horse grew into the collar material, so that the collar became embedded in the animal’s neck. In other cases, the collar abraded the skin under the neck where the radio unit was attached, causing an open sore that subsequently became infected. Loose collars rode up on the animals’ necks and over their foreheads, causing sores on the ears. “The wounds caused by tight collars were unquestionably grim in appearance.” One 25-year-old mare died at Stone Cabin after being darted to treat a tight collar. A stallion died when it fell off a cliff after being darted to “adjust” its “research” collar. Other animals with collars were found dead. One had a collar embedded in its neck. Another animal was found dead 12 days after she had been darted but failed to succumb. The research team discovered an additional 21 collared horses that were found dead before August 1988. The summary report states, ‘There is no doubt that some of the collared animals suffered large and painful wounds.’

Collaring wild horses and burros is dangerous and inhumane treatment. Any knowledgeable equine owner or manager knows to never leave a halter even on a domestic horse or burro in a controlled environment, let alone a wild horse or wild burro. Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the intentional infliction by humans of suffering or harm upon any non-human animal, for purposes other than self-defense or survival.” ~ Grandma Gregg Continue reading

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Wild Horse Letter to Santa

Hi R.T.-
You have posted this attached “Letter to Santa” in the past few years and want to offer it to you again (slightly changed) – to post during the holiday season. ACE is still alive and well and lives with other wild horses and burros in Northern California. He is my love … and he is my hero. ~ Grandma Gregg Continue reading

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Combination of Welfare Cattle and Fires could Spell Extinction for Wild Horse and Burro Herds

Grandma Gregg: “The Twin Peaks Herd Management Area fire (Rush fire) might have started with lightening but allowing it’s non-stop devouring of 313,911 acres (so far) was a management decision. Why do I think that?” Continue reading

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Call to Action: Wild Horses and Burros Need Your Voice NOW

Open letter by Grandma Gregg “There is no time to waste! Please feel free to use the sample letter below and using the form (link below) send your own message to the US House of Representatives, Committee on Appropriations.” ~ … Continue reading

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What a Bunch of BLM Bull-Puckey!

Forward by Grandma Gregg This decision “should” have been appealed! Take a look at Appendix “G” of the Research EA Final where the BLM ignores all public comments … including: Public comment 15. Individual “Per the DOI/BLM herd stats the … Continue reading

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Multiple Wild Burros Die After BLM Abusive Capture

Story by Robert Stevens as published on the Sanpete Messenger “They were perfectly healthy on their rightful, healthy range but once captured, abused and mismanaged by the out of control BLM they contracted a mysterious and rare illness that caused … Continue reading

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