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Tomorrow Convicted Horse Murderer Jason Meduna is Sentenced

From across the bridge and through the fog of death the screams and cries of the starved horses were heard; heard loud and clear. Jason Meduna was found guilty. A horse murder was brought to justice. Strike one up for the horses, or 145 up as that is the number of felony animal cruelty counts that Meduna was found guilty of, 145 out of 149, the horses were clearly heard.

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Meduna found guilty; but what about the Others?

HOUSTON (SFHH) – It’s not very often that out there amongst all the troubled waters of bad news a small blurb of good news and triumph bobs about and is visible to those who are searching for it. There was just such a little victory that rose to the surface, last week. Long awaited justice was served and a very, bad man was found guilty and would be held accountable to pay the price; that man is Jason Maduna.

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Exclusive: Nebraska Mustang Murderer’s Parole Hearing Transcript

“In early November of 2011 a three person Parole Board, in rural Nebraska, met with convicted Wild Horse Killer, Jason Meduna, and discussed setting him free; very, very early. If you are not familiar with this convicted animal abuser and his heinous crimes please click (HERE) as the record is long and to retell the gory details is beyond me at this point. But his former neighbor, the one who was forced to bear his abuse and accused of poisoning his horses as he let them die of starvation and no water, took the time to order the CD of his hearing and transcribe it for your review. We offer no commentary, at this point, but simply the recorded conversation that went back and forth between four individuals who, obviously, have no love for the gift of life and the beauty of equines but instead only see the narrow-minded path that best serves their individual needs. May God have mercy on their souls.” ~ R.T.

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