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BLM Issues Deadly Permit for Wolf Derby

Source: The Teton Valley News “The BLM’s self-righteous propensity to play God over the native creatures of our public lands stretches far beyond the destruction of our wild horses and burros but all the way to the very predators that would naturally regulate the herds, IF they even […]

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Disgraced Wyoming Congresswoman Takes Aim at Wolves after Missing Horses

Last month Wyoming’s lone Representative Cynthia Lummis (R) attempted an ill planned and poorly executed attempt to tack on a pro-horse slaughter amendment onto an agriculture budget bill in an attempt to appease big agriculture and ranching special interest groups. Rep. Lummis was publicly called out by her own party leadership and was forced to withdraw her amendment. She left the house floor in a flurry of righteous indignation and contempt. Concerned American citizens were in high hopes that she would crawl back under her rock and disappear but with all that is evil and serves dark masters she has returned; and now it is the American wolf that she serves up on her menu of animal destruction.

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