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Mommy, Why are they Killing our Wild Ponies?

“Mommy, Mommy, it’s Christmas time, you should not be crying. Why are you crying, Mommy?

You have been crying since Christmas eve day, the day you read something in the newspaper about the wild ponies. It was something about a judge saying OK to round up the wild ponies but I don’t understand, Mommy.

You and daddy never let us run our ponies in the snow, you say that it is bad for them that they might trip and fall. When it is deep they can work too hard and hurt themselves so how come the bad men are chasing the wild ponies through the snow, Mommy? I don’t understand.

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Being a Child

by Jerry Finch, Founder and President of Habitat for Horses Back a zillion years ago the “ranch” existed in my backyard. At one point we had around 30 horses behind the house, and about half that many volunteers on a daily basis. One of them was a teenager […]

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I love you so…

written by R.T. Fitch, author of  “Straight from the Horse’s Heart“ (Today I was browsing through the message board of Habitat for Horses where founder, Jerry Finch, often leaves a literary morsel or two for sharing and introspection.  I came upon this small piece and was prepared to […]

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The Facts of Life

by Jerry Finch, Founder and President of Habitat for Horses We just purchased a Bald Cypress for our land and were sitting under the spreading willow tree last evening discussing the facts of life as we know them. Although I realize that I’m nowhere near the age where […]

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