Mother’s Day for Captive Wild Horse Mares

Press Release from The Cloud Foundation Stop the Roundups and Respect our Native Wild Mothers WASHINGTON D.C. (May 4, 2010) ―The American wild horse crisis is filled with issues of animal cruelty and the world looks on and asks, “Why?”. Currently … Continue reading

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Feel Good Sunday: Videos – With Love to All Species of Mothers

“Today, is all but a perfect day to remind we two legged passengers on this great Spaceship Earth that we are not the only travelers who experience love, compassion and concern for those who are members of our family and community.

We at Wild Horse Freedom Federation are fighting hard to keep the families of wild horses and burros together, free and in the wild where they belong. That is our singular mission but our eyes are not closed to the struggles of other species and the abuse we as humans rain down upon the innocent. Hence, we share with you the beauty and grace of many moms who love and care for the young ones. We celebrate mothers of all species and hope that these glimpses into moments from other families may warm your heart and strengthen your souls.

Happy Mother’s day to all of you lovely and beautiful creatures. We are all ‘here’ only because of your sacrifice. May God bless you on your very special day.” ~ love, R.T. Continue reading

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Feel Good Sunday: Horse Health – Toolbox for Making Your Horse or Donkey Feel Good Everyday

“This feel good Sunday is a small departure from what we normally on this day every week. Historically we attempt to consistently come up with some sort of information, news, article or video to make you, the reader, feel a little better and to give you a break from the worries of the week. Instead, on this Feel Good Sunday we are attempting to give you a file drawer full of information to make your equine companion feel good each and everyday so that as end result, you BOTH feel good.

Many thanks to our volunteer Geraldine Bray for compiling this extensive list of online information for your review and perusal. We have many kind folks who contribute posts, here, such as Debbie Coffey, Carol Walker, Grandma Gregg, Louie C, Lisa Leblanc, Vicki Tobin and many others including all of the readers who contribute through commenting, but as of late Geraldine has been sweating over the keyboard and researching articles that she believes will bring value to our readership and aide in keeping everyone informed of the issues facing our American equines be they domestic or wild.

Feel free to bookmark this page for later reference as we do not plan on removing nor moving it.

It is my most sincere wish that this effort, today, brings you value and helps make your life with your equine companions more enjoyable, healthy and rewarding. But above all, don’t forget to give your four legged friends a big hug, today. Life is short and they bring so much joy to each and every day…never forget that. Thanks Geri and keep the faith, my friends.” ~ R.T. Continue reading

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48-Million-Year-Old Fossil Of ‘Horse’ Fetus Found Inside Mother’s Womb In Germany

SOURCE: Scientists from the Senckenberg Research Institute in Germany have discovered a well-preserved fossil of an ancient horse-like species known as Eurohippus messelensism that still had its inborn foal within its womb.  (Photo:  Senckenberg Research Institute) A team of … Continue reading

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Watch wild horses for Mom’s Day on CBS Sunday Morning

A Special Mother’s Day Treat from our good friend Carl Mrozek: “Wild horses have incredibly strong family values. See them for yourself tomorrow morning on CBS Sunday Morning in the wild horses that I filmed in Cold Creek Nevada a … Continue reading

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