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The Women Who Also Gave Their Lives

Source: Cate Lineberry of Fox News “It’s memorial day and we honor those who paid the ultimate price to ensure our life, liberty and freedom.  This blog is dedicated to the horse but the biggest readership, most advocates and those who keep my male Texas mind in line […]

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Reprint: Men, Horses, Sex and a Thing Called Love

Recently I was engaged in an email conversation, with a group of colleagues, on the issue of the extensive cruelty exhibited by Federal agencies and our government, overall. The discussion was centered on the unimaginable suffering that our native wild horses are subjected to at the hands of the Obama administration’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) headed up by Bob Abbey under the direction of 5th generation rancher, Ken Salazar the Secretary of the Department of Interior (DOI). As the conversation progressed it became apparent that the bulk of the mindless cruelty, shown to our federally protected mustangs, is administered by and distributed through men. Hence, the question arose,

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