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Slaughterhouse Sue’s Big Fat ‘F”arce

Although Wyoming has at least one ethics law concerning its legislators, nobody seems to have gotten around to enforcing that pesky thing. Sue Wallis (“Slaughterhouse Sue”) hasn’t even bothered with a revolving door – she has just parked her butt in two different chairs at the same time – as a Wyoming State Representative (R) and also as the Executive Director of a trade/lobbying “mutual benefit corporation” called United Organizations of the Horse (UOH). UOH states it is concerned with “excess” and “unwanted horses” and claims that’s the reason it’s pushing so hard to reinstate horse slaughterhouses in the United States.

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Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallace Suffers Yet Another Bout of “Foot-in-Mouth” Disease

Ole “Slaughterhouse” Sue just doesn’t know when to call it quits. Wyoming State Rep. Sue Wallis, head “Horse-Eater” and cleaver sharpener, was recently interviewed by David Sparks, Ph.D. of about why she felt that her idea of opening a federally unlawful horse slaughter plant has met so much opposition. “DOINK” In a halting, disjointed reply “Slaughterhouse”, once again, falls off the reality wagon with her pat comment,

“I think what we are seeing here is a quite successful campaign by the major animal rights activists who are working toward enforcing a vegan diet on the whole nation”.

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More “Slaughterhouse” Sue Drivel Debunked

series by Vicki Tobin of the Equine Welfare Alliance Countering Wyoming Rep. Sue Wallis Anti-Horse Disinformation Wallis statement | “In contrast to good animal welfare, animal rights is a fanatic quasi religion that proposes to give all animals the same rights and equal footing with humans.  Animal rights zealotry is […]

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Wild Horse & Burro Haters Plan Conspiracy Convention

“They’re baaaaackkkkk!!!

Thought they were gone with “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis moldering in her grave and Dave “Doink” Douquette floundering in disgraced disarray?

Nope; an entire new breed of equine hating, cattle promoting deviants are coming together to show their collective asses for three days in Utah this coming August.

Granted, there is no mention of slaughter in the initial agenda, but we all know where the direction of the discussion is going and the veiled intent of their “Convention”…but the fake facts and exaggerated numbers point to mainstream media getting sucked into the buzz of wild horse overpopulation while welfare cattle outnumber the horses & burros 10 to 1 AND the equines are protected; the walking bovine bulldozers are not.

It is my opinion that all honest, enlightened and educated U.S. taxpayers should show up at the convention in droves and speak, peaceably, for the horses and burros who cannot speak for themselves.

We at SFTHH and Wild Horse Freedom Federation will keep you abreast of any information regarding this Fake Fact Fest and will endeavor to assist in countering the misrepresentation of reality which is already being projected well before the convention takes place.

As with the battle against the lies perpetuated by dead Sue Wallis and company; the truth shall prevail and those who speak it will walk in grace and have peace in their hearts.

Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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Stupid Alert: Just When You Think It Couldn’t Get Any More Cruel and Insane for Wild Horses and Burros

“A saying from my work culture simply goes something like this, ‘If you see it, you own it’ and with that being said, I cannot in good conscious pass idly by and ignore a letter to an editor published on a Big AG website, recently.

‘Mobil Slaughter Units answer to wild horse problem’ (posted below)

Two simple issues are immediately brought to light when reading that headline (of course there are many but to keep it short and sweet)

What sort of demented and twisted soul would write about a concept that is both illegal and cruel?
What sort of editorial staff would consider publishing such trash?

Well, to shed some light on the first question the writer of this article hails from Hermiston, OR which bears the blackeye of being home to Dave Duquette, remember him, lap dog to the now dead Sue Wallis known better as “Slaughterhouse” Sue? Ole Dave has been trying to legally kill and eat horses for years and the folks in Hermiston have blocked his drivel about attempting to open up such a sick operation in their rural town. Perhaps this author is the singular friend that Duquette has in town…she talks just like him.

