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Wild Horses and Burros: Twas the Night before Christmas

“First published on Christmas Day in 2009; the characters may have changed but the message still rings true to this very day. The roundups must stop so that we can appropriately care for and manage, if needed, our national treasures on their rightful range. At Wild Horse Freedom Federation we offer the gift of our continued fight in support of the Wild Horses and Burros to live free with their families on their promised public land. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good fight!” ~ R.T.

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The Advocate, the Guard and the Force of the Horse at Christmas

“We have been sharing the works of others as we gallop towards the festivities of the 25th but today someone sent in a personal request for one of my writings; so out of respect for this fine advocate I will rerun this piece, today. It is a bit of a read but I believe it is well worth the time. This story comes to you from our book and the blog’s namesake, Straight from the Horse’s Heart, and is one that is very special and personal to me, for you see, I wrote it for me…to give me strength, to give me hope, to lighten my soul…so I share it with you today and sincerely hope that it gives you a little more fuel and incentive to ‘Keep the Faith’. A gift from me to you. Best to all!” ~ R.T.

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