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Wild Horse Groups File Preemptive “Motion for Stay” to Stop Possible Back-Door BLM Roundup

Washington D.C., (WHFF) – On June 22nd, 2012 Wild Horse Advocacy groups filed an “Emergency Motion for Stay of Threatened Emergency Gather” against Director of the Department of the Interior (DoI) Ken Salazar and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in an attempt to “head off” what is believed to be an artificial emergency generated by the BLM in an effort to eradicate Colorado’s West Douglas Wild Horse Herd and by-pass on-going litigation to prevent the agency from doing same.

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Urgent: Piceance-East Douglas Preliminary BLM Wild Horse Environmental Assessment

Editor’s Note: “Lisa was kind enough to wade through this document crammed packed with ingenuous facts, figures and diagrams. You may find the report by clicking (HERE). If you do not have the time to read it in its enirety, yourself, please glean the high points from Lisa’s report and follow these BLM instructions to comment. ‘All comments must be submitted in writing and received by the WRFO by the close of business on August 8, 2011. Comments may be sent via e-mail to mkindall@blm.gov with “Wild Horse Removal Plan” in the subject line of the email. Comments can also be sent by regular mail to the Bureau of Land Management, White River Field Office: attention Melissa Kindall, 220 East Market Street, Meeker, CO. 81641. For additional questions or information please contact James Roberts at 970-878-3873 or Melissa Kindall at 970-878-3842. ‘ I thank you for the horses and thank Lisa for all of her hard work as this scheduled stampede is personal, it is one of the herds that we have been legally fighting with the BLM over as they went after it to zero out the horses last year. This year it appears that their plan is to just destroy the herds genetic viability so that it will ultimately die out. We are still engrossed in litigation in an effort to prevent this from happening. If you would be interested in reading our legal documentation on this case you may do so by clicking (HERE) for the Wild Horse Freedom Federation. This all about the ‘Advocate Education’ thing that we have been talking about. Let’s go through this and talk about it, today.” Keep the faith.” ~ R.T.

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Analysis: Piceance-East Douglas Preliminary BLM Wild Horse Environmental Assessment

This analysis was not conducted with the intent of submitting comments in opposition of the round-up but instead to understand the White River Field Office’s reasoning for why this roundup should take place. There is acknowledgement of the history of this management area; but also how it’s past administration may now be contributing to the perception of range degradation and overpopulation. Also, there may be some personal bias evident and for that I apologize; I have tried to view this with a clinical eye and simply report facts as outlined in the Preliminary Environmental Assessment.

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