“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis: The Equine Advocate’s Gift that Keeps on Giving

“In my most humble opinion” by R.T. Fitch ~ president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation When Dumb Just Continues to Get Dumber! If the sane and compassionate members of our society could have picked a perfect poster child to represent … Continue reading

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“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Love Notes to Ag Sec Thomas Vilsack

Source: Undisclosed SFTHH Blog Reader – Forward by R.T. Fitch ” I felt you should be made aware of the base depravity of the pro-slaughter movement…” “Howdy Troops, great things are popping and they are happening fast; the EU will refuse … Continue reading

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Sue Wallis Had Her Ample Keister Handed To Her Again

Along with a big keister, she has a big mouth. She’s a bully. She threatens. Tries to intimidate.
And while she casts a spell over a weak Wyoming Legislature by use of aggression, it hasn’t worked any- where else in the nation. Continue reading

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HSUS Takes On Wyoming Horse-Eater, “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis

Sue Wallis, a Wyoming state representative and the most visible booster for horse slaughter in the United States, took it on the chin the other day in Missouri, as local residents strongly opposed her proposal for a horse slaughter plant near the Mountain Grove community of nearly 5,000. There were about 300 angry residents who packed the town council meeting at the Mountain Grove Senior Center and wanted nothing to do with such an enterprise in their town. They knew that profits would be slim, and that they’d also be getting too large a share of pollution problems, reduced property values, and animal cruelty bound up with this industry. Continue reading

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Video: Cynthia MacPerson challenges Sue Wallis’s Horse Slaughter Plant Proposal in Missouri

Ole “Slaughterhouse” $ue Walli$ and her faithful lapdog Dave “Doink” Duquette would have the public believe that a recent town council meeting held in Missouri over a proposed foreign owned horse slaughter plant was ill attended and went their way, as Duquette states below:

“Here’s the deal folks, again Steven Long just prints anything his buddies from EWA put out as gospel. Reality is there was about 30 people there and no one was turned away. Most were from out of town. There was NO vote of any kind. This meeting was contrived by an HSUS attourney. So this was not representative of the population in that area.” (poor grammar and incorrect spelling not edited)

Reply: NOT Continue reading

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Good Clean Fun According to Sue Wallis

Preferring to deal in facts, we prefer not to editorialize about personalities. However, sometimes a public figure will say something so revealing about their motives and ethical beliefs that it suddenly shines a light into motives that had never seen light.

We are, of course, referring to the heretofore enigma that was Sue Wallis, WY state representative and self appointed scientist, veterinarian, medical doctor and omnipotent master of all aspects of horses and their welfare. Continue reading

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Wyoming’s “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Condones Slaughtered Horse Desecration

It’s all over the internet about the petite, 21-year-old Oregon woman, Jasha Lottin, killing her own 32-year-old horse, stripping off her clothes, climbing “inside” the dead horse’s body, asking her boyfriend to take pictures of her, eating the flesh of her horse and then posting the bloody pictures on the web and wondering why people are flipping out?!?!? DUUUHHHHH!!! Continue reading

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Sue Wallis Legal Woes Come Home To Roost

Campbell County prosecutors have launched an investigation into whether state lawmaker Sue Wallis has abused her power by promoting horse-slaughter legislation.

The probe stems from an ethics complaint filed last month by an animal-rights advocate from Cody. Continue reading

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