The second question is more difficult to answer, was it for it’s shock value as the rest of the articles are boring and mundane? Don’t know, but it is not surprising that a horse hating letter would pop up in such publication that in part catertors to the welfare rancher and their sympathizers.

None the less, take a second and read the article, if you have the stomach for it,then pass by the page where it is posted and comment directly to the letter at their website. (Posting comments to the author here will not go to the site) Mobile slaughter units answer to wild horse problem

I am certain that the poor demented darling who penned this note is all excited about having something published, first time for everything, and that she has told her family and friends how wonderful she is…but for the sake of the wild horses and burros, let’s prove otherwise.” ~ R.T.

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Lummis Talks Hate and Bloodshed for American Wild Horses and Burros

Prologue by R.T. Fitch, article by David Louis as published in the Rawlins Daily Times

“Who would have thunk it, Wyoming’s infamous and now deceased “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis is speaking from the grave through her mouthpiece, Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo. Once a buddy of ole dead Sue, Loomis has now positioned herself to be on a committee that may, or may not, have sway over what happens to our beloved wild equines. Like her former horse eating buddy, Loomis spews lightly veiled rhetoric on how we must butcher and kill off our protected wild horses and burros to make way for government subsidized, welfare cattle that are privately owned by the ranchers who fund her political aspirations; remember that one slimy hand washes the other.

Below is an unedited article where Loomis is said to boast about “taking aim” at you and me; tax paying Americans who see the big picture and strive towards persevering our public lands for the benefit of generations yet to come. To coin a much overused phrase I say, “Off with her head!” in hopes of seeing yet another damsel of depravity slipsoff into the slimy darkness from whence she came.

Evil simply does not learn and keeps repeating itself over and over again while utilizing the same tired and failed methods. But keep the faith, with your help, truth and honesty shall prevail.” ~ R.T.

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Congressional Hearing Rigged Against Wild Horses and Burros

Horse Haters Converged on D.C. to Plot “Final Solution” for Wild Horses and Burros. Did you watch it? Did you see it? Did you love it? With the exception of Ginger Kathrens, Executive Director of the Cloud Foundation, the witnesses who testified before the House Committee on Natural Resources, yesterday, read like the guest list of horse haters and eaters who formerly flocked to the now deceased Sue Wallis’ horse eating conventions. The BLM, Welfare Cattle interests, outspoken horse slaughter proponents, gads, my heart bled for poor Ginger sitting in a room full of so much filth and corruption. I am certain that she immediately showered after testifying in an effort to get all of that horse-hating funk off.

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R.T. Fitch is a Turd

Yup, you read the headline correct folks; I am really a nameless turd in the disguise of a regular, tax paying animal welfare advocate just flashing my name around so that I can become famous for donating virtually all of my spare time and a good portion of my retirement funds to keep the federal government from whacking what’s left of our wild equines and stopping uneducated morons from butchering and eating some of my very best friends…that would be me, the nameless turd, well, that’s what the partner (or whatever) of “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis has told his dwindling handful of horse eating followers.

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How Safe Is That Horse Meat?

“Horse meat is often described as tender, lean, slightly sweet to the taste, and somewhere between grass-fed beef and really good elk or venison in taste. It is prized by mothers as baby food in places like Italy and Japan, and especially sought after by athletes as a lean, high-protein, red meat perfect for building body condition.”

So proclaims Sue Wallis, chairman of the International Equine Business Association and CEO of Unified Equine, whose plans to open a slaughter plant in Rockville, MO, feature heavy promotion of horse meat as “safe, nutritious and delicious” (including a Facebook horse meat recipe page)—all while sidestepping one of horse meat’s less appetizing virtues as a foodie experience: Cancer.

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I’d Rather Eat Peanuts

Here at SFTHH, the focus is nearly always on equine welfare issues. But every once in a while, some of us throw up our hands in disgust and feel Compelled to Refute. In this case, a pamphlet,
( recently published for distribution to Washington power brokers to assuage their ignorance over horse slaughter issues compiled by one Sue Wallis, Wyoming State Representative and staunch advocate for the killing of horses for food and profit.

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