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“It is always a pleasure to have Robert Bauer contribute, from his heart, to Straight from the Horse’s Heart. Terry and I first met Robert in the Pryor Mountains during the much publicized roundup of Cloud and his herd on Labor Day weekend, 2009. It was a sad and emotional time for all of us, particularly Robert. I remember Terry holding him in her arms while he wept upon the overlooking bluff as the helicopter rudely chased Cloud’s family into the awaiting pens. An image forever burned upon my heart.

Many thanks to Robert and his insightful view of our much beleaguered, last remaining wild equine.” ~ R.T.

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Wild Horses: A Keystone Species

By Robert Bauer Advocates Playing into a Conspiracy Documenting and studying the issues concerning this nation’s wild horses and burros, has been my heart since 2009, as well as working in conjunction with others for their preservation in the wild. The wild horse and burro issue has affected […]

